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Mavado calls out Bounty Killer, Busy Signal in new interview

Mavado Bounty Killer feudDancehall star, Mavado has opened up about his ongoing feudwith former mentor and Alliance leader, Bounty Killer, claiming a lack of respect, among other things have cause the falling out between the two deejays.

Mavado appeared on CVM’s OnStage talk show, aired Saturday night, speaking from the We The Best Music Group headquarters about the issues between himself and Bounty. In the interview,Mavado held nothing back, joking that Bounty must be ‘mixing Hennessey with crack,’ after questioning his loyalty to the Allianceand calling him a ‘sellout,’ saying he’s always shown his ex-mentor respect.

“Mi stand up beside yuh straight and mi show yuh loyalty and respect straight, everywhere inna di world mi go, mi she big up Killa when yuh nah dweet,” he said. “How Killa fi get up and she mi nuh show loyalty and who sellout. Weh u mean by dat Killa? A your actions mek we inna da spot hah today.”

Mavado then brought up the fatal shooting outside the QUADnightclub in Kingston in 2011, outside Bounty Killer’s birthday party, which claimed the life of his best friend, Conroy ‘Connie’ Edwards.He says Bounty acted disloyal in the first place by having the party at a club which was partially owned by then rival deejay, Vybz Kartel. However, his biggest gripe remains that Bounty never sent condolences to him about his loss, instead blaming him for ruining his party.

“After what happen at the club, Killa still couldn’t tell mi condolences fi mi friend,” he said. “Him couldn’t look pon mi fren mother, daughter, family and seh simple condolences, and remember she is a ute weh u know too,” saying Bounty used to have Edwards run errands for him and even hung out with him and Mavado the week before the shooting.

Following a slew of diss songs Bounty Killer aimed at Mavado, the ‘Gully Gaad’ maintained that the songs were not up to par, saying Bounty sounded ‘hungry’ more than angry. He even said he went to great lengths to defend his then mentor, but never felt he got enough credit for it.

“Me a di defending champion fi di Alliance, when you nah do nutten, when a man a diss you to the last ground and you couldn’t defend yuhself. Mi loyal to the Alliance weh mi help mek.”

Not only did Mavado speak openly about his issues with Bounty, he took shots at former Alliance teammate, Busy Signal, who he called an ‘idiot’ and ‘Gary Reanno Gordon,’ in reference to Busy’s hit One More Night in which some music listeners said Busy mentioned ‘Gary’ in the song.

“Oooh, mi sell platinum and this and that. 30,000 streaming inna Europe. Platinum? Yuh a gwaan like yuh sell a million copy Busy. Stop talk and top gwaan suh Busy,” Mavado said in response to Bumaye, Busy’s single with Major Lazer which went platinum in Denmark.

“Yuh nah no street cred Busy. We nuh see yuh no weh. How yah talk bout ‘di General, di General,’ and nobody nuh see yuh and Killa a par fi years now,” he added, which also calling Busy an imitation of legendary artists Shabba Ranksand Terror Fabulous.

Meanwhile, We The Best Music Group founder, DJ Khaled also spoke on the Bounty-Mavado feud, tellingOnStage, “Mavado is my friend and I heard things in the street that there is a little vibe going on… But at the end of the day Mavado will tell you I am always going to promote love and promote peace and I am always going to promote positivity because that is what a real friend is going to do.”

He also hopes for a future peace collaboration between Bounty and Mavado, writing on his Instagram page, “Everyone always ask me what’s a collaboration u would love to make happen. I tell the world I would love to make a rec wit @mavadogully @grunggaadzilla ! Jamaica STAND UP! #Alliance #wethebest the people the streets want to see this happen!! I’m going go hard and find away to make it happen !!! Jah know!!!!”

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Former Alliance First Lady, Bridgez leaves group

Bounty Killer and BridgezPopular Dancehall artist and the former first lady of Bounty Killer’s Alliance crew, Bridgez has announced her decision to leave the group after four years with them.

The singjay, whose real name is Bridgett Roache confirmed Wednesday that she has cut all ties with Alliance and is now looking for a new management team. According to the Winning Whine singer, this is strictly a business decision aimed at taking her career to a higher level.

“I don’t believe in titles,” she said in a statement. “If you’re not making an impact to live up to it; so all these titles I got didn’t mean much to me. It felt like just talk, an excuse to not put in the real work a manager is to be doing. I will never be ungrateful for the experience I gained while I was in Alliance but the time has come for me to move on. I’m serious about my career and I have spent almost 4 years with this camp however I need a management team that knows how to manage a female artist.”

She continued, “I am a positive person and I don’t dwell on negative things so I won’t spend my time bashing my former manager. Right now I am focused on getting a better management team, one that can guide my career to success.”

After releasing a number of singles including On Fire and Take Your Breath Away, Bridgez joined forces with Bounty Killer for her hit, Rollout, which helped solidify her place in Bounty’ camp. She later joined the Alliance’s Next Generation camp, releasing singles such as No Any Man and Han Up Deh and, after disassociating herself from the A.N.G brand, dropped songs such as Take Your Time (featuring Big Wayne) and All Dem a Talk.

Bridgez promises her fans she will release new material during the summer.

“Over the last couple of months I’ve been very busy in the studios working with various producers like Salim and Chris of Track House Records, ZJ Bruce Lee, and Truckback and couple others and I released a hot new track last month named Winning Wine on Trackhouse’s Pandemonium Riddim. I’ve also been busy doing my B.Sc in Business Administration so I took a little break from releasing anything after Take Your Time but I will be giving my fans a lot of new material for the summer.”

