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#DancehallNation With Kenny Allstar – Randy Valentine Freestyle & Brixton Jamm Set (13/9/14)

#DancehallNation With Kenny Allstar – Randy Valentine Freestyle & Brixton Jamm Set (13/9/14)

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DancehallUSA X #DancehallNation Show With Kenny Allstar – Showtime World Sound Guest Mix (6/9/14)

The Dancehall Top 5 special in association with Dancehallusa.com *Chronixx Special*

#DancehallNation Show With Kenny Allstar – Showtime World Sound Guest Mix (6/9/14)

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New Music : Shottaleeni – Serocee

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Top 10: Best dance songs in Dancehall history

Elephant Man Signal Di Plane

BY: Jodee Brown

There are many valid reasons music lovers can point to regarding the slow decline of Dancehall in recent years. One such reason that has not been talked about enough is the lack of dance songs in the genre.

One of the main reasons for Dancehall’s popularity skyrocketing during the 90s and the turn of the millennium was the emergence of dance moves and crazes that added a feel good element to the music; where people of all ages could go to events and just let loose. In the last two decades, people such as Elephant Man, Beenie Man and Voicemail helped draw international attention to the craft showcased by many of Jamaica’s top dancers, including Ding Dong, Global Bob, Mystic Davis, John Hype, Carlene the Dancehall Queen and the late great Bogle. These dancers and others helped make the Dancehall arena a more fun and relaxing place to be around thanks to the unique dance crazes they created.

Since the end of the last decade, such songs have been a rarity, but are slowly starting to pop up again, including Ding Dong’s recently created Sivva dance. Through Dancehall history, he and others have made songs that we still dance to in sessions today. Here’s a list of 10 songs that started crazes and added new elements and leases of life to the ever-changing genre.

Honourable Mentions:

Voicemail/Bogle/Ding Dong/Delly Ranks  – Ready To Party

RDX – Dancer’s Anthem

Mr. Vegas – Tek Weh Yuhself, Hot Wuk and Bruk It Dung

QQ – Stukie

Ding Dong & Tornado – Killa Swing

Ding Dong – Bad Man Forward, Bad Man Pull Up

Macka Diamond – Hula Hoop

Elephant Man – Log On/Online/Higher Level


10. Beenie Man: Row Like a Boat – We start this list going back a decade with this classic pairing one of Dancehall’s greatest artists with one of the greatest dancers to come out of Jamaica.

Beenie Man recruited Bogle for the hit single, Row Like a Boat featuring Bogle, who had created the dance – moving your hands in a rowing motion while also including foot and hip movements – and it soon swept the nation like a tidal wave.

The song was a hit on the charts and TV/radio stations and was one of a flurry of dance songs Beenie came out with in the mid-2000s: Chaka Chaka, Swing It Weh and more. This also continued the strong momentum for Bogle, who was enjoying his most successful year in the spotlight after featuring in countless videos and songs, some of which you’ll see on this list.

9. Elephant Man: Blasé/Krazy Hype/Keeping It Jiggy – I remember being a 11th grade student at Ardenne High School when these dance crazes were at their peak; a few friends and I doing the Blasé during an impromptu sports day party in the rain, hundreds in the school auditorium doing the mad run when Krazy Hype started playing during a school session and guys Keeping It Jiggy with the ladies when Ele himself showed up to said party and performed.

That’s how popular these three dance crazes were in 2003, when Elephant Man ascended to international superstardom and the dances crafted by Bogle and John Hype respectively were, these dances added that extra excitement to parties across the country and, from personal experience, allowed me to truly enjoy the essence of Dancehall for the first time.

Each of these dances were showcased in a medley video by the ‘Energy God’ and helped attract more positive universal attention for the genre, which was experiencing its biggest boom period internationally in the early 2000s when he, Sean Paul, Beenie Man and others were successfully crossing over into the American mainstream market.

8. Voicemail, Delly Ranks and Bogle: Jiggy Time – Let’s keep it jiggy with this hot number in 2004 in which Bogle not only showcased his catchy Keeping It Jiggy creation, but got on the mic and taught us ‘We don’t tek press, we judge we own concept,’  among other things.

Bogle introduced this single featuring fast-rising group, Voicemail, who would go one to make very good livings off making dance-themed songs and Delly Ranks, who gave us those famous lines, :Get Jiggy gal, get jiggy gal, get Jiggy gal, get Jiggy gal, Weddy weddy weddy weddy weddy weddy gal, Mi ready when yu ready when yu ready when yu ready gal.”

Not only did we learn how to keep it jiggy, a move where one moves his or her arms while bending his or her knees, but this quintet of entertainers got us to ‘Bus di place,’ ‘Shankle Dip’ ‘Summer Bounce’ and ‘Walk wid di Bounce,’ on top of it. If you were at a party or simply looking to exercise, this song was the perfect background music. Voicemail topped charts with this effort while Bogle added to the aura he long presented internationally.

