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Popcaan enjoying successful European tour, set to drop new album

Popcaan 2013Fresh from a successful Canadian tour in June, where he performed for full house venues in cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver, Popcaan has remained at the forefront of the Dancehall scene; from climbing charts to performing sold out shows worldwide.

Now Popcaan has raised the bar as he has performed to sold out concerts in Europe on his European Summer 2013 Tour, playing major festivals in Germany, France, Switzerland and Holland over the past two weeks. Of significance was his first time performing with a band on such festivals as Afro Latino in Belgium and SummerJam in Germany.

After rocking a crowd 30,000 strong at SummerJam, Popcaan said, “It was an amazing experience, its great to see how the people accept the music, SummerJam is a special vibe and a every energetic crowd”

He will return to Jamaica just in time for the highly anticipated Reggae Sumfest, one of the biggest nights for music in Jamaica, at the end of July. After a critically acclaimed performance last year, the deejay looks forward to delivering on Dancehall Night yet again.

In between tour dates and appearances, the Dancehall artist is still working assiduously in the studio. Last summer the ‘Unruly Boss’ dominated with the release of his award winning hit single, When We Party. His recent release, Unruly Rave for Hapilos Digital Productions seems poised for similar success with heavy rotation on the radio, in the clubs and in the streets. He commemorated the summer by releasing the video for the track on the first day of the season. The video shoot for another track, the Jam 2 Records produced single, Wine Like That was also just completed, which fans can also look out for this month.

Popcaan’s latest collaboration, First Time with Megan James from the group, Purity Ring is being featured in the Puma Dance Dictionary and gaining traction worldwide. Additionally, Popcaan will be adding a number of international collaborations to his growing catalogue this year as well as songs featuring both U.K. and U.S. based artistes can be expected.

Presently his worldwide hit, The System is in rotation on MTV Jams and VH1 Soul. Of this song Popcaan says, “It’s a song that the people just love, it a sing along everywhere when I perform it and it has nearly 2 million views on YouTube on my page alone, so maybe 5 million all over the internet so with MTV rotation it can only keep growing.”

Popcaan’s full length album is almost complete, with finishing touches being done. The album will be crafted by the ingenious Dre Skull of MixPak Records along with well known Jamaican producers. The first single from the album will be released in September 10.

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Versatile to tour Europe alongside Popcaan

Popcaan and VersatileDancehall artist, Sheldon Taylor, better known as Versatile will be embarking on a European tour on June 26 with fellow Dancehall artist, Popcaan.

The two-week-long tour will see the entertainers perform in countries such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Holland up until June 10th.

This promotional tour comes about following a busy time for Versatile, who has recently been doing a lot of work in the studio. Versatile is very excited about the tour and feels that it will give him much more exposure while also making him a more rounded artist.

“Right now it’s just good news and positive vibes, I’m all about my music,” The artist explains. “I am really looking forward to it, I will be keeping my fans in the loop with constant updates on twitter and Instagram.”

Versatile has toured Europe before, joining forces with Beenie Man. He sees this as another chance for him to reach out his fans, as well as seeing, up-close, the impact that Dancehall music continues to have on the rest of the world.

Versatile describes his friendship with fellow artist Popcaan as that of “musical brothers.” Last year, at Reggae Sumfest, Popcaan called Versatile on stage to perform with him, and without giving too much away, the deejay says fans should look out for collaborations between the ‘Road Cawva’ and ‘Fry Yiy.’


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Vybz Kartel says Tommy Lee and Popcaan have betrayed him

Vybz KartelIncarcerated Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel insists he has never been physically harmed during his 19-month long jail stay, but claims he has been stabbed in the back by two of his prized protégés.

The controversial entertainer, whose real name is Adidja Palmer has been the subject of rumors once more after reports emerged last month that he was stabbed and beaten in jail during an altercation. Kartel’s business associate and the author of his Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto book, Michael Dawson quickly squashed the speculation.

