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Controversial Saturn ad causes uproar amongst Jamaicans

Saturn Jamaica adWeeks after Jamaica was on a high following the release of a hotly-debated Volkswagencommercial, a different advertisement by a German entity has fired up Jamaica, literally and figuratively.

Saturn Electronics posted an advertisement on Wednesday which featured the Jamaican flag as well as the background vocals of Murderer, the classic song by Reggae/Dancehall legend, Barrington Levy. At first, two young white men making coffee while listening to music, they accidentally trigger a fire which catches the flag.

In an attempt to stop the fire from spreading throughout the store, one of the men take the burning flag outside and stamp all over it. These actions are captured on a news satellite, feeding pictures of a demonstration sparked near the store in which protesters hold up Jamaican flags while shouting ‘We Love Jamaica.’ In the end, a Jamaican flag is hurled down a high-rise building while the two young men appear stunned by the commotion which surrounds them.

A description under Saturn’s video says, “The new Saturn commercial shows a striking coffee is the trigger for a chain of chaotic circumstances.”

“Director, Martin Werner provides with its action-packed short film of just a little more than a minute, excitingentertainment and shows the crucial role to play proper technique and it offers cinematic scenes and moves simultaneously in a humorous way the technology competence Saturn into focus.”

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