7. Tony Matterhorn: Dutty Wine – Fast forward to 2006 and few sound system selectors had as much popularity and notoriety as Tony Matterhorn, having won countless sound clashes around the world while never being afraid to speak his mind on and off stage.

But Matterhorn was not satisfied and decided to take the ever-risky crossover into deejaying. His first song became a global phenomenon as he recorded Dutty Wine, paying homage to a new style of dancing popularized by former Dancehall queen, Michelle ‘Mad Michelle’ McKoy in which women wildly rotated their necks and bottoms simultaneously.

The song was a major hit, topping several charts locally and earning regular rotations on stations in the U.S. and U.K. while the Dutty Wine dance itself became arguably the most controversial craze of the 2000s, with injuries and even death blamed on the dance. Nevertheless, Matterhorn’s song started a movement whereby artists such as Vybz Kartel, Mr. Vegas and others implemented elements of the dance in their songs. The dance craze and Matterhorn’s song remain fixtures across sessions today.

6. Ding Dong feat Chevaughn: Holiday – By 2009, Ding Dong and the Ravers Clavers dance crew were at the peak of their powers. Citing Bogle as his biggest influence, Ding Dong went on to become one of the best and most popular dancers of the 2000s, creating Bad Man Forward, Bad Man Pull Up, Killa Swing and countless others, which he showcased in his songs dedicated to the dancers.

But the acclaimed dancer struck gold in the booth with his chart-topping single, Holiday, which became the most popular song that year. In that song, Ding Dong and his crew introduced us to dance moves such as Skip To My Lou and the Summer Swingwhile offering ideal descriptives that not only made the song a hit during the summer, but for any holiday period. Add a well sung chorus from then newcomer, Chevaughn and the perfect formula for a hit song was created.

To this day, the song remains a party favourite.

5. Elephant Man: Willie Bounce – It’s that man again, Elephant Man, this time with a strong tribute to his late friend, Bogle, who was fatally shot at a gas station in Kingston in 2005.

The news rocked Ele to the core, but he kept on dancing and creating happy music for his fans and duly did so on this single showcasing a dance Bogle had done in honour of former Black Roses crew leader, Willie Haggart, who was killed four years earlier.

The Willie Bounce was one of the most popular dances of the 2000s and this song was a fitting soundtrack to it, with Ele and the featured dancers doing movements Bogle was known for doing, like his signature pose. The song was another chart-topper added to his growing list and forever kept Bogle’s memory going strong.

4. Voicemail feat. Ding Dong – Wacky Dip– At number four is an even more fitting dedication to Dancehall’s greatest ever dancer.

The January 2005 shooting death of Bogle, real name Gerald Levy rocked the Dancehall fraternity, especially considering the dancer’s popularity was at its peak by that time. His death inspired this heartfelt tribute from Voicemail, who long considered him a friend and pioneer. Their song, Wacky Dip drew attention to the popular dance done by the man affectionately called ‘Mr. Wacky.’

The dance itself involves a forward movement of the arms, then dipping your hand and making a sweeping motion to the right. Other dances illustrated in the video include Out and Bad andthe Willie Bounce as well as variations of the dip. It was a perfect tribute to arguably the most innovative dancer to come out of Jamaica.

3. Elephant Man: Nuh Linga/Sweep/Gully Creeper – Much like an earlier Elephant Man entry, this one is bunched together for a couple reasons.

In 2008, Elephant Man could do no wrong during yet another boom period for Dancehall. While so many were captivate by the ferocity of the feud between Vybz Kartel and Mavado, the ‘Energy God’ stayed positive with his lyrics and delivered three songs that dominated the local TV/radio airwaves. First Ele devised yet another chart-topper, Nuh Linga drawing attention to the popular dance created by Ovamarz which involved lots of upper body movement and quick feet. He then recorded Sweep, a song illustrating the popular dance which was a simple foot sweep and is often merged with the Nuh Linga during moves.

Then, he helped push the popular Gully Creeper dance, created by the late David Alexander Smith, more popularly known as Ice, in part thanks to a creative video where he dressed up as a gully creature to illustrate the dance.

All three songs were just as popular and all crazes were equally as hot during this period after being popularized within a few months of each other. Furthermore, the dances gained more international credence when sprint legend, Usain Bolt did these dances as part of his post gold-medal-winning celebration at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and also featured in the Sweep video. Not a bad person to help endorse a dance craze.

2. Elephant Man: Pon Di River – As many hits as the ‘Energy God’ has crafted, this arguably remains his biggest hit to date and is credited as the song that made him a household name internationally.

