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Corey Todd shot

Corey Todd shot outside nightclub, police suspect it was a hit

Corey Todd shotPopular American businessman and Dancehall promoter, Corey Todd is recovering tonight after he was shot and injured in an attempted robbery outside Taboo Nightclub in Montego Bay early Thursday morning.

The incident happened around 5 a.m. when Todd, who is the principal owner of Taboo, was closing the club when two men on a motorcycle pulled up and fired several shots at him, hitting him in the hand.

An off-duty police officer passing by the scene chased after the men and fired shots, killing one of them while the other escaped.

Todd is reportedly in stable condition in hospital and in good spirits.

The Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM) is investigating the matter; theorizing that the attempted murder of Todd may have been a hit. Some entertainment websites are claiming that the man who was shot and killed by the police officer was sent to shoot Todd by a New Kingston club owner who had grown weary of Todd’s prominence within the club scene in the area as a branch of Taboo Nightclub is also operated along that strip.

Todd is most famous for his association with now incarcerated Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel, who he teamed with on several projects, including Street Vybz Rum and Daggering Condoms. He has also worked with artists such as Aidonia, Jahvinci, Masicka and Konshens.

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Khago on the move once more, cuts ties with Downsound

khago1Acclaimed Dancehall artist, Khago has been known to flip-flop between managers during his three years in the mainstream spotlight. The deejay has apparently continued that trend, parting ways with Downsound Records after just nine months with the label.

Having previously been managed by Paul ‘Bankey’ Giscombe, Stashment Records and Corey Todd since 2011, Khago has severed ties with the Downsound label, headed by Josef Bogdanovich and veteran producer, Cordel ‘Skatta’ Burrell. However, Khago insists he never signed a management deal with the record company, claiming they only did bookings for him.

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Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel set to unveil documentary later this year

Vybz KartelEmbattled Dancehall megastar, Vybz Kartel continues to let his voice be heard despite being silenced in a Spanish Town jailhouse.

Days after his Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto co-author, Michael Dawson tweeted several fan messages on his behalf, Kartel will reportedly be unveiling a documentary based on his life and work. According to Urban Islandz, a close associate of the ‘Worl’ Boss’ confirmed that a deal has been agreed with a well-known filmmaker who has acquired rights to the biopic documentary.

“Fans can look out for Vybz Kartel documentary by year end,” the associate said. “Vybz feel now is the right time for his documentary because of his currently legal troubles and as we all see how the justice system is treating him unfair.”

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Vybz Kartel holds Street Vybz Rum

Street Vybz Rum back on shelves

After months off local shelves, the Street Vybz Rum brand has been officially re-introduced to the Jamaican market following a truce struck between the product’s high profile creators.

Prominent American businessman, Corey Todd and embattled Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel recently announced the restoration of their business partnership after a very public falling out that took place in May of last year. With their resolution came the announcement that Kartel and Todd would bring back to popular Street Vybz Rum brand that initially debuted in 2009.

According to Todd, the overwhelming demand for Street Vybz Rum became too difficult to ignore, thus prompting he and Kartel to once again supply the liquor brand. Despite Street Vybz being off the market for several months, Todd believes that the product will once again find favor with customers given that it revolutionized the local rum market for music lovers while intimating that new flavors will be added to diversify the brand as he promotes it on an international scale.

However, a stumbling block does exist regarding the marketing of Street Vybz Rum as Vybz Kartel remains incarcerated while awaiting trial in a pair of murder cases later this year. But, according to Todd, some of Kartel’s esteemed protégés, most notably Tommy Lee, will help to promote Street Vybz until its focal point cops freedom.

While Street Vybz Rum was shelved, Todd had been promoting Yaad Swag, a rum brand that he created while using artistes such as Beenie Man, Khago and Aidonia to market the product.

However, with Street Vybz returning, Todd stated that his Yaad Swag project has been discontinued.






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Corey Todd claims Vybz Kartel will be freed, speaks on former Empire members

Though embattled Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel may be experiencing several downfalls as he awaits trial or separate murder charges but his long-time business partner continues to ensure that the deejay’s brand will continue to upgrade.

