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Hapilos Awards flyer

Hapilos Entertainment Group celebrates anniversary with Digital Awards

Hapilos Awards flyer21st Hapilos Digital Distribution Inc. will mark their 4th anniversary as the most recognized distributors of dancehall, reggae and Caribbean music. The highlight of their celebration is set to be the annual 21st Hapilos Anniversary and Digital Awards which seeks to recognize, reward and honor various clients and artistes for their successes and achievements in the global digital marketplace. “The sky is the limit for 21st Hapilos Digital. We are in our 4th year as major distributors and we are very excited about celebrating all our successes with the public and our clients” shared Hapilos, President of Hapilos Entertainment Group.

Hapilos Entertainment Group is a New York-based corporation that was established to market, effectively distribute and support the Reggae, Dancehall and Gospel genres of music. With the inclusion of new genres of Caribbean music, Hapilos Entertainment became a leading force behind the revenue generation of Caribbean music. Additionally, with the provision of a variety of services including Management, Administrative support to artistes and entertainers, bookings and promotional events coordination, the force behind Hapilos Entertainment’s success is unstoppable.

With 4 years of growth under their belt; 21stHapilos Digital Distribution has managed to stay ahead of the competition by catering to their clients on a personal level. Executive Vice Presiden,t Johnny Wonder shared that, “We provide various support services to our clients including very basic things like assistance with setting up their Twitter accounts to help them promote their own music; Vevo accounts for their videos; Paypal and bank accounts so they have different options in accessing their earnings, one on one training seminars so they can better understand the digital marketplace”.

With these basic services in addition to the company’s core services, the high level of customer service offered and through pioneering foresight, Hapilos Entertainment launched other branches of their organizations, including Hapilos Teens and Hapilos Junior, in response to the need to tap into the next generation market with wholesome and age appropriate entertainment and musical education.

With an international client base, 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution has become one of the major driving forces behind the promotion of Dancehall and Reggae music in the global sphere.

“The goal is to open up markets and help take reggae and dancehall music to the heights of which it has never been taken before and to administer the services needed by our clients to facilitate that journey”, added Hapilos. 21st Hapilos Digital Awards is slated for Saturday, April 19, 2014 at the Chinese Benevolent Association; blue carpet begins at 6:00 pm, show time at 9:00 pm. The event is powered by Appleton Jamaica Rum, RJR Communications Group, Zip FM, Hype TV and Dam Good Brownies to name a few.

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Alty B

Alty B goes from ‘Nobody’ to somebody on new song

Alty BAiming to take the music world by storm, one lyric at a time, Real Entertainment Productions recording artist, Alty B is back in the spotlight, releasing his first single for 2014 entitled Nobody.

This song, produced by Smokeshop Studios, showcases the epitome of a ‘rags to riches’ type story, as Alty B speaks of the hypocrisy shown by people once a relatively unknown name gains some sort of recognition. Voiced on a beat combining Dancehall and Reggae elements, Nobody points out the struggles and whole heap a blood, sweat and tears’ it took for the singjay to gain respect in his industry while warning others in a similar situation to watch his or her surroundings that much more when success comes calling.

 Nobody has already found favour in his native Jamaica, with radio stations across the island playing the single in rotation. Alty B’s flow and straight-shooting lyrics make this song a worthy listen given its ability to relate to so many people who go through this everyday experience.

Alty B landed his biggest mainstream hit thus far after combining with fellow singer, Richie Loop for their collaborative effort, Island Girl. The song was a hit with several local TV and radio stations while also gaining heavy rotation in his base in the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada. Other notable 2013 singles from the R.E.P artist, who is currently being managed by Andrew Lee Pryce, included Bubble Fi Me (feat. Cubanis), Leaving You (feat. Ebony Royal) and Woman I Need You (feat. Jah Cube).

Look out for the official video for Nobody in the near future as well as the single on iTunes, distributed by Johnny Wonder and Hapilos 21st. This is the first of many things to come from this rising sensation throughout 2014 and the foreseeable future.  

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Havana Sunset Cover

‘Havana Sunset’ shines light on Canadian Dancehall-Reggae campaign

Emerging public relations firm, YuhSeeYou Entertainment and Publicity has decided to shed light on a brand new campaign they have created that’s sure to shed light on the Canadian Dancehall/Reggae market.

YuhSeeYou recently announced the impending launch of their new Dancehall and Reggae for Canada campaign, created to successfully promote the talent pool that exists within Canada as it pertains to Jamaica’s most prominent genres, Reggae and Dancehall. The Dancehall and Reggae for Canada campaign involves some of music’s most influential figures as highly regarded music distributor, Johnny Wonder and award-winning radio disc jock, Carrie Mullings as they seek to provide Canadian-based Dancehall/Reggae artistes greater outlets to promote their music.

According to YuhSeeYou founder, Reeva Proctor, the campaign came about as her PR firm worked with several of Canada’s promising Dancehall/Reggae artistes and noticed the appeal that these entertainers garnered as a result of their growing success.

For Proctor, the Dancehall and Reggae for Canada campaign hails as an ideal opportunity for Dancehall and Reggae who’re based in the North American country to earn mainstream success worldwide despite not residing in the country where these genres were originated.

“Both Reggae and Dancehall have opportunities here in Canada. It’s proven every year at events such as Jamaica Day Celebrations across our country and the two successful International Reggae Festivals that are held every year in Calgary and Montreal,” Proctor says.

