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Stylo G MOBO

Stylo G cops MOBO award for Best Reggae Act

Stylo G MOBOEngland-based Jamaican deejay, Stylo G has walked away with the Music Of Black Origin (MOBO) award for Best Reggae Act during Wednesday night’s staging of the 19th annual MOBO Awards at the SSE Arena in London.

The Spanish Town native pipped the likes of Alkaline, Popcaan, Chronixx and Tarrus Riley for the honour, bouncing back after losing out on the honour to Grammy-winning deejay, Sean Paul last year. It is the first MOBO award for Stylo G.

Stylo G is highly regarded on the U.K. circuit, having scored a Top 20 hit on the British chart with Soundbwoy and is also known for singles such as Call Mi a Leader and Badd featuring foundation deejay, Sister Nancy. The entertainer moved the United Kingdom in 1998 and made a name for himself on the underground scene prior to signing with British label, 3 Beat Records.

Next year’s MOBO Awards will be held in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Buju Banton Alkaline

876-411 Review Show – Buju’s appeal and the Alkaline-Vybz Kartel comparison

Buju Banton AlkalineCheck out the newest episode of the live, online Jamaican entertainment show, 876-411, hosted by Marc Brown.

This episode takes a look at Buju Banton’s appeal for a new trial and his lawyer’s comments that he could be out this year, as well as the ongoing comparisons between Dancehall stars Alkaline and Vybz Kartel.

Visit the official 876-411 website for the latest news, videos and music within the world of Jamaican entertainment, sports and culture, whether at home or abroad: http://www.876411.com/

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Demarco and RickyCarty

COLUMN: Dancehall today more about hype that hits

Demarco and RickyCarty

By: Marc Parc

A threesome involving two girls in masks, a live sex show, a borage of videos filled with cheeks of the below the belt variety and occasional quips about oral and anal sex.

No, I’m not describing features on Pornhub or XVIDEOS, but Dancehall in 2014; a genre filled with recent, overexuberant attempts to gain attention within the music world and create controversy. From established acts such as Demarco to young artists including Ricky Carty, there has been a seemingly concerted effort to correlate Dancehall and porn in music videos, not necessarily for your enjoyment, but to garner buzz in the media that they would not have attained through any other means. After all, sex sells right?

Let us not be naïve, controversy has long sold records and appealed to hardcore followers of ‘fast Reggae’ since it became popular in the late 1980s and early 90s. However, since the turn of the decade, controversy has not only become an ingredient to the recipe of success within Dancehall, but the main ingredient; in some cases, the only ingredient. Though there have been some instances of top-quality Dancehall music being produced, lyrical content and originality are drastically lacking, thus causing many acts to resort to extreme measures, including visually, to reel in fans and keep them paying attention and downloading their material.

When a young phenom such as Alkaline came along with his Not A Slack Song video and later, tattooed eyeballs (though whether they’ve been tattooed continues to be debated by the masses), he instantly garnered attention before people ever really paid attention to his lyrical content. Unlike others, he has managed to last thus far because of his flow and understanding of the industry, making him an instant star. However, time will tell whether the gimmicks and sometimes questionable lyrics (the anal stimulation lyric in Love You for example) that accompany his act will wear thin or allow him to stay the course.

Other acts have tried this route in the last year or two, with mixed results. Tommy Lee Sparta stood out in 2011 and 2012 with his occasional demonic references in his music and the scary performance getup to match. While fans were seemingly OK with it for a few months, their patience grew thin, often chastising him for his content via social media and other means; leading to his reduced impact within the Dancehall scene in the last year and a half as his continued demonic references and sudden switch to more positive songs have been met with a collective ‘ho hum’ from the masses back home.

Looking to build momentum following a nasty feud will fellow deejay, Spice, Macka Diamond struck gold with the sexually-charged, chart-topping anthem, Dye Dye. Seeing how well-received the song was, she then turned up the ante and then some for her follow-up single, Twist Me by, let say, having a man taste a different type of meat in her kitchen. The visuals were a distraction from the average content the song itself offered, and got lots of criticism from music lovers who felt the imagery crossed boundaries. On the contrary, said imagery worked as far as creating online buzz was concerned.

Dancehall, pre-2011, did not need the overbearing sexual references and risqué image changes to become popular. Metaphors, similes and smartly introduces touches of edginess made the genre more original and easy to follow. Perhaps we should have seen this coming though.

Since the Broadcasting Commission’s outlawing of gun lyrics on Jamaican airwaves in 2008, more entertainers have been forced to be more original and cunning with their lyrical content and imagery. However, many veterans and up-and-comers have over-relied on sexuality to gauge interest from the public at large, thus resulting in an ample amount of explicit videos and promotional pictures exasperating T & A to get their points across; with explanations from managers, promoters and artists themselves centering around the copout that they’re ‘giving the people what they want.’ Did they survey fans asking what they wanted? And, even as enjoyable as sexuality it, once pushed so often, said fans will get tired eventually.