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Bounty Killer overcomes boos, sand-throwing incident at beach event

Bounty KillerThough iconic Dancehall superstar, Bounty Killer has long indicated his desire not to clash ‘Gaza’ deejay Tommy Lee Sparta anytime soon, some of Tommy Lee’s fans apparently tried to answer some of the Grung Gaad’s taunts on his behalf.

Two weeks ago, the internet world went abuzz following video showing Tommy Lee Sparta being booed while performing at the CHUG IT beach party in Portmore, St. Catherine. Despite being well-received by the crowd for a majority of his set, Lee got an ear full from patrons when making disparaging remarks about Bounty Killer after singing his hit track, P**** Mechanic. Then Tommy Lee Sparta, who later denied the incident even took place, received another chorus of boos while performing at Rum Punch later that weekend for once again speaking about Bounty, alleging that the Alliance leader orchestrated a plot to have fans turn against him at the show.

This past weekend, Bounty Killer took the stage at Chug It alongside fellow Alliance deejays Bling Dawg, Iyara and a host of others. Just moments after taking to the stage and performing Badman Kill Fi Fun, Bounty was forced to defend himself after some fans threw sand at the deejay, hurling boos in his direction in an apparent reprisal for the Tommy Lee Sparta incident two weekends prior.

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Busy Signal gets six months in prison, will be out this November

Fans of embattled Dancehall superstar, Busy Signal won’t have to wait too long before they see the ‘Hot Head’ back on the road as the prominent singjay will be released from jail this November.

Busy Signal copped a six month prison term during a sentencing hearing in a U.S. courtroom on Friday. However, the Step Out singer will only have to serve two more months in prison as time previously served was taken into consideration.

A tweet emerged from Busy Signal’s official Twitter account, currently run by his manager, Shane Brown. The tweet read, “Busy will be out November. Tell the world!”

The internationally-acclaimed entertainer has spent time in a Minnesota federal penitentiary since June after being extradited to the United States on a charge of absconding bail. The charge stemmed from a 2002 incident in which Busy allegedly skipped a court appearance and subsequently fled the U.S. while facing drug charges in Minnesota.

Busy Signal was initially arrested by United Kingdom based law enforcement officials on the suspicion that he was using false documents. Busy, whose real name is Glendale Goshia Gordon had been going under the name, Reanno Gordon.

Busy Signal was then deported to Jamaica, where members of the Fugitive Apprehension Team took him into custody. A few days later, Busy waived his rights to challenge the United States Government’s extradition request during a court appearance in Kingston and was subsequently extradited to the North American country nearly a month late, accompanied by U.S. Marshals.

Once Busy Signal’s prison term has been completed, he will be given a 45-day window to leave the United States or else drug charges, which still exist from his 2002 case, could be slapped on him. Currently, the United States government doesn’t have the authority to prosecute Busy Signal, given that the extradition request for the entertainer pertained to absconding bail only.



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Tommy Lee responds to criticism from Bounty Killer, Dancehall fraternity

Criticism continues to pour in against prominent Dancehall entertainer, Tommy Lee. However, the popular ‘Gaza’ artiste refuses to enter into a shouting match with his detractors, particularly Bounty Killer.

Over the last few days, Bounty Killer took to social media outlet, Twitter to voice his frustrations against Tommy Lee and other Dancehall artistes who use demonic lyrics in their songs. The Alliance leader first tweeted a link which tied in the ‘Sparta’ concept to homosexuality, sparking more controversy and speculation regarding Tommy Lee’s ‘Gaza Sparta’ persona. Then the legendary Dancehall superstar issued a damning statement reprimanding Tommy Lee and other artistes who reference demonic spirits in their music.

In part the statement read, “Tired a dem now yow every man know a me say youths fi run the place, but nuh come chat nuh f****y bout freak and devil or demon, ago kill off some a dem, so when a man ago sing certain things him nuh think say nobody was gonna have a problem wid him argument dem, a when since u can just come inna dancehall and a bring een demon ppl freely so? how long we have we dancehall nice and pure mad mi mad to bloodc****, some a dem too brite and no big man inna dancehall naah stand up and tell dem say dat nuh accepted, ppl mi fight fi dancehall wid mi life and say f**k career dem naah mash it up enuh!”

Bounty’s continuous rants coupled with speculation that clash could occur at STING 2012 between himself and Tommy Lee prompted the latter artiste to respond.

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Bounty Killer calls out Tommy Lee

Highly regarded Dancehall legend, Bounty Killer doesn’t seem to be one to jumpon the ever-growing Tommy Lee bandwagon after the Alliance leader called out the popular Gaza artiste regarding his persona and lyrical content.

Tommy Lee rose to prominence due to his unique, intimidating sound as well as him self-proclaimed ‘gothic’ type of Dancehall in which he sometimes wears masks in his music videos. However, that ‘dark’ form of Dancehall has rubbed many industry players the wrong way, including Bounty Killer, who tweeted out a link making reference to the ‘Sparta’ persona that Tommy Lee sports.

“All a who a call dem self “SPARTA” Click this Rassc**** http://sexandhistory.blogspot.com/2008/06/sparta-experiment-in-state-fostered.html … !! Tell Mi If Unu A “SPARTA” Again zeen?” Bounty Killer tweeted, showing a link that links the ‘Sparta’ concept to homosexuality.

Bounty Killer then reportedly issued a statement, through Alliance Next Generation manager, Cross Cris, explaining his reservations against Tommy Lee and other artistes who sing similar lyrics.

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Mavado found guilty in assault case, plans to appeal

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, David Brooks, more popularly known as Mavado has been found guilty of two charges in relation to an assault case stemming from an incident in Montego Bay last year.

The highly regarded singjay was deemed guilty of assault occasioning bodily harm and malicious destruction of property when the case concluded on Monday morning inside the Montego Bay Resident Magistrates Court in St. James.