“I don’t believe the saying that an artist must “Buss” in Jamaica before they can reach the international market. Europe and the U.K prove this to us time and time again. There is a Market for Reggae and Dancehall outside of Jamaica. Labels such as Push a Yute and Born Free Records have shown us that with proper P.R and Marketing that Jamaican music can make an impact no matter where you are from. Europe’s Industry Professionals excel in all areas of the industry such as promotion, public relations, production and media.”

In coordination with the Dancehall and Reggae for Canada campaign’s main objective, YuhSeeYou has signed off on the first official Riddim on behalf of this initiative, dubbed the Havana Sunset Riddim.

Havana Sunset features many of the aforementioned Dancehall/Reggae talents flourishing in Canada such as Alty-B, Chuxstar, Ebony Royal, Eyesus, Faze, Jah Cube, Tiffie and many others while also featuring emerging young stars based in Jamaica such as Richie Loop, Blak Diamon, Pretti Kitti and Gaza Maxwell.

Additionally, the Havana Sunset Riddim featured contributions from some of Dancehall and Reggae music’s emerging producers as the project was first built by Kimichi Records hit maker, Dane Sortie while being mixed by Canadian based label, Smoke Shop Productions while also featuring UIM Records producer, Anju Blaxx, who worked on Blak Diamon’s single for the compilation.

The Havana Sunset Riddim will be unofficially released on August 30 before being distributed in mid-September by Johnny Wonder and his 21st Hapilos outlet.

YuhSeeYou Entertainment and Publicity previously released the Wakefield Riddim, a compilation featuring many of Dancehall’s elite such as Spice, Voicemail and Richie Loops while also showcasing Blak Diamon and Toronto-based Dancehall artiste, Sampaloo.

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Saine doubles the pleasure with a pair of hit tracks

Fast Rising Dancehall/Reggae singer, Saine has scored a double knockout in her fight to earn significant mainstream buzz within the music industry as she’s released a pair of singles that have peaked mass interests.

The newly dubbed first lady of Black Spyda Records has dropped her first solo track and collaboration as a part of the emerging Dancehall/Reggae label: All Night and Go With You (featuring T’Nez). Both songs reflect the growth of Saine’s vocal abilities as well as her musical persona as she aims to successfully represent the new crop of up-and-coming singers within the local music scene.

All Night immediately sets a romantic mood for musical admirers to relate to and feel comfortable as Saine lyricallydelivers a story of one’s innermost desires coming to light as he or she covets the essence of love and making love.

In this passionate musical display, Saine sings, “I see you start to sweat, you know what’s coming next, nervous when I undress, I hear you losing breath, I’m gonna take my time, I’m gonna do this right so saddle up and enjoy the ride.”

She continues, “Ok, let’s start again, don’t want this night to end…Wish I could press rewind and just go back in time.”

If that didn’t prove Saine’s credentials enough, the multitalented singer strikes again on her joint effort with fellow breakthrough star, T’Nez on Go With You. On this duet, Saine and T’Nez show undeniably good chemistry as they sing a story about the qualities of love and loyalty which ignite sparks within a building relationship.

Both singles have already gained the mainstream attention that Saine has hoped for as Go With You and All Night have earned strong rotation on ZIP FM where prominent disc jocks, ZJ Chrome and ZJ Dymond as well as Sun City Radio 104.9FM where DJ Calico of Darkcide International also played them.

Saine’s double effort features out the aptly titled, Saine Rain Riddim which is scheduled for digital release, via iTunes on May 15 while being distributed by 21st-Hapilos and Johnny Wonder.

For Saine, her latest works are true indication that her dreams stardom and international recognition isn’t too far from coming true.

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21st Hapilos Releases Tiana’s ‘Princess of the Dancehall,’ EP

Prominent Dancehall diva, Tiana has marked a crowning achievement in her career by unveiling her debut EP, Princess of the Dancehall that’s being digitally distributed by 21st Hapilos (Johnny Wonder) via iTunes and several other online digital stores.

Having made several strides within Dancehall over the last 18 months, Tiana has released several hits that have connected with underground and mainstream audiences while building strong fan bases locally and overseas. Her versatility and work ethic culminated in the official release of Tiana’s first Extended Play compilation on Friday.

The digital EP, unveiled via American music sharing outlet, iTunes features several of Tiana’s smash hits over the last 18 months as she aspires to achieve the commercial success her resume warrants. Princess of the Dancehall consists of highly-acclaimed singles such as a soca version of her first major hit, Can’t Talk Bad Bout Mi, Bruk Out and Whine on the internationally-acclaimed Overproof Riddim as well as the sexually charged track, P*m P*m Phat which took the Dancehall world by storm.

Additionally, the debut EP features a pair of Tiana’s most prominent collaborations such as U Mi Want featuring Darrio and the top 10 hit, Gyal Mi Love Yuh featuring Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Konshens.

Princess of the Dancehall encompasses various genres and stages of this dominant diva’s career as the 9 track EP solidifies her place as a stalwart within Jamaican music as she looks towards bigger and better things in 2012.

The Producers who helped to make Tiana’s Princess of the Dancehall EP possible are Adde Production (Summer Time Riddim)…So-Unique Records (Lost Angel Riddim)…Roache/JA Production(Overproof Riddim)…Carlington OutAroad Wilmot/LionPath (Flirtation & West Pines Riddim)…D&H/Subkonshus (G Shock Riddim)…Fams House Studio(Buss Out Riddim) and Cashflow Records with School Bag Riddim.

Buy Tiana’s ‘Princess of the Dancehall’ EP here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/princess-of-the-dancehall/id506700497

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