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Beenie Man and the World Cup

876-411 Review Show – Beenie’s comments about Dancehall and the 2014 World Cup

Beenie Man and the World CupAfter a long hiatus, the 876-411 review show is back, up and live with Episode 11 of the Jamaican entertainment/pop culture show. Hosted by , Jodee ‘Marc Parc’ Brown.

In this episode, Marc talks Beenie Man’s recent comments about the state of Dancehall music and responses from fellow artists as well as a review of the now concluded 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Watch and share! #BeenieMan  #WorldCup2014 #876411

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Beenie Man The Doctor

COLUMN: Beenie Man right and wrong in assessment of Dancehall, fellow artists

Beenie Man The Doctor

BY: Marc Parc

The diagnosis is in from the self-professed ‘Doctor’ of Dancehall in relation to his genre and it is correct and damning, yet incomplete; leaving any hope of a full recovery in doubt.

Recently, Dancehall superstar, Beenie Man did his now infamous interview with American radio station, HOT 97 in which he gave his take on one of the never-ending topic among Jamaicans: The state of Dancehall music. The genre, which at its best is on life support, was given a very honest assessment by one of its greats, rightly chastising the young acts who have forgotten their roots and chosen hype over lyrical content, something this humble writer has spoken about at length in a previous column.

“A lot of them take the music to a level where it’s not supposed to be at,” he said. “They losing the respect for the music. The younger generation, they’re great, don’t get me twisted…but they’re not coming from the 24-track days, and they’re not coming from the 48-track days.”

There is definite validity to his statement, as many young artists were not exposed to the knowledge and resources of generations past, thus their education of the music is limited, leaving many of them to resort to shock value gimmicks in order to cover up sub-par lyrics.

Beenie then gave his two cents on more established artists when show hosts, Ebro and Cipha Sounds mentioned the likes of Cham and Mr. Vegas, saying neither are active or consistent enough, while saying that Sean Paul ‘went pop’ and isn’t ‘coming home enough.’” His most blunt assessment, however, was of Elephant Man, intimating that he hasn’t ‘seen Elephant Man for two years now,’ implying his career was in steep decline.

As much as Elephant Man and Ninja Man were displeased with the way Beenie called out his colleagues, he was right in this sense. Cham and Mr. Vegas are not as active because they are not flooding the airwaves with hit content on a daily basis like they used to, Sean Paul has become increasingly pop-centric since The Trinity came out and Elephant Man’s last big hit was indeed two years ago; Sidung Pon It, featuring Lady Saw.

On the contrary, Cham and Vegas are both very astute musicians and businessmen. Neither is going to put out a song just for the heck of it and are known perfectionist, thus why chart-topping hits such Bruk It Dung, Wine and Tun Up have long shelf lives. Their so-called lack of activity after putting out such hits is due to shrewd selectiveness; leaving music lovers to want more for stretches before putting out more material. Quality over quantity is the key to success in this very competitive industry, something both artists pride themselves on.

The Sean Paul criticism is something that has been shared by many Jamaicans, including myself, for many years. The counter-argument, however, is that even since he went multi-platinum with his first two albums, Dutty Rock and the aforementioned, The Trinity, he can’t be blamed for milking the crossover market for all it’s worth and putting Jamaica on the map while doing it. And, in fairness, he has put out more Dancehall material in the last two years, including the chart-topping single, Greatest Gallis with, you guessed it, Beenie Man.

But here’s where the aforementioned diagnosis from the ‘Doctor’ gets really murky. Aside from an appearance alongside Beenie at the 2013 BET Awards, Elephant Man has been a peripheral figure in the music scene in the last two years. The irony in his statement is that while he calls artists like Ele ‘broken’ Beenie has not exactly broken new ground in his genre over that span. Aside from Summer Is Here and Greatest Gallis, his material has taken a great dip in quality since 2012, as with many artists in the genre he claims to be ‘the balance of.’

His proverbial beating of the chest in the interview, essentially proclaiming himself to be Dancehall music, and his dismissiveness of certain artists was over-the-top and showed evident hypocrisy given his own inevitable dip in form in recent times. It’s reminiscent of when Vybz Kartel was going around calling himself the Dancehall Hero when he wasn’t exactly saving the music from its current rut by oversaturating the airwaves with below-average content that was far from his best and preventing other big names from getting deserved recognition.  Such self-serving reflect one thing, but actual content and impact on the genre depict another and while both are undoubtedly two of the greatest names in Jamaican music history, they continue to rest on their laurels, putting out music now that slightly diminishes the name more than enhancing it.

