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876-411 Review Show – Episode 5

Shaggy and Friends 2014This is the fifth episode of the new, weekly entertainment review show, 876-411, which takes a look at all the hot topics in Jamaican music, entertainment and pop culture. Co-hosted by Jodee ‘Marc Parc’ Brown and Jodiann ‘Jodz’ Perry

This first episode for 2014 looks at highlights from Shaggy and Friends, Sizzla and D’Angel being banned from STING and much more.

For more about 876-411, check out the official Facebook page for more: https://www.facebook.com/RAYKINGlive for more details.

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D’Angel, Sizzla speak out against STING ban

Sizzla and D'AngelTwo days following the announcement that Reggae/Dancehall artists, Sizzla and D’Angel were banned from future editions of STING following their controversial performances at the show’s 30th anniversary, both are crying foul following their punishments.

Isaiah Laing, the show’s lead organizer, announced Tuesday that Sizzla was banned from the show for promoting ‘hate music’ during his performance, in which he repeatedly hit out against homosexuality.D’Angel, meanwhile, was banned for at least five years as a patron following her impromptu clash with Ninja Manat the Dec. 26 show, which saw her spread her legs and gyrate while wearing a short dress during her set, before giving a bizarre post-performance interviewlater in the night.

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Sizzla, D’Angel banned from STING, says Isaiah Laing

Sizzla and D'AngelDays after giving what some said was the best performance of STING 2013, Reggae singer, Sizzla Kalonji has been banned from future editions of the show by its lead promoter, Isaiah Laing, for alleged hate lyrics performed during his set, according to reports Tuesday evening.

The Grammy-nominated artist gave a rousing, hard-hitting set during the 30th anniversary show, in which he spoke out strongly against homosexuality, negative connotations attached to marijuana, among other societal issues. According to Laing, Sizzla’s ban comes as result of continuous rants against homosexuals throughout his performance, which went against a pre-show agreement with organizers not to sing anti-gay lyrics during his set.

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Top 10: Jamaican music industry’s sexiest female personalities

To leave an indelible mark within the Dancehall/Reggae industry, you not only have to showcase outright skill and determination but also have some amount of sex appeal.

The combination of a delightful personality, sharp intellect and attractive figure allows females who ply their trade within the local music industry to build strong fan bases while acclimating deserved accolades. From artistes to media personalities and even dancers, the Dancehall/Reggae industry has produced several females who’ve embodied said sentiments. Ten in particular currently personify those qualities; acquiring mass popularity in the process.

10. Mystic Davis: Dancers are wholeheartedly unappreciated within the Dancehall/Reggae framework as they’re considered as the background in many music videos. However, Mystic Davis possibly defies that logic. With unbelievable flexibility showcased throughout her craft and an hourglass shape to match, Davis hails as arguably the most popular dancer in Jamaica and possibly the Caribbean.

With videos such as Vybz Kartel’s Go Go Wine, Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj’s Letting Go and several others on her resume, Davis stands out in ways which many other dancers would become side elements. Plus, if you’ve ever watched her perform live in short shorts, you’d see why.




9. D’Angel: Despite a turbulent six months that included her divorce from Beenie Man, model turned Dancehall artiste, D’Angel still continues to prove that she’s one of the genre’s sexiest divas. Songs such as Blaze, Come Over amongst others have showcased that fusion of made-for-runway looks as well as lyrical dexterity, making her one of Dancehall’s most respected acts.

Though she did lose some popularity amongst fans since the divorce, she still hasn’t lost the qualities which made her attractive since her debut in 2005: Independence, beauty and intellect, all of which make her an interesting catch.








8. Tiana – Perhaps the fastest rising female artiste in quite some time, Tiana not only made herself relevant within the Dancehall ranks, she asserted a strong presence in the industry. She made no stronger announcement as a potential superstar than with the release of Pum Pum Phat, a remake of Popcaan’s chart-topping smash, Ravin’. The risqué single showcased a hardcore, sexually appeasing side of the self-proclaimed “Princess of Dancehall” that fans never saw previously, making this curvaceous diva a household name.

Additionally, an unheard of 11 videos including Bruk Out and Whine and Gyal Mi Luv Yuh (featuring Konshens) as well her intellect; shown while making a defiant stance against what she described a ‘sexist’ music industry labeled her as a very reputable force. A deejay of the year candidate and upcoming superstar, her resume seemingly could include several more accolades going forward.




7. Pepita Little: Though currently out of a job after her recent release from the Television Jamaica (TVJ) show, Intense, it’s inconceivable to think that Pepita Little aka Chica Pepita won’t find her way back onto everyone’s television screen sooner rather than later.