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Popcaan allegedly disses Chronixx in new song

ChronixxThe buzz surrounding emerging Reggae sensation, Chronixx has been overwhelmingly positive since he burst onto the music scene in 2012. However, a new single by popular deejay, Popcaan has brought forth a hint of controversy involving the young singer.

Popcaan recently released the preview for his new single, Killa From Mi Bawn, which is allegedly diss song aimed at former Portmore Empire colleague, Black Ryno following their much talked about confrontation at STING last December. However, a line in the Milla 9 produced song raised some eyebrows over the weekend as the Gaza deejay says, “Chu some p**** hear man seh di party buck dem tink seh we party nuff, Not even Selassie or Jesus cyah save dem when di bl******t 40 buss”

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Snoop shoots first video in JA as he unites Mavado and Popcaan

mavado-snoop-lion-popcaan1Recently reincarnated American musician, Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) continues to showcase his infatuation for Jamaican culture by shooting his first music video in the island. He is also using it as an opportunity to bridge two of music’s camps together.

Snoop Lion arrived in the island last weekend to shoot his second Reggae video since shifting his moniker earlier this year. The video, for his single Lighters Up, features appearances from prominent ‘Gaza’ artiste, Popcaan and popular ‘Gully’ singjay, Mavado. The trio shot the Andy Capper directed video in Portland.

In an interview on TVJ’s Entertainment Report aired Friday, Snoop Dogg admitted that he used Lighters Up as an opportunity to bring together two of the biggest names from the ‘Gaza’ and ‘Gully’ camps, known for their animosity towards each other in recent years.

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STING promoter threatens Black Ryno with lawsuit following brawl with Popcaan

Popcaan-Black-Ryno-FightThe infamous brawl at STING 2012 between revered ‘Gaza’ deejays, Popcaan and Black Ryno may have garnered a few laughs from Dancehall fans, but the show’s promoter isn’t smiling about the matter and plans to take legal action against one of the combatants.

Supreme Promotions head and STING 2012 lead promoter, Isaiah Laing is reportedly considering a lawsuit against Black Ryno for instigating the much talked about incident with his ex-Portmore Empire teammate. This, after Ryno walked out on Popcaan’s set as he tried to start a clash between himself and the self-professed ‘Fry Yiy.’ However, Popcaan was in no mood for lyrical confrontation, shoving Ryno off the stage before a near minute-long brawl ensued involving the artistes and their entourages.

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Video: Pusha T ft Popcaan Travi Scott – Blocka

Pusha T ft Popcaan Travi Scott – Blocka
DOWNLOAD: Pusha T ft Popcaan Travi Scott - Blocka (22)

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Bounty Killer, Tommy Lee and Mavado to headline STING 2012

Though the two have publicly denied that a possible lyrical clash could happen, Dancehall superstars, Bounty Killer and Tommy Lee could indeed butt heads at the genre’s biggest stage show as both have been confirmed for STING 2012.

Having engaged in a lyrical feud over the last month, Bounty Killer and Tommy Lee will headline the 29th edition of STING and could possibly set the stage for Alliance leader and Gaza artiste to settle their ongoing differences. Tommy Lee recently released his track, Goat Head, which lyrically lambasted Bounty Killer after comments the ‘War Lord’ made about him and his ‘Sparta’ persona. Last week, Bounty Killer retaliated with the track, Nyammy Lee which upped the ante in the battle.

After initially insisting that he would never clash Bounty Killer out of respect for the legendary entertainer, Tommy Lee has now hinted that if provoked, he will challenge the ‘Grung Gaad’ at STING 2012.

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Popcaan still loyal to Kartel despite reported fallout

Despite rampant speculation that Popcaan has fallen out with long-time mentor, Vybz Kartel, the self-professed ‘Fry Yiy’ continues to back the former Portmore Empire leader.