The song initially was a local hit that soon garnered the attention of overseas radio stations. Despite having already done a video for the song by a local river bank, the song’s growing momentum had Elephant Man shooting a second video overseas which featured a cameo from Bonecrusher, Wyclef Jean and a series of dancers. That second video was fixture on countdown shows and allowed Ele to not only garner attention to John Hype’s dance – stooping each foot forward without touching the ground before being followed in sequence by Down Di Flank (hopping on one foot side to side)and Gi Dem A Run – but gave shoutouts to dancers like Keiva, Labba Labba, Bubbla and many more.

Now the world was familiar with the pool of dancing Jamaica possessed and help open doors for them as a result. It is a song and dance craze that had Americans and Europeans hooked just as much, if not more than Jamaicans.

1. Beenie Man: World Dance/Buju Banton: Bogle – As much as Elephant Man did to popularize dancing in the genre, these songs jointly top the list is the song that really started it all for exposing dance in Dancehall.

In 1992, Buju Banton was breaking records in Dancehall with his slew of chart-toppers, including this classic, Bogle Dance, an ode to the popular dance created by Bogle during that time period. It was the first true popular dance song within the Dancehall and gave exposure to a phenomenon that would soon gain momentum internationally.

World Dance was a song feature on Beenie’s 1995 studio album, Blessed. By that time, he had established himself as arguably Jamaica’s hottest deejay and was also making waves performing alongside another dance pioneer, the aforementioned Carlene who showcased some of her own state of the art dance moves, including the Butterfly dance, popularized in song by soca legends, Byron Lee and the Dragonnaires.

The video for World Dance however, was even more crucial to the song’s popularity as it exposed the world to the likes of Bogle, Ice and other dancers in the Black Roses crew. They made it cool to dance at session and Beenie’s song exposed the many dance styles they had created at the time including Bogle’s self-named dance, which was a major hit throughout the 90s.

Without these two songs, few would have known the man who would go on to become the inspiration to so many Jamaican dancers and deejays today and thus, inspiring many of the dance moves, dancers and songs that gave the genre such life over the last two decades.

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**Hot** Mp3: Demarco (@DemarcoDaDon) – Hot Nigga Freestyle (Alkaline Diss)

DOWNLOAD: Demarco-Hot-Nigga-Freestyle-Alkaline-Diss (387)

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Mp3: Vanessa Bling (Gaza Slim) Ft I-Octane – Cya Do It (Raw) – How It Feel Riddim

DOWNLOAD: Vanessa-Bling-Gaza-Slim-Ft-I-Octane-Cya-Do-It-Raw-How-It-Feel-Riddim (172)

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LargeUp Premiere: Lucas D – “Make My Rounds” – www.largeup.com

This past spring, Canadian teenager Lucas Di Pasquale became an unlikely Internet sensation with his acoustic cover medley of songs by dancehall star Popcaan. While dancehall fans worldwide were won over by Lucas’ earnest, emotive take on Hot Skull tunes like “Party Shot,” and “Only Man She Want”, it was in Jamaica where the Toronto native and his impressive command of patois drew the biggest response. This summer saw Lucas touch down on Jamaican soil, where he appeared on the nation’s top celebrity interview program OnStage TV and took the stage during Popcaan’s set at Dream Weekend. turning in one of the most talked-about appearances during the weeklong all-inclusive party in Negril.

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Video: Lucas Dipasquale @lucasdipasquale & Popcaan – Live at Dream Weekend Jamaica

Dancehall Artist Popcaan brings Lucas out to perform at Dream Weekend 2014 in Negril, Jamaica. Lucas performs his Popcaan mash up followed by debut feature “Make my Rounds” on the Beach Life Riddim.

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#DancehallNation Show With Kenny Allstar 16th/8/14 (Bunji Garlin Interview & Freestyle)

#DancehallNation Show With Kenny Allstar 16th/8/14 (Bunji Garlin Interview & Freestyle)

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Mp3: Alkaline – Never End – Smile For The World Riddim

DOWNLOAD: Alkaline-Never-End-Smile-For-The-World-Riddim (69)

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MP3: The Hustler – LL Cool J feat Mavado

DOWNLOAD: LL-Cool-J-Ft-Mavado-The-Hustler (31)

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Mp3: MAGIC – Rude Feat Kid Ink Ty Dolla $ign & Travis Barker (Remix)

DOWNLOAD: MAGIC-Rude-Feat-Kid-Ink-Ty-Dolla-ign-Travis-Barker-Remix (272)

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Tweety Bird Riddim – Produced by Rvssian

Jamaican Dancehall Reggae music from 2014 Produced by Rvssian for Head Concussion

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Ape Drum’s THUMP Mix feat Dancehall

Ape Drum’s THUMP Mix feat Dancehall

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Mp3: Gyptian – Dagger Thru My Heart

