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Elephant Man denies being around gay men in his pool, threatens legal action

Elephant ManDancehall superstar, Oneil Bryan, more popularly known as Elephant Man is livid following reports Wednesday that he had been caught with six homosexual men in his swimming pool.

Several websites, including popular radio station, ZIP FM were reporting that on Tuesday night, a gardener was working on the deejay’s Hillcrest Ave. premises in Kingston when he heard female noises coming from the nearby pool house. However, upon checking to see if intruders were on site, the gardener allegedly discovered the ‘Energy God’ in the company of men who were dressed in female clothing.

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2 Responses to “Elephant Man denies being around gay men in his pool, threatens legal action”

  1. Chin says:

    " Look how much real fish out deh wey dem fi guh talk bout," he said. " So you a part time fish or bi-sexual then!! a dat u a sey! More to be revealed Ele.Long time this a gwan!! People round u fraid fi talk! The many cases of Elephant Man paying girls for anal sex soon be reveal too! The Bible condemns anal sex, which is called sodomy.

  2. James Cirrito says:

    Lets just say Bad man does dress like girl!!! Not to mention the hairstyle.


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