Several reports have emerged in recent months regarding growing tensions between Popcaan and Vybz Kartel, with former Empire members such as Gaza Slim, Lisa Hyper and Tommy Lee speaking out on the matter. With all three artistes admitting that problems exist between Popcaan and his mentor, Kartel himself released a statement publicly chastising him and Tommy Lee for their perceived disloyalty and ‘opportunist’ behavior displayed since he was initially incarcerated last September.

However, Popcaan continues to insist that he and Kartel are cool, telling TVJ’s Entertainment Report on Friday that he’s still loyal to the Worl’ Boss.

“Mi seh dis ova and ova again dawg and mi a tell unnu again, Kartel a mi daddy. Big up Vybz Kartel,” he said.

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Popcaan still saying ‘Gaza’ despite Kartel’s statement

Former Portmore Empire deejay, Popcaan vows that he steadfastly remains a ‘Gaza’ artiste despite recent claims from his former mentor that he’s abandoned the cause.

About a week and a half ago, ex-Empire leader, Vybz Kartel issued a statement questioning the loyalty of his most decorated protégés, Popcaan and Tommy Lee, branding them as opportunists and fakes who’ve been exploiting his ‘Gaza’ movement while also hinting at deteriorating business relationships with both entertainers. Following the statement’s release, fellow Ex-Empire deejay, Lisa Hyper called out Kartel regarding his claims of betrayal while Tommy Lee appeared on TVJ’s Entertainment Report, insisting he couldn’t explain why the self-proclaimed ‘Worl’ Boss’ would lash out against him.

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Mavado reportedly working on collaborations with ‘Gaza’ artistes, Snoop Lion

Prominent Dancehall/Reggae singjay, Mavado might be seeking to prove that unity does exist between ‘Gaza’ and ‘Gully’ artistes after all as the self-professed Gully Gaad aims towards working with a pair of Gaza heavyweights.

According to reports, Mavado has communicated with highly acclaimed Gaza deejays, Tommy Lee and Popcaan regarding possible collaborations. A source close to entertainment website, Urban Islandz confirmed the exchanges, insisting that this move will help to encourage unity throughout the Jamaican music industry.

“The link was made through a third party and a popular producer in Jamaica…Mavado, Popcaan and Tommy Lee are the hottest artists in dancehall right now and we need unity in the industry. You never know you might just see a collab from Mavado and Kartel in the future,” the source said.

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Vybz Kartel questions loyalty of top ‘Gaza’ artistes

As if there wasn’t enough drama resulting from the recent dissolution of the Portmore Empire, now the group’s former leader has thrown more gasoline on the proverbial fire with a stern rebuking of his ex-protégés.

According to several reports, incarcerated Dancehall superstar and former Empire founder, Vybz Kartel released a damning statement against his former group mates on Thursday, insinuating that prominent protégés, Popcaan and Tommy Lee are no longer committed to the ‘Gaza’ cause, labeling both artistes as ‘opportunists.’

The statement was reportedly issued through ex-Empire singer, Vanessa ‘Gaza Slim’ Saddler, who sent said statement to Anthony Miller of TVJ’s Entertainment Report.

The alleged statement reads, “I just want u to let the people know that all a dem runnin’ aroun’ sayin’ ‘Gaza, Gaza’ are not real. Before I came here we were ‘good.’ No animosity, but within a week of my arrest, they started giving other people managerial and booking positions. But where were these people when I was building their careers? When I was investing time and money to transform them from nobody to somebody? They are opportunists and fake. I’m not surprised because this is Dancehall and I have no problem with them making their money. But I jus’ don’t want them to be all over the place exploiting a movement that I built with blood sweat and tears when they and I know they aren’t real. I want them to stop. The only two loyal people are Slim and Sheba (the girls) and maybe it’s because they haven’t fully realized their potential.”

This news comes several weeks after back and forth exchanges between Popcaan and former Empire singjay, Gaza Slim following a statement made by the former deejay address his status within the ‘Gaza’ as well as relationship with Vybz Kartel.