As a result, Mavado was sentenced to pay a JA$80,000 fine or face a six month prison term in relation to the assault charge and JA$20,000 or six months in prison with regards to the malicious destruction of property charge.

The charges are in relation to a July 2011 incident which took place less than a day after Mavado performed at Reggae Sumfest at Catherine Hall. Reportedly, Mavado and members of his entourage attacked a man, Henry Cunningham and his son, Oshane Cunningham in a moment of road rage. Both men sustained multiple injuries in the altercation and the vehicle in which they were travelling was reportedly damaged.

In reaction to the verdict, a seemingly perplexed Mavado questioned the judge’s ruling in the matter during a radio interview on IRIE FM Monday afternoon.

“Mi nuh understand how mi get a guilty verdict. Mi nuh do nutten, mi nuh come out a mi van and talk to nobody or any ting and furthermore, I don’t like how the judge deal with the situation because up to now I think that the judge don’t understand the whole case because him a she different ting so mi cyaah really understand,” he said.

The We The Best Music Group recording artiste insists that he plans to appeal the ruling as he continues to maintain his innocence.

“What happen, happen already and we jus’ a plan fi appeal right away and ting ‘cause mi nuh see how mi fi get a guilty verdict pon sommen weh mi nuh do…nutten nuh inna nutten seh mi come out a my vehicle and do anybody any ting.”



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Ishawna set to unveil new video, has big plans for the summer

Alliance first lady, Ishawna seeks to make a big impression on Dancehall circles this summer as she’s set to release a slew of projects that will turn heads locally and internationally.

The Hold Him singer recently returned to the spotlight with her sultry collaborations with prominent Dancehall star, Assassin entitled Phone Seduction as well as Falling In Love With You alongside the much vaunted group, Voicemail.  Now, Ishawna seeks to stamp her authority within the local music industry once more as she’s set to unveil the Hot Gal Anthem, produced by internationally acclaimed hit maker, Rohan ‘Jah Snowcone’ Fuller.

According to Ishawna, working with a producer of Snowcone’s caliber was a quite humbling experience.

“Working with Snowcone was an amazing experience. I have always admired his work and I feel extremely blessed and honored to have been given this opportunity. The song was written by Black Pearl who is also an amazing songwriter. We all just had a great chemistry working on this project. The vibe in the studio was great, everything just flowed,” she said via press release.

Hot Gal Anthem will be premiered via Nationwide 90FM on Thursday night.

In conjunction with this latest achievement, Ishawna intimated that she has upcoming collaboration coming soon, featuring other established producers such as Foota Hype, Mario C, Troyton and Baby G.

Additionally, Ishawna recently shot the medley for her recent singles, Real Hot Gal (Jam 2 Records) and the Christopher Birch produced track, Hold Me Tight. The video, directed by Krystle Karee and IK Koncepts will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the Alliance diva will also be seeking to appease her fans in Jamaica and in North America with performances and a brand new compilation.

“I’m in the process of working on my first mixtape which is to be released this summer and looking forward to performing at Reggae Sumfest as well as other shows in Canada and New York this summer.”

Ishawna is known for singles such as Same Boy (featuring Raine Seville), For You (featuring Demarco) and her most successful single to date, Legendary.

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Bounty Killer granted bereavement in ganja trial

Prominent Dancehall superstar, Rodney Price, more popularly known as Bounty Killer, will have more time to prepare for his pending ganja trial as he continues to recover from the death of his mother.

The Alliance leader, who faces marijuana possession charges from an October 2010 incident in New Kingston, was due to begin his trial on Wednesday at the Corporate Area Resident Magistrates Court in Kingston. However, presiding Resident Magistrate, Maxine Ellis granted the internationally acclaimed deejay bereavement following the death of his mother, Ivy ‘Miss Ivy’ Williams late last month.

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Bounty Killer staying strong since mother’s death, shares memories

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Bounty Killer continues to deal with the emotional fallout following the death of his mother. However, the prominent deejay says that he’s getting through the pain.

The Dancehall world was shocked on Sunday morning when Bounty Killer announced, via Twitter that his mother, Ivy Williams, more affectionately known as Miss Ivy passed away on Sunday morning. Williams died in her sleep following an illness and had reportedly been battling cancer in recent times.

Since the announcement, a slew of Dancehall superstars, including long-time rival, Beenie Man, Dancehall diva, Spice amongst several other artistes have publicly shown support for Bounty Killer during this tragic time. The Alliance founder, speaking publicly for the first time since his mother’s passing, expressed his appreciation to friends and fans who have reached out to him in the last 72 hours.

“The love and support I’ve been receiving is immense. Globally people are showing they care, especially my fans on Twitter and Facebook and all the other networks.  I know people love me and my mom but it was so surprising to the amount,” Bounty Killer told the Jamaica Observer in a BlackBerry message.

Having mentioned his mother several times in his songs, including the classic clash song, Miss Ivy Last Son, Bounty Killer spoke fondly of his mother’s undying love and ability to descend calm on a turbulent situation.

“Every moment spent with her was memorable and amusing. Ask anybody that knows her she is the greatest mom and not just for me but for everyone that ever come in contact with her,” he said.

According to the prominent deejay, he will cherish of his late mother’s attributes, including her ability to teach and advise him and his siblings. However, there’s one memorable piece of advice that Bounty Killer received from his mother that he will forever hold dear to his heart.

To know that there is a God and there isn’t anything that faith cannot fix,” he recalls.

Williams left behind eight children as well as several grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was 71 years old.

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Artistes, fans reach out to Bounty Killer in wake of mother’s death

The Jamaican music industry collectively mourns a day after Ivy Williams, the mother of Dancehall superstar, Bounty Killer passed away.

