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876-411 Review Show - The Foota Hype-Ishawna saga and assessing Mavado's run in the U.S.

876-411 Review Show – The Foota Hype-Ishawna saga and assessing Mavado’s run in the U.S.

Check out this brand new episode of the live, online Jamaican entertainment show, 876-411. Hosted by Marc Brown.

In today’s episode, we look at the ongoing fallout from the much publicized breakup of popular sound selector, Foota Hype and singer Ishawna as well as Mavado’s run in the U.S. since signing with We The Best Music Group and whether it has been a success.

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Foota Hype and Ishawna

Foota Hype quits Downsound Records, cites Ishawna songs as part of decision

Foota Hype and IshawnaProminent sound system selector and producer, Foota Hype says he has severed all ties with Downsound Records after nearly three years with the Josef Bogdanovich led label, claiming they disrespected him by releasing songs by ex-fiancee, Ishawna that were allegedly aimed at him following their recent break-up.

Foota made the announcement Tuesday morning via his official Instagram page, saying “Good morning. Effective this minute, right now @footahypemusic is no longer apart of the @downsound_music company. I QUIT, resigned, lef di work,, whichever way wi can put it on the basis of not getting the respect I deserve from the company and CEO, Josef Bogdanovich.”

He added, “As in them producing and releasing material in the form of a song that is aimed at violating and disrespecting me and my brand. I will not work for a company that is deliberately trying to tear down my brand, image and, character in order to make another person in [the] same company relevant. At the end of the day I was Foota Hype before @downsound_music and will continue to be after.”

The songs Foota Hype are referring to are Restraining Order and Cry Baby, released by his ex, Ishawna under the Downsound within the last month; with both being alleged to be diss tracks aimed at the selector. The two, who had been together for nine years and engaged for a year, split in March, though no official reason for the breakup was given.

When asked about the songs, Ishawna admitted Restraining Order was about Foota, but denied Cry Baby was a diss track, telling the Jamaica STAR in an interview published Wednesday that the song was done as a counteraction to Papa San’s classic single, Maddy Maddy Cry.

She insists Foota Hype should stop carrying feelings because of these songs.

“I wish Foota Hype the best with his life, but I am an artiste, and music is like therapy for me,” she told the newspaper. “This is how I work out my problems. I put everything in music, and he needs to get over himself, this song is not about him.”

Bogdanovich put out a statement, however, contradicting Foota’s claim that he has left the label. The Downsound CEO nstead intimated that he and several other artists contracted to the label, including Specialist and Harry Toddler have been suspended without pay until further notice as the label undergoes a major transformation as they are set to leave their St. Andrew Park premises after a court ruled that the property under which the label was housed was in a residential zone and should be moved following several complaints from people in the area.

“The recent developments at Downsound are geared towards addressing our international presence,” the statement read. “We have made staff changes addressing the key areas of international promotion and artiste development. We have actually outgrown our 43 St Andrew Park location. We have been there over a decade, and this is an opportunity to expand,and for us to move to a more technically advanced environment.”

It continued, “We are going to focus on the careers of Ninja Man, Ishawna and Nature. Downsound Records is always seeking opportunities to expand the scope of its business. That is our primary focus going forward, tapping into new income streams and raising the international profile and excitement level on the music scene … just watch!”

However, Foota reiterated to the STAR that he has left, taking a parting shot at Ishawna in the process, claiming she only had one hit in her career thanks to him.

 “Foota is always Foota. When I went to Downsound, it was nowhere in dancehall like where it is now,” he said. “It is my energy that bring them to the forefront. Mi find hit wid Specialist, mi find hit wid Nature. The only hit Ishawna have, is me mek it. Mi a do my work, and dem a deal wid soap opera thing, and mi nuh deh pon dat.”

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Ishawna and Foota Hype split

Ishawna and Foota Hype call it quits nearly a year after engagement

Ishawna and Foota Hype splitOne of the Jamaican music industry\s most enduring couples has called time on their nearly decade-long relationship as curvaceous singer, Ishawna and popular selector, Foota Hype are no longer together.

The news comes 11 months after the duo officially got engaged after Foota proposed to Ishawna during a party at O’neil’s Place in Kingston. It was Ishawna herself who confirmed the news on Friday, saying they were no longer an item, though she did not confirm the reason behind the break-up.

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Foota Hype and Ishawna

Ishawna now engaged to long-time boyfriend, Foota Hype

Foota Hype and IshawnaAnother power couple within Jamaican music has decided to tie the knot as veteran selector, Foota Hype is now engaged to emerging singer and long-time girlfriend, Ishawna.