DOWNLOAD: Gyptian-Dagger-Thru-My-Heart (35)

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The #DancehallNation Show With Kenny Allstar 9th/8/14 (Alaine Interview)

The #DancehallNation Show With Kenny Allstar 9th/8/14 (Alaine Interview)

On This Weeks Show:

– I catch up with the gifted singer songwriter from JA Alaine Loughton

– Ladies Of Dancehall Mix

– Pre Carnival Warm Up Sessions

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Boomshots: Chronixx & Protoje “Who Knows” Live in London

Boomshots: Chronixx & Protoje “Who Knows” Live in London

One highlight of last night’s sold-out Chronixx show at the Electric in Brixton was the surprise appearance of Protoje, who came out to support his bredren Chronixx and perform their smash hit “Who Knows” live. After he and Diggy blazed the stage, Chronixx went on to perform “Here Comes Trouble” and even flashed a few lines of Jesse Royal, Jah9, and Damian Marley pon the riddim. Subscribe to Boomshots TV for more crucial reggae and dancehall videos.

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Ziggy Marley

Top 10 Reggae music Artists @ Dancehall USA

Top 10 Reggae Albums @ Dancehall USA


10 Bob Marley & The Wailers
09 Iration
08 Various Artists
07 Tribal Seeds
06 Snoop Lion
05 Lovd Ones
04 Ziggy Marley
03 Maxi Priest
02 Rebelution
01 Chronixx

With every day progress Reggae Music is evolving from every part of the world. Grabbing new fans all over the world, Reggae is a form of voice of masses for the people who are reggae music fans. It is a form of music which delivers political, social, spiritual notations through its lyrics.

Lets discuss in brief about the Top 10 Reggae Music Artists

10. At no 10 we have our Famous Reggae Artists like Bob Marley & the Wailers have won the hearts of some thousands of music lovers through their notable songs which they have delivered through some years. Visit Dancehall USA for a list of available tracks

09.  At no 9 we have Rebelution The famous Reggae & Rock badn form Santa Barbara CA have released their various albums including count me in ReadMore

08. Various Artists at no 8 includes my different artists as follow:

“Acoustic Africa”

“Red Hot + Rio 2″

“Alligator Records 40th Anniversary Collection”

“One Love at Studio One, 1964-1966″ / “The Best Of Studio One / Full Up: The Best of Studio One, Volume Two” / “Downbeat The Ruler: Killer Instrumentals From StudioOne”

“Once — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”  which are a huge hit & listened world wide.

07. At no 7 we have Tribal Seeds with “Representing”  Tribal Seeds is a reggae band based in San Diego, California. Current band members include Steven Rene Jacobo; lead singer, Tony-Ray Jacobo

06. At no 6 we have our famous loved artist Snoop Lion with Reincarnated Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, announced his embracement of the Rastafarian way of life following a visit to Jamaica in 2012.


 05. At no 5 we have Lovd Ones

04. Ziggy Marley

At no 4 we have Ziggy Marley. David Nesta “Ziggy” Marley is a Jamaican musician and leader of the band, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. He is the oldest son of Rita Marley and reggae legend Bob Marley

03.  At no 3 we have Maxi Priest 

02. At no 2 we have Rebelution

01. Chronixx @ Dancehall USA

At no 1 we have none other than Jamar Rolando McNaughton also popularly known as Chronixx. Is among the emergning artists who has made his impact with his ne album ‘Dred & Terrible’ Which topped the music charts.

If you are a die hare music lover of Reggae Music then Support it buying a gear @ Dancehall USA The deals are  truly unbelievable.  Stay connected for more updates on Reggae Music.

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Baby Cham live on The #DancehallNation After Hours Podcast

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Mp3: Masicka-Same-Way

DOWNLOAD: Masicka-Same-Way (7)

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Mp3: Bunji Garlin – Pat Yuh Drum (Smash Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Bunji-Garlin-Pat-Yuh-Drum-Smash-Remix (43)

Bunji Garlin – Pat Yuh Drum (Smash Remix)
Written by Ian Alvarez & Ashwin Seegobin
Produced & Remixed by Smash Productions
Mastered by Sheriff Music of Black Ice Studios

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Mp3: Ishawna Ft. Busy Signal – Do It

DOWNLOAD: Ishawna-Ft.-Busy-Signal-Do-It (60)

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Mp3: Busy Signal – UP

DOWNLOAD: Busy-Signal-UP (61)

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Mp3: Masicka – Same Way

DOWNLOAD: Masicka-Same-Way-Raw (44)

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Mp3: Vybz Kartel Ft. Fiona Robinson – Anytime

DOWNLOAD: Vybz-Kartel-Ft.-Fiona-Robinson-Anytime (41)

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Reggae Sumfest 2014 Review: Festival shines as quality performances, large crowds are fixtures of this year’s show

There is a reason why Summerfest Promotions calls Reggae Sumfest the ‘Greatest Reggae show on Earth,’ as the show consistently puts on a slew of quality performances and eye-popping moments that get music lovers this year.