Williams, more affectionately known as Miss Ivy died in her sleep early Sunday morning following an illness. It had been reported that Williams was battling cancer for some time prior to her passing. She was 71 years old.

Bounty Killer announced his mother’s death, via Twitter on Sunday morning; shocking the Dancehall/Reggae fraternity.  Though the Alliance leader has yet to speak publicly about his mother’s death since that announcement, Alliance Next Generation manager and long-time business partner, Cross Cris intimates that the deejay remains distraught since hearing the news.

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Bounty Killer’s mother, “Miss Ivy” passes away

The mother of iconic Dancehall superstar, Bounty Killer has died.

Ivy Williams, more affectionately known as Miss Ivy, passed away on Sunday at the age of 71. Bounty Killer announced his mother’s passing via his official Twitter page on Sunday morning.

“RIP to the world’s greatest mom bcuz she gave the world the greatest man. Ms. Ivy Williams 1941-2012. Rest in peace mama. Love u more than ever and all ways life and death is the equation; it’s inevitable and u live an excellent life my mother, my mentor, my friend, my a whole lot of things…Why now jah? U knows what’s best tho!!!”  he tweeted.

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Bounty Killer to regain U.S. visa?

Could legendary Dancehall artiste and Alliance leader, Bounty Killer, become the next major Jamaican entertainer to get back his United States visa? By all early indications, it might just be a matter of time.

Various media outlets are reporting that Bounty Killer will regain his U.S visa later this year, in time to possibly perform across stage shows in Miami, New York and Connecticut to name a few. Reportedly, several arrangements are being made by the prominent deejay’s camp as they seek to reinvigorate his international status.

Additionally, it’s said that Bounty Killer’s associates have reached out to overseas promoters and radio personalities in anticipation of his soon-coming arrival. Also, there’s talk of the self-professed “War Lord” and long-time rival, Beenie Man performing together at festivals should Bounty be re-issued an American visa.

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Mavado and Bounty Killer settle differences

Alliance leader, Bounty Killer and long-time protégé/Gully Squad leader, Mavado seem to have resolved their issues after months of tension within the popular Dancehall group.

The Dancehall stalwarts have encountered months of turbulence within the Gulliance camp ever since a shooting incident that took place outside Bounty Killer’s birthday party at the QUAD nightclub in New Kingston last July. Following the party, Gully Squad member, Chase Cross released a diss song aimed at Bounty Killer after alleging that the “War Lord” disrespected his friend who died during aforementioned incident. Several diss songs between the Gully Squad and Alliance Next Generation have been exchanged since the release of Chase Cross’ song, Mash Up Everything in late July.

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Dancehall maestro Serani’s successful labour day weekend

Dancehall maestro Serani completed a very successful weekend in the US for Labor Day weekend, starting with a benefit concert in Brooklyn for Haiti, followed by a show-stealing performance at HOT 97’s On Da Reggae Tip event, that lit up social network sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Fellow artists and industry movers and shakers, as well as a slew of fans all expressed how hard Serani went at the sold-out Reggae Tip, held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, lauding him for best performance of the night.

“I think my performance surprised some people because I think they might not know how hard and how often I’ve been working,” said Serani. “I’ve been pretty much touring straight for two years non-stop and I’ve worked really hard at my stage craft. We’ve also been focusing on markets that could be described as non-traditional for Dancehall acts and really been trying to break those as well. I’ve been to Europe three times already this year so we’re just trying to get the music out there on a wide scale. Every artiste did very well at On Da reggae Tip and it was a great platform for me to showcase how far I have come.”

After rocking a Spanish club in Queens after Friday night’s Reggae Tip show, Serani made the dash from New York to Orlando for the inaugural staging of Reggae Fest at the prestigious Hard Rock Cafe inside Universal Studios. Performing alongside Shaggy, Rupee, Barrington Levy, Gyptian and others, Serani gave another performance that had the packed venue singing along to his songs.

Trekking back to New York on the Sunday, Serani appeared at BB Kings for Bobby Konders & Jabba, before demolishing Webstar Hall for a show hosted by HOT 97’s Mr Cee. With little sleep Serani then joined a host of Jamaican acts on Monday’s West Indian Labor Day Parade through the streets of Brooklyn, that attracts a crowd estimated to be in excess of one million people.

Serani leaves for the UK and Europe this month for several shows, before appearing at Miami Carnival in October. Serani has recorded tracks such as Pleasure on 2 Hard’s Circus riddim, single Slumber Party and I Forgive You on DASECA’s new Exodus riddim, as well as First Anniversary on hot producer Seanizzle’s soon-to-be-released Split Personality riddim, the follow-up to the monster One Day project. The video for Slumber party, shot in Europe, will be released this month.

His dancefloor smash “Skip to My Luu” featuring Ding Dong and Razz & Biggy has also started receiving some spins on commercial radio Stateside, which his management team are hoping will grow into adds to playlists on commercial radio, following in the footsteps of his classic No Games and She Loves Me. Serani is working towards the release of his sophomore album in March 2011.

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My Life Riddim Medley Video

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Video: Bounty Killer & Busy Signal – Summn’ A Guh Gwaan

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Mp3: Mavado – Nine Life

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DOWNLOAD:Mavado - Nine Life (556)

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Bounty Killer Speaks – about skin bleaching, bore tongue etc


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Listen thoroughly …..