For three years, her bubbly personality, easy-going approach to her hosting duties and a bust line that’s hard to ignore made her a popular figure within the industry. Additionally, she served as a backstage host on Digicel Rising Stars and copped a Youth View Awards nomination for Media Personality of the Year.

Despite her recent setback, Pepita has returned to spotlight in strong fashion with the release of her highly acclaimed debut single, Luv Luv Me. Given her versatility there’s no doubt that this is only the beginning of Pepita’s journey.







6. Timberlee: Sexy in two different personalities, posh and gangstress, Timberlee attracts several eyes and ears with her sultry vocals and class-personified physical attributes. Both personalities were on full display during her single on the female-dominated Bedroom Riddim with the single, Inna Mi Bedroom.

A shape to behold with confidence displayed in several singles such as Bubble Like Soup and Heels, Timberlee remains a sex symbol with her crafty word play and accompanying physical attributes.




5. Stacious: Similar to Timberlee, Stacious’ thought-provoking physique makes her easily identifiable figure within the local music industry. Often known for her pulsating singles and racy dressing in videos, Stacious earned comparisons to the “Queen of Dancehall,” Lady Saw, who rose to prominence for similar antics.

Additionally, Stacious’ lyrics back up said comparison as past singles such as Goodaz Clap and Make It Snappy as well as more recent singles like Come Into My Room (alongside Mavado) and Got It Like That.




4. Tifa: Perhaps the best at her musical craft amongst females, Tifa continues to dazzle fans, male and female, with her strong physical attributes while continuing to unleash smash hits. As her videos for Move Yuh Body and Get Flat proved last year, Tifa has a unique, classy fashion sense. Combine that with her no-holds barred lyrical display, and this prominent diva has stamped her authority on the Jamaican music framework.









3. Ce’Cile: It’s hard to believe that Ce’Cile has been in the mainstream spotlight for over ten years now as she seemingly hasn’t aged. An obviously attractive and sensual persona made the singjay one of Jamaica’s musical stalwarts.

Never afraid to show off her smooth skin, Ce’Cile embraced the sex symbol status with videos like Hot Like We, Hot Like That and several others. Permanent eye candy in her own right, she continues to stay relevant within an ever changing Jamaican music framework; recently releasing the highly acclaimed album, Jamaicanization.







2. Tami Chynn: Dancehall singjay, Wayne Marshall must feel like the luckiest man on Earth as he has the sensual songstress, Tami Chynn to proudly boast as his wife. Chynn never ceases to amaze onlookers with her natural beauty and heartwarming vocals.

Classic songs such as Over and Over, Hyperventilating and Certified Diva, featuring the aforementioned Tifa, had fans locked into her presence. An effervescent sense of style, class and wit made Chynn a very lovable figure. A musician, host or a part-time charity worker, Chynn’s place as an internationally-regarded superstar will forever remain. Plus, as she proved with Neva Know, she has some spice to her also.







1. Yanique Barrett: Jamaican music fans have only known her for a short time, but certainly there’s a long list of men who’ve surely kept this media personality on their watch.Debuting as host of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall in March 2011, Yanique Barrett quickly won over fans of the highly regarded talent show with her curvaceous figure, outgoing personality and several sexy dance moves. Now earning strong acclaim for her strong work and intellect, Barrett continues to spread her wings as a host/presenter as she also co-hosts E-Blaze on FAME FM as well as RETV 5 to 7 Live.The only sad part about this young starlet, for her male fans anyway, is that she’s already married. If you listen closely, the collective sighs from men can be heard worldwide.

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Freddie McGregor to unveil novel, Chino and Di Genius not being managed by Yendi

Big Ship captain, Freddie McGregor will become the latest Jamaican musician to join the literary ranks.

The Reggae patriarch has been working on his debut novel, I Will Wait For You, which will be released via Pageturner Publishing House. McGregor joins a plethora of Dancehall personalities such as Macka Diamond (Bun Him and The Real Gangster’s Wife), Miss Kitty (Good Girl Gone Bad) and most recently, D’Angel (Love Triangle) who’ve released novels through Pageturner.

The official release date for I Will Wait For You has not yet been confirmed but should hit book shelves later this year.

Meanwhile, Freddie McGregor’s sons have also hit the headlines but for different reasons.

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Are Beenie Man and D’Angel back together…again?

Just days after reports emerged of a possible reconciliation involving American pop sensations, Chris Brown and Rihanna, it seems as if Dancehall’s most enigmatic power couple may be following suit.

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstars, Beenie Man and D’Angel have endured public ridicule and scrutiny since the latter artiste filed for divorce last summer following a rollercoaster five-year marriage. Both deejays have fired occasional salvos in each other’s direction since the divorce proceedings were publicized, with D’Angel’s former boyfriend, Bounty Killer even weighing in on their break-up, leading to the re-ignition of Beenie’s long-time rivalry with the “War Lord.”