Once again, that standard was met as organizers found the right fits for each night of their week-long festival. Many established and emerging names graced the stage, as well as some international acts who won over a new section of fans after gracing the stage at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay.

Each year, this humble writer drops a review analyzing the happenings at Reggae Sumfest. This year, however, the review takes on a slightly different form as highlights and lowlights (though there weren’t many this year) at this year’s show as well as assessing grades overall for the nights in question. Here we go:


                                                                                                               Dancehall Night

Aidonia Reggae Sumfest 2014

Looking like a real general on stage, Aidonia gives one of the better performances on the night at Reggae Sumfest 2014

Perhaps the biggest highlight on this night wasn’t the performances, but the crowd that came to witness them. Over 25,000 patrons filled Catherine Hall last Thursday for Sumfest’s Dancehall Night, one of the biggest crowds in the show’s 22-year history. They set the tone for an energetic and fun-filled night which provided many solid performances from the best in the genre.

Highlights – There were many to choose from on this night, including Spice, who kept up her tradition of out-of-the-ordinary performances by donning her new male alter-ego while performing, Like a Man.

Ninja Man was also a hit, performing many of his classic songs while engaging in a friendly lyrical clash with his Downsound Records label mate, Specialist, which was well-received by the crowd. Gage stood composed, yet brimming with energy as he performed in front of his hometown crowd, who gave him many forwards; Aidonia gave a strong performance clad in an armed forces-like suit, and even peered through security in attempt to gauge more interest from the fans, a tactic that worked well.

Baby Tash called a lucky male fan on stage for a lap dance, Tifa performed a slew of covers to a solid reception and Assassin was fluent in delivering several hit Dancehall and Reggae songs from his lengthy catalogue.


Bounty Killer Reggae Sumfest 2014

Bounty Killer is in no joking mood as he talks about the state of Dancehall during his set at Reggae Sumfest 2014

However, the heaviest hitters on the night were Mr. Vegas, who, decked out in a suit and retro boots, performed hits such as I Am Blessed and Man a Gallis before bringing on veteran deejay, Wickerman,as well as protégé, Latty J for an entertaining rendition of their new single, Who Rule. Bounty Killer was in typical militant mode during his set, questioning the morality of Dancehall while taking a few shots at his former protégé, Mavado. I-Octane, who closed Dancehall Night for the second straight year, followed suit, cheekily remixing his chart-topper, Gyal a Gimme Bun to call out Mr. Vegas, who he has had issues with since last Sumfest, by implying Vegas performs oral sex on women. Safe to say, the disagreements between these two aren’t likely to go away anytime soon, but it certainly makes for great entertainment as it did on this night.

Lowlights – Much was expected of Dancehall’s rising star, Alkaline, who was performing at Sumfest for the first time as a main event act given the acclaim and hype surrounding him over the last year. However, his performance left a lot to be desired. It wasn’t for a lack of trying, performing hits such as 1-2-3 and On and On. But throughout the set, it seemed like, to use one of his song titles, he would have to ‘Move Mountains’ to get the crowd to react to much of his set, with the reception lukewarm at best. Whether it was the Montego crowd’s way of supporting hometown boys, Tommy Lee and Gage, who Alkaline has had issues with in recent times, or their lack of familiarity with his songs, we don’t know, but his performance just failed to click like a faulty mouse on this occasion.


Overall Grade: A-


                                                                                                                  International Night 1

Chronixx Reggae Sumfest 2014

Chronixx is feeling the vibe as he gives a stellar performance on Internaitonal Night 1

Arguably the best night of the lot, International Night 1 provided high energy and positive vibes throughout, with Reggae star, Chronixx the star of the show on this night. He performed a plethora of his hits such as Start a Fire, Smile Jamaica, Here Comes Trouble, amongst others. But he also took time to address the contrasts and similarities between Dancehall and Reggae music, suggesting neither are whole without the other.

“You know how dancehall came about? Because radio stations wouldn’t play the foundation artistes songs. So they created their own space to promote and enjoy their music,” he said, educating the audience on how the two genres are forever intertwined. He received some of the loudest ovations on the night – including when he brought out Protoje to perform their joint single, Who Knows – superseding the set he gave at his Sumfest debut last year.

The Montego Bay crowd again showed love to their home acts as former Digicel Rising Stars winner, Shuga, Nature and Jah Cure all received strong praise from the home fans, singing hits such as Soul to Jah, Revolution Sound and Unconditional Love respectively.

