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Ragashanti leave Link Up Radio following dispute with manager

RagashantiControversial Jamaican talk show host,Kingsley ‘Ragashanti’ Stewart is off the airwaves again following a nasty row with the manager of his latest radio program.

Last year, Ragashanti moved to Link Up Radio 93.5 FM shortly after announcing the suspension his Tambareen Radio outlet for revamping. However, his stint with New York-based radio station was short-lived after a fallout with David ‘Squeeze’ Annakie, Link Up’s head man earlier this month after accusing him of trying to exploit his image in an unsavoury light.

Ragashanti explained his situation in a detailed statement on his personalized website,

“After numerous attempts to control and exploit me to make money, I made it known at all times that I am primarily a broadcaster and that I do not want my image or likeness to be exploited in ways I don’t see fit. I also made it known that I don’t need anyone to ‘manage’ or to channel me in arenas I consider unethical,” he said.

“I also did not want to be so obsessively focused on money that I would be callously exploiting my fellow Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals. This wasn’t received well by those who told me I could be the ‘biggest moneymaking machine’ for their company. This then led to multiple and unending manipulations for me to change my mind. They were unsuccessful. Then the pettiness increased in a manner aimed at trying to ‘draw me out’ to do something rash so that they could sue me and demolish me. Again, they were not successful. It was under this climate that I thought it best to resign.”

The esteemed media personality also chastised Mr. Annakie for trying to copyright his name, meaning, saying his ex-manager would have received all profits associated with the Ragashantibrand and any events or shows associated with said brand.

A screenshot of a post by Mr. Annakie on his Facebook page added more fuel to the fire asRagashanti claims he admitted to trying to copyright the name in a comment to a fan of the show.

“Yes, it is standard to protect all brands associated with a company to avoid legal issues. It is of no significance anymore because the relationship has ended and he has been released,” said the post.

Ragashanti is no stranger to change. In September 2010, he resigned from News Talk 93 FMafter a number of years on the network, hosting his popular Ragashanti Live program. Following a move to Nationwide Radio later that month, he was on the move again in March 2011 after theBroadcasting Commission ordered him off air, citing several violations. Ragashanti had long been questioned for the sexual nature of his program, which aired weekdays in the early afternoons during his short stint at the radio station.

He then started Tambareen Radio, which featured a variety of shows, including the popular late night program, Outa Orda.

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