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What inspired Human Story ( 1on1 w/ Kenyatta Fire) @kenyattafire @riddimstreamit

What inspired Human Story ( 1on1 w/ Kenyatta Fire) @kenyattafire @riddimstreamit
Jamaican Film Maker, Film Director & Editor, Musician, Songwriter, Performing Artist, Sound Mixing and Mastering Engineer elaborates on what inspired his song Human Story.

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New Artist Music: Vision – “We Jammin”


Music’s importance lies in the feelings it evokes in listeners, such is Vision’s aim with the hit bound reggae single “We Jammin”. Produced by Jon “fx” Crawford and Dubloise for Keynote Records, the feel good vibe of “We Jammin” brings nostalgic memories.

“We Jammin is a song that reflects the most memorable and happy  times of my life in Jamaica. Jammin means to kick back and relax, instead of saying Chillin or vibing, in Jamaica we just say Jam short for Jammin. The song tells you a lot about who I am and where I’m from. Living in America isn’t a bed of roses for most Jamaicans. Leaving our families behind and starting all over has its obstacles. So to past the time we jam reminisce on the good times back home in Jamaica. Thats what the song is about, its about we Jamaicans, even we immigrant. We all like Jammin in our own way.” stated Jamaican born singer/song writer Vision.

Proudly Jamaica has given reggae music to the world, iconic artists, legendary entertainers and music that stands the test of time. Vison’s “We Jammin” is sure to fall right into place with such distinctions as it boasts melodic hooks and authentic reggae vibe.

The single will be available for purchase on February 21st, 2014 on itunes.

For more information, and/or to request “We Jammin”, please e-mail [email protected]

Meet Jamaican born, singer-songwriter, Simon Mitchell, most infamously referred to by his stage name “Vision”. The name was inspired by Mitchell’s influential upbringing during his childhood stint as a member of his mother’s church choir. It was here that Vision decided that in all things life, he would be lead by faith and not by sight. Because of this mantra, following his musical transition to dance-hall, the international artist set out to create a promising new sound that he would later deem as “Roots Pop Reggae.”

But before there was Vision, there was Simon Alexander Mitchell. Born November 5 to a Jamaican mother and British-Jamaican father, Mitchell resided in England as a child while his father played professional soccer before later changing careers and moving Simon and his mother to Jamaica. It was here that the influence of the island’s strong musical culture would engulf Mitchell’s life and inspire him to become an artist. At the age of 12, the young boy was introduced to the piano, which he took to very well and would learn songs at a gifted pace. He’d soon realize his melodic knack for composing music. Fast-forward years later in which a football injury and a twist of fate would lead the former college athlete to a life of music. Read more..

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Anguilla based dancehall recording artiste Jay Khule is kick starting the new year with the release of a hot new single entitled “Party Shot” alongside Big Yard recording artist Richie Loops.

The song which was recorded in August last year during a promotional visit by Khule to Jamaica is the first of several new records which is slated to hit the local airwaves in the coming days.

Born Jerome Reid in St. Mary Jamaica, Jay Khule has steadily been working on his craft, hitting the studios and working with producers like Adrian “Donsome” Hanson.

According to Khule “Party Shot” has been getting good reviews. “Well so far the song has been pre released in Auguilla, the U.K and a few other countries in Europe and the response has been positive so the plan now is to build a momentum in Jamaica  and maybe later this year shoot a video for the track”.


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Live: Matthew Schuler Performance Shaggy & Friends 2014

Watch in this video as Matthew Schuler from The Voice sings ‘Hallelujah’ to guests at Couples San Souci Resort in Jamaica.

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Vybz Kartel Trial - Star Witness To Be Recalled.

Vybz Kartel Trial – Star Witness To Be Recalled.

Vybz Kartel Trial – Star Witness To Be Recalled.

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Interview: Tessanne Chin-First Interview After The Voice/ September 28 2013

VCE_204Interview: Tessanne Chin-First Interview After The Voice/ September 28 2013

Growing up on the island of Jamaica with musical parents, Tessanne knew she always wanted to be a musician. For three years, she sang backup for reggae legend Jimmy Cliff, but eventually broke out as a solo artist in Jamaica. Tessanne has not been able to make any waves in the U.S., but she’s hoping that The Voice will take her global. Follow Tessanne on Twitter at @Tessanne

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Ultimate Event : Big Cups Beach Party Jamaica | Presented by Smirnoff – Dec 29th

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Uprize Music Scores Charting with Hit Single, “Tonight”

Sensation Sade Serena blasts onto Billboardwith her hit debut single “Tonight,” from Uprize Music/Island Def Jam Digital. The Miami-basedJamaican-American singer and songwritercontinues to enjoy an explosive rise with the release of “Tonight” and its sizzling video earlier this year. “Tonight” entered at #4 on the Billboard Singles Sales Chart, dated September 7, 2013, with pop super-group One Direction at #1, placing her in very good company. Her follow-up single “Renegade” was released to radio just in time for the Labor Day party weekend and makes its official bow on iTunes and all major digital retailers worldwide on Tuesday, September 10, 2013.