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D’Angel to release new novel, biography

Prominent Dancehall diva, Michelle Downer, more popularly known as D’Angel will unveil an in-depth novel involving a girl, two guys and a lot of relationship drama. But it’s not the threesome you might be thinking of.

D’Angel will unveil her debut book, Love Triangle in February, a book already dubbed “the most controversial dancehall novel.” The book marks the first part of a two-book deal with Pageturner Publishing House as she will also release an autobiographical entitled, Break Free later this year, which will talk about her many successes and controversies on and off stage.

Love Triangle talks about three contrasting individuals, Dylan, Brandy and Malcolm involved in a steamy back and forth relationships. According to D’Angel, via press release, her new novel is far from PG.

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D’Angel wants no part of Beenie-Bounty feud, claims she deserves respect

Prominent Dancehall deejay, Michelle “D’Angel” Downer has called for her exes & fellow artistes, Beenie Man & Bounty Killer, to stop using her name to promote their lyrical feud.

On Friday, D’Angel unveiled her latest single entitled, “Good Good,” where she makes claims that her “Goodies” is what recently re-ignited the rivalry between Bounty & Beenie. In the single, D’Angel refers to herself as “The Ex” before deejaying, “Di odda day mi see two man a par, All of a sudden my goods mek two man a war, and di two man a two mega star, Me unnu wan blame? Betta doe tek it too far.” Later in the song, D’Angel warned Bounty Killer that he’d be a b***h if he counteracted the single while reminding Beenie that he’s her baby’s father and should be careful what he says publicly about their relationship.

D’Angel insists that “Good Good” was released after reaching her breaking point; claiming Beenie & Bounty’s constant use of her to promote their feud was getting annoying. “This is something I’ve been watching and absorbing without saying anything so mi just tek a stand now ’cause it a get extreme. What is joke to you is death to me. Everyday bucket go well, one day the bottom must drop out,” D’Angel told the Jamaica STAR.

D’Angel also implied, via press release, that she did the single not only wanting both artistes to show her respect, but for men to regard women as more than sexual objects. “This song is just a call to both parties to let sanity reign. This is the 21st century. Men cannot keep disrespecting women and painting them as merely sexual objects. I am a human being, a mother, an artiste, a businesswoman, a daughter and a woman,” D’Angel intimated.

Additionally, the “Stronger” singer said, “There are many different facets but there are certain people in my past who refuse to see me as such, and that is one of the reasons that they no longer play a certain role in my life. I am asking both of them to cease and desist from using my name to score cheap forwards and cheap thrills in the Dancehall space, and to respect themselves and just make good music.”

D’Angel stated that Beenie & Bounty should try to be much more creative instead of resorting to defaming her character while they clash lyrically. However, the deejay claims that their songs didn’t affect her negatively; boosting her own lyrical versatility in the process. “I wasn’t disrespecting either party, just taking a stand as a woman,” Angel claimed before adding, “The response has been overwhelming ’cause my fans have never seen me in this light. My fans are embracing it. They are loving it ’cause it is empowering to them, especially the females.”

D’Angel & former husband, Beenie Man announced last month that they were filing for divorce after five years of marriage. Since the announcement, Beenie Man made claims that D’Angel’s decision to attend Bounty Killer’s birthday party & not his was the final straw in the relationship, while later making claims that there was a lack of intimacy in their marriage. Bounty Killer then made his feelings known regarding the divorce; intimating that D’Angel was using Beenie for her own personal gain throughout the marriage, hence, restarting a long-standing rivalry between the two deejays that spans nearly 20 years.

Meanwhile, D’Angel has turned her attention to building her career; releasing singles such as “Stand Firm,” produced by Cashflow Records, “Baddest Angel,” produced by Young Veterans & “Break Free.” A video for “Break Free” will be unveiled within the next week, according to D’Angel.

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Ity & Fancy Cat apologize for Beenie Man-D’Angel skit

Popular comedic duo, Ian “Ity” Ellis & Alton “Fancy Cat” Hardware have apologized for any harm or embarrassment caused following a recent skit they did about the Beenie Man-D’Angel divorce.

The skit was aired on this past Sunday night’s episode of the Ity & Fancy Cat show; depicting a scenario in which Beenie Man’s character visited the home of his estranged wife, D’Angel. This followed a confrontation involving Beenie Man’s character & Bounty Killer’s character; ridiculing the comments Bounty made regarding Beenie & D’Angel’s pending divorce via Twitter. Once Beenie made it to the house, D’Angel’s character was later joined by a look-a-like of controversial actor, Keith “Shebada” Ramsey who claimed that he was the new father of Beenie’s son, Marco Dean. Marco Dean’s character then made an appearance telling Beenie, “Yuh Luddy,” which is one of Shebada’s signature catch phrases.

