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ZJ Liquid 106 and Park

ZJ Liquid set for two 106 and Park appearances this week

ZJ Liquid 106 and ParkAcclaimed Jamaican disc jock, ZJ Liquid will be making his return to BET’s 106 & Park this Monday and Tuesday, where he will be the guest DJ for the respective days of the popular music video countdown show.

The long-time ZIP 103FM zip jock previously was a guest DJ on the July 7 edition of the show, where he played Dancehall and Reggae music, as well as hip-hop, house music and soca for the audience throughout the episode.

This is a continuation of a mini-series of appearances for Liquid, who performed in Philadelphia over the weekend during a show featuring deejay, Macka Diamond.

The 106 & Park gigs come following an eventful week for Liquid, who was embroiled in a saga involving upcoming artist, Ikon D Link, who threatened to jump off ZIP 103FM’s transmission pole if his song, Stress, was not played by the disc jock during his regular Throwback Tuesdays set last Tuesday. After some negotiation, Liquid agreed to play the song and duly did so twice, before later declaring he would never play the song again in its present format.

In the meantime, Liquid is busy promoting his recently-released project, the Good Book Riddim, which features Bounty Killer, Aidonia, I-Octane, Konshens, Mavado and many more.

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Demarco and RickyCarty

COLUMN: Dancehall today more about hype that hits

Demarco and RickyCarty

By: Marc Parc

A threesome involving two girls in masks, a live sex show, a borage of videos filled with cheeks of the below the belt variety and occasional quips about oral and anal sex.

No, I’m not describing features on Pornhub or XVIDEOS, but Dancehall in 2014; a genre filled with recent, overexuberant attempts to gain attention within the music world and create controversy. From established acts such as Demarco to young artists including Ricky Carty, there has been a seemingly concerted effort to correlate Dancehall and porn in music videos, not necessarily for your enjoyment, but to garner buzz in the media that they would not have attained through any other means. After all, sex sells right?

Let us not be naïve, controversy has long sold records and appealed to hardcore followers of ‘fast Reggae’ since it became popular in the late 1980s and early 90s. However, since the turn of the decade, controversy has not only become an ingredient to the recipe of success within Dancehall, but the main ingredient; in some cases, the only ingredient. Though there have been some instances of top-quality Dancehall music being produced, lyrical content and originality are drastically lacking, thus causing many acts to resort to extreme measures, including visually, to reel in fans and keep them paying attention and downloading their material.

When a young phenom such as Alkaline came along with his Not A Slack Song video and later, tattooed eyeballs (though whether they’ve been tattooed continues to be debated by the masses), he instantly garnered attention before people ever really paid attention to his lyrical content. Unlike others, he has managed to last thus far because of his flow and understanding of the industry, making him an instant star. However, time will tell whether the gimmicks and sometimes questionable lyrics (the anal stimulation lyric in Love You for example) that accompany his act will wear thin or allow him to stay the course.

Other acts have tried this route in the last year or two, with mixed results. Tommy Lee Sparta stood out in 2011 and 2012 with his occasional demonic references in his music and the scary performance getup to match. While fans were seemingly OK with it for a few months, their patience grew thin, often chastising him for his content via social media and other means; leading to his reduced impact within the Dancehall scene in the last year and a half as his continued demonic references and sudden switch to more positive songs have been met with a collective ‘ho hum’ from the masses back home.

Looking to build momentum following a nasty feud will fellow deejay, Spice, Macka Diamond struck gold with the sexually-charged, chart-topping anthem, Dye Dye. Seeing how well-received the song was, she then turned up the ante and then some for her follow-up single, Twist Me by, let say, having a man taste a different type of meat in her kitchen. The visuals were a distraction from the average content the song itself offered, and got lots of criticism from music lovers who felt the imagery crossed boundaries. On the contrary, said imagery worked as far as creating online buzz was concerned.

Dancehall, pre-2011, did not need the overbearing sexual references and risqué image changes to become popular. Metaphors, similes and smartly introduces touches of edginess made the genre more original and easy to follow. Perhaps we should have seen this coming though.

Since the Broadcasting Commission’s outlawing of gun lyrics on Jamaican airwaves in 2008, more entertainers have been forced to be more original and cunning with their lyrical content and imagery. However, many veterans and up-and-comers have over-relied on sexuality to gauge interest from the public at large, thus resulting in an ample amount of explicit videos and promotional pictures exasperating T & A to get their points across; with explanations from managers, promoters and artists themselves centering around the copout that they’re ‘giving the people what they want.’ Did they survey fans asking what they wanted? And, even as enjoyable as sexuality it, once pushed so often, said fans will get tired eventually.