Sade Serena brings a diverse, edgy yet soulful sound to the pop music world and “Tonight” is a club anthem that showcases her range and talent, lacing her butter-soft sultry vocals over a sizzling pop electronica rhythm. It was produced by Abe Stewart for Uprize Music, her management company and label. “It’s definitely a good feeling for Uprize Music and Sade Serena to have a song charting on Billboard,” discloses Richard MyrieCEO of Uprize Music.“It’s something you work towards and it’s an accomplishment and a beginning at the same time.”

Riding on the success of “Tonight,” Sade Serena has been making the rounds on radio and events to promote her single, across the U.S. all year long. The track has since been remixed by Grammy-nominated producer Mike Rizzoand the “Tonight Remix” is also enjoying rotation across U.S. radio, bringingSade Serena her first taste of success. “It’s every artist’s dream to have your music get out there and be accepted,” she reveals. “This Billboard Sales Chart shows there is a demand for my music and it’s even more amazing to have my very first single be included with the likes of One Direction.”

“Tonight” is now available worldwide on iTunes and all major digital retailers from Island Def Jam Digital Distribution/Uprize Music and “Renegade” will be available on Tuesday, September 10, 2013. Follow Sade Serena atwww.facebook.com/sadeserena or twitter.com/sadeserena. Please direct all management and media inquiries to Richard Myrie of Uprize Music at[email protected].


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Jamaican Olympic team

Jamaica threatened with expulsion from 2016 Olympics over drug testing issues

Jamaican Olympic teamThe World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA has issued a stern warning to one of track and field’s most prominent nations as Jamaica could face expulsion from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro if the local government fails to address inadequacies in its drug testing program.

British newspaper, the Telegraph reported Wednesdayevening that WADA’s general director, David Howmanhas urged Jamaica to look into is drug testing policy after explosive accusations by former Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) head, Anne Shirley that the island has not done enough to prevent drug use amongst its athletes.

In an article for Sports Illustrated, Shirley, who quit asJADCO president in February, accused Jamaican politicians and administrators of ignoring her constant warnings regarding the issue while claiming recent positive tests returned by Asafa Powell, Sherone Simpson and others were a ‘disaster’ waiting to happen.

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New Artist Spotlight : The Micha Ciselle EP Project

So! My EP is called Lover’s Leap, it has 4 tracks, and I created something specially for both the Caribbean & Indie/Pop market. I’ve even used musicians from Cali and JA, and the combination is MA-GI-CAL!

My goal is to make a musical statement with this EP. I spent over a year carefully thinking about the sound and feel I wanted for my music. Most importantly, I also wanted to show musical growth from my previous releases. I’m proud to say I have written all the music and lyrics on this project.

For me, music is ALL about a VIBE & a SOUND. This EP has a crossover/pop sound, but it also has an ISLAND VIBE. Think … enchanting, enigmatic, whimsical, sensual. For every song I created, I asked myself “does it say Jamaica?” and does it have that magical/intriguing island feel? It could be in the beat, the instrumentation, my vocal delivery … it’s there!


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Buju Banton

Buju Banton back in court on June 26

Buju Banton

Embattled Reggae/Dancehall superstar, Buju Banton will return to court June 26 in his juror misconduct case as he seeks a new trial.

Buju, who’s real name is Mark Myrie, was ordered to appear by Judge James Moodyalong with Terri Wright, the juror who is alleged to have violated court orders during the singjay’s February 2011 drug trial. The date was set late Tuesday, just over two weeks after a new development in the case in which a forensic expert hired by Banton concluded that she brought a desktop computer hard drive for examination of her alleged misconduct instead of a laptop she used during the trial.

Wright’s lawyer, Lori Palmieri later claimed her client misspoke in calling her computer a laptop. The aforementioned hard drive had over 1.6 million records during the trial’s duration, which were examined by the expert. However, it was determined none of those records pertained to the trial

Wright admitted to a Florida newspaper last fall that she researched aspects of Buju’s case, but later insisted this took place three weeks after the trial concluded. She has now been summoned to court to answer the forensic expert’s findings as well as issues raised in a motion filed by Buju’s legal team pertaining to a new trial.