Ity & Fancy are now apologizing for any damage or inconvenience they have caused Beenie’s family since the airing of their skit.

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Beenie Man upset with Ity & Fancy Cat for using his son in skit

The public falling out from the divorce of long-time couple, Moses “Beenie Man” Davis & Michelle “D’Angel” Downer has drawn mass public scrutiny & ridicule in recent weeks. However, Beenie Man claims that popular, Jamaican comedic duo, Ity & Fancy Cat have taken it too far.

On Sunday night, Ity & Fancy unveiled a skit mocking Beenie Man & D’Angel while also making fun of Bounty Killer’s recent comments regarding the divorce. The skit also included controversial actor, Keith “Shebada” Ramsey who was the “new man” in D’Angel’s life. At the end, Shebada’s character says, “It soon TV time too..Spongebob! TV time with Marco Dean & his new Daddy,” before Beenie Man’s character said, “Wah..mi nuh wan mi son call no odda man Daddy.” A boy posing as Marco Dean Davis responded to Beenie Man’s claims by saying, “Yuh Luddy.”

Beenie Man was not amused by the comedians’ use of his son for entertainment value.

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Beenie Man, Bounty Killer feud takes another turn following, “Cah Puff Mi Chest” release

The long-standing rivalry in Dancehall music between legendary entertainers, Beenie Man & Bounty Killer continues to intensify following the release of Beenie’s new single, “Cah Puff Mi Chest.”

Both deejays have exchanged a plethora of sharp-shooting diss songs at each other over the last week; starting with Bounty Killer’s counteraction to Beenie’s “Nah Talk Too Long” entitled, “Who Tell Him Dweet.” That song followed comments that Bounty Killer made regarding Beenie’s divorce from his ex-girlfriend, D’Angel earlier this month; claiming D’Angel was using him for her own personal gain. Beenie responded this past Saturday with the single, “Da Idiot Song Deh,” where took shots at both Bounty Killer & fellow adversary, Tony Matterhorn. The next day, Bounty counteracted that song with, “Run Inna War,” suggesting that D’Angel didn’t want any “pissy tail bwoy” and even took a jab at Vybz Kartel; calling him “Lady Gaga.”

Beenie’s new effort, “Cah Puff Mi Chest,” was released on the War Monger Riddim; produced by Open Ear Records. In the chorus of “Cah Puff Mi Chest,” Beenie deejays, “P***y yuh cyaah puff mi chest, yuh cyaah beat me, Bounty have an eating disorder; yuh freaky, Gyal use yuh tongue as red carpet weekly, yuh teeth dem soon drop out, yuh too greedy.” Beenie later addresses Bounty’s claims regarding his association with controversial actor, Keith “Shebada” Ramsey; claiming the “War Lord” would fill a full segment of Shebada’s story while re-affirming his heterosexual status.

Additionally, Beenie also claims that D’Angel told him about Bounty’s freaky ways & implies that the “Grung Gaad” is overly focused on Vybz Kartel’s & Mavado’s career.

Meanwhile, many fans have expressed mixed emotions regarding the re-igniting of the Beenie-Bounty war. Some have intimated that the beef has gotten stale between the two deejays while others believe that the two are using this as a marketing ploy to draw attention to STING 2011, taking place this December. The two established entertainers made peace earlier this year; performing together at Fully Loaded 2011 amongst other show. However, when Beenie claimed that D’Angel’s decision to go to Bounty’s birthday party & snub his own played a major role in their divorce, their perceived friendship seemed to deteriorate once more.

Beenie Man – Cah Puff Mi Chest (Bounty Killer Diss)

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Bounty Killer continues lyrical assault on Beenie Man with “Run Inna War.”

Prominent Dancehall deejay, Rodney “Bounty Killer” Price wasted no time in responding to Beenie Man’s counteraction released this weekend entitled, “Da Idiot Song Deh.”

The “War Lord” unveiled his own counteraction, “Run Inna War” on Sunday; unleashing his lyrical ammunition against Beenie Man. In the opening, Bounty says, “Angel she she nuh wan nuh pissy tail bwoy, run inna war mi nuh force yuh, call up mi name like a me mek di b***h divorce yuh,” referring to Beenie’s claims that Angel’s appearance at Bounty’s birthday party was the last straw that led to their recent divorce.