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New Yorks’ Gully – Mavado, Alicia Keys & Fats (Champion Squad Remix)


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Bounty Killer ft Assailant – Gangstas Straight


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DOWNLOAD:Bounty Killer ft Assailant-Gangstas Straight (519)

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Gully calls for peace, Mavado invites Kartel to birthday bash

ij8-mavadoDeejay David ‘Mavado’ Brooks is calling for the end of the Gully/Gaza war by inviting musical rival Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer to make peace at his birthday bash on Saturday, December 5.

Mavado’s manager, Julian Jones-Griffith, yesterday said he wanted to publicly invite Kartel to make peace once and for all. “Basically we want to invite him to the show at Temple Hall Estate as a show of unity for the nation,” Jones-Griffith said.

Jones-Griffith and Mavado have been in discussions with Bishop Herro Blair and other prominent figures to come up with a solution for the Gully/Gaza issue, which people have insisted is dividing Jamaica. Vybz Kartel is supposed to be appearing on Bolt’s SuperParty in St Ann on the same night as Mavado’s bash.

Jones-Griffith said: “We just want to put it out there, Mavado has been coming under pressure for this Gully/Gaza thing and I’m sure he wants a better Jamaica. I’m sure Vybz Kartel, as a Jamaican, wants the same thing. For the sake of the Jamaican youths we’re inviting him to come on stage to show the people it’s all about the music and dat we can live good. We want him to come and participate, its something that needs to be done and we need a big stage to do it.”

According to Jones-Griffith, Kartel or his representatives can contact them before the show, through the media or simply come to the show on the night. He says Mavado is 100 per cent behind the initiative. Efforts to speak to Kartel were futile up to press time.

This will not be the first time that the two have tried to make peace. In March 2007, the deejays met with DCP Mark Shields to call for an end to the feud, however, weeks later the two were at it again. Jones-Griffith says that will not be happening again: “We’ve been down dis road before and we don’t feel good it ended up going back to the feuding. This is not a publicity stunt, we want to explore how we can do this – reach out to di youths in schools and make it permanent. The war is in no way beneficial to anybody’s career and it’s bringing a lot of negative energy to the country.”

The two have been feuding since 2006 and last year faced off at Sting. Since then they have come under increasing pressure garnering nationwide attention due to the negative effects of the feud.


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Vybz Kartel Ft. Shebba-Do Me Dat(England Town Riddim)

vybz kartel gaza

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DOWNLOAD:Vybz Kartel Ft. Shebba-Do Me Dat(England Town Riddim) (620)

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Mp3: Mavado – Gyal Ova Gun


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Alliance artists continue to break ground on the world stage, with Mavado and Serani once again being given the nod at a prestigious international award show. The 2009 Soul Train Music Awards has recognised both artists in the Best Reggae Artist category. They are in great company with Ziggy Marley, Sean Paul and the torch-bearer of Jamaican conscious music Taurus Riley rounding out the nominee list.

After being on hiatus the past couple of years, this year’s show will be taped at the Georgia World Congress Center on Tues., Nov. 3 and then air on both BET and Centric (the channel formerly known as BET J) on Sun. Nov. 29. The lineup of performers includes Trey Songz, Ryan Leslie, Chrisette Michele, Ledisi, Brian McKnight, Melanie Fiona and many, many others. This year’s show will honor the careers and musical influences of Chaka Khan, Charlie Wilson, L.A. Reid and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds.

The news comes on the eve of the release of Serani’s debut album “No Games,” in stores an available on iTunes and all online music stores as of October 27.

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Bounty Killer – Gaza Fag


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DOWNLOAD:Bounty killer - Gaza Fag (583)

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Wyclef Jean feat Mavado – Hold On(Crossroads)


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Busy Signal Documentary (Flashback)

Reanno Gordon, better known by his stage name, Busy Signal, is an artist from Tivoli Gardens in the heart of West Kingston, Jamaica. Known as one of the artists leading the contemporary Dancehall movement, Busy Signal has been a large part of the scene since 2003. His poetic lyrics in his first hit single, “Step Out,” made it one of the most popular dancehall songs in 2005. A music video of Step Out was released shortly afterwards.

He was nicknamed Busy Signal by his friends because of the fact that he is constantly busy. His hit tracks for 2007/2008 were “Nah Go A Jail Again”, “Smoke Some High Grade”, “Tic Toc” and the crazy track ripping the charts entitled “Unknown Number” has made tremendous airplay and dancehall reviews especially in the Caribbean and the U.S. He has released a hit dancehall album entitled Step Out.

On The September 22, 2008, Busy Signal released his second studio album titled Loaded, a 15 track compilation of from Vp Records of well known dancehall hits such as “Jail”, “Whine Pon Di Edge”, These are the days among others as well as never heard before exclusive tracks such as “People So Evil”, “Hustle Hard” etc.

Busy Signal is also known as one of the most prominent artists of the Bounty Killer lead Alliance along with Mavado, Roderick (ROD) Douglas, Wayne Marshall and Bling Dawg. He was once at odds with fellow dancehall artist Aidonia where both exchange lyrical words but that didn’t materialize in a clash. Later in 2008 dancehall artist Vybz Kartel produced various “dis tracks” aimed at Busy Signal and other alliance members, to which Busy responded with a few tracks.

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Serani’s 2nd single makes Billboard Top 100


Multi-talented Alliance member Serani has scored his second successive Billboard hit with “She Loves Me,” the second single from his upcoming album.

