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Eyeland Eyewear continues to be A Cut Above The Rest with their newest promotion “Buy Factory Direct”.  Factory Direct allows persons to afford Prescription Glasses. The opportunity now exists to own a complete pair of glasses (lens & frame) for an astounding low price of JA$3,900.00. “We at Eyeland Eyewear are in the business of providing quality products and services to our customers and Factory Direct is our way of giving back to our valued customers, both current and new” says Mr. Ketao Akwanza (Co-C.E.O of Eyeland Eyewear). Factory Direct is now available at all Eyeland Eyewear’s branches island wide. We expect everyone to take full advantage and buy Factory Direct.

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Best of the Best Concert 2015

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Book Dancehall Artists Worldwide

Book Dancehall Artists Worldwide

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