Furthermore, reports suggest that Vybz Kartel wanted a sizeable portion of Tommy Lee’s booking and publishing rights in an effort to exert more control over the Some Bwoy singer’s career while also implying that Popcaan owes ‘Di Teacha’ money in relation to bookings fees.

Kartel has publicly lashed out against former protégés before, doing so after ex-members like Black Ryno and Lisa Hyper left the Portmore Empire. The once dominant super group has also lost members such as Jahvinci, Kym Hamilton, co-founder, Deva Bratt and former Empire producer, Ainsley ‘Notnice’ Morris.

In a swift response to Kartel’s statement, Lisa Hyper disputed claims made by the self-professed ‘Worl’ Boss,’ intimating during an interview with one876entertainment.com that ‘Di Teacha’ should never take full credit for the growing ‘Gaza’ movement.

“Who is him fi talk bout loyalty? Him not even loyal to him (expletive) self. Him right fi say ah only dem two de, Sheba and Slim ah the most loyal to him because dem ah de two foolest people pon the Gaza, dem not even know what a split sheet is, dem nuh know nothing bout the business. Kartel caan stop nobody from say Gaza, Gaza belong to everybody now, this is a movement, Gaza mean fight for what you believe in and Kartel caan tek Gaza from nobody, Popcaan and Tommy Lee caan siddown and wait pon him fi come out, and further, Gaza belong to everybody, it bigger than Adidja Palmer, it bigga than me, it bigga than everybody who help start it. Mi breathe Gaza, mi bleed Gaza, Gaza for life,” she said.

More details of this ongoing saga will emerge on TVJ’s Entertainment Report this Friday night featuring Kartel’s statement as well as reaction from the aforementioned Tommy Lee, who reportedly expresses his loyalty to the ‘Gaza’ in his interview with ER, despite his mentor’s comments.

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Corey Todd claims Vybz Kartel will be freed, speaks on former Empire members

Though embattled Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel may be experiencing several downfalls as he awaits trial or separate murder charges but his long-time business partner continues to ensure that the deejay’s brand will continue to upgrade.

American entrepreneur, Corey Todd reunited with Vybz Kartel this past May after several months of communication. The prominent public figures had been at odds since severing business ties in May 2011 due to alleged threats that Kartel made towards Todd. However, a year following their split and Todd’s experimentation with music management, the American businessman has once again joined forces with Vybz Kartel as they aim to introduce several new products and also seek to re-invigorate the popular Street Vybz Rum brand.

Speaking publicly for the first time since their reunion, Todd promised big things resulting from his renewed partnership with the self-professed ‘Worl’ Boss.’

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Popcaan and Drake to collaborate?

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Popcaan could soon score another hit collaboration with an overseas sensation as he seeks to build his consistently impressive resume.

Having joined forces with rap legends such as Busta Rhymes (Only Man She Want Remix) and Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg), Popcaan could soon add Canadian hip-hop superstar, Drake to his list of international collaborators after meeting up with the Marvin’s Room singer in his hometown of Toronto recently.

Popcaan performed a pair of shows during the much hyped Caribana weekend in Toronto, to rave reviews. While in Canada’s largest city, Popcaan received an invitation from Drake to attend the OVO Fest, an annual concert hosted by Drake in Toronto. This, after Drake and his team reached out to the Ravin’ singer months leading up to the Caribana festival.

The OVO Fest not only featured performances from rap superstars such as Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Meek Millz and Snoop Lion, but also saw Drake and Popcaan link up backstage where they discussed the prospect of working together going forward.

“I met Drake backstage at OVO Fest, then linked again at the after party on Sunday, (August 5th). After that di vibes did mad so we went to two private parties on Monday, following di show,” Popcaan intimated via press release.

“Meeting Drake was good; he’s cool and wants to come to Jamaica again. Him rate my ‘Yiy Change’ mixtape. His whole crew knows the mixtape well. He likes my music and knows all di slangs.”

