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New Artist Spotlight: Love Bullet – L’evate

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New Artist Spotlight: Sade Serena – Hello Kitty

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New Artist Spotlight : The Micha Ciselle EP Project

So! My EP is called Lover’s Leap, it has 4 tracks, and I created something specially for both the Caribbean & Indie/Pop market. I’ve even used musicians from Cali and JA, and the combination is MA-GI-CAL!

My goal is to make a musical statement with this EP. I spent over a year carefully thinking about the sound and feel I wanted for my music. Most importantly, I also wanted to show musical growth from my previous releases. I’m proud to say I have written all the music and lyrics on this project.

For me, music is ALL about a VIBE & a SOUND. This EP has a crossover/pop sound, but it also has an ISLAND VIBE. Think … enchanting, enigmatic, whimsical, sensual. For every song I created, I asked myself “does it say Jamaica?” and does it have that magical/intriguing island feel? It could be in the beat, the instrumentation, my vocal delivery … it’s there!


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“OMI” – New Artist Spotlight

One writer says, “Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, while others had greatness thrust upon them.” In the case of OMI (Omar Samuel Pasley) he was born a great singer! Hailing from Clarendon, Jamaica, OMI is last of the four children of Kenroy and Rachel Pasley. As a child growing up, he sang at every occasion that provided an audience – the church, school concerts or any other community gathering. Much to the delight of his onlookers, OMI would rise to the occasion once he got the opportunity.

OMI idolized his father and nurtured the desire to follow in his footsteps as a visual artist and musician. For him, this was no easy feat to accomplish, as his dad was not only outstanding at painting portraits, but also a great musician known in the industry as Jah Ken. However, before Jah Ken could pass-on all he knew about both vocations, he died of emphysema when OMI was nine years old. His dad’s passing left a vacuum in his world and as young as he was, OMI pledged to use his talents to keep his family anchored together.

He attended the May Pen Primary School, before moving to the Garvey Maceo High School where he started to shine as a true performer among his friends. OMI was captivated by the beats and ‘raw street poetry’ that coloured the hip-hop music genre, so much so, that during class breaks, his peers would take turns providing hip-hop beats while he rapped. His friends were fascinated with the cutting edge lyrics he spit and voiced their approval by drumming on the desks and chairs, while maintaining the rhythm to the lyrics he spun. It was at that moment OMI realized he could effortlessly create catchy melodies. As he grew older and his voice became more distinct, he found singing more to his liking. He enjoyed the latitude it gave him in putting more “soul” and creativity into his compositions.

OMI is the newest young discovery of international talent wizard, Clifton “Specialist” Dillon, who successfully produced and marketed such luminaries as Shabba Ranks, Patra and Italian reggae singer Alborosie. Discovered by Specialist three years ago, OMI is a prolific singer and songwriter inspired by music stars such as Nat King Cole, John Legend and Tanya Stephens. He enjoys reasoning on social, cultural and spiritual issues, from which he elicits material to incorporate into the body of his songs. The timbre of his voice is smooth, bright and compelling. OMI’s fluid vocal delivery and his contemporary songwriting skills will no doubt secure successive hits on both local and international charts. OMI is being groomed in all aspects of the music business under the direction of Kingston, Jamaica based Oufah Media & Production, spearheaded by Specialist, who is also producing his CD. He is currently in the studio laying tracks for his not-yet-titled debut album, of his self-penned songs, for which the intro singles “Standing On All Threes” and “Cheerleader” will be released shortly. Already on the scene is his “Firecracker” song, teasing music fans on YouTube. You are now officially forewarned: Prepare thyself to meet OMI!



OMI – CHEERLEADER - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_NVUZNsh2E


OMI – ALL THREES - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jy18UqKRKcY


OMI – FIREWORKS - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7Obw9Jo0ag

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New Artist Spotlight - KARIAN SANG

New Artist Spotlight – KARIAN SANG

New Artist Spotlight – KARIAN SANG

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svoyce new pic

New Artist Spotlight : S’Voyce is Ready for 2012

Bahamian artiste, producer and label CEO S’Voyce is ready for a new year and more success. First up on the agenda for 2012 is the release of his debut album “I Became Me”. The album will be released early in the year and has been anticipated by fans after the release of the singles “I Became Me”, ‘Don’t Give Up” and “Game Recognize Game”.