Additionally, Bounty Killer calls out fellow, long-time rival, Vybz Kartel along with well-renowned actor, Keith “Shebada” Ramsay.

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Bounty Killer takes shots at Beenie Man in new single

It seems as if any co-existence between Dancehall legends, Bounty Killer & Beenie Man has ceased once more due to the release of Bounty’s latest single.

On Saturday, the “Grung Gaad” unveiled his new single, “Who Tell Him Dweet,” taking lyrical aim at Beenie Man; counteracting the “Doctor’s” single released in April entitled “Nah Talk Too Long.” In Beenie’s song, he took a shot at Bounty Killer in the opening line; deejaying, “How Bounty fi she mi cyaah call him name again? BOUNTY! BOUNTY! Mi call yuh name again.”

Bounty offers a stark reply with “Who Tell Him Dweet,” deejaying in the chorus, “A who tell him fi dweet a who tell him go dweet? Mi hear mi name, A who say Bounty? Nuh Beenie, Him tek di bait and now him haffi get defeat, Yuh shouldn’t mess wid Warlord, Di Grung Gaad at every street.”  Bounty continues his lyrical assault by singing, “Mi nuh wah nutten fi kill him mi do dat fi free, By now Betweenie shoulda know how mi dweet, So any day again we buck again down a stage show, Him a dead around one a mi murder round three.”

In addition of his lyrical jabs in the direction of the self-professed “King of the Dancehall,” Bounty Killer also calls out former protégé & long-time nemesis, Vybz Kartel. He deejays, “All the dead can hear mi have the zombie scared inna him bleach out pink skin an woman hair.”

Bounty & Beenie were seemingly in good graces following a slew of performances together within the last 12 months; most recently at the Grand Gala inside the National Stadium on Independence Day (August 6). However, Bounty’s counteraction against Beenie Man follows recent comments made by the “War Lord” about Beenie & D’Angel’s marriage via Twitter; claiming D’Angel was using Beenie from the get go. “No diss still but Angel didn’t love Beenie she loves all the things he was doing and which woman nuh want wedding and a puppet?” Beenie implied prior to those comments that he felt betrayed by D’Angel’s decision to go to Bounty Killer’s birthday party but not his; given that Bounty had disrespected her several times in the media.

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D’Angel booed at Digicel Summer To Di World show

Embattled Dancehall superstar, Michelle “D’Angel” Downer was jeered & booed heavily in her first performance since the announcement of her divorce from Beenie Man nearly a month ago.

D’Angel, who’s faced massive public scrutiny since the divorce was made public took the stage at Digicel’s Summer To Di World stage show in Downtown Kingston last week Friday & was immediately booed after she was announced by the show emcee, Ms. Kitty. Seemingly angered by the fan reaction, D’Angel asked, “Wah unnu a boo mi fah? Weh mi do unnu?..Unnu a boo mi fi mi talent?” D’Angel accused the fans of taking sides with Beenie Man; intimating that what goes around comes around & that they shouldn’t be biased against her given that her marriage with the “Doctor” didn’t work out.

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D’Angel has emotional breakdown as she,Beenie Man talk divorce

Prominent Dancehall couple, Moses “Beenie Man” Davis & Michelle “D’Angel Downer continue to offer their best explanations to the public; revealing more details as to why their marriage of five years has finally reached its conclusion.

In separate interviews to Winford Williams on CVM’s OnStage that aired last night, both deejays told their sides of the story that continues to play out through the media. First up was Beenie who claimed that he was the first person to issue divorce persons & not D’Angel; explaining that the “Blaze” songstress avoided the papers he sent before he received hers hours later. The “Doctor” also insisted that he was putting out maximum effort he tried to help the couple repair their marriage on several occasions. “Outta all di years, is me. Anytime yuh she me & D’Angel back together, is me. But is always fi di ute. It no mek no sense, yuh a work so hard & yuh nuh happy,” Beenie intimated.

In addition to their emotional problems, Beenie suggested that there was a lack of physical intimacy at times within the marriage; causing the connection to be lost. Regardless, the self-proclaimed “King of the Dancehall” maintained that despite his attempts to make his wife happy, she wasn’t. “There’s no acceptance of what you have done, everything you have done is nothing. So it nah go mek no sense if you try fi do everything fi please a person & that person is not pleased,” Beenie said.

Responding to Beenie’s claims, D’Angel gave an emotional interview; vividly stressed out by the way their divorce has been dissected in the public. The “Stronger” singjay expressed that she & Beenie had constant issues communicating. “I actually came to my breaking point where there was too much confusion. We’re not seeing things eye to eye…We can’t have a discussion without an argument, we don’t have the same dreams, we don’t have the same beliefs. All that take a toll on me so I finally reached my breaking point,” D’Angel explained. Furthermore, the songstress has no regrets about the marriage but implied that if she could start over, she would have tried to get to know Beenie before they wed in 2006.

