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Video: Ricky Blaze feat. Chelley – Take Ya Money

If you have any doubt of Ricky Blaze’s multi talent across the musical genres, look no further than the amazing pop star Chelley. Bonded by their Jamaican heritage and Brooklyn stepping grounds, Ricky and Chelley took their respective love of music and turned it into a hit dance anthem with “Took The Night”.

Since the success of her hit single, Chelley has suffered a few professional setbacks but remained a strong presence with various appearances such as her recent performance at the VH1 “Save The Music” Benefit Concert. With a new year comes new possibilities and Chelley has emerged more determined than ever with a new Ricky Blaze produced single, “Take Ya Money”. The hit single recently premiered on Complex Magazine to rave reviews.

In a release to the media Chelley stated, “Working with Ricky I can sum it up as free and creative. There’s never really a no, we try anything that comes to our minds. There’s no boundaries and that’s fun. You never know if something will work (sound good) without trying and that’s the motto we go by when working together in the studio.”

“My new single is called “TAKE YA MONEY”, I look at it as a women empowering song. It has a nice funky pop urban twist to the beat. The lyrics speak on women finally catching on to the cons of certain men and just playing their games right back at them. I also love the fact that this track can be viewed as us women going out there and getting our money by any means necessary, of course it being done respectively, we aren’t waiting on anything to be handed to us. I want my words to be turned around and be understood that when Chelley comes across as rude, bitchy or maybe even derogatory that’s just me showing the aggressive approach women sometimes have to take to be not only heard but understood.”

She added, “Besides music I’m working on a few cool things like finalizing my new mixtape, working on a tour and some other things that shall come as a surprise later this year.”

Michelle Woolery known to the clubs as “Chelley” has created one of the most influential records of all time. Her hit single “Took The Night” has sparked clubs and females across the nation. With a heart wrenching bass line and 707 drums, Chelley delivers a message to all females inspiring them to not care “what bi@#hes say” but for this Brooklyn pop star its about what the music says.


Born to Jamaican parents, Chelley grew up in the East New York section of Brooklyn, helping her single parent mom with her all-girl household. After graduating High School she began studying for a degree in child psychology, she took a part time job and worked hard shifts, but her passion was music and when she met Brooklyn Artist and Producer Ricky Blaze, her life took a turn.

Ricky and Chelley went into the studio and within a month created 8 solid records ready for radio, but the one that stood out most of all due to its unique catchy sound was “Took The Night” gaining radio play and a record deal with electronic dance label Ultra Records. The record has also become a favorite to celebrities like Missy Elliott, Eve and Snooki. In addition, it became a craze to the LGBT community allowing Chelley to be a main attraction in the 2009 Out Music Awards. Due to a disagreement with production label partners, Chelley has not been able to release music, but will release a mixtape sometime this year entitled “Glam Life”. Her new single “Take Ya Money” is set to be released March 2014.

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