These stunts only cover up the big issue at hand, that variety and tasteful conceptualization has been disappearing from what still is the biggest genre in Jamaica. However, with Reggae music now regaining the consciousness of the people, in part thanks to the fresh young talent such as Chronixx, Dre Island and Jesse Royal, Dancehall must now challenge itself to get back to its roots and stop relying on exaggeration to get points across. It has become a hype machine, where hits aren’t necessarily the aim, but pushing agendas that get the media and fans talking. What artists don’t realize, are that they aren’t necessarily being talked about for the right reasons, which only leaves the genre in a bad place.

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Macka Diamond vs Lady Saw

Lady Saw-Macka Diamond feud heats up again

Macka Diamond vs Lady SawJust when it seemed issues between prominent Dancehall divas, Lady Saw and Macka Diamond died down, controversy over a recent show as well as pictures recently released by Macka have apparently re-hashed old feelings between the two.

The latest salvo in this feud was fired thanks, in part, to a show held in Grenada last weekend dubbed Soca vs. Reggae, in which both Lady Saw and Macka Diamond were scheduled to perform. However, Lady Saw failed to turn up for the show, claiming she was not paid by promoters to perform.

Confusion over what happened in Grenada led Lady Saw to clear the air on Tuesday, via Twitter as to why she was a no-show. Then on Wednesday, the ‘Queen of Dancehall’ tweeted a series of scathing messages, which appeared to be aimed at Macka Diamond.

One tweet read, “When did music become one bag of mix up artist turn porn stars, sucking out and cussing out? Since some fool become desperate 4 attention,” while another, more poignant tweet read, “Picking on me won’t help distract people from u nasty kitchen porn, so next time keep u draws on around u son food.”

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Macka Diamond 2013

Macka Diamond defends using oral sex promo pics for new song

Macka Diamond 2013Popular Dancehall star, Macka Diamond showed in her recent hit song, Dye Dye that she is not afraid to test the waters when it comes to content. However, the deejay is now riding a tidal wave of controversy caused by her follow-up single, Twist Me thanks to a few promotional pictures that have brought one of Jamaica’s most controversial issues to the forefront.

On Friday, two leaked pictures emerged on several entertainment websites with what appeared to be a lingerie-clad Macka Diamond receiving oral sex from a man on a kitchen counter and a sofa. The promotional pictures, which can be seen here, caused a social media firestorm, with many Twitter and Facebook users blasting Macka Diamond for pushing such imagery to the public.

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Macka Diamond

Rough Start: Macka Diamond loses brother on birthday, involved in car accident

Macka DiamondFor Macka Diamond, 2012 ended with her engaged in lyrical warfare with fellow deejay turned rival, Spice. In 2013, the veteran deejay faces battles of an entirely different kind off-stage.

On January 12, Macka, whose real name is Charmaine Monroe, was preparing to celebrate her birthday in style at her Forty and Fabulous party on Waves Beach in Portmore, St. Catherine when she received a saddening phone call. The prominent deejay received a phone call informing her that he 23-year-old brother, Charles Monroe died of leukemia.

Though this news obviously changed her mood on her special day, Macka Diamond believes her brother has gone to a better place.

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Lady Saw and Tifa

Back and forth: Tifa addresses Lady Saw comments, Macka Diamond disses Spice

During a time in the Jamaican music industry when lyrical battles are typically at the fore, an all-out war seems on the verge of occurring amongst some of Dancehall’s leading divas.

On Tuesday, the Queen of Dancehall, Lady Saw fired the latest salvo in an ongoing war of words between herself and some of Dancehall’s lead female deejays; notably Tifa, Spice and Macka Diamond. The Heels On singer gave a radio interview on Tuesday toHitz 92 FM in which she blasted her deejay compatriots.

When asked about her issues with TifaLady Saw branded the Hold On singer as an ‘uptown Chihuahua.’ Additionally, when pressed about Macka Diamond, Lady Sawcalled her ‘Muma Donkey’ before turning her attention to Spice, saying “When Laing dun pay her a STING, all she can pay for a the suit.”

Later Tuesday afternoon, Tifa tweeted Lady Saw’s comments on her official Twitter page, sparking strong reactions from her fans. This led the Matie Wine singer, who recently fell out withLady Saw after a series of disagreements, to vent her frustrations with the Queen of Dancehall’s actions.

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Lady Saw and Macka Diamond

Macka Diamond tells Lady Saw to stop ‘advertising’ her Christianity

The wedge between prominent Dancehall divas, Lady Saw and Macka Diamond seems to be growing after comments that latter entertainer has made regarding the Queen of Dancehall’s decision to contemplate baptism.