Drake has long been an admirer of Popcaan’s music; constantly tweeting out phrases and lyrics coined by the former Portmore Empire deejay.

Though back in Jamaica, Popcaan will return to Canada this Saturday where he’s scheduled to perform at the Montreal International Reggae Festival before heading for shows in Winnipeg as well as Hamilton, Ottawa and London, Ontario respectively.

“It’s been a crazy summer but mi give thanks, especially to all di fans that show up and pack di shows. Di fans dem mad, dem fry. Canada always shows me nuff love; respect to the Canadians fans straight,” he said.

Popcaan has been performing across the Caribbean and back home as well throughout the summer, travelling to Martinique, Guadeloupe and Trinidad while also giving rousing sets at Reggae Sumfest 2012 as well as the recently concluded Smirnoff Dream Weekend in Negril.

Furthermore, Popcaan has continued recording; recently unveiling tracks such as Bay Badness, Me Baby Dat and will soon release the single, Me Caan Believe (Young Vibez Production) as well as a song on the Pre-Release Riddim, crafted by ZJ Liquid.

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Gaza Slim calls out Popcaan, insists he lied in statement

It’s a literal case of he said-she said as the fallout from the recent disbanding of the Portmore Empire continues with one former member Gaza Slim calling out another in Popcaan following a statement released to the public on Monday.

The Only Man She Want deejay issued a detailed press release addressing several pressing issues, from his relationship with former mentor, Vybz Kartel to the reasoning behind him not being a member of PG13, a new label spearheaded by Kartel which features Tommy Lee and the aforementioned Gaza Slim. In said release, Popcaan insisted that he was not able to visit the self-professed ‘Worl’ Boss’ given that he was advised against making visitations to the jail where Kartel had been held at and that ‘Di Teacha’ himself suggested through letter that he should stay away from the police. Additionally, Popcaan insisted that he remains grateful to Vybz Kartel for providing him with several musical opportunities and that he’s forever loyal to the ‘Gaza.’

A day after Popcaan broke his silence, Gaza Slim, whose also known as Vanessa Bling issued a statement of her own, steadfastly refuting the When We Party deejay’s account of these events while revealing the apparent discord that existed between Popcaan and Vybz Kartel after the latter’s arrest last September.

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Popcaan speaks out regarding ‘Gaza’ status and relationship with Vybz Kartel

After weeks of silence and a plethora of rumors that have infiltrated Dancehall circles, internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Popcaan has finally spoken out; addressing every topic of speculation that his name has been involved in in recent times.

With the Portmore Empire officially disbanding last month and fellow ex-member of the group, Tommy Lee stating during an interview on Friday that Popcaan was not a member of Kartel’s newly formed PG13 stable, the Party Shot deejay has come forward to set the record straight amidst rumors of a falling out between himself and the self-professed Worl’ Boss.

In a statement sent out to the media on Monday, Popcaan talked in detail about various topics, including his thoughts of the Portmore Empire’s dissolution.

“The world already knows that my career was launched from the greatest dancehall school and business entity, The Portmore Empire/Adidjaheim Records led by Vybz Kartel. Since Vybz Kartel’s incarceration in September 2011 I remained a loyal and contributing member of this unit until May 2012 when the Portmore Empire was dissolved,” he said.

“Rumors started as early as September 2011 that I had left the Portmore Empire, this was not so. My actions in October 2011 were to seek booking representation as this very important function was no longer viable for me with the incarceration of the head of my management and booking company. To date I have no formal management or booking agreement and only since June 2012, with the dissolution of the Portmore Empire have I engaged the services of a lawyer to put these agreements in place.”

“From September 2011 to present I have worked hard and stayed focused on my career with my main intention to make sure that the music from the Portmore Empire was being released and the brand remained in the forefront of the dancehall music industry. I feel that I did that to the best of my ability with the release of songs like Party Shot, Fry Yiy, Coolie Gal, Bad Mind, She A Gwaan Good, Nuh Sell Out and Step Like Dead and with performances all over the world.”

