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Usain Bolt features on new single

Internationally renowned sprint runner, Usain Bolt can do it all on the track. But now, the legendary track star may be trying his luck at a different type of record.

The Jamaican-born Olympic and world record holding athlete has been featured on a new track fittingly dubbed, Faster Than Lightning, a catchy house music single mixed by prominent American disc jock/producer, Steve Porter.

Faster Than Lightning features a music video of the highly regarded athlete; compiling different clips the Bolt running at track meets and practices dating back to his high school days, as well as footage  of Bolt showing love to fans as well as a fans reciprocating the appreciation.

In Faster Than Lightning, he raps lines such as, “No matter who you are, no matter what you’re doing, you’re not gonna catch me, you’re not gonna beat me.”

The DJ Steve Porter created mash-up has already earned Bolt close to 75,000 views on the disc jock’s official YouTube page as well as an additional 5,000 plus on the Jamaica Gleaner’s YouTube channel.

Porter is no stranger to doing such videos. He’s previously done similar mash-ups for prominent American based public figures like veteran comedian, Charlie Sheen, Taiwanese-American NBA star, Jeremy Lin as well as hip-hop power couple, Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Meanwhile, Bolt will participate in his first individual race of the year in the lead up to this summer’s Olympic Games in London, England as the sprint phenomenon will line up on Saturday in the 100m at the Jamaica International Invitational in Kingston.

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Camille Kaye performing the Marvin’s Room Remix “You Could Do Better”

At first glance you may well see a harmless, innocent young Artiste. Very soon you are forced to stop, look qand listen as this choreographer, dancer, songwriter, and singer disarms you with her immense and varied talent. Camille Kaye, the enviable quadruple threat, possesses a velvet vocal instrument enhanced by training she received at the Wolmer’s Dance Troupe and Xaymaca Dance Company in Kingston, Jamaica, as well as Florida International University where she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Dance with Honors.

Camille Kaye’s career in dance boasts a diversity and range beyond others her age performing all over the globe to audiences as diverse as her experience. Across the Atlantic to the East for an international dance conference (DaCi) in Holland and all over the West at countless events in Jamaica, as well as in her current base Miami, FL. She has worked with renowned choreographers Tanisha Scott and Kameica Reid, been featured in numerous music videos and danced for Brick and Lace, To-Isis, Onaje, Carlene Davis, Bling Dawg and Alaine.Camille’s enviable writing talent, with a sense of maturity and depth beyond her years becomes evident through her lyrical content complemented by her musical choices including working with several of Jamaica’s and Florida’s young and fast rising producers. As a singer/songwriter she has already performed at major concerts such as Atlanta Jerk fest and Miami-Broward Carnival.

Born Camille Tiffany-Kaye Fletcher in Kingston, JA. on October 15th 1989, she not only has the Jamaican colors: black, green, and gold running through her veins, but an undeniable host of talents also passed through her bloodline from her parents who were both amazing singers. Robert and Marcia Fletcher, who were no strangers to the difficulties of the music business, only wished their beloved daughter to have a love for music. However, they were oblivious to the level of talent she had been blessed with and paid no attention to her growing catalog of cassettes and CDs.

As a young girl Camille was always set center stage entertaining family and friends with her energy-infused movement. Little did they know there was a great singer being hidden deep beneath the confident dancer too shy to reveal her vocal talent. Nevertheless, behind closed doors Camille would sing along with her favorite artists such as Lauryn Hill and Mariah Carey, hoping, though having no idea how, to one day fill their shoes. She became well known in Kingston for her choreography and dancing, winning numerous competitions, dancing at different events, back-up dancing for various reggae artists on stage and in music videos, but still kept her singing to herself. One night Ms. Kaye found the courage to sing for a friend who immediately introduced her to Dancehall producer Supahype of 007 Music. With absolutely no experience in songwriting or the recording process she wrote and nervously recorded her first song, leaving the crowded studio in awe. From that point on she continued working with Supahype along with other local producers until leaving for Florida to attend Florida International University in 2007.

While attending FIU, Camille made contact with Dancehall producer Nynex of Calibur Entertainment. She recorded with Nynex what would later become one of her first releases, “Ring Di Alarm”. Even though college was her main priority Camille was determined to balance her love of music with her intense workload as she changed her major from Aviation to Journalism to Music and finally, to Dance. In addition to recording and being a full-time college student, she also began teaching dance, and arranging choreography for various groups when she met Duane “Midilord” Summers, a producer/engineer and former production manager and engineer for Dancehall/Reggae superstars Sean Paul and Shaggy. Midilord produced her other release “Not Like This” and is now closely working with Camille to further build her career.

Camille has her sights set on international stardom, inspired by the successes of acts like Sean Paul, Rihanna and Beyonce. She is eager for an opportunity to do collaborations with or to create choreography for the likes of Usher, Keri Hilson, Missy Elliot and Bruno Mars, Reggae superstars Damian and Stephen Marley and Reggae/Dancehall phenomena Tanya Stephens and Assassin, among others. Here is a multi-talented Artiste, who is bent on touring the world and being a role model for young women. Here is a young Artiste who is ready for the international scene and comes “fully loaded” and ready for the World.

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Damian Marley calls for Jamaica to revamp Reggae music

With the apparent declining stronghold that Reggae music has within Jamaican culture, one of its premiere disciples hopes the local industry will help that change for the better.

Internationally acclaimed Reggae superstar, Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley addressed the local and universal state of Reggae music during an interview on CVM’s OnStage this past Saturday. Marley, who’s spent recent months back home after spending most of 2011 overseas recording and touring, believes that Jamaicans need to once again reap the benefits that Reggae music has provided to fans and musicians worldwide.

With many prominent foreign artistes such as Beyoncé, Justin Beiber and Rihanna using Reggae Riddims in recent hit songs, Marley insists that Jamaicans need to get back to their musical roots and show appreciation for the genre they helped make popular.

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Video: Beyonce – Best Thing I Never Had (Jr Blender Dancehall Remix)

Jr Blender Dancehall Remix
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