These stunts only cover up the big issue at hand, that variety and tasteful conceptualization has been disappearing from what still is the biggest genre in Jamaica. However, with Reggae music now regaining the consciousness of the people, in part thanks to the fresh young talent such as Chronixx, Dre Island and Jesse Royal, Dancehall must now challenge itself to get back to its roots and stop relying on exaggeration to get points across. It has become a hype machine, where hits aren’t necessarily the aim, but pushing agendas that get the media and fans talking. What artists don’t realize, are that they aren’t necessarily being talked about for the right reasons, which only leaves the genre in a bad place.

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Tiana Dancehall 2014

Tiana set to tour Europe on heels of ‘Gyal Broad Out’ success

Tiana Dancehall 2014The Dancehall Duchess Tiana has been riding on a high after a successful Cross Country Road Tour courtesy of The RJR Communication Group which saw Duchess taking command of her fans as they scream and shouted “Tiana ti ti Tiana” … The almost six weeks road tour had the artiste making over 40 appearances on shows that was held in every major town located in the beautiful Island of Jamaica.

The female anthem Yuh Nuh Groupie singer most recent success happens over the weekend when the video for her hit single Gyal Broad Out made its debut on the popular Video Alley Top Ten Reggae/Dancehall Chart hosted by Suzie Q.

Video Alley Top Ten Chart is aired on several international stations in countries such as New York, England, Africa and also on various Caribbean TV stations.

Since the premiered of Tiana’s Gyal Broad Out video on VEVO the video has quickly accumulates over 30,000 views on Tiana’s official VEVO channel (TianaVEVO).

The song is currently #3 on the OutAroad Top 20 Hot Singles Chart and have graced the Top Ten of several charts around the globe such as Africa, UK … also on European radio show Yaad Report which is aired on Eldoradio based in Germany, hosted by Angie & Ruffie from I-Motion Sound/Solid Europe Booking Agency.

In a few weeks from now Tiana and Alkaline will be embarking on a six-week European Tour starting May 15th to June 25th … The tour will be hosted by I-Motion Sound who’s also responsible for Tiana’s first European Tour in 2013 which saw the Duchess making live appearances in countries such as Germany, Italy, Austria, Holland and Hamburg.

However, in the mean time the Dancehall Duchess has been busy in the studio working on several new projects such as a soca album soon to be released produced by Island Traffic Entertainment. Also a new track called So Sexy produced by Seduction Riddim producer Hit-Maker and Batty Rider which is a collaborated effort between Chris Rock Records & European producer Fireside … Tiana also recently collaborated with Trini-Soca Star Shurwayne Winchester on a track called Dat Me Want.

New Videos:
Upcoming video releases from Tiana will include videos for 18 & Ova collaboration with Unycorn … Whine Pon Yuh Vershon along with Birchill Recording artiste Vershon … Guh Dung for the lead song off her upcoming soca album and Touch Like The World Ago End.

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Alkaline 2014

876-411 Review Show – State of the Union (Dancehall/Reggae edition)

876-411 is back live and in living colours. This new, live installment of the Jamaican online entertainment show takes a special look at the current state of Dancehall and Reggae music in Jamaica. We look at the content of Dancehall in 2014 and its shock value, the effectiveness of Jamaican music talent shows and more. Hosted by Jodee ‘Marc Parc’ Brown and Jodiann ‘Jodz’ Perry.

For more about 876-411, check out the official Facebook page for more: https://www.facebook.com/RAYKINGlive for more details. Check it out!

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J Amsterdam Dancehall

J Amsterdam says disc jocks are rejecting controversial song, calls out Alkaline

J Amsterdam DancehallUpcoming Jamaican deejay, J Amsterdam is weighing the expected backlash over his controversial debut single,Gyal Come Wine as he says local disc jocks are refusing to play the song due to its eyebrow-raising content and the taboo attached to it.

Since the song’s release last month, the buzz surroundingGyal Come Wine has largely been restricted toYouTube, blogs and a very short-lived run ofmainstream attention. According to J Amsterdam, the Jamaican music industry is not prepared for such a level of ‘freakishness’ within its circles.

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Alkaline blasted by fellow artists for anal stimulation lyric

alkalineDancehall sensation, Alkaline has once again courted controversy in Dancehall circles after a lyric in his new single released on the Igloo Riddim late last week raised eyebrows as he suggested enjoying anal stimulation during sex.

Near the end of the raw version of his song, Touch You, Alkaline sings a lyrics claiming that after receiving oral sex from a girl, saying ‘batty wash, dat a brawta.’ ‘Batty wash,’ in Jamaican terms, refers to when one person has his or her anus licked during a sexual act, an act which continues to be taboo among Jamaicans.

The song has garnered close to 60,000 in three days since its release on YouTube, earning criticism from music lovers for promoting such an act in his music

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MP3: Alkaline – How She Bad Suh | Explicit

DOWNLOAD: Alkaline-How-She-Bad-Suh (136)

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