However, what seemingly upset D’Angel most was the way Beenie Man has handled their divorce since the papers were issued; insisting that Beenie has been playing an innocent role via & the media when talking about their issues. “Why rush into di public, being di victim? Why you telling a story? This don’t belong in the public…I don’t want to be a part of this drama anymore,” D’Angel implored. When asked about how the divorce would impact their son, Marco Dean, D’Angel broke down in tears after stressing that she & Beenie can still be parents to their child despite their personal issues.

D’Angel later pleaded with Beenie to stop going public with these issues & making disparaging comments about her for their son’s sake. What we having personally as an adult has nothing to do as a child.” “Embarrassing me is embarrassing your son that you & if you love your son the way you said you do, now is the time to stop because not everything is entertainment, not everything is fun,” D’Angel stated.

D’Angel now is turning to music as her source of healing; releasing her latest single, “Break Free” that speaks to her battles within the relationship.  “Music is a healing for me & when I’m going through my breaking points, I just channel my energy through music. Hopefully my music can comfort anyone that’s going through a similar fate,” D’Angel intimated.


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D’Angel cites communication issues, lack of trust as reasons for divorce

Prominent Dancehall deejay, Michelle Downer aka D’Angel gave her first television interview since the announcement of her highly publicized divorce from her husband of five years, Moses “Beenie Man” Davis.

Speaking to Anthony Miller on TVJ’s Entertainment Report last night, an emotional D’Angel offered an in-depth explanation as to why she decided to put an end to her relationship with the “King of Dancehall.” D’Angel insisted that she finally reached her breaking point; explaining that the couple’s inability to express their issues was the roots of the marriage’s downfall. “I had a husband I couldn’t communicate with; we couldn’t share our thoughts,” D’Angel implied.

D’Angel also elaborated that there was a lack of trust that continually developed within the marriage; explaining that the two weren’t even living together whilst claiming that Beenie Man owned a “bachelor pad” while the two were together.

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Bounty Killer shares thoughts regarding Beenie & D’Angel divorce

Legendary Dancehall entertainer, Rodney Price, more popularly known as Bounty Killer has shared his feelings publicly regarding the recent announcement that former rival, Beenie Man & ex-girlfriend, D’Angel are seeking a divorce.

News broke two weeks ago of a divorce when Beenie Man clarified on TVJ’s Entertainment Report that D’Angel sent divorce papers; insisting that the two had not spoken for weeks & that they could no longer co-exist as a couple. One of the breaking points within the marriage was when D’Angel did not appear at Beenie’s birthday party despite turning up at ex-boyfriend, Bounty Killer’s birthday party earlier in the summer.

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D’Angel has no hard feelings towards Beenie Man despite split

Prominent Dancehall deejay, Michelle Downer, better known as D’Angel has given further detail regarding the reasoning for her pending divorce from her husband of five years, Moses “Beenie Man” Davis.

D’Angel, who officially filed for divorce from her husband a few weeks ago, gave an in-depth interview to Tallawah Magazine; explaining that despite the marital issues that transpired in recent months, she holds no grudges towards the “King of the Dancehall.” “In all doings, only good salvation lasts forever,” D’Angel told the magazine before adding, “Despite everything that has happened I still have to maintain a cordial relationship with Beenie. It’s only natural to do it for my son.”

Despite widespread speculation of infidelity on both sides, D’Angel seemed unmoved by the endless rumors; insisting that not everything in life goes on forever. Additionally, D’Angel revealed that the decision to file for divorce was tough but mature nonetheless. “We don’t try to marry our careers. We’ve always done our thing separately. So with this now, it was just a mature decision. And I want my friends and fans to respect that decision as I go through this emotional time,” D’Angel stated.

D’Angel’s statements follow an interview Beenie Man gave for TVJ’s EMix this past weekend; revealing that D’Angel’s decision to go to Bounty Killer’s birthday party & not his was the last straw for their relationship; implying that he’s heartbroken as a result of the break-up. Additionally, Beenie implied that despite his emotional struggle to cope with the split, he believed that D’Angel felt relieved & free as a result.

Meanwhile, D’Angel is ready to take on the next chapter of her life as a single mother whilst looking to take her musical career to new heights. “I am definitely gonna just carry on with my legacy, and take things to new heights. And it’s all for my fans; they complement me,” D’Angel said.

D’Angel, known for singles such as “Downtown Girl Livin’ an Uptown Life,” & “Blaze” performed alongside Kiprich at a Digicel staged even on Sunday & unveiled her latest single, “Woman Power” on the newly released, Bling Riddim.

