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Video: Ice Cold to the World

Video: Ice Cold to the World

Where Old Hope Road becomes Gordon Town Road we slip past Papine Park. Leaving the grid, the road soon follows the contour of the Hope River, which flows, unseen in the night, at the bottom of the slope dropping precipitously to our right. We are on our way to link Glen ‘Ice Cold’ Stone, an up-and-coming dancehall deejay, in Highlight View, a small settlement on the outskirts of Kingston in the foothills of Jamaica’s famed Blue Mountain range. Slowly ascending the pockmarked surface leading off the main road into the community, with no signs (and less light), music from a neighborhood session serves as the only guide to our destination. Stepping out of the car we’re greeted by Ice Cold’s crew and led up a steep hill terraced with concrete-filled truck tires conveniently doubling as makeshift steps.

At the summit we meet up with the man inside his home studio. As we talk he chops a handful of herb and, in what is an otherwise unlit room, the pre-production computer on the desk beside him provides just enough light for the task at hand (BlackBerrys temporarily illuminate the scene for a few quick photographs). From singing Junior Tucker songs at local treats as a youth to back-of-the-bus freestyle sessions during high school, Ice Cold has been performing as long as he can remember. Spurred on by friends to pursue music professionally after graduation, he has been known and loved in and around Papine as a deejay ever since. He has also enjoyed intermittent radio play in the island over the years — most notably for 2009’s Miss Those Days, a nostalgic paean to the eighties and nineties, which also spawned a beautifully shot video. A massive talent who is both prodigious with his output and patient with his career, Ice Cold continues to generate enough forward momentum to extend the hustle. Consistently recording new tracks throughout 2012 and with a small European tour with DJ Karim slated for next Spring, 2013 could well be his year.

For now, falling rain forces the group to relocate to the community barbershop down the hill — vacant because the barber also happens to be the soundman. Though the community was officially rechristened Highlight View years ago, most people still refer to it as Mud Town — a moniker earned for the mudslides endemic to the area during the rainy season. We climb down carefully. Inside the clapboard barbershop, raindrops against the zinc roof muffle the music coming from the soundsystem in the distance, and what starts as BlackBerry background music to the conversation quickly morphs into the soundtrack for a full-blown performance. While time and the vagaries of the music industry will dictate the specific course of Ice Cold’s career, nights like these live as testament to the energy of the music in the streets.

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IrishandChin Inc scored another industry exclusive on Sept 25th when Busy Signal’s manager Shane Brown called in to Sound Chat Radio which aired on Road Block Radio and spoke with host Chin on a number of issues affecting the deejay at present including his sentencing, life in a US prison, his health, the state of his music among other exclusive information concerning their artiste-manager relationship. See more on http://www.irishandchin.com

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Dancehall USA inks iTunes distribution deal

Internationally acclaimed entertainment website, Dancehall USA seeks to revolutionize the music world with a new distribution deal set to strongly impact one of its most significant outlets.

Dancehall USA recently inked a major deal with a prominent international music distributor who will help Dancehall/Reggae music earn its deserved recognition on the worldwide market while helping singers and deejays responsible for its progress to reap mass benefits from their work. Terms of the deal are undisclosed. Sites such as iTunes, Amazon, Google, You Tube, and Believe Digital (Europe and Asia) are some of the sites where Dancehall/Reggae will be featured.

CEO and founder of Dancehall USA, Nick Walker promises that Jamaican artists will get their just dues as a result of this ground-breaking deal; outlining an exclusive 3-for-1 package that’s certain to benefit local musicians from both money-making and promotional standpoints.

Through Dancehall USA’s deal, not only will artists see their music being distributed through iTunes, Amazon.com and other major networks, but also earn non-stop promotion of their work on Dancehall USA as well as through top affiliates, disc jocks and promoters associated with the landmark website, known as one of music’s most influential and informative brands.

The exclusiveness of this enriching deal comes in the form of a major offer, one so exclusive and top secret that only members and sign-ups via Dancehall USA can receive access to it.

Nick Walker further maintains that this iTunes distribution deal and other online store placement hails as just one of several, strategically planned moves sure to make Dancehall/Reggae music a truly united power player within a globalized and competitive music industry. Without a doubt, this move shows signs of an impending revival amongst Jamaica’s signature genres.