Popcaan also talked about the reasoning behind him not being a part of PG13 and even addressed So Unique Records head, Elvis ‘Sounique’ Redwood who he claims has been making several defamatory statements to the press since he declined to voice on one of Redwood’s recent Riddims.

On PG13, “Vybz Kartel has explained that with no negative intentions and with his blessing and the possibilities of working together in the future, he thinks I have shown where I can work with my own career and that he will form a unit named PG13 for upcoming artists and include two former Portmore Empire members.”

Regarding Redwood, Popcaan intimated that, “Elvis Redwood has made it public that he is one of the producers working with PG 13 and he also keeps making defamatory statements about me. I know these are related to his disappointment because I did not voice on his ‘Aurora Skies’ Riddim and it did not pass Half Way Tree. Because of his reaction to this and the way he constantly refers negatively to me throughout the music industry and the media. My statement here is that I will never voice on any Riddim he produces.”

“My main producers remain TJ Records, UIM Records, Young Vibez, ZJ Chrome, Not Nice Records and MixPak Records. I also record any riddims that I like by other producers.”

Perhaps the most pressing issue that Popcaan addressed was his relationship with long time mentor, Vybz Kartel. For months, several Dancehall fans have queried why the Ravin’ deejay has not visited Kartel since his incarceration last September.

Popcaan explained that he made several inquiries to law enforcement officials about visitation but to no avail while also stating that Vybz Kartel himself advised against such communication.

“Since his incarceration I have not visited Vybz Kartel, nor have any members of the Portmore Empire visited him to date. In September 2011 it was explained to us that only family members were allowed to visit at set times once a week. On several occasions when I enquired about visitations I was told that this was not advised. Later Vybz Kartel communicated through letters that I should focus on my career and stay away from the police. All our communication has been focused on updates on my career, my song releases and stage shows and general discussions as one would express in the present situation. Up until May 2012 when the Portmore Empire was dissolved we maintained a business relationship.”

Nevertheless, Popcaan remains grateful to Kartel for creating vast opportuinities that he’s managed to capitalize since joining the Portmore Empire.

“I am grateful and am loyal to Vybz Kartel for the opportunity of working with the Portmore Empire, for everything I learned from him about the music business, life, friendship and family. He is a brother, a father figure, “mi real chargie”. He has influenced and will continue to influence my career as one of my favourite artists and from the day we met at the Chromatic party ‘My Scheme’ in Portmore in 2009 to collaborating on hits like Clarks, Hot Grabba, Never Fear Dem and other songs.”

“I look forward to working again with Vybz Kartel and will be checking with producers to see what previously recorded material they may have that I can include on my album which I will start working on soon.”

Popcaan also addressed rumors that Informer, a track done by Kartel and Tommy Lee was in no way aimed towards him.

“The song Informer was recorded by Vybz Kartel in August 2011 and added to by Tommy Lee in May 2012.”


“These lyrics in no way pertain to me. To create friction and controversy, some persons have tried to dissect the song line by line but the fact remains that this song was not recorded about or toward me. Every word sang by Tommy Lee in this song could have been sung by me but this is the time for Tommy Lee to get the exposure and recognition from a collaboration with Vybz Kartel.”

As for his status within the Gaza, Popcaan proclaimed, “I have never said and will never say I am not a part of Gaza. Gaza is my original home and foundation and I will always remain loyal to the Gaza.”

“As I move forward and progress in the music industry I will use my success to bring forward other artistes like Vybz Kartel did for me and like Bounty Killer did for him.”

“Unscrupulous persons have called me and my family members with threats on my life, my family’s lives and threats to bottle my performances. I will not focus on this as I remain committed to my music, my career and my fans. Thanks to everyone for all the messages of support and encouragement that keep coming to me from fans in the streets, the media, the music industry and all the social networks.”