Debuting this week at number 82 on the Billboard Hot Hip Hop/R&B Chart, She Loves Me is in heavy rotation on the station that breaks Dancehall records in the US – New York’s HOT 97, as well as at other urban and crossover formats across the country as it begins to pick up speed.
“Its a great time for Jamaica right now,” said Serani. “Our athletes are on top the world and we’re continuing to make huge strides like Usain with our music! 2009 has been a great year for me and for Jamaican music, now I am just readying up to drop the album and try to move some units!”
The video for She Loves Me will be shot in New York over the next two weeks which will propel the song further into the realms of mainstream America. Serani, who self-produced the song, also has a hot track bubbling on US radio with rapper Webstar.
Serani continues his hectic schedule this Sunday inside Club Mansion on Miami’s party capital – South Beach. He is also slated to appear on Miami’s POWER 96 FM’s Beach House show next Saturday the 29th at the Deauville beach resort on Miami Beach, alongside T Pain, Flo Rida, Kid Cudi, Trick Daddy, Trina, Jagged Edge and more. Serani will be hitting New York Friday September 4th with fellow Alliance members Bounty Killer and Mavado for HOT 97’s On Da Reggae Tip at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Serani-  “She Loves Me”

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Alliance Provides Clarity to ‘Beenie Man’


In light of Beenie Man’s recent comments regarding his “invitation” for the Alliance to perform at his show this Saturday we just wanted to balance a couple of issues…..

Beenie himself came to me at Champions in Action and asked me if the artists would be available for his show,” said Alliance management’s Julian Jones-Griffith. “I’m not sure why he is saying he sent someone to ask me when he himself came to me. And genuinely every artist will be off the island this weekend. I’m in Japan right now with Mavado, Killer and Serani will also be away. A member of Beenie’s promotional team contacted my office a couple of months ago asking if Serani would be available but he was already booked in advance. There was no request for Killer or Mavado back then and when Beenie asked me on Saturday they were already contracted for overseas engagements. So for him to say we ‘refused’ his invitation to unity is putting a negative spin on the situation to say the least.”

Cynics are saying Beenie is just using this ploy as part of the intense damage control media campaign both he and Vybz Kartel have undertaken since they were unceremniously booed at Champions in Action. Beenie Man, who did a song called “Gaza mi Seh,” declared himself the Gaza Emperor and counteracted Mavado’s Mockingbird is now insisting he isnt saying Gully or Gaza he’s saying “Jamaica” and calling for unity. Thats an admirable thing to do, but why the sudden change of heart……in the run-up to his show?

And as for the accusation that the Alliance carried people to Champions to boo Beenie is laughable and not worth another word. They got booed at one stage show and have spent the days since then having their publicists running around like headless chickens with denials, accusations and distractions. Its not that big of a deal but they are only damaging themselves by drawing it out for days like this.

The Alliance sends its congratulations to Usain Bolt, Shely Anne Fraser, Brigitte Foster-Hylton and the rest of the Jamaican athletes that have captured the imagination of the world with their supreme performances in Berlin. And all the best to Beenie with his show.

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Aidonia Discuss Altercation With Mavado’s Entourage

Patrons were enjoying themselves at the signature ATI event before a member of Mavado’s entourage went onstage during Aidonia’s performance and began to bully the selector to stop playing the tracks. This, however, did not go over well with Aidonia who intervened, but the police were quickly alerted and they successfully restored order. Following Aidonia’s performance Mavado made his much-anticipated entrance to the stage where he gave a brief but excellent performance, much to the delight of the patrons. He was quick to make amends for the incident and paused to say “nuh worry people, everything good”, before reeling off his chart-topping favourites, which included his recently released Mockingbird.

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HOT 97 “On The Reggae Tip”

reggaetipAlliance Entertainment is proud to announce the confirmation of its 3 superstar artists for this year’s “On da Reggae Tip,” the annual Reggae show promoted by New York’s #1 radio station for Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae! Held every year at the Hammerstein Ballroom, it’s been 3 years since Bounty Killer graced the stage and the anticipation for the return of the “Ground God” is already immense, especially after his show-stealing performance at this year’s Sumfest. With the world buzzing over the Killer’s return to form, hes sure to make a big impact at Reggae Tip.

Mavado is still riding the wave of his incredible success, that shows no signs of slowing down since he burst on to the scene four years ago. Adored by people of all backgrounds and nations, Mavado scored big on HOT 97 earlier this year with his anthemic “So Special” and is currently Jamaica’s #1 musical export worldwide. Mavado made a triumphant return to New York at last year’s Reggae Tip when Wylcef Jean called him on as a surprise guest and the Hammerstein’s roof nearly caved in.

Both Mavado and Serani were a big success at HOT 97’s Summer Jam show earlier this year in front of 50,000 people that also featured Jay Z, Mary J Blige, Busta Rhymes among others. Serani’s phenomenal rise continues to happen as he carries his sound across the US. His new single “She Loves Me” is already in rotation on HOT 97, with other stations adding it daily.

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Alliance feat 50 cent – “Yuh Right”

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– – Alliance  feat 50 cent – “Yuh Right” (press play)

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Bling Dawg – “Jamaica Jamaica”

[zdvideo align="left"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6XeW0xViu4[/zdvideo]

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Selector Hotta Ball says he is neither ‘gully’ nor ‘gaza’,

vybzk_mainThe selector contacted THE STAR recently because of an experience he had while at Junior Reid’s Lookout Tuesdays, which was being held at The View in St Andrew.

During the ‘new tune’ segment, Hotta Ball, whose real name is Shaun Lennon, said he played a song given to him by someone from the Portmore Empire. While the song was being played, Hotta Ball said it was ‘pulled up’ by another selector, Jiggy Ounce. Afterwards, he was approached by Boom Dandimite who seemed upset that the song was played because it insulted members of the Alliance.

“Little Richie call me and ask what a gwaan ’cause him hear seh Boom Dandimite stab after me,” Hotta Ball said while noting that absolutely nothing happened between them.

“Me nuh deh pon no side, no gaza, no gully. Anybody bring dem song me ago play it,” Hotta Ball declared.