Now in his 40s, the ‘King of the Dancehall’ should be building up the current generation into princes and leading by example instead of making other artists feel like lowly peasants. At this stage in his career, the ‘Doctor’ needs to be offering cures for what ails the music, not giving it more symptoms to continue its deteriorating health.




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Ninja Man 2014

Ninja Man brands Beenie Man a thief and hypocrite following HOT 97 interview

Ninja Man 2014Add legendary deejay, Ninja Man to the growing list of industry players voicing their displeasure with Beenie Man after comments his fellow deejay made during a recent interview with American radio station, HOT 97 in which he made strong comments regarding the state of Dancehall.

In said interview, Beenie told the American hip-hop station that he didn’t feel artists such as Cham and Mr. Vegas were consistent enough, while suggesting Sean Paul needs to ‘come back to the roots’ more often. He also called out former collaborator, Elephant Man, saying, “I haven’t seen Elephant Man for like two years now, like seriously….Dancehall is not broken, some of the artistes are broken. The followers are here, I am still here, and I am still putting out hit songs,” leading to a war of words between the two deejayslast week.

According to reports WednesdayNinja Man has been very displeased with Beenie’s comments, deciding to let loose in a radio interview earlier this week, in which he issued a stark response to the self-professed King of the Dancehall’s remarks.

“Beenie Man is not here before Ninja Man, he is not here before Daddy Roy and Josey Wales, so who is Beenie Man fi say him a hold up dancehall? Him see dancehall a drop dung? Beenie Man is a total thief,” he said. “Him is mi friend and mi nah keep no secret fi dem because mi nuh eat a nobody yard and mi nuh scrape nobody burn pan. Him is a thief. Him thief weh di ‘Doctor’ from Early B, him go back and tief the King from Yellow Man, him tief weh di girls from Shabba inna dancehall, and now him want come tief dancehall fi himself? Him too greedy.”

The ‘Don Gorgon’ accused Beenie Man of being a ‘hypocrite’ for not paying homage to those who came before him and allowed him the platform he has performed along for the past two decades.

“A Ninja Man a yuh boss,” Ninja said. “I am the one that you idolise and grow up and study and when you do sumn fi mek it hurt me, it hurt me. Stop gwaan like a you run dancehall. Yuh nuh run no dancehall. You is the artiste weh get the most boo inna dancehall.”

Ninja Man even issued a challenge to Beenie Man should he want to take the issue to wax, saying, “mi resign from war but if yuh nuh like wah mi say and can defend it lyrically, face me any minute, any second, any hour, any time.”

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Beenie Man Elephant Man

Elephant Man calls out Beenie Man after recent interview

Beenie Man Elephant ManNever one to be lost for words or triggering strong opinions with said words, Dancehall superstar, Beenie Man is at the epicenter of controversy following an interview in which he called out many of his contemporaries, including Elephant Man, who is none too pleased with his commentary.

In a recent interview with Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg onHOT 97Beenie Man was asked about the state of Dancehall music and speaking on some of its marquee acts, including Cham and Mr. Vegas, stating that they were both inconsistent while stating Sean Paul needs to ‘come back to the roots’ and that he is ‘not coming home enough.’ He also called himself ‘the balance of Dancehall music,’ saying the genre needs him to continue making hits to help sustain it.

When further pressed about Dancehall’s state, Beenie told the American radio station, “I haven’t seen Elephant Man for like two years now, like seriously….Dancehall is not broken, some of the artistes are broken. The followers are here, I am still here, and I am still putting out hit songs.”

In an interview published in the Jamaica STAR on TuesdayElephant Man shot back at Beenie, who he performed alongside at the BET Awards last year, intimating that he damaging the genre with such comments.

“Beenie Man badmind until him teeth and the middle of him hair a drop out. He never has nothing good to say about other artistes,” he told the newspaper. “He is all about himself. That’s why him in the music fi suh long and nuh buss no artiste, because him badmind.”

The ‘Energy God’ continued his rant against Beenie, saying, “Yuh gone pon interview gone tell people sey a you alone a duh good inna music, after dem never ask yuh bout yuhself. When Vybz Kartel deh road, yuh run bakka the man and talk bout Gaza yu sey, then yuh same one gone pon interview gone bash di man. Mi deh Europe, and di bwoy know sey mi deh Europe, and gone tell people foolishness.”

He continued, “Yuh too badmind. Yuh try offa Yellowman. Yuh not even own a studio fi record yuh song dem, bout yuh live inna apartment with 300 man. Wicked people cyah pretend too long, ah yourself yuh a trick because yuh nah run no dancehall, go fix yuh teeth dem wey a drop out.”

Watch Beenie’s full interview on HOT 97 here.

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