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Jah9 2014

Jah9 set to release second album, ‘Rebellion’ this summer

Jah9 2014Reggae singer, Jah 9 has announced the impending release of her sophomore album, Rebellion this summer as she looks to build on the buzz she garnered with her strong debut effort, New Name last year, reports Tuesday say.

It was with that first album’s lead single, New Name that made the Rastafarian songstress a household name within Reggae music in 2012, one of the main faces among a plethora of new stars to enter the genre’s framework that year. Now, she hopes to recreate that magic with Rebellion, which will feature more of jazz-on-dub style music that made her first album stand out while also showcasing songs filled with socially conscious lyrics.

Despite this album being the second to come out from Jah9, she insists she had been working on this project as far back as 2007, but decided not to release it as she wanted to learn more about herself as a person.

In the meantime, Jah9 is promoting her recently-released mixtape, For the Love of Kush, a project she is using as a way to advocate for the legalization of marijuana amidst the government’s consideration to decriminalize the herb. She hopes the mixtape will help spread knowledge about the nutritional benefits of the drug, admitting her cause is personal after losing a brother to leukemia when she was nine years old.

She has also released videos for singles such as Steamers a Bubble and Jungle. 

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Jah9 2014

Jah 9 delivers the ‘Dub Treatment’

Jah9 2014Jah9 is set to perform a full live set with her own band for the very first time since the launch (of her debut album, New Name) on Thursday, February 27 at the Countryside Club in Kingston.

The Dub Treatment will be a unique addition to the schedule of activities taking place in February during Jamaica’s Reggae month.

For The Dub Treatment, Jah9 is also preparing a tribute segment in collaboration with an all star cast of her culturally-inspired artistic colleagues paying homage to the sacred marijuana herb. Beyond its musical offerings, the night will also feature yoga on dub, spoken word, dance, and fashion. In addition there will be an exhibition of indigenous and contemporary Jamaican art on display. Beyond to the celebratory feel of the event, The Dub Treatment is thoroughly invested in the mission of community building through self awareness, self expression and holistic wellness as prescribed by His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I

Tickets for Dub Treatment can be purchased at JA$700.00 pre-sold and JA$1000.00 at the gate. Pre-sold tickets can be purchased at Mi Hungry | Base Kingston | Jus Natural Hair | I Nation | Twelve Tribe HQ | Veggie Meals On Wheels | Total Gas Station (Ligaunea) | Kushite’s Vegetable Cuisine | Grosvenor Gallery


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Jah 9

Jah9 releases her ‘Tension’

Jah 9It has been three months since she proclaimed a New Name, an album widely embraced by fans and critics alike. Now the jazz-on-dub artist, Jah9, is releasing a new song, ‘Tension.’

The politically-charged track was presented to her fans on May 23, the third anniversary of what the singer calls the “Tivoli Garden Holocaust.” That date will also be her birthday. Recently she recalled her whereabouts on that fateful day in 2010, evoking the scene from her vantage point at Gabre Selassie’s Kingston Dub Club.

“Standing in the hills looking down on T.G., burning,” she began. “Sizzla’s voice echoed through the big speakers, chanting appropriately for the ghetto youths.” With the mood thus set, she described her own emotion. “And I wept bitterly as the current moved through I womb. Watching helplessly in disbelief and despair as the nation turned in on itself.

Then, after a solemn pause, she punctuated her statement, “…on I earthstrong.”

These contributing factors inspired the message and delivery of ‘Tension,’ as Jah9 had finished penning the lyrics for the song before the violence quelled days later.

The work is produced in collaboration with I Grade Records and is part of the album, Songbird Riddim – the first installment of a riddim series by the production collective known as Zion I Kings. The album is officially available via digital and physical outlets including iTunesVP Reggae Distribution and Ernie B’s Reggae Distribution.

“I discovered Jah9’s music online and was immediately struck by her powerful word sound and unique melodies, particularly on the track ‘New Name,'” said Laurent ‘Tippy I’ Alfred, producer, founder and CEO for I Grade Records.“‘Tension’ is the most intense song on the Songbird Riddim album, and it captures emotions and energies that you don’t often find in music. Hearing about the inspiration behind the song made me appreciate her art even more.”

I Grade Records, based in St. Croix, USVI, has released twenty-six albums since its founding in 2001, including nine albums with the groundbreaking deep roots band, Midnite, as well as several notable debut albums by artists such as Dezarie and Niyorah.

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