International Night 1 highlights

Jason Derulo, Jordin Sparks and Wiz Khalifa lived up to the expectations as international acts while Beenie Man brought a fine close to the show.

The international acts were spot on with their performances as Wiz Khalifa got the crowd moving to hits such as Taylor Gang and Black and Yellow while Jason Derulo had the ladies excited throughout, performing In My Head and Riding Solo, among other songs to screams and cheers from the crowd before bringing on former American Idol winner and significant other, Jordin Sparks to perform Vertigo and her collaborative single with Chris BrownNo Air..

Beenie Man closed the show at sunrise with a trademark performance as he performed several of his classics as well as newer material and used some of his set to pay tribute to incarcerated Reggae superstar, Buju Banton, who celebrated his birthday during Sumfest. Overall, the night went without a hitch and put pressure on the performers on International Night 2 to try and put on a better show.

Lowlights – None


Overall Grade: A




                                                                                                       International Night 2


Tessanne Chin Reggae Sumfest 2014

Tessanne rocked her suit well, taking fans on memory lane during her set

Highlights – This night belonged to two crossover Jamaican stars who were welcomed home with open arms and reminded the locals of how they managed to attain their success. Tessanne Chin surprised patrons, donning a black tux and bow tie for her set. But like her outfit, the performance was very sharp, delving into songs from her recently-released major label debut album, Count on My Love, including Heaven Knows, Tumbling Down and Everything Reminds Me of You as well as her classic, Hideaway, which garnered very positive reactions from the crowd.

After 10 years away from the Sumfest stage, Sean Paul was glad to be back at a major Jamaican stage show, and his female fans were certainly happy as they scream and shouted to no end. Also donning a suit, he performed classics such as Gimme The Light, Get Busy and Hot Gal Today as he reingratiated himself with his Dancehall fan base.

His performance preceded Reggae legend, Freddie McGregor who closed the show in fine fashion with hits such as Big Ship Sailing, Don’t Wanna Be Lonely and many more, while also being honoured by show organizers for his vast contributions to the Jamaican music industry, over four decades worth to be exact.

Rap star, Future also found favour with the locals, donning a Jamaica t-shirt as he belted out hits such as Get Lucky and had them participating at every turn. Not a bad way to try and win over a typically demanding fan base.


Lowlights – For all the thrills delivered on the night, there was one spill that nearly ruined a part of the show as Reggae crooner, Sanchez furiously walked off stage due to ongoing sound issues during his first set at Sumfest in several years.

The sound quality in the opening minutes of his performance was spotty at best and frustrated him to the point he constantly asked soundmen to fix his microphone before temporarily leaving the stage until the problem was fixed. After a few minutes, Sanchez returned and managed to salvage his set somewhat, but you hate when things like this happen at major stage shows, especially to a decorated entertainer who has always been meticulous about his performances. A good effort on his part to deliver for the crowd nonetheless.


Overall Grade: B+


Sean Paul Reggae Sumfest 2014

Sean Paul’s return to Sumfest was met with much approval as he gave just under an hour or classics and newer material to his local fans.

All in all, Reggae Sumfest 2014 was a great success, considering the crowd, quality of performances and the right blend of overseas flavour added to the show. The show was missing top names like Damian Marley, Lady Saw and Sizzla, but didn’t take away from what should go down as one of the best and smoothsts Sumfests in recent memory.


Overall Grade for Reggae Sumfest 2014: A-

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Reggae Dubstep version of “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis



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Mp3: Jah Vinci Ft. Beenie Man – Don Of All Dons

DOWNLOAD: Jah-Vinci-Ft.-Beenie-Man-Don-Of-All-Dons (47)

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Mp3: Dre Island – Hide Away – 7ven Riddim

DOWNLOAD:Dre-Island-Hide-Away-7ven-Riddim (32)

Click to rate:


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New Artist Spotlight: Sade Serena – “Me & My Broken Heart” – @sadeserena


Click to rate:



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Mp3: Demarco – “Fulla Gyal” (Kick Dem Records)


DOWNLOAD: Demarco-Fulla-Gyal (72)

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New Artist Spotlight : Chudney J ft Mavado “Yuh Nuh Ready”


Chudney J ft Mavado “Yuh Nuh Ready” – Clean

Chudney J ft Mavado “Yuh Nuh Ready” – Dirty



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Mp3: Cecile Ft. Patexx – Me Have It

DOWNLOAD: Cecile-Ft.-Patexx-Me-Have-It (65)

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Beenie Man says he IS Dancehall

Beenie Man stops by the morning show and talks about his new project, and the current status of Dancehall music.

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Beenie Man fires back at Elephant Man

Beenie Man 2014The war of words is heating up between Dancehall stalwarts, Beenie Man and Elephant Man as the ‘King of the Dancehall’ has issued a blunt retort following a rant the ‘Energy God’ made following Beenie’s recent interview on HOT 97.

