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CEO of Rasta Camp pitches herself a strong tent in tough musical surroundings

Empress SammyDetermined, innovative and courageous; three personality traits required to succeed in an uncompromising music industry that can sometimes play favorites in terms of stature and gender.

But Samantha L.O. Hall is undeterred by these often challenging odds as she aims to flourish as a female owner of a Record Label, Studio & Management Company; a rarity within any country’s music industry. Hall is the proud owner of Rasta Camp Entertainment(, a steadily growing record label and studio based in Clarendon, formed in 2011. Also known as “Empress Sammy”, music has always been rooted in Hall’s blood as her stepfather; Culture-Tscored a chart-topping single, Notice Boardin 1992 while her husband, Donovan Campbell who is the creative director ofRasta Camp Entertainment, also has musical roots.

For Hall, music allows her to progress in the always transitional process of life.

“You could say that music is innate to my inner soul and character,” she says. “Music to me, binds all the different aspects of my life into one driving force that soothes me and brings me immense joy and gratification in the work I do.”

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