American entrepreneur, Corey Todd reunited with Vybz Kartel this past May after several months of communication. The prominent public figures had been at odds since severing business ties in May 2011 due to alleged threats that Kartel made towards Todd. However, a year following their split and Todd’s experimentation with music management, the American businessman has once again joined forces with Vybz Kartel as they aim to introduce several new products and also seek to re-invigorate the popular Street Vybz Rum brand.

Speaking publicly for the first time since their reunion, Todd promised big things resulting from his renewed partnership with the self-professed ‘Worl’ Boss.’

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Concerts to be held in Jamaica, Tobago in honor of Vybz Kartel

Just days after it was announced that American businessman Corey Todd and incarcerated Dancehall megastar, Vybz Kartel had settled their differences and renewed their once fruitful partnership, a benefit concert will be held in honor of the ‘Worl’ Boss’ at Club Riddim.

On May 22, the New Kingston based nightclub will host a stage show billed with several Portmore Empire acts including internationally acclaimed deejay, Popcaan, Tommy Lee, Gaza Slim, amongst others. Special guest artistes have also been promised for the event, for which female patrons are free before midnight and JA$500 after while male patrons will pay JA$1,000.

Reportedly, all proceeds from this concert will go towards aiding Vybz Kartel’s legal expenses as he currently awaits trial in two separate murder cases, as well as his drug trial, which is scheduled to commence that same day.

Meanwhile, the island of Tobago will also be having a concert in honor of Kartel as Get Rich Records presents Free World Boss aka Vybz Kartel: The Concert on June 30 at Pigeon Point Beach.

This event also featuresPopcaan was well as fellow Kartel protégé, Sheba and highly acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Cham. Free World Boss aka Vybz Kartel: The Concert will be hosted by former Teacher’s Pet contestant Nikita Brown as well as Sky Maxx Sound.

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Vybz Kartel and Corey Todd explain nature of rift, reunion

Incarcerated Dancehall mega star, Vybz Kartel and prominent American businessman, Corey Todd are apparently back in business and have offered explanations regarding their highly publicized split almost a year ago.

On Monday, reports confirmed that the long-time business partners would reunite after agreeing to a business deal which involves reviving the Street Vybz Rum brand which became a highly popular entity between 2009 and 2011. During their association, Kartel and Todd also created the Vybz Rum brand, Daggering Condoms and later co-owned operations at the Building (now Club Riddim) where they birthed the Street Vybz Thursdays and Inclusive Saturdays party series.

However, Kartel and Todd’s partnership fizzled last May after the American businessman alleged that the Portmore Empire deejay threatened him while alleging that Kartel wasn’t fully committed to their business ventures. Now, nearly nine months after Vybz Kartel was arrested and later charged with murder, drug and obstruction of justice related charges in separate cases, the internationally acclaimed artiste and Todd have settled their differences in order to re-ignite their once successful alliance.

In a statement, Todd revealed that he and Kartel started talking back to each other shortly after the deejay’s incarceration.

“We started communicating shortly after his incarceration; it was our intention not to make this public knowledge until his release however we can no longer patiently wait for that day. I wish be a voice that will help bring forth his freedom because I can attest his only guilt is association,” he said.

With regards to why he and Kartel split, Todd insists that this came down to the people around the self-proclaimed ‘Worl’ Boss,’ but also relents that their strong personalities clashed as time elapsed.

“The associates that led to his incarceration are the same associates that cause our partnership to end at the time, but I must add that our egos also clashed. His arrest had a humbling effect on me and caused me to reflect on my own actions. I then lost interest in my present projects and made artistes involved aware that I wish discontinue, this around November,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a statement said to be from Kartel, he echoed Todd’s sentiment, stating that the rift between them was based on miscommunication while admitting that the American entrepreneur was one of his closest friends.