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Beenie Man tries to cope emotionally without D’Angel

Legendary Dancehall entertainer, Moses “Beenie Man” Davis has further explained what led to his separation from wife of 5 years, Michelle “D’Angel” Downer; implying that he’s been left heartbroken as a result of recent marital issues.

Beenie Man told TVJ’s EMix that he originally intended to divorce D’Angel last year but the couple managed to resolve their issues; winding up back together. However, the “King of the Dancehall” intimated that D’Angel’s decision not to appear at his birthday party almost two weeks ago was the preverbal nail in the coffin; accompanying the fact that D’Angel went to former, long-time rival, Bounty Killer’s birthday party earlier this summer.

“Regardless a if mi and her have a divorce agreement to deal wid, I tink she shudda still come a my birthday because mi is her husband & me is Marco Dean father, so why should you call me & tell me pon my phone seh yuh a go to Bounty Killer birthday party, when Bounty Killer disrespect you so much in the media & call yuh di worst tings,” Beenie said. Bounty Killer, formerly was in a relationship with D’Angel, engaged in a lyrical battle with Beenie Man regarding the “Blaze” singer in 2006.

Given that factor, Beenie suggested that he could no longer take the emotional toll their issues had on him; asking D’Angel to send the divorce papers that would finally put an end to their rollercoaster marriage. “Mi jus’ decide seh, Please mi a beg yuh, jus’ finish mi heartache and mi hurt, just please mi a beg yuh, jus’ sen di divorce papers,” Beenie stated. D’Angel sent the divorce papers two days later & released a statement clarifying that she sent them & that they could no longer co-exist as a couple.

Despite their constant arguments Beenie explained that he & D’Angel tried several times to put their differences aside but now he implores it’s time to sever ties for good. “With all due respect, mi love & respect mi wife but love & respect don’t really cut it when di person don’t gi yuh back di same amount of love that you give them,” Beenie implied; re-enforcing that he will not marry again following this ordeal & will focus on raising his son, Marco Dean & his other children. Additionally, Beenie believes that even though he’s hurting from the divorce, D’Angel is more relieved & free as a result of their permanent separation.

Fan reaction to Beenie & D’Angel’s breakup has been critical of the pairing since news of their impending divorce was publicized nearly two weeks ago; many of them claiming the couple were never a good fit to start with. Some female fans, when asked by EMix about the divorce, lauded D’Angel’s ability to get what she could out of the marriage. Other observers suggested that Beenie should never have gone after her in the first place given that she was Bounty’s ex-girlfriend.

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Beenie & D’Angel’s marital issues stem from last year, says source

Countless Dancehall fans & industry players remain surprised regarding the news that prominent Dancehall couple, Moses “Beenie Man” Davis & Michelle “D’Angel” Downer is getting a divorce after just over 5 years of marriage.  Now, details are slowly emerging as to why they’re separating for good this time.

D’Angel admitted on Monday that she did send Beenie Man divorce papers & issued a statement explaining the reasoning behind her decision. The statement read, “After careful consideration, patience, and virtue Michelle Downer aka D’Angel single mother and served Moses Davis aka Beenie Man papers for divorce, recently. This is a very difficult time for Ms. Downer and she is requesting that the fans, the music fraternity, and the media give her some personal time to deal with this emotional situation. The most important thing in her life right now is the well-being of her son, her family, and her career. D’Angel will continue to maintain a cordial parental relationship with Beenie Man for the sake of a positive and nurturing environment for their son, Marco-Dean Davis. Ms. Downer wishes Mr. Davis happiness and all the best in his future endeavors.”

Beenie Man is reportedly considering whether or not to sign the divorce papers as he tries to recover during this difficult time for both parties. Meanwhile, a source close to the “King of The Dancehall,” broke his silence; explaining that Beenie & D’Angel’s marital issues started shortly after reconciling last year & that many of their arguments centered around accusations of infidelity.  “Both of them are like oil and water, but they love each other a lot,” the source told Urban Islandz. The source continued,  “They are always arguing and accusing each other of infidelity, it’s never smooth sailing from late last year things started deteriorating again, family and friends suggest counseling but that never happen.”

Despite the current, the source offered hope that Beenie & D’Angel could indeed get back together again. “Although divorce papers file, these two people love each other so don’t be surprise if you see them back together,” the source claimed. Similar accusations of infidelity were made by both parties in 2007 but the couple worked on their problems & for the next 4 years tried to work things out.