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Foota Hype and Mavado no longer friends

The 28-year-old sound system selector, Foota Hype, took a swipe at the self-proclaimed ‘Gully God’ for neglecting him and claimed that the artiste has lost his way since his emergence on to the dancehall scene.

“I just want the public to know that I am no longer affiliated with Mavado. I don’t want anybody to call me about him because from the other day, it’s like he has gone on an ego trip. He’s not the singing blacks who I once knew.”

“Mavado a mek the money get to him head now and him feel like everything what him say is right. I carry you to stardom, I was the one who put Gully Side on the map and you carry it around the world,” he added.

Another of Foota Hype concern is that Mavado, has always credited his success to the mentorship of Alliance general Bounty Killer, but he was eager to dismiss those claims.

“Is not Bounty Killer buss Mavado, nor Julian or DASECA, I only know of two people who always fight for his career and that is me and Flex,” he said.

When asked how he thought Bounty Killer would respond to his parting ways with Mavado, He said: “Honestly, I have no idea. It’s not a situation where everyone is involved. It’s between me and Mavado

“At the end of the day, every man is their own big man. So if a man want to say Foota Hype a move a way, that’s their thing. But me know what’s happening … so I can’t roll with people like that.”

Foota Hype, who said his last studio effort with Mavado was on his Gully Creature rhythm in 2007, still intends to remain part of the Alliance group. But, said that he has lost trust in Mavado and has no interest in dealing with him.

“Of course, me still say Alliance, that won’t change. Me still live a Cassava Piece, still deh pon di Gully Side me nah say Gaza, but me just don’t have anything to deal with Mavado,” he said.

Footage Courtesy of 876Radio

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Wayne Marshall Inks Deal With The Marley clan

By Basil Walters


MARSHAL... we've been working with the Marleys for like over a year and a half, and we just recently, very recently, inked a deal for the first album

Artiste Wayne Marshall, now in an alliance of sorts with the Marley clan, is poised to take his music to the next level. This perspective is born out of the recently signed album deal with the Marley’s Ghetto Youth outfit, with which he has been working for over a year and half.

We’ve been working with the Marleys for like over a year and a half, and we just recently, very recently, inked a deal for the first album which is still in the early stages,” the dancehall deejay with the signature sound “tru tru tru” revealed.

A household name in dancehall since the mid-90s, Marshall promised that by next year the album, which will be produced by Damian and Steven Marley on their Ghetto Youths’ imprint, will be ready.

“So I’m really looking forward to that which is really going to take my music to the next level with the expertise of Steve and Damian (Marley) at the controls,” he told the Observer.

The Jamaican artiste, born Wayne Mitchell, who shares stage name with the distinguished classical musican Wayne Marshall (British born pianist, organist, conductor), recently dropped his latest album called Good Love. Produced by Yaad Vibes Entertainment, Good Love is all about bringing back that authentic lovers rock groove.

Of the video for the lead single, he says, “I’ve made a conscious effort to try and bring a concept that has never been presented on a video format. It’s a one-drop song, it’s a lovers rock vibes. The song is Good Love, produced by Yaad Vibes Entertainment. And the concept is about me in a relationship and keeping the relationship alive by doing creative stuff,” Wayne Marshall explained.

“It’s kind of my way of expressing what I would do if I’m involved in a long term relationship and what other people out there can experiment with. It’s just a nice sexy vibes,” he added.

Asked to give his take on the Broadcasting Commission’s restrictions on certain types of dancehall music, Marshall who was a panelist discussing the issue at the Caribbean Studies Association conference, gave a measured response.

“My view on the bans and the restrictions is very intricate . because some stuff I agree with, some stuff I don’t. But generally, the restrictions and the new standard that has been set, I think is a very definite positive for the music,” he said, while stating that it can also stifle creativity.

“Because there must be some sort of creative expression where we can toe the line of what is to be edited and what can pass to play. Like a creative play on words. The way how you say something or add humour to it.”

He also called for a direct line of communication between the Broadcasting Commission and the artistes whereby a song can be sent to the commission for approval.

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seraniAlliance star Serani’s bonafide hit “No Games” has landed at the #1 spot on America’s reggae iTunes Chart for the first time, knocking Bob Marley’s timeless classic “Three Little Birds” off the top spot. Having been selling thousands of downloads and ringtones for months, No Games has been flirting with the #1 spot for sometime, but now replaces Bob Marley’s anthem, that sells an average of 5,500 a week in downloads on iTunes.

“No Games is actually still gaining in spins across the country,” said Serani’s manager. “This record just won’t go away. Its still getting added to playlists in many states across the country every week so it continues to spread.”

Serani recently recorded a remix for No Games with songstress Shontelle, while on tour in the UK. Shontelle scored big in the UK with her recent hit “T-Shirt” and being label mates Universal Music made the match and hooked up the two artists. Universal/Island Records will release the No Games + remix package digitally on July 6th.

“Shontelle was great to work with,” said Serani. “She’s a very talented songwriter and she has a great personality so the chemistry was good in the studio. The remix is hot.”

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Its an extremely busy weekend for the Alliance, who are running the Dancehall now with smashes such as the SIxteen riddim, Mavado’s Mock and Toast, Chase Cross’ Better Days and much more.

Having made huge strides in to the mainstream recently, Mavado and Serani are appearing on the 2 biggest urban events this summer in the North East of the US.

Kicking off the weekend on Friday night Mavado and Serani will be at the XL Center in Hartford, CT for Hot 937’s Hot Jam 8 concert. Having struck a chord with listeners with their songs No games and So Special, Serani and Mavado are the only Dancehall acts billed to appear. Big names such as Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, Day 26 star alongside Dancehall’s hottest stars, with new comers Kid Cudi (Day and Night) and Jeremih (Birthday Sex) also on the line-up. Serani is appearing at an after party in the West Indian Social Club in Hartford the same night after the show.