Buju is still set to serve six more years of a ten-year sentence on drug-related charges stemming from a December 2009 incident in Florida. A gun charge, which was thrown out during the initial ruling was reinstated following a failed appeal on his conviction.

As a result, the entertainer was due to face a re-sentencing hearing and five additional year in prison in relation to the gun charge. However, the hearing was postponed after Buju’s team successfully filed an application to investigate the alleged misconduct.

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Video : Norwegian Reggae

Nico D, Admiral P, Sisi and JAA9 & ONKLP are just some of the artists coming out of the Knirckefritt stable. Specialising in Reggae, Soul, Hip Hip and Rap the label produces some of the best Urban music in Norway. The record company’s success soared when Nico D scored a No1. hit in Jamaica with his single Ruff Times, featuring Jah Mason. Nico D and, the label’s manager, Torstein Haavorsen talk about how Norwegian reggae took Jamaica by storm.

see video here : http://wp.me/pR8qa-8G1

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Video: Nico D feat. Jah Mason – Ruff Times

Nico D`s nr. 1 hit in Jamaica
From Nico D´s debut album to be released spring 2011
Track Produced by J.A.M production for J.A.M promotion.
Directed by: Daimien Brown
Foto: Asha
Edit: Raymond Hansen

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Ragashanti leave Link Up Radio following dispute with manager

RagashantiControversial Jamaican talk show host,Kingsley ‘Ragashanti’ Stewart is off the airwaves again following a nasty row with the manager of his latest radio program.

Last year, Ragashanti moved to Link Up Radio 93.5 FM shortly after announcing the suspension his Tambareen Radio outlet for revamping. However, his stint with New York-based radio station was short-lived after a fallout with David ‘Squeeze’ Annakie, Link Up’s head man earlier this month after accusing him of trying to exploit his image in an unsavoury light.

Ragashanti explained his situation in a detailed statement on his personalized website, Ragashanti.com.

“After numerous attempts to control and exploit me to make money, I made it known at all times that I am primarily a broadcaster and that I do not want my image or likeness to be exploited in ways I don’t see fit. I also made it known that I don’t need anyone to ‘manage’ or to channel me in arenas I consider unethical,” he said.

“I also did not want to be so obsessively focused on money that I would be callously exploiting my fellow Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals. This wasn’t received well by those who told me I could be the ‘biggest moneymaking machine’ for their company. This then led to multiple and unending manipulations for me to change my mind. They were unsuccessful. Then the pettiness increased in a manner aimed at trying to ‘draw me out’ to do something rash so that they could sue me and demolish me. Again, they were not successful. It was under this climate that I thought it best to resign.”

The esteemed media personality also chastised Mr. Annakie for trying to copyright his name, meaning, saying his ex-manager would have received all profits associated with the Ragashantibrand and any events or shows associated with said brand.

A screenshot of a post by Mr. Annakie on his Facebook page added more fuel to the fire asRagashanti claims he admitted to trying to copyright the name in a comment to a fan of the show.

“Yes, it is standard to protect all brands associated with a company to avoid legal issues. It is of no significance anymore because the relationship has ended and he has been released,” said the post.

Ragashanti is no stranger to change. In September 2010, he resigned from News Talk 93 FMafter a number of years on the network, hosting his popular Ragashanti Live program. Following a move to Nationwide Radio later that month, he was on the move again in March 2011 after theBroadcasting Commission ordered him off air, citing several violations. Ragashanti had long been questioned for the sexual nature of his program, which aired weekdays in the early afternoons during his short stint at the radio station.

He then started Tambareen Radio, which featured a variety of shows, including the popular late night program, Outa Orda.

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Dancehall artistes concerned about increase of gay prostitution, want it stopped

485447318_edb02ab8c1The topic of homosexuality in Jamaica has long been a hot and divisive one amongst Jamaicans; particularly artistes, who have continuously affirmed strong stances against it. Another issue amongst gays has raised eyebrows in the local music industry once more.

In Kingston, a growing number of homosexual prostitutes have been offering their services to passers-by, particularly in and around the New Kingston area. Though that particular part of Kingston is notorious for prostitution, the growing number of male prostitutes has raised qualms amongst citizens and the Dancehall community.

One such member of that community is ex-Portmore Empire singer and Vybz Kartel protege, Gaza Slim, who insists these gay prostitutes should be moved off the streets immediately.

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Video: Vybz Kartel – Noisey Jamaica Episode One

Vybz Kartel – Noisey Jamaica Episode One
Watch Vybz Kartel’s “My Crew” here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ah8lhmKEUQ
Host Codine Williams goes to Gaza, Jamaica to meet Vybz Kartel’s crew and get a people’s perspective on the controversial dancehall icon.

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