Last month, Lady Saw surprised many fans and music industry players by signaling her intention to drop Dancehall music as she was going through a spiritual transformation hinting that she’d soon be recording gospel. Her announcement came after taking an extended sabbatical from Dancehall to re-focus her life after admitting her share of off-stage struggles.

However, Macka Diamond doesn’t seem overly amused by Lady Saw’s announcement. Though the Forty and Fabulous singer congratulated Lady Saw on deciding to practice Christianity to a greater extent, Macka isn’t pleased with her fellow deejay’s publicizing of her religious path.

Macka Diamond recently issued a statement addressing the matter, saying, “I believe that it is a good decision for her to make that personal commitment to God, but why advertise it? Instead of talking about church, she should just do it, go missing off the scene, and go deeper in her spirituality. There is no need to advertise your Christianity like is some form of promotion. That’s just what I believe.”

Not only does Macka Diamond have a problem Lady Saw’s openness regarding her spiritual beliefs, she questions its validity as well. She pointed to their recent fallout as a reason why Lady Saw’s decision does not seem totally genuine.

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Lady Saw and Macka Diamond

Lady Saw and Macka Diamond at odds

Two of Dancehall’s leading ladies are squaring off verbally after a newly released song that has sparked controversy within the music industry.

Veteran deejay, Macka Diamond recently unveiled a new single entitled, Mi Bless, which seemingly takes shots at the ‘Queen of Dancehall,’ Lady SawThe song, deemed by many as a Lady Saw diss songhas a line that seemingly makes reference to the fact that the ‘Queen of Dancehall,’ can’t have children.

In the song, she deejays, “After mi sing mi song say mi a 40 plus, Mi see some gal pick it up, she mussi Spartacus, But lowe me and clean up yuh yard fuss, A nuh me yuh man breed so why a me yuh waan cuss, Mi bless, yes mi womb bless, A wha do some gal, Yuh nuh see dem clueless.”

This comes after recent fallout between Macka Diamond and Lady Saw after Macka released the single, Forty and Fabulous in which she called up the names of other entertainers who’ve reached age 40 but are still prominent in Dancehall, including Beenie Man and Bounty Killer.

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Video: Macka Diamond & Devina Burns- You like it - Overproof riddim

Video: Macka Diamond & Devina Burns- You like it – Overproof riddim

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Video: Macka Diamond & Devina Burns- You like it – Overproof riddim

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Macka Diamond lashes out against Jamaican music industry, cites unfair treatment

Veteran Dancehall superstar, Macka Diamond bemoans what she calls undeserved criticism from fellow, local music industry players.

The prominent deejay made this claim following her recent nomination by the Jamaica STAR for the Worst Dressed Female category at this year’s Star People’s Choice Awards. Macka Diamond faces competition from fellow, highly-acclaimed acts such as Danielle aka D.I., Alliance Next Generation first lady, Bridgez and Reggae superstar, Etana.

With that marking her only nomination for the award show, Macka Diamond gave a recent interview, published in Caribbean Entertainment Magazine, blasting the Jamaican music industry for demeaning her various achievements in 2011, including the International Reggae and World Music (IRAWMA) award for International Female Rapper/DJ of the Year.

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MackaTifa - IRAWMA 2011

Who was the best female deejay in 2011?

Looking back on a rather eventful 2011 in Dancehall, many things changed the face of the genre but one thing remained the same: females still had to fight for their deserved attention.

This year’s seen a greater collective effort by female deejays to make themselves triumphantly heard, with several female-dominated projects hitting the airwaves such as the Star Girl Riddim and the critically-acclaimed, Bedroom Riddim. Additionally, there were a slew of counteractions as well as a strong statement made by one of Dancehall emerging acts; demanding that females get treated equally within the industry.

Five artistes in particular made strong statements within the industry in 2011; asserting themselves as Dancehall mainstays as well introducing wide varieties for fans to enjoy.

As usual, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Dancehall,” Lady Saw graced the industry with her no-holds-barred persona; proving she still has plenty left in her lyrical arsenal. In particular, her single, Wife a Wife on the internationally-acclaimed, Matrimoney Riddim showed that she remains a high-demand artiste who refused to be intimidated by her peers as well as the opposite sex. Though Lady Saw’s more current singles lack the amount of desired airplay, she continued to rule the streets with songs such as Caan Dweet, Love Sick on the highly-acclaimed Overproof Riddim as well as Matrimoney one the popular Matrimoney Riddim; showing that her essence still hasn’t worn off.