Foota shocked the fellow Downsound Records musician with a proposal in front of a full house at a party celebrating his 12th year as a selector inside Oneil’s Place. The party, which took place Wednesday night, had the likes of Bounty Killer and Beenie Man witness an occasion that Ishawna says took her completely off guard.

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Foota Hype inks deal with Downsound Records

Downsound Records is excited to announce that they have officially added ace music selector Foota Hype to their growing stable of top-ranking talent. Foota Hype comes to Downsound with an untarnished record for breaking some of the island’s baddest hits, and biggest hitmakers at major local events like Fully Loaded and Uptown Mondays, and venues around the globe. After more than a decade as a one man army, he is expanding his scope with a management and booking deal with Downsound.

Since 2001, when he got his big break at Fully Loaded, Foota Hype has made a name for himself as one of Jamaica’s leading soundmen, producers, and entertainment personalities. Known for producing Mavado’s anthem “Touch Di Road” on his Gully Creature Riddim and the single “For You” by Ishawna and Demarco, as well as for his affiliation to the Bounty Killer-led Alliance, Foota Hype has been a friend of Downsound for years through his friendship with the label’s recording artist Harry Toddler.  Now that Downsound has revamped and re-energized their entertainment outfit, label head Josef Bogdanovich feels this is the right time to solidify their relationship with Foota Hype.

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Dancehall disc jocks defend right to play their own material on Radio

Dancehall disc jocks defend right to play their own material on Radio

A pair of prominent Dancehall disc jockeys have strongly countered claims from Ras Kassa & an executive director of the Broadcasting Commission that they are involved in any conflicts of interest; playing their own recordings & productions in excess on Jamaican radio stations.

This past Tuesday, internationally acclaimed music video director, Ras Kassa implied that too many DJs have been playing many of their own songs & Riddims on local radio stations to boost personal status. Furthermore, Kassa insisted that such self-promotion is causing local Radio & the Dancehall industry in general to lose credibility. Jamaica Broadcasting Commission executive director, Cordel Green also suggested there was a conflict of interest issue involving disc jocks; claiming that playing their own material while doing sets for Radio stations was “connected content” and that radio stations need to monitor how their disc jocks promote their own material.

In response to their allegations, veteran Dancehall disc jock, Foota Hype refuted that there’s any conflict of interest involved; intimating that once the music is fit for airplay disc jocks should be free to play their own recordings. “As a producer, I got hit songs from a rhythm I produced in 2006, and they are still being played,” Foota told the Jamaica STAR. Furthermore, Foota insists that he plays his own material given that there’s limited time to play everyone’s songs whilst juggling on the radio & called radio stations hypocrites for not allowing them more time to play a variety of songs in the process.

Offering a solution to the problem, Foota called on members of the music fraternity to unite & ask for more airtime to increase the playing of local material from various acts; building local exposure. “If I have 10 minutes to play, and play my production for six minutes out of the 10 minutes, nothing is wrong with that because that time is short, but if I had more time I would get to play more material from other producers,” Foota Hype explained. Foota went on to re-iterate that time is the biggest problem; not only for disc jocks performing for local radio stations, but at parties as well.

Fellow, well-renowned disc jock, ZJ Liquid; known for his regular appearances on ZIP FM also took offense to Ras Kassa’s claims; implying that song producing disc jocks are being fought out by fans & even members of the industry. “When mi did a play everybody song and every artiste, dem did good but as a DJ produce a hit riddim, and as DJ do a song wha big, everybody have problem … Big up all disc jockey who produce music and all disc jockey who a artiste,” Liquid tweeted on his Twitter page.

A legion of fans & Dancehall observers have questioned the legitimacy of Jamaican radio stations and Dancehall’s worth given so many disc jocks have emerged as producers & artistes in recent years. Most notable amongst the disc jocks that’ve worn producer/deejay hats include ZJ Ice, ZJ Chrome who’s produced Riddims such as the Dancehall EFX & Contra Riddims & Tony Matterhorn who recently unveiled his singles, Dancehall Duppy & Hog Pen (Dancehall Duppy Part 2).


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Popular sound system selector Foota Hype has withdrawn his final string of attachment connecting him to his native community of Cassava Piece.

Foota Hype leaves Cassava Piece

foota hype

Popular sound system selector Foota Hype has withdrawn his final string of attachment connecting him to his native community of Cassava Piece.

The selector, who has spent most of his life in the community, which is located in St Andrew, painted out a mural of his name on a broken wall, as he no longer wished to be mentioned in anything relating to the area.