“What happened between me and Corey was just a misunderstanding. Truth be told I really had some negative elements around me, that bad mind me and Corey partnership because of its success. At the time I was too caught up being world boss to realize I was destroying one of realest friendships I ever had. Being in here made me realize that we did achieve greatness together… after all if a neva fi Corey and Kartel STREET VYBZ woulda never buss in people head and Building would a never Buck pon a Saturday,” he said.

In a letter to his fans sent through his common-law wife, Tanesha ‘shorty’ Johnson, Kartel assured them that he and Todd’s reunion will reap several benefits.

“Gaza fans just get ready fi start clubbing it and rummin it. Right now, this reunion bigga than the north and south after the civil war…The business mogul and the dancehall star…Awoh!”

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Vybz Kartel and Corey Todd to resume business partnership

Almost a year after severing business ties due to controversial circumstances, incarcerated Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel and prominent American entrepreneur, Corey Todd are set for a reunion.

According to IRIE FM, the former business partners will be reuniting to carry out a recent business deal that was agreed to between the two parties. According to Todd’s publicist, Claude Mills, both Kartel and Todd have agreed to unveil several products, including the revival of Street Vybz Rum.

Additionally, it was revealed that Todd and Kartel have been exchanging letters since the Portmore Empire deejay was arrested and later charged with murder, drug and obstruction of justice related charges last fall.

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Corey Todd rules out Kartel reunion

Any lingering hope of a revival regarding the Street Vybz Rum brand has been extinguished as American businessman, Corey Todd will not rejoin forces with the product’s centerpiece.

Earlier this month, reports emerged that people close to the camp of incarcerated Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel reached out to Todd, proposing a reunion between the two ex-business partners for the sake of the Street Vybz brand. Speculation grew once reports of Kartel’s financial problems surfaced, including a JA$15 million bill owed to a Turks and Caicos promoter, over JA$11 million in back taxes and impending legal fees that would arise should his current murder cases go to trial.

According to online magazine, Urban Islandz, Corey Todd has no interest in teaming up with Kartel once more.

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Khago at Reggae Sumfest

Khago no longer managed by Corey Todd, signs Stashment Records deal

Prominent Dancehall/Reggae singjay, Ricardo Gayle, more popularly known as Khago will no longer be represented by American businessman, Corey Todd following the announcement that he’s signed a new management deal.

The Tun Up Mi Ting singer severed management ties with Todd after a mutual agreement to focus on separate projects. Khago inked a deal with Todd last August; working on musical projects alongside Vybz Kartel’s former business partner as well as former Portmore Empire producer Ainsley Morris aka Notnice.  Additionally, Khago publicly endorsed Todd Yaad product line including Yaad Stout and Yaad Swag rum.

However, Todd’s decision to focus on operating Club Riddim amongst his other business ventures led Khago to make the decision.

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Popcaan gives unexpected performance at Club Riddim

Emerging Dancehall superstar, Andre ‘Popcaan’ Sutherland reportedly caused a stir at the popular Club Riddim nightclub following a surprise appearance there.

According to one876entertainment.com, the Raving deejay appeared at the event, STING Wednesdays, a weekly, promotional concert series leading to the upcoming STING 2011 stage show in St. Catherine on December 26.  Popcaan, scheduled to perform at this year’s edition of STING, made his presence felt inside the club to the amazement of patrons.

The caveat regarding this news plays up the fact that Club Riddim is currently owned by Corey Todd, the former business partner and friend of Popcaan’s mentor, Vybz Kartel. This marked the first time publicly that any member of the Portmore Empire made an appearance at the club formerly co-owned by Kartel since the business partnership between he and Todd dissolved in May.

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Murder charges could spell beginning of end for Vybz Kartel

Embattled Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel, is no stranger to controversy; seemingly thriving at every opportunity in spite of endless speculation circling his personal and professional life. However, the mounting legal woes “Di Teacha” faces may be too much to overcome.