Spice also showed her flexibility in 2011; deciding to build on the continued success of her 2010 chart-topper, Jim Screechie by elevating her status overseas. She achieved just that with the release of the Equiknoxx Music produced, Fun (Remix) alongside hip-hop superstar, Missy Elliott that was well-received locally and in the United States. She also collaborated with American R&B songstress, Mya and Jamaican-American songstress, Barbee. Staying true to her roots, Spice continued making hit tracks with efforts such as, Hot Patty Wine, Put It Pan Mi and the thought-provoking song, My Boyfriend Dick; proving her raunchy persona remains alive and well.

Another diva making an international splash of some sort is veteran deejay, Macka Diamond, whose latest single, Wine premiered on WorldStarHipHop’s website last month and whose new album, Don’t Disturb Mi was released in the U.S. in early November. However, her biggest success was thanks to a popular dance single, introducing Jamaica to the Cowfoot dance. The song was an instant sensation locally and overseas, proving her versatility once more whilst earning over 155,000 YouTube views since its release this past winter. On the contrary, Cowfoot ignited one of the strangest beefs of 2011; feuding with former Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall favourite, Tanto Blacks regarding the origin of the dance. After exchanging a few diss tracks, their feud seemingly has cooled off but showcased a rare battle of the sexes that, for a while, had fans captivated.

A usual suspect for Female deejay of the year, Tifa continued to repay her fans’ trust; unveiling praiseworthy singles with catchy punch lines and innovative videos to accompany them. That was never more evident that the release of her single, Get Flat; featuring an engaging dance concept for it accompanying video while earning some acclaim for the song itself. Tifa also featured on the self-worth promoting single, Swaggin’ alongside Wayne Marshall and Future Fambo whilst gracing the aforementioned Matrimoney Riddim with her single, Wedding Chapel. Her most recent hit single, Dash Out, on the Overproof Riddim has earned her the most notice and airplay; attaining nearly 80,000 YouTube views in just less than three months and is regarded as one of the best songs on the Riddim. Her resume’ this year warrants serious consideration for several end-of-year awards that would be full-deserved should she win them.

However, one female deejay’s star rose in 2011 rather quickly; amassing recognition locally and internationally with her improvisation musically and taking a stand against a male-dominated genre. The self-professed “Queen of Dancehall,” Tiana may not be one the first names uttered when considering Dancehall of the Year nominations, but her resume’ this year actually merits such an honor.

Tiana’s remix of Popcaan’s club anthem, Ravin’ that drew mass attention to her. Pum Pum Phat, a sexually charged remix of Popcaan’s internationally-acclaimed single, removed a great level of anonymity attached to her amongst Dancehall observers; earning over 200,000 YouTube views for the effort alone in the last three months since its release as well as several plays across parties worldwide.

Tiana also produced a strong effort on the Overproof Riddim with the release of her song, Bruck Out and Whine which has achieved half of Pum Pum Phat’s total views as well as the pulsating collaboration, Gyal Mi Love Yuh alongside Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Konshens which performed well on several local charts. What makes her the prime deejay of the year candidate amongst females, however, is the fact that she’s unveiled a plethora of well-received music videos this year; 11 in total, which is an unheard of number for any artiste of either sex; showing strong work ethic and promotional savvy.

Furthermore, her comments condemning what she labeled a “sexist” industry; earned her strong clout as a spokesperson for females within the genre looking for respect locally. After making such a profound statement and releasing the single, Love My Life to further reinforce her point, her fan base grew along with respect amongst her peers.

Though Tiana may not be the most popular female act within the Dancehall fraternity, such a diverse list of achievements arguably makes her the most logical choice as female deejay of the year.


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Star-studded lineup takes over RE 5 to 7 Live

Stars shone bright in the RE 5 to 7 Live studios as a plethora of Dancehall superstars appeared on the popular entertainment show.

The show kicked off with an energetic performance from internationally-acclaimed Dancehall/ Reggae singjay, I-Octane, who dazzled RE’s stage with hit singles such as, One Ting Mi Kno Seh and Burn Dem Bridge.  The singjay, who’s set to unveil a new EP (Extended Play) entitled, Straight From The Heart on December 6, intimated that he’s pleased with the progress shown through his music and brand.

Additionally, the recently re-signed Digicel Ambassador claims that he’s yet to accomplish every goal desired within music and want to help mold the next generation of Dancehall/Reggae stars.

“Even if I doe fully accomplish from it, I pave the way for the new utes dat a come up,” I-Octane said.

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Black Ryno has passport, clothes stolen during meeting

Another well-renowned Dancehall artiste finds himself scrambling for answer following a robbery of several valuables whilst attending to business.