For more information and to sign up, please check out http://itunes.dancehallusa.com

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Junior Kelly - inside C -pic 9

Junior Kelly scores # 1 with the hit single “Been There”

After 15 weeks on the Jamaica Music Countdown Top 25 Reggae Singles Chart, singer Junior Kelly has convincingly captured the number one slot with the gripping, reality-laced  single, “Been There“.
Chart-watchers had early predicted  that “Been There” would have enjoyed exciting chart success, noting that there was a strong possibility of it taking over the pole position. Well, it’s ‘Mission Accomplished’. They are now eyeing the song’s progress on the long-running New York Reggae Singles Chart, where it now sits in the number 6 spot and is steadily making upward movements. Kellyhas also dominated the popular Stampede Street Chart, where he has been singled out as ‘Artiste of the Week‘.
On the Broadleaf riddim, produced by Big Bomb Entertainment, “Been There” adds to Junior Kelly’s list of songs which have impacted in a huge way. Among them are the  “Sunshine,” “Boom Draw“, “Hungry Days,” Missing You (with Bar-bee)”, “Receive” and the blockbuster, breakout single, “Love So Nice“, which spent a record 15 weeks at number one.
The single, which was driven by the music video, is currently getting good rotation across the globe and Kelly himself has been busy on the promotional trail, ensuring that “Been There”  forms part of his  live set.
He explained that the initial response to the song was so overwhelming that he did the music video ahead of schedule. The video, which has a simple and effective storyboard, sees Kelly playing the role of a taximan, as he belts out the lyrics to the song.
“I give thanks to all those who worked assiduously to make this single number one. Naturally, it’s a good feeling when fans endorse your music and it gives me the encouragement to continue along this path,” the conscious Rastafarian commented.
Junior Kelly, who has been enjoying a strong season of success, both in Jamaica and overseas, has easily reclaimed his space in the US market after an hiatus. His performance in Brooklyn at the Rose Garden on July 8 was so powerful that he was immediately booked for a second show to be held at the VillageNY on July 22.  Kelly gave a masterful performance at the Bayfront Reggae Festival,Minnesota, last Saturday, alongside Jamaican artistes Ce’cileAnthony B and Gramps Morgan.
Fans will be treated to another side of Junior Kelly on SundayJuly 29, at Weaver High School, Hartford Connecticut. He will be participating in the annual Celebrity Soccer Games, an event which he is quite enthusiastic about.
Junior Kelly has been in the business of making uplifting and empowering reggae music for more than 25 years. Beginning his career during Dancehall’s ‘rude boy’ era in the late ’80s, Kelly’s inspiring messages have always made him a standout artist within Jamaica’s heavily populated entertainment scene.
His breakthrough single “Love So Nice” established him as a bonafide star in 2000. His commanding juxtaposition of precisely timed, deejayed rhymes and melodic singing, coupled with his vivid storytelling abilities, took the song to #1 on the Jamaican charts. The album “Love So Nice“, released in 2001, also spawned the well-received singles which brought him recognition throughout the Caribbean, North America, and Europe.
“Been There” – video link

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Dancehall disc jocks defend right to play their own material on Radio

Dancehall disc jocks defend right to play their own material on Radio

A pair of prominent Dancehall disc jockeys have strongly countered claims from Ras Kassa & an executive director of the Broadcasting Commission that they are involved in any conflicts of interest; playing their own recordings & productions in excess on Jamaican radio stations.

This past Tuesday, internationally acclaimed music video director, Ras Kassa implied that too many DJs have been playing many of their own songs & Riddims on local radio stations to boost personal status. Furthermore, Kassa insisted that such self-promotion is causing local Radio & the Dancehall industry in general to lose credibility. Jamaica Broadcasting Commission executive director, Cordel Green also suggested there was a conflict of interest issue involving disc jocks; claiming that playing their own material while doing sets for Radio stations was “connected content” and that radio stations need to monitor how their disc jocks promote their own material.

In response to their allegations, veteran Dancehall disc jock, Foota Hype refuted that there’s any conflict of interest involved; intimating that once the music is fit for airplay disc jocks should be free to play their own recordings. “As a producer, I got hit songs from a rhythm I produced in 2006, and they are still being played,” Foota told the Jamaica STAR. Furthermore, Foota insists that he plays his own material given that there’s limited time to play everyone’s songs whilst juggling on the radio & called radio stations hypocrites for not allowing them more time to play a variety of songs in the process.

Offering a solution to the problem, Foota called on members of the music fraternity to unite & ask for more airtime to increase the playing of local material from various acts; building local exposure. “If I have 10 minutes to play, and play my production for six minutes out of the 10 minutes, nothing is wrong with that because that time is short, but if I had more time I would get to play more material from other producers,” Foota Hype explained. Foota went on to re-iterate that time is the biggest problem; not only for disc jocks performing for local radio stations, but at parties as well.

Fellow, well-renowned disc jock, ZJ Liquid; known for his regular appearances on ZIP FM also took offense to Ras Kassa’s claims; implying that song producing disc jocks are being fought out by fans & even members of the industry. “When mi did a play everybody song and every artiste, dem did good but as a DJ produce a hit riddim, and as DJ do a song wha big, everybody have problem … Big up all disc jockey who produce music and all disc jockey who a artiste,” Liquid tweeted on his Twitter page.

A legion of fans & Dancehall observers have questioned the legitimacy of Jamaican radio stations and Dancehall’s worth given so many disc jocks have emerged as producers & artistes in recent years. Most notable amongst the disc jocks that’ve worn producer/deejay hats include ZJ Ice, ZJ Chrome who’s produced Riddims such as the Dancehall EFX & Contra Riddims & Tony Matterhorn who recently unveiled his singles, Dancehall Duppy & Hog Pen (Dancehall Duppy Part 2).