“Game Recognize Game”, one of the artistes personal favorites, is based on a true story. S’Voyce says he “wanted to share a little of what was happening in my life socially and in my odd relationships. I now use the lessons learned to guide me through life and look out for those who are trying to play games with my head or my heart. Now I know when someone is trying to use me, hence the title ‘Game Recognized Game’”.

For 2012 S’Voyce also plans to shoot various new music videos for himself and for fellow artistes as he plans to add video producer and director to his credentials very soon.

Local performances across the Bahamas as well as international shows are in the planning stages and S’Voyce hopes to travel more, meet fans in person and leave an impact with more live shows.

Keeping busy as an artiste as well as a producer S’Voyce has recently produced the Spanish Ego Riddim and he plans to start voicing Bahamian as well as Caribbean and international artistes in early 2012.

S’Voyce also would especially like to thank every single person, fan and DJ who bought or otherwise supported his EP “Christmas Time Again” as the proceeds were donated to the Ranfurly Children’s Home in Nassau, Bahamas.

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New Artist Spotlight : Briggy Benz – Red Square

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– My Life
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– Never Lame
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Being an enthusiastic fan of dancehall from an early age and identifying dancehall artists Spragga Benz and Cham as his musical inspiration, upcoming dancehall artist Briggy Benz is determined to be an icon in the dancehall industry. Dubbed as the off spring of veteran dancehall dj Spragga Benz, Briggy is resolute on revamping the vibe of dancehall music marketing himself as a hardcore dancehall artist with talent and versatility. Briggy was first introduced to the dancehall scene in 1999 when mentor-Spragga

Benz collaborated with him and fellow Red Square companions to voice “Gi Wi Dem” on Ward 21’s rhythm. Though the song received fair amount of airplay on radio stations locally, Briggy did not gain the recognition he hoped for. While embarking on his musical journey, earlier in his musical career

Briggy succeeded in voicing for several top dancehall producers such as Don Corleon and Rennaissance.

Taking a break from the center of dancehall happenings, Briggy spent the last few years evaluating the current dancehall industry. Briggy’s evaluation of the dancehall industry helped him to identify weak areas of his musical career and also pointed to areas that he could capitalize on. Briggy’s observation lead him to conclude that the talent of many young dancehall artists continues to go unrecognized resulting in the same musical sounds and ideas on contemporary dancehall rhythms. Mr. Benz also observed that dancehall is yearning for new talents with emerging ideas and lyrics. Still determined to gain success in the dancehall industry, Briggy understands that in order for him to overcome the obstacle of favoritism and bias he has to strategically position himself as a cutting edge dancehall artist- an artist that has a unique musical style and image. Even though Briggy is centering his musical approach on uniqueness and talent, he has never re-defined the concept of hardcore ultimately resulting in him recording hardcore dancehall songs that are appealing to an international audience.

In pursuit of his love and passion for music, Briggy has returned to the dancehall industry with what can be considered a bang. Never drifting from his musical roots, Briggy continues to be a member of the Red Square Crew while in the same breadth setting himself as a solo act. Briggy’s most recent projects involve him voicing on two of dancehall top rhythms namely Belated Earth Strong and Audacity produced by Delly Ranx and Riff Raff respectively. Briggy’s two latest songs “My Life” and “Never Lame” are doing well on the local and international scene. With the rotation of both songs on various radio stations, the artist is confident that there is still a space for young dancehall talents with the fans despite the reluctance of radio disc jocks and sound system selectors to promote the talent of young artists. Making strides to achieve his musical objective, for the Christmas season Briggy urges dancehall supporters to look out for the “Bun It” rhythm which will feature more hot songs from him and his fellow Red Square Crew colleagues. Also, Briggy is confident that for 2012 and beyond him and fellow Red Square crew members will bring back the substance, talent and versatility to dancehall music.

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