Romane Anderson, more popularly known as Black Ryno, was robbed this past weekend while attending a meeting at the Supreme Promotions headquarters on Burlington Avenue in Kingston. The incident comes a few weeks after another popular deejay, Elephant Man, was robbed of several items while attending an event in New Kingston. Another top deejay, Macka Diamond, endured a similar fate this past during her performance at the Louise Bennett Theatre in August.

While at Supreme Promotions headquarters, thieves broke into Ryno’s vehicle; stealing a myriad of valuables including his passport, additional travel documents as well as clothing. Ryno’s passport was issued just hours prior to the incident after conducting business and is scheduled to go on tour across the Caribbean as well as Costa Rica next month prior to his performance at STING 2011.

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Elephant Man robbed of valuables days ahead of international tour

Internationally-acclaimed deejay, Oneil “Elephant Man” Bryan has become the latest Dancehall act to have valuables stolen from him during a performance.

The Pon Di River singer attended an event in New Kingston on Monday night; parking his Toyota Corolla near to the venue. However, upon returning to the parking lot, he noticed that one of the car’s rear windows was smashed and two bags were missing. In said bags contained important travel documents as well as a copy of the video for his single, Survivor, featuring Alliance leader, Bounty Killer.

“Mi passport, mi documents, mi just get a copy of the brand new video for Survivor and a today it did fi come pon RE TV. The studio stuff, mi hard drive, laptop, mi need the whole a dem back. It’s a Gucci bag and a black travel pack,”Elephant Man told the Jamaica STAR on Tuesday.

Elephant Man urged that the bandits to return the stolen documents and studio equipment immediately; pleading for thieves to stop breaking into innocent people’s vehicles and stealing important, personal material. However, the “Energy God” was quick to call out security officials who were on-hand outside the event.

“How security deh deh and my things gone?” Elephant Man asked before pointing out instances in which friends recently had their cars broken into by thieves.

Meanwhile, Elephant Man’s predicament came just days prior to his upcoming international tour which kicks off this weekend.

“Mi fi go pon tour weekend and mi need back mi stuff dem. I am going Europe and Africa for three weeks and then I am going to Haiti. I already take the promoters’ money so I need back mi stuff. If dem can just drop it off at any Alliance corner, throw it over the fence, whatever. Nobody inna Jamaica nuh fava mi, so you can’t travel on my stuff,” Elephant Man said.

In August, veteran Dancehall deejay, Charmaine “Macka Diamond” Munroe was robbed of valuables during a performance inside the Louise Bennett Theatre in Kingston. Included in the stolen materials were travel documents for her and her son, who goes to school in the United States, as well as her driver’s license, credit cards and other materials.

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Prominent Dancehall deejay, Charmaine Munroe, more popularly known as Macka Diamond is desperate for the retrieval of important documents & other valuables that were stolen from her during a performance in Kingston on Sunday.

Macka Diamond robbed during performance, issues reward for return of valuables

Prominent Dancehall deejay, Charmaine Munroe, more popularly known as Macka Diamond is desperate for the retrieval of important documents & other valuables that were stolen from her during a performance in Kingston on Sunday.

A window of Macka’s Honda Civic was smashed as thieves broke into and vandalized the vehicle while the “Cowfoot” deejay gave a performance inside the Louise Bennett theatre Sunday night. Macka Diamond issued a press release the following day explaining the incident. “The persons shattered the rear left pivot window, entered the vehicle and removed several valuable items while I performed inside The Louise Bennett Theatre,” Macka stated. Some of said valuable items that were stolen from the deejay included passports for her and her young son as well as her land title, debit & credit cards, Tax Compliance Certificate, her iPad and cash. The incident was immediately reported to the St Andrew Central Police.

“These documents, especially the travel documents for myself and my son, are very important. These documents can be returned confidentially, and I am personally offering a reward for them. Persons with information may contact the Half-Way-Tree Police Station or me directly via email at [email protected],” Macka pleaded.

In a further effort to retrieve her belongings, Macka has offered a JA$10,000 reward for the return of the items immediately; stressing that these items are vital if she is to make a sufficient living. “I am offering $10,000 for the return of my important documents which I need to earn my living,” she stated in a press release on Tuesday. Her son lives overseas & should his passport not be returned in the soonest possible time, he may not be able to return to school. Macka also has international engagements she’s scheduled to attend to.

Macka Diamond is known for hit singles such as “Tek Con,” “Hula Hoop,” “Bun Him,” featuring Black-er & the popular dance song, “Cowfoot.”


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Soca: Macka Diamond and Buffy called “Boom boom” - Tun Up Riddim

Soca: Macka Diamond and Buffy called “Boom boom” – Tun Up Riddim

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