The interview, done several weeks ago, focused mainly on the state of Dancehall today. Speaking with Cipha Sounds and Peter RosenbergBeenie Man called out several artists, including Cham, Mr. Vegas and Sean Paul, questioning the consistency of Cham and Vegas while saying Sean Paul needs to ‘come back to the roots.’”

His comments on Elephant Man however, were particularly strong, telling the American hip-hop station, “I haven’t seen Elephant Man for like two years now, like seriously….Dancehall is not broken, some of the artistes are broken. The followers are here, I am still here, and I am still putting out hit songs.”

Those comments drew the ire of the Pon Di River singer, who accused Beenie of damaging Dancehall’s reputation internationally with his comments, not grooming young artists and being jealous of other entertainers.

In an interview published on one876entertainment.com on ThursdayBeenie held nothing back.

“Elephant is looking a hype because he is not hot but I have no beef with him,” he said. If Ele want to buss back come we sit down and plan a strategy but don’t run to media and smear my name for a hype. Elephant cannot name an artist that him buss, who is that artist? I can honestly say that all the artistes in Shocking Vibes was highlighted because of Beenie Man, I helped to nurture their careers, and we built a powerful camp.”

He also claimed that Elephant Man’s career was in steep decline, reiterating his point on HOT 97 that the deejay has not had a hit song in years.

“Let’s talk about hit songs. I have one of the hottest singles in the dance and on radio at the present moment – My life so Happy,” he said. “Plus Hottest Man Alive is a must play song in every dance every night in any dancehall setting across the world. Ask Ele to name his hot song? Who produced it and where is it playing?”

Furthermore, Beenie took shots at Elephant Man’s lifestyle and questioned his sexual orientation, making reference to a rumor that came out last year claiming the ‘Energy God’ was in a pool with several men at his home, a rumor he later refuted and threatened to sue over.

“Who nah no house on the hill? Elephant must not talk things he doesn’t know. Cause when I stand on my balcony I can see his rainbow colored house – a sore sight for the community,” he said.

“Elephant no fi talk bout mi hair and my teeth, him love man? A no me dem catch in a pool naked with a bag a man.”

Beenie Man is reportedly in the U.S. on tour while Elephant Man is touring in Europe.

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Alongside Mad Cobra, Agent Sasco & More, Don Dem Pays Homage to 90’s Dancehall Era on “Galang Riddim”


Yet another hit bound single from Don Dem Entertainment camp!!! Still receiving rave reviews for their “Dem Nuh Real” produced by famed Armzhouse Records, Don Dem is being featured on the nostalgic 90’s dancehall era “Galang Riddim” build by D&H and produced by French based Galang Records.

The single features Don Dem members Bob Di Builda and Kirk Diamond. “It was really nice to see our name alongside some of the other artists to which Im a fan of their previous work” states Kirk.

“Galang Riddim” features the iconic Mad Cobra alongside a new generation of established artists such as Agent Sasco a.k.a Assassin, Charly Black, Gappy Ranks and Don Dem, the upcoming superstars!!! “Galang Riddim” will be available on July 3rd, 2014 via www.GalangRecords.com

Don Dem will be performing in Kingston, Jamaica at the July 10th, 4th staging of the M.I.A Awards. Kirk will then prepare to head out to Europe for an eagerly anticipated performance at U.K’s number 1 Reggae Festival “One Love Festival” and media tour.

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The #DancehallNation After Hours Podcast With LADY SAW (S1 EP.1)

The #DancehallNation After Hours Podcast With LADY SAW (S1 EP.1)

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Mp3: Tommy Lee Sparta – Nymphomaniac

DOWNLOAD:Tommy-Lee-Sparta-Nymphomaniac (55)

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Mp3: Maxi Priest – Every Little Thing

Mp3: Maxi Priest – Every Little Thing

iTunes (UK): http://smarturl.it/EasyToLoveUK

iTunes (US): http://smarturl.it/EasyToLoveUS

Amazon UK – http://amzn.to/1miXmBs

Amazon.com – http://amzn.to/1qGWfhQ

UK Release Date: 6/16/2014

US Release Date: 7/1/2014

Easy To Love is a fine representation of lovers’ rock, an effortless blend of reggae, R&B and dancehall with universal appeal. The sophistication he brings to these tracks is the mark of true quality. His delivery and phrasing are impeccable, and his choice of material and collaborators are strategic and brilliant.

The title track was a No. 1 hit on reggae charts last summer, evidence that Maxi Priest has a gift for staying fresh. The song features the legendary Jamaican drum and bass duo Sly & Robbie, who’ve played on some of Maxi’s biggest hits, including “Wild World,” “Some Guys Have All The Luck,” “Close To You,” and “Housecall” (featuring Shabba Ranks) as well as the new album track “Every Little Thing.” WATCH “Easy To Love” video.

