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New Artist Music: Vision – “We Jammin”


Music’s importance lies in the feelings it evokes in listeners, such is Vision’s aim with the hit bound reggae single “We Jammin”. Produced by Jon “fx” Crawford and Dubloise for Keynote Records, the feel good vibe of “We Jammin” brings nostalgic memories.

“We Jammin is a song that reflects the most memorable and happy  times of my life in Jamaica. Jammin means to kick back and relax, instead of saying Chillin or vibing, in Jamaica we just say Jam short for Jammin. The song tells you a lot about who I am and where I’m from. Living in America isn’t a bed of roses for most Jamaicans. Leaving our families behind and starting all over has its obstacles. So to past the time we jam reminisce on the good times back home in Jamaica. Thats what the song is about, its about we Jamaicans, even we immigrant. We all like Jammin in our own way.” stated Jamaican born singer/song writer Vision.

Proudly Jamaica has given reggae music to the world, iconic artists, legendary entertainers and music that stands the test of time. Vison’s “We Jammin” is sure to fall right into place with such distinctions as it boasts melodic hooks and authentic reggae vibe.

The single will be available for purchase on February 21st, 2014 on itunes.

For more information, and/or to request “We Jammin”, please e-mail [email protected]

Meet Jamaican born, singer-songwriter, Simon Mitchell, most infamously referred to by his stage name “Vision”. The name was inspired by Mitchell’s influential upbringing during his childhood stint as a member of his mother’s church choir. It was here that Vision decided that in all things life, he would be lead by faith and not by sight. Because of this mantra, following his musical transition to dance-hall, the international artist set out to create a promising new sound that he would later deem as “Roots Pop Reggae.”

But before there was Vision, there was Simon Alexander Mitchell. Born November 5 to a Jamaican mother and British-Jamaican father, Mitchell resided in England as a child while his father played professional soccer before later changing careers and moving Simon and his mother to Jamaica. It was here that the influence of the island’s strong musical culture would engulf Mitchell’s life and inspire him to become an artist. At the age of 12, the young boy was introduced to the piano, which he took to very well and would learn songs at a gifted pace. He’d soon realize his melodic knack for composing music. Fast-forward years later in which a football injury and a twist of fate would lead the former college athlete to a life of music. Read more..

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Interview: Tessanne Chin-First Interview After The Voice/ September 28 2013

VCE_204Interview: Tessanne Chin-First Interview After The Voice/ September 28 2013

Growing up on the island of Jamaica with musical parents, Tessanne knew she always wanted to be a musician. For three years, she sang backup for reggae legend Jimmy Cliff, but eventually broke out as a solo artist in Jamaica. Tessanne has not been able to make any waves in the U.S., but she’s hoping that The Voice will take her global. Follow Tessanne on Twitter at @Tessanne

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New Artist Spotlight : The Micha Ciselle EP Project

So! My EP is called Lover’s Leap, it has 4 tracks, and I created something specially for both the Caribbean & Indie/Pop market. I’ve even used musicians from Cali and JA, and the combination is MA-GI-CAL!

My goal is to make a musical statement with this EP. I spent over a year carefully thinking about the sound and feel I wanted for my music. Most importantly, I also wanted to show musical growth from my previous releases. I’m proud to say I have written all the music and lyrics on this project.

For me, music is ALL about a VIBE & a SOUND. This EP has a crossover/pop sound, but it also has an ISLAND VIBE. Think … enchanting, enigmatic, whimsical, sensual. For every song I created, I asked myself “does it say Jamaica?” and does it have that magical/intriguing island feel? It could be in the beat, the instrumentation, my vocal delivery … it’s there!


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Video Spotlight: Sade Serena - "TONIGHT"

Video Spotlight: Sade Serena – “TONIGHT”

Video Spotlight: Sade Serena – “TONIGHT”

Sade Serena
TRT: 3:26
Label: Island Def Jam Digital / Uprize Music
Director: Bobby Viera
Producer: Richard Myrie, Russell Lafreneire
Production House: BV Films, Illucid Productions
Editor: Bobby Viera
Twitter: @SadeSerena
Instagram: @Sade_Serena

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Video: Them Island Boyz ft. Jah Cure – Kiss Me Girl

Them Island Boyz ft. Jah Cure – Kiss Me Girl

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The musical legacy of reggae icon Bob Marley is evoked in joyful performance clips and in interviews with Marley, members of his family, those he recorded with and famous fans.

Behind the Music on VH1: Bob Marley

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Props: Vh1 , Vprecords

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