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Alexander Star trying to break ‘Badd Habitz’ with new EP

Alexander Star Badd Habitz EPIn life, it is easy for one to develop bad habits, even when that person does not realize such habits are recurring. Upcoming artist, Alexander Star has released a new EP looking at some of these prominent vices by aptly titling his new EP after them,

Badd Habitz, a new project produced by Nicko Rebel Music is themed strongly on the temptations of life, with the American-born Alexander Star and friends talking up the contrasts of said temptations, but showing that once controlled, these habits can be controlled for self-betterment.

One song showcasing those contrasts is Sippin on Rum, which features multi-talented Jamaican singer, Toi. The song looks at how some of these habits, talking the highs one can get from sipping alcohol or taking a draw of herb, giving an extra buzz and loosening the mind when playing music or just trying to relieve stress. The song is an ideal combination of Star’s rapping style with Toi’s singing exploits for a song that is simply meant to create a ‘chill’ vibe for listeners in various sectors of life.

When one gets a little too much of this ‘buzz’ in his or her system and is away from home, it is always smart to have a Designated Driver, the title of another song on the EP. The song looks at the typical night on the town which gets a little wild. However, Star raps about taking the safe route home as he looks back on a fun time that most people can relate to.

Also featured on the EP is the single, Supplier, where Star compares the beauty and energy of a woman to the sweet vibe marijuana can provide. The fire burns for the ladies in this song, which showcases Star’s vocal and conceptual range.

The Badd Habitz EP features beats with several sound combinations, with elements of R&B, hip-hop, Reggae and Jazz throughout the rhythms implemented in this record. This project is multi-dimensional, making it a suitable listen for anyone in any region.

Badd Habitz is available across various digital music outlets including iTunes, and is a worthy listen for those seeking thought-provoking music.



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