Maxi’s been tugging on women’s heartstrings ever since the mid-80′s. New and long-term fans alike will relish hearing irresistible tributes of enduring affection like “Loving You Is Easy,” “Holiday,” “Still In Love,” and “Gravity.” The soulful “Without A Woman” features Jamaican legend Beres Hammond and even echoes the themes and intensity of James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World.”

There are many more highlights on Easy To Love. While “Hearts Across The World” is a song for our times and pleas for people of all races to love one another, other tracks like “Fire In The Skies” simply defy categorization and are living proof of Maxi Priest’s musical versatility. The delicate, aching need of “Angel Wings” also demonstrates just how far reggae has evolved in the new era.

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The #DancehallNation Show With Kenny Allstar 21st/6/14 (Future Kidd Freestyle)

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Mp3: Aidonia – Bring It Come

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Video: MR. VEGAS ft. CE’CILE – Pow Pow Pow (By VJ Awax)

On a high from the releases of several hot tracks recently, dancehall star Mr. Vegas has ganged up with dancehall Bad Gyal Ce’Cile to release their new track Pow Pow Pow.

With a video shot on the picturesque Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean, Pow Pow Pow features popular local VJ Awax and transfers the authentic feel of Jamaican Dancehall from the gritty streets of Kingston to the serene landscape of Réunion’s Sainte-Marie Commune.

Mr. Vegas is excited at the success of the song, and video, which has so far surpassed the hundred thousand mark on YouTube and is getting good airplay in that side of the world: “It’s amazing, these people speak French and to think that Ce’Cile and I have a hit in that part of the world is amazing. Our music continues to cross all borders and inspire people bringing a smile to their faces”.

Mr. Vegas is now getting prepared for his appearance on Reggae Sumfest 2014, something he hasn’t done in over a decade and the artiste says he is ready for a memorable performance: “We plan a special set for real music lovers bringing in some old and some new but always quality”.

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Wayne Wonder Tour DatesInternational Reggae recording artist Wayne Wonder will kick start his first ever tour of Canada this Friday June 20th at the Estate Night Club in Ontario Toronto.

The seven show tour which runs until July 1st will see Wonder performing at a number of Club venues including the Ring Night Club in Brantford on the June 21st, Club XO in Edmonton on the 27th and Karma Club in Winnipeg on the 30th.

Opening for Wonder on this inaugural tour will be Canadian based reggae singer Shalli who is best known for her singles “Show My Love” and “Down in Jamaica”.

In other news Wayne Wonder is set to release a brand new video this time for his single “Many Reasons” which is featured on the Natural Juice Riddim. The video which was directed by Chris “Icey Jace” Campbell was shot in Kingston Jamaica and is the third official video release from Wonder since the start of the year.

Other videos such as “Let Me Love You Tonight” on the Sweet Personality riddim by Nature’s Way Entertainment and “Searching For Love” which features dancehall deejay Iyara for Pay Day Music Group are currently in rotation on television stations worldwide.


Behind The Scenes: WAYNE WONDER – “MANY REASONS” Video Shoot





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The #DancehallNation Show With Kenny Allstar 14th/6/14 (Mix Masters Guest Mix)

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Mp3: Mavado – Everything

DOWNLOAD:Mavado-Everything (81)

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Mp3: Demarco – We Dem A Say


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FOR BOOKING – [email protected]
218-422-6776 x 305-894-6360

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Dancehall artiste Klaryti is a fresh and positive voice emerging in 21st-century dancehall.

unnamedDubbed ‘The voice of the majority: Klaryti’, he is well known in dancehall music circles as the brilliant drummer, ‘Drum Rat’, in deference to his work for several top-notch dancehall and reggae artistes at live shows and on iconic albums. The name is also a nod to his uncanny resemblance to his brother, dancehall superstar Red Rat.

“People know real talent. They know from the moment I sing or deejay the first line of a song that I am a great artiste-song writer. And that is when my support comes. This is my destiny, and they know it,” he said.

Hailing from the hills and rivers of Ocho Rios, St Ann, Klaryti is on a journey to bring love, peace, unity, and fun back into the world of reggae and dancehall. He uses his original sound, witty, electrifying lyrics, and his wonderful sense of humour to get his message of positive vibrations across.

You can check out his music at http://klarytionline.com /listen/

Twitter: @klaryti

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Video: Popcaan Interview: “I Respect Pusha T” – Boomshots Tv

Popcaan tells Reshma B about his links with Pusha T and Drizzy Drake. Subscribe to Boomshots TV for more crucial reggae and dancehall videos.

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