Friday night sees the Warlord in action inside Club Amazura in Queens, NY, where sparks are sure to fly for Bounty’s first New York performance for the year.

Saturday the Alliance rolls into Boston’s Club Lido, for a sold-out show starring Alliance Entertainment’s 3 mega-stars bounty Killer, Mavado and Serani. Only problem that night will be getting into Club Lido so promoters are asking patrons to come out early, its a unique event not to be missed. The promoter is also promising some surprise appearances!

Sunday of course sees Mavado and Serani jumping on stage inside the Giants Stadium in New York in front of 50,000 people. Bounty Killer’s Scare Dem protege Elephant Man is also on the bill repping Dancehall, with Jadakiss, The Dream, Mary J Blige, Young Jeezy, T Pain and Friends and the Dipset Crew rounding out the rest of the bill. Summer Jam is traditionally full of surprises so appearances by any superstar are possible.

“Its the first time that HOT 97 has advertised Dancehall acts so heavily for Summer Jam,” said Julian Jones-Griffith, manager for both acts. “HOT are even running ads just featuring the Dancehall artists! Its a giant step for the music and is certainly a culmination of all the hard work we’ve put into trying to break Dancehall into the mainstream over the last year, after many artists have put in the foundation work before us. Many people are looking at us like how did they do that? But hard work is certainly the key to success. ”

Capping off a busy weekend for the Alliance, Bling Dawg, Flex and Kip Rich are all on the same bill in Atlanta at Club Intrigue AKA Club Aquarius on Saturday night.

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stein-1Einstein has always been his stage name, but the dancehall artiste has now decided to use a shortened version and simply goes by the name Stein.

“Yuh can call it a change,” said the artiste, whose real name Jermaine Shaw. “It’s just Stein now.”

He said Einstein was a name he received during his childhood, but he hated it at the time. And even when he became an artiste and coined other stage names for himself, people still referred to him as Einstein. So after he read more about the origin and work of the German physicist Albert Einstein, whose name he borrowed, Stein began to accept the name.

But, “nowadays, nobody nuh really call me Einstein, dem jus’ seh Stein. So I felt it would be much better to just call myself Stein.

In addition, he said his fans experienced problems when they try to find him on the internet, whether on websites Youtube or MySpace. He noted that many people would appear with a search for Einstein. Thus, propelling him to change his name.

The name change is something he always thought about doing and he does not believe it will have any negative impact on his musical career.

“It nah go have no negative impact. Inna germany a Stein di people dem call me and dem call me Stein a Italy, even when mi did a call myself Einstein. The whole world ago start call me Stein,” said the artiste, who is currently on a month-long tour in the United States.

He has already done 11 of the 15 club shows that he was scheduled to do there. After the shows, Stein says he will stay in the country for a while to record songs with different companies.

When Stein returns to Jamaica in June, he will be shooting videos for his songs Safe And Warm and Represent. His nine-song compilation CD. Chimney Records present STEIN, was release recently.

Article by: Sadeke Brooks

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Mavado – “Dancehall’s New King?”


dhusacover-1What is considered a king of dancehall? So far there have been kings such as Bob Marley, Shaggy, The self proclaim king himself Beenie Man and questionably Dutty Cup’s own Sean Paul. Can Mavado live up to these expectations… we ask that question.

David Brooks aka Mavado hail from the streets of Cassava Piece in Kingston Jamaica is the hottest thing in dancehall right now. Known for his melodic vocals his music has crossed borders that most Jamaican artists dream about. Collaborating with the likes of 50 cent, Busta Rhymes and also recording on a Kanye West track for Jay Z’s  forth coming album the Blueprint 3, with this international success he is undoubtedly the hip hop voice of Jamaica.

With his current hit single “so special” receiving crazy airplay on American radio and his new album “Mr. Brooks Better Tomorrow” climbing the billboard charts he has cemented jam-packed shows in the UK, that also featured Serani, Bugle, Chase Cross and Alliance selector Boom Boom, Mavado moved on to his first-ever European Tour Visiting 6 countries for 9 shows in 10 days across the continent, Mavado has been met with nothing but love, underlining the international appeal of his music and message.

“The response everywhere we’ve been has been mad,” said Mavado. “Paris was the first show and it was crazy, the venue was packed and the crowd sang every word. It set the tone for the rest of the tour which has just been more of the same.”

dscn0089 Traveling by day and performing night after night, Mavado has so far blazed through France, Belgium, North and South Italy and across Switzerland, and will finish up with shows in Germany, Holland and US.

Whilst every show has left the crowd in rapture, perhaps the most poignant appearance was in Zurich, Switzerland, the city where his Father was killed over 3 years ago. Mavado got the chance to meet with some of the elder Mr. Brook’s friends, who knew him as “King” and to cap off a memorable visit Lee Scratch Perry, who is based in Zurich and was also a good friend of Mavado’s Father, attended the show.

With all these achievements and accomplishments and ongoing success can we now truly say that Mavado the Gully God is now the king of dancehall? Since the controversial battle at sting his nemesis Vybz Kartel now has numerous top 10 singles in “Jamaica” and can be heard practically on every new dancehall riddim that hits the streets, Should Vbyz Kartel be dubbed the king or is he just second best, what makes them different?

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Bounty Killer – “They Dont Know”

[zdvideo align="left" width='425' height='349' align"left" type='FLV-HD']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yk37PcZ6TPQ[/zdvideo]

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Busy Signal – “Trading Places”


Press play to hear the new track

Click to download-  Busy Signal - "Trading Places" (271)

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