Controversy was the moniker that helped build Kartel’s reputation as one of Dancehall’s greatest and most improvisational lyricists. His rise to super stardom from 2002-2005 featured singles such as Tek Buddy, Emergency, Sweet To Di Belly & Picture This; showing a blatant irreverence for political correctness whilst winning legions of fans with his ability to paint vivid, realistic images of several topics. Additionally, Kartel never showed a hesitancy to share his views on political and social issues; displaying an intellect and consciousness that few Dancehall/Reggae artistes in history have shown since the genres became popular.

During his 2007-2009, a feud with fellow Bounty Killer protégé, Mavado, Kartel sparked debate with singles like Send a Hell and Weh Dat Fah over his religious beliefs while intensifying the Gaza-Gully rivalry that, at one point, turned increasingly violent amongst fans. Additionally, his “Daggering” songs, most notably, Ramping Shop, raised the eyre of many established Jamaican figures; from Ardenne High School principal, Esther Tyson to the Jamaica Broadcasting Commission, who temporarily banned his song from airplay. Nevertheless, Kartel’s resoluteness to test boundaries and provide shock value set him a cut above the rest as an artiste and a pop culture icon.

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J.O.P deejay shot in U.S nightclub, expected to recover

Emerging Dancehall artiste, Deablo, a member of Aidonia’s Jag One Productions (J.O.P) staple was shot at an undisclosed nightclub in the United States this past weekend.

According to J.O.P’s new manager, Corey Todd, the young deejay was at a party at the aforementioned American nightclub & was leaving the building when an argument developed between two patrons. While Deablo was proceeding to his car, the argument got heated; prompting shots to be fired. One of the bullets hit Deablo in the back & had to be rushed to hospital immediately for treatment.

News of the shooting quickly spread via internet & Blackberry Broadcast; sparking rumors that Deablo could be paralyzed as a result of the stray bullet given that he was shot so close to the spine.

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Kartel feels hurt by Corey Todd’s departure, says Aidonia

Prominent Dancehall deejay, Sheldon “Aidonia” Lawrence has suggested that Vybz Kartel is “hurt” by Corey Todd’s departure; responding to a Blackberry Broadcast Message “Di Teacha” sent out recently, questioning Corey Todd’s newest recruits.

A few weeks ago, Kartel sent out a BB message criticizing Todd & his recent recruits (notably Aidonia & Beenie Man) just hours after former Portmore Empire producer, Ainsley “Notnice” Morris, in collaboration with Todd unveiled the Takeover Riddim. Kartel intimated that, “When me and Corey did a link, dem artiste deh did a bun out me AND COREY. When me and Corey stop link, dem same artiste deh run in gone sign up and line up. Man we f**k dem fi likes and riches cause dem a some shameless b****es. Das why people haffi rate me all when dem hate me cause me always be me – VYBZ KARTEL(#real talk).” The Takeover Riddim also features former Vybz Kartel protégés, Ryno with “Sick,” Lisa Hyper with “Stick a Pin,” JahVinci with “Caah Kill Me,” & Doza Medicine with “Nuh Fear Dem.”

Aidonia has now responded to Kartel’s allegations; implying that Kartel feels hurt that Corey severed ties with him & that he’s upset let such a successful business partnership dissolve.

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Prominent American businessman, Corey Todd & veteran Dancehall deejay, Sheldon “Aidonia” Lawrence have been called liars & frauds by ZJ Wah Wa’s management team following several claims the duo made during an interview on IRIE FM Wednesday nigh

ZJ Wah Wa denies Corey Todd, Aidonia offered financial aid following altercation

Prominent American businessman, Corey Todd & veteran Dancehall deejay, Sheldon “Aidonia” Lawrence have been called liars & frauds by ZJ Wah Wa’s management team following several claims the duo made during an interview on IRIE FM Wednesday night.

Aidonia explained during the interview that the recent issues between himself & ZJ Wah Wa can be traced back to when the ZIP FM disc jock’s manager, Raymond “Shadow” Small wanted to manage the “Summer Sun” deejay but he refused Small’s offer. On the other hand, Aidonia re-affirmed his stance that he had no involvement in the altercation involving Wah Wa & members of the deejay’s entourage in the parking lot outside the QUAD nightclub two weeks ago.