The couple’s problems were magnified when Beenie Man called into Walshy Fire’s radio show in Miami; suggesting the duo could no longer co-exist as a couple. Divorce rumors intensified when D’Angel was a no show to Beenie Man’s birthday party last Thursday; angering Beenie. “Imagine mi de a mi birthday party and ah cut mi cake and mi wife no de ya wid mi,” Beenie said whilst adding, “She nuh come a my party but she go a Bounty Killer birthday party. F**k her.”

Beenie then appeared on TVJ’s Entertainment Report program; confirming that divorce papers were in the works & that the two had not spoken in two weeks.

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D’Angel says it’s time to move on, confirms sending Beenie Man divorce papers

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall deejay, Michelle “D’Angel” Downer has finally broken her silence regarding her impending divorce from her husband of 5 years, Moses “Beenie Man” Davis.

On Friday, Beenie Man told TVJ’s Entertainment Report that divorce papers have indeed been sent out but did not confirm if they had been signed as yet. He also claimed D’Angel told him to come out of her life; intimating that the two could no longer co-exist as a couple. D’Angel has since responded regarding the recent marital issues between herself & the “King of the Dancehall,” telling IRIE FM that after thoughtful consideration, she has decided to move on permanently from Beenie Man & continue with her life.

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Beenie Man claims marriage with D’Angel is over, divorce papers sent

Prominent Dancehall couple, Moses “Beenie Man” Davis & Michelle “D’Angel” Downer is apparently preparing for a permanent separation after Beenie confirmed on TVJ’s Entertainment Report this past weekend that divorce papers are indeed in the works & that the two are separating.

The couple’s marriage has endured many trials & tribulations, including countless speculation regarding possible infidelity amongst other rumors. Beenie & D’Angel previously separated in 2007 but worked out their problems shortly thereafter & all seemed normal within the Davis household. However, the “King of the Dancehall” now insists that their most recent break-up could be permanent; telling ER, “Yeah, divorce papers send, mi nuh kno if it sign.” Additionally, he claimed that D’Angel told Beenie to disappear from her life & intimated that the two haven’t spoken within the last two weeks. “Divorce a divorce man, that how it goes man, you move on. In life, you have to adapt & adjust, when yuh adjust in life, yuh haffi jus move on, yuh a big man,” he intimated.

He didn’t elaborate in further detail regarding the separation but confirmed that their reconciliation in 2007 was in no way a publicity stunt. “Getting back together with my wife is always getting back together with my wife, yuh know. Wi a parent & we have a son coming up in life. I never wan’ dis to kinda be a part of his life; to know that his mother & father are actually getting a divorce, but time a times & tings change. Yuh can tek but so much as a person,” Beenie said whilst seemingly holding back tears.

Beenie claimed that he may never marry again given his feelings for D’Angel & believes that custody of their son, Marco Dean will likely reside with her given his busy schedule but insisted he’ll remain a very active part of his life.

Rumors of a pending divorce sparked last week when Beenie Man called in to Walshy Fire’s radio show in Miami; implying that they could no longer co-exist. “There will always be a Beenie Man & there will always be an Angel, but not together,” Beenie said. Speculation grew even more on Thursday night when D’Angel was a no-show at Beenie Man’s birthday party; deeply upsetting Beenie Man. “Imagine mi de a mi birthday party and ah cut mi cake and mi wife no de ya wid mi,” Beenie said whilst adding, “She nuh come a my party but she go a Bounty Killer birthday party. F**k her.”

Beenie Man speaks publicly about marital issues with D\’Angel

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D’Angel a no show for Beenie’s birthday party, rumors of marital issues sparked

Prominent Dancehall power couple, Moses “Beenie Man” Davis & Michelle “D’Angel” Downer are reportedly experiencing turbulence within their marriage once again after D’Angel failed to turn up at Beenie’s birthday party last night.

Anonymous sources close to the situation told Urban Islandz that D’Angel did not fly back down to Jamaica to personally wish her husband a happy birthday at the party which was attended by several industry players. That left a very bitter taste in Beenie’s mouth; prompting him to voice his displeasure to the crowd, according to the sources. “Imagine mi de a mi birthday party and ah cut mi cake and mi wife no de ya wid mi,” Beenie told the crowd.

A seemingly irate Beenie also told the crowd as he cut the cake by himself, “She nuh come a my party but she go a Bounty Killer birthday party. F**k her,” relating to Bounty’s birthday party at the QUAD nightclub earlier this summer.

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Video: Beenie Man ft D’Angel – Time of My Life

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Video: D’Angel – Come Over

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Video:12 Furlong Riddim Medley

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Karma Sutra Riddim – Busy Signal| Beenie Man|D’Angel|Macka Diamond

Karma Sutra Riddim (1590)


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Capleton – Fire pon Obeah(12 Furlong Riddim Full Download)

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