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Dancehall's most energetic deejay Elephant Man is showing no signs of slowing  in 2011 this as he swept thousands of fans off their feet at the 2011 Uppsala Reggae Festival in Sweden with a historic performance last Saturday evening. The Energy God as he is affectionate called made his presents felt in Scandinavian territory as he shared the main stage with other local entertainers including Gyptian, Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel and Ken Boothe.


Dancehall’s most energetic deejay Elephant Man is showing no signs of slowing  in 2011 this as he swept thousands of fans off their feet at the 2011 Uppsala Reggae Festival in Sweden with a historic performance last Saturday evening. The Energy God as he is affectionate called made his presents felt in Scandinavian territory as he shared the main stage with other local entertainers including Gyptian, Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel and Ken Boothe.

Armed with a handful of enthused female dancers the “Pon Di River Pon Di Bank” deejay had the crowd screaming for more as he danced through his long catalog of hit singles. Elephant who is still enjoying rave reviews following his electrifying Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night performance and the unforgettable Captain America inspired suite designed by Romeich also took the stage at Fullyloaded days later on July 24th where he along with fellow entertainers Beenie Man, Capleton and Bounty Killer provide a power packed set to an early morning crowd.

Currently touring several countries in europe Elephant Man will continue to Helsinki Finland on August 10th and from there to Italy on August 13th.

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Twin of Twins take aim at Matterhorn with new single

Twin of Twins take aim at Matterhorn with new single

Popular Dancehall comedic duo, Twin of Twins have launched a scathing lyrical attack on controversial selector turned deejay, Tony Matterhorn with their latest single, “Cancer Free World.” “Cancer Free World” creatively uses Matterhorn’s name to defame his character; including a lyric from the song that states: “Yuh expose yuself wid di name wey yu find, cause Matterhorn a mountain wey bare man a climb.” A full version of the single will be released very soon.

The single was a direct response to recent comments Matterhorn made about them when the “Dutty Wine” singer claimed that he would diss the Twins anywhere he saw them after they alleged that he refused to play their songs during an interview last month in Atlanta. Matterhorn responded to those claims by tweeting, “How y’all never told me Twin of Twins was dissing me today on a radio station in Atl! Now I have to diss those 2 … it’s on … Those … twins! DUMB and DUMBER … it looks like Dancehall Duppy 3 is gonna be here sooner than I think! Lol,”

One of the Twins, Patrick “Curly Lox” Gaynor intimated that Matterhorn crossed the line with his response. “Matterhorn is the one that started the disrespect. He just became disrespectful and stupid,” Gaynor implied. Furthermore, the Twins suggested that they were the originators of calling up artistes’ names in songs long before Tony Matterhorn released his controversial single, “Dancehall Duppy,” that encourages deejays engaged in lyrical conflicts to call up each other’s names in songs. “We inspired him to make that song, we have the copyrights to call people’s name so Matterhorn naah duh nutting new,” Gaynor claimed.

Furthermore, The Twins called Matterhorn a hypocrite for calling out artistes such as Bounty Killer, Assassin & many others in the song before bigging them up in the last part of the song. They suggested that Matterhorn did so because he’s a coward & that one of the reasons they fell out with the selector is because Matterhorn wanted them to engage in “the politics of Dancehall,” by aligning with certain groups. “We refuse to shut up and join a side,” Patrick implied. Additionally, Patrick pointed out that they Matterhorn is using other artistes’ songs to diss them. “Him diss wi with him mouth and then him play people song as defense. Him fi know seh a nuh him a get the forward, is the artiste tune a get the forward. A fi him own song him fi try use, wi a nuh selector suh wi naah trace wid nuh man,” Gaynor intimated.

The Twins maintain they aren’t seeking any attention with “Cancer Free World,” but insisted that their “Stir It Up: Volume 9” CD is an international success; even suggesting Matterhorn hasn’t had a hit single since “Dutty Wine” back in 2006. The Twins’ new movie, Ching Pow Kickers is expected to debut this November.

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“I’m not in anyway trying to overthrow the government, nor am I preaching violence against anyone of any group, so I can’t understand them,” Kartel said in an interview aired on the popular BBC Caribbean Report.

Kartel chides Caribbean leaders

CONTROVERSIAL dancehall deejay, Vybz Kartel has hit out against the leaders of the Caribbean islands who have sought to ban him from performing in their territories.

Speaking in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, noted that that he was unaware that regional leaders had so much idle time on their hands to consider banning an act from performing in their countries based on his lyrics. His comments come in wake of the recent decision by the government of St Lucia to deny him a work permit, which, had it been granted, would have seen the deejay taking the stage at two concerts this past weekend.

“I’m not in anyway trying to overthrow the government, nor am I preaching violence against anyone of any group, so I can’t understand them,” Kartel said in an interview aired on the popular BBC Caribbean Report.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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