Small offered a quick response to Aidonia’s claims via press release on Thursday; vehemently denying the deejay’s claims. “Firstly, Aidonia seems to have a very vivid imagination or selective memory loss. I, Raymond “Shadow” Small and Aidonia never once had any conversation about managing his wilting career. What is factual is that he did ask me to render assistance to him and the members of his camp in a Public Relations capacity for which he has never paid me a dime because he could not afford it. Nonetheless it was done out of the respect and professional friendship we shared,” Small implored.

Aidonia also revealed that the recent truce between himself & former Empire deejay, Black Ryno was a publicity stunt; never discussing future song collaborations. Said Small, “Secondly, if there is no truth to the truce between himself and Black Ryno why were they at his home in Upper St. Andrew and the recording studio conversing, smoking, drinking for hours since the friendship was a façade.  They even had talks about a possible collaboration. Most importantly is the fact that Black Ryno has since distanced himself from Aidonia after discovering his mendacious ways.”

Meanwhile, Aidonia’s manager & former business partner of Vybz Kartel, Corey Todd insisted during the interview that he paid ZJ Wah Wa’s medical bills following the assault at the QUAD; resulting in 12 stitches to the disc jock’s head as a result of a glass bottle used by one of his attackers. Aidonia backed up those claims; intimating that he also offered financial assistance to Wah Wa in recent times. Small vehemently denied those claims. “Corey Todd did not pay for ZJ Wah Wa’s medical expenses which totaled JA$40,000. After the incident I Raymond ‘Shadow’ Small did and personally contacted Todd, who instructed a member of staff at the QUAD night club to reimburse me JA$30,000 while begging me and Wah Wa not to go public with the incident as it would shed a bad light on him, his club and Aidonia, especially in the wake of another melee involving a Stone Love selector days earlier. I silently disagreed.”

The statement continued, “In closing Aidonia and Corey Todd claims of rendering assistance to ZJ Wah Wa are ludicrous as the zip jock is financially stable via employment at Zip FM, Darkcide International and also as one of the promoters of the very successful “Hamma Fridaze” series. Which ironically Todd begged us to relocate to Club Riddim and we refused his offer. Lest, Aidonia forgets there have been numerous occasions in the past where myself and Zj Wah Wa had to give money to members of his J.O.P camp for assistance with food/transportation and other miscellaneous expenses.”

Since the QUAD incident, J.O.P affiliated artiste, Chedda has since disassociated himself from Aidonia’s group following allegations that he also was involved in the infamous altercation.

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Breakthrough Dancehall singjay, Andre “JahVinci” Rhoden continues to build his status within the Dancehall/Reggae industry as he continues to make his name on an international stage.

JahVinci pleased with career progress, well received in England & Canada

Breakthrough Dancehall singjay, Andre “JahVinci” Rhoden continues to build his status within the Dancehall/Reggae industry as he continues to make his name on an international stage.

JahVinci returned to Jamaica on Monday following a two week tour that saw him perform in world-renowned cities such as Montreal, Canada & London, England. “Montreal was sick, the show was proper, everything ah work. Montreal was mad, mad, mad, next time mi a go back, I have to have a band, because ah de so mi get the biggest forward from mi a fly from then until now,” JahVinci intimated via press release.

JahVinci then took a trip to England where he performed a stage show in London as well as one in the town of Leicester. “The shows were great, there were two shows, one in London, and the other in the town of Leicester. The promotion wasn’t great for Leicester but people came out in the last minute when they realized we were really in England. At the show in Lester, Khago go up first and do his thing and then the people were waiting on me, and mi shell it. I was pleased because the crowd responded to everything mi voice lately, they give me forwards for the new songs mostly, a sign that they are keeping up with my career. I just came out of the Gaza but mi ting no drop, it step up more than even when mi in Gaza. ‘Mama Love’ shell it, mi get a good response to ‘In My Life’, and for ‘Draw Mi Line’,” JahVinci explained.

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