In recent times, both Foota Hype and dancehall artiste Mavado have been at odds, and there have been reports in the media about violent attacks that could be related to the feud. This Foota Hype says, has led him to fear for his own life and personal security.

“Yea, mi a low di community. Right now di ‘Gully’ a stay inna mi heart but mi affi leave di community – a it dat,” he said.

Just weeks ago, Foota Hype says he reported an incident to the Constant Spring Police, alleging that members of Mavado’s entourage fired shots directly at his mother’s house, which he said was hours after the said deejay kept a treat in the community.

Days later, Mavado’s Range Rover was shot up, and reports began to surface that it had been a reprisal of the shooting earlier. “It a get too much – cause di only way dem a offer mi is death or prison. Suh mi a tek whe myself from all negativity,” Foota Hype said.

Foota Hype said he believed the painting only portrayed him in a bad way, even though it was initially spray painted out of respect to him. “Di painting pon di wall mek it look like mi a don when it was out of respect dem did do it. It’s a decision I take where yuh av to tink ’bout protection a yuh family and income,” he added.

Foota Hype again hit out at the way Mavado, who was a longtime friend, has changed since his emergence on the dancehall scene in 2005. He was, however, unconcerned about the impact his decision would have made on his career, saying he still remains loyal as a member of the Alliance, which is led by Bounty Killer.

“Mi wah everybody remember sey Alliance means Bounty Killer and friends. Me and Mavado thing nuh determine dat (him still being part of Alliance). Mi still love ‘Gully’, still say Alliance, but when things start happen in yuh community whe start affect yuh life, yuh youth and yuh mada, yuh affi tek whe yuh self,” he said.

Foota Hype also said his recent feud with Mavado has tarnished his reputation.

“Everything a cost mi now, when mi deh a jail it cost mi, because mi affi find lawyer fee. It a mash mi image and I’m just a selector, mi nuh don,” he said.

Via Jamaica Star

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Earlier this week, a drive-by shooting took place at the Armour Heights (upper St. Andrew) home of leading dancehall singjay, David Brooks … more popularly known as Mavado. check it out

Clovis’ Illustration Of The Recent Drive-By Shooting @ Mavado’s House


Earlier this week, a drive-by shooting took place at the Armour Heights (upper St. Andrew) home of leading dancehall singjay, David Brooks … more popularly known as Mavado. No one was injured, but the rear windscreen of Mavado’s Range Rover Sport motor vehicle was extensively damaged during the incident. Below is Jamaica Observer cartoonist Clovis’ illustration of what supposedly transpired.

Via: Jamica Observer/Dancehallmobi

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The 28-year-old sound system selector,  Foota Hype, took a swipe at the self-proclaimed 'Gully God' for neglecting him and claimed that the artiste has lost his way since his emergence on to the dancehall scene.

Foota Hype and Mavado no longer friends

The 28-year-old sound system selector, Foota Hype, took a swipe at the self-proclaimed ‘Gully God’ for neglecting him and claimed that the artiste has lost his way since his emergence on to the dancehall scene.

“I just want the public to know that I am no longer affiliated with Mavado. I don’t want anybody to call me about him because from the other day, it’s like he has gone on an ego trip. He’s not the singing blacks who I once knew.”

“Mavado a mek the money get to him head now and him feel like everything what him say is right. I carry you to stardom, I was the one who put Gully Side on the map and you carry it around the world,” he added.

Another of Foota Hype concern is that Mavado, has always credited his success to the mentorship of Alliance general Bounty Killer, but he was eager to dismiss those claims.

“Is not Bounty Killer buss Mavado, nor Julian or DASECA, I only know of two people who always fight for his career and that is me and Flex,” he said.

When asked how he thought Bounty Killer would respond to his parting ways with Mavado, He said: “Honestly, I have no idea. It’s not a situation where everyone is involved. It’s between me and Mavado

“At the end of the day, every man is their own big man. So if a man want to say Foota Hype a move a way, that’s their thing. But me know what’s happening … so I can’t roll with people like that.”

Foota Hype, who said his last studio effort with Mavado was on his Gully Creature rhythm in 2007, still intends to remain part of the Alliance group. But, said that he has lost trust in Mavado and has no interest in dealing with him.

“Of course, me still say Alliance, that won’t change. Me still live a Cassava Piece, still deh pon di Gully Side me nah say Gaza, but me just don’t have anything to deal with Mavado,” he said.

Footage Courtesy of 876Radio

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