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Usain Bolt’s Dating a Reality Star?

One of the stars of the popular VH1 reality show, For The Love of Ray J, yesterday announced on television that she and Jamaican Olympic star, Usain Bolt, are a couple.

The woman, Taneish Simpson, was a cast member of the dating show’s second season, but was eliminated on episode three. The show is centred around actor and singer Ray J’s search for love and features him living in a house with a group of women who vie for his attention and ultimately his heart. Ray J is the brother of singer Brandy.

Simpson, 24, was named Lava on the show and is originally from Portland, but now lives in Florida. Various Internet sources list her occupations as a model and make-up artist.

On the show’s reunion special which aired on the United States music channel, VH1, yesterday at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m., Simpson claimed she was now over Ray J and had moved on with her life.

She said Bolt ‘googled’ her and made contact. She said, “We made it official on New Year’s. I actually spent New Year’s in Jamaica because he requested that I come down so we could spend New Year’s together.”

Lava’s exit from the reality show was controversial as she was eliminated because Ray J felt she was too demanding and controlling.

When contacted, a publicist for the sprinter and world-record holder said she would not talk about the runner’s private life.

See Usain Bolts Interview on Top Gear

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23 Responses to “Usain Bolt’s Dating a Reality Star?”

  1. Angella says:

    Usain is not only the fastest man in the world, he is a huge moron as well for messing up a good thing with his beautiful GF of 6 yrs for this Hoe!!!
    I'm Jamaican and I am disgusted with him. He displays no class at all. Come on Bolt, pls change my opinion, I beg of u!!!!!

    • stacy says:

      bitch leave the man alone if he left his girlfriend for u then you wouldnt be saying these things dont it? U dont even know the story between usain and Mitzy and as to y they broke up if that is even the case.........u have no grounds to refer to the girl as hoe and something must be wrong with your eyes because the girl is prettier than mitzy by far.........what u should do is back off and leave the man alone let him live his life and go and clean out the skeletons that u have rapped up in your closet.......

    • Princess says:

      R u sure u r just so mean to say that about him. Atleast say he's glad to be making millions of money.If it was u would'nt u be glad for ur self to say i'm popular in what i do so what the hek i'm gonna make something out of my self. u must not say that. why? it is his decision to do what he wants, if he wants to be with her so let it be not ur decision because at the end of the day he knew what he was doing even if he is making the biggest mistake of his life.if u r so convinced that he made the biggest mistake no ofence ur jst not worth it. ur diguesting who ever u r.

  2. sonia says:

    Angella from one Jamaican to another, I don't like the move Bolt made either, but we really don't know why he and his girlfriend broke up "if that's the case. The good thing though we will always stand behing him and our other Jamaican athletics. ONE LOVE

    • Princess says:

      how can u agree..... is it ur life.....i guess not it is his decision leave him alone he is jus 1 person so get lost and leave him alone.If he is even with a whore what is it to u, not ur life for crying out loud. find something to do he is actually living his life while he can. he might be hype but atleast let him be in the spot light for one.......... it is only one life he has.....let him live it.

  3. 1order says:

    At least she's jamaican...gyal look good

  4. moesha says:

    i dnt no how true it is but i think he can do better than that my heart cries out 4 him angella i totally agree he has certainly hit the dirts in the area of choosing a woman but me still a big him up cuz without him we wouldnt b much so let him big up himself

  5. stacy says:

    no one really knows y usain broke up with his girlfriend for how much years for this girl then again if he had wanted us to know the reason for the break up then we would have miss Angella how do u know that the girl is a hoe not because she behaves and act a certain way means that she is like would u feel if someone that knows absolutely nothing about u class u like that........i am a jamaican as well but u guys must remember that at the end of the day it is his life not yours so just leave the youth alone let him live it because at he is going to be the one to feel it weather good or bad

  6. There undoubtedly is nothing to jumping high. It is all in how much your strength your legs can release.

  7. Warrior says:

    We can all leave Bolt to time, I am very proud of him as a runner, but after that , what??? I will choose a man of character anyday!!! Having money and no character? Receipt for disaster!! Bolt, we love you but you need to do the right thing.

    • Princess says:


  8. Princess says:

    Usain Bolt iss a man known all over the world. He is known for his sports man ship, i know what it is like to have sports man ship.... So all the haters out there get lost cause a uno waan destroy the man career. GWEY FROM YAHSO OLD DUTY DOGG

  9. Pumpkin says:

    Usain mi big u up..... Asafa mi love you babes ........shelly bigs memba mi...... melani love fi eva...... Tyson go sit ur asssssss dung pan shit stick!!!!!!!!

  10. sean says:

    i dont like the move that usain made but it aint my business.. i dunno wat happened but he's a big man,let him live his life. how dare we tell him what to do.

  11. Princess says:



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