“I can only be myself and bring my own energy and vibes to the music industry, I remain the same fry yiy, hotskull, peppa skull, boil brain, popskull from 3 West Portmore dat Vybz Kartel buss to di world. Wi born unruly wid baay badness pack up all ova dat so…do remember…a di whole place a say fry yiy and the undisputed best mixtape of 2012, ‘Yiy Change,’ is still available for download at www.popcaanmusic.com. Listen for new music and look out for di fry yiy Ravin King coming to a city near you…big up di fans worldwide.”

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Popcaan not a part of newly formed crew, says Tommy Lee

Following the recent disbanding of the Portmore Empire by their leader, Vybz Kartel, many fans have speculated whether or not Popcaan remains a part of the ‘Gaza.’ After an interview with fellow ex-Empire deejay, Tommy Lee, that speculation is sure to grow.

Tommy Lee gave an interview on Friday morning with Young Lion on BBC 1Xtra’s Dancehall M1X in which he addressed a few subjects, including the newly formed PG13 label. Tommy Lee and Gaza Slim announced their participation within the new group during a statement that Vybz Kartel issued regarding the Portmore Empire’s disbandment as the self-professed Worl’ Boss insisted that his protégés were more than capable of handling their own careers going forward.

According to Tommy Lee, Vybz Kartel was the brainchild behind PG13 but was encouraged by ‘Di Teacha’ to lead the group until Kartel returns.

When asked by Young Lion about Popcaan’s status within the Gaza camp, Tommy Lee intimated that though he and the Party Shot deejay are on good terms, the self-professed Gaza Prefect isn’t a part of PG13.

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Tad’s Record to release ‘The Ultimate 2012′ album

On Tuesday, June 12th, Tad’s Record will unveil this year’s essential collection bass-pounding, chart-topping hits coming straight from Jamaica. A must-have for music lovers looking for the ultimate Dancehall/Reggae experience for the summer, The Ultimate 2012 features more than 20 tunes from the island’s dominant names including Vybz Kartel, Popcaan, Baby Cham and O, I-Octane, Lady Saw, Khago, and many more.

The compilation features chart-topping singles like Popcaan’s Party Shot and Only Man She Want which in addition to hitting number one in Jamaica, also hit the Billboard Top 100 in the U.S., and club-bangers like Tun Up  and Wine by dynamic duo Baby Cham and O, Love Di Vibes from I-Octane, and Vybz Kartel’s racy Freaky Gal Part 2. The Ultimate 2012 is the latest installment in the annual Ultimate series, one of the most popular of Tad’s assortment of collector’s item compilations.

In addition to featuring Dancehall’s A-listers, The Ultimate 2012 also highlights the freshman class, including highly rated newcomer, Potential Kid whose debut single, Ah Yah So Nice has become the year’s biggest Dancehall street anthem, and Zamunda, whose single, Mad Ova Me also created a huge underground buzz within the industry.

“The Ultimate 2012 is loaded with all of the songs that have been beating down the charts and the airwaves this year in Jamaica, and overseas,” says Tad’s Record owner Tad Dawkins. “As usual, we want to keep music fans worldwide up-to-date with what’s new and hot in Jamaica, so every year we release ‘The Ultimate’ and other collections to keep Reggae at the forefront of global pop culture.”

The Ultimate 2012 will be available on digitally and in stores on Tuesday, June 12th. For more information on The Ultimate 2012 and Tad’s complete catalogue, contact Tad’s Records (Miami) at 305-654-6130 or [email protected] or Tads’ Records (Kingston) at 876-929-2563 [email protected], or visit www.tadsrecord.com.



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Concerts to be held in Jamaica, Tobago in honor of Vybz Kartel

Just days after it was announced that American businessman Corey Todd and incarcerated Dancehall megastar, Vybz Kartel had settled their differences and renewed their once fruitful partnership, a benefit concert will be held in honor of the ‘Worl’ Boss’ at Club Riddim.

On May 22, the New Kingston based nightclub will host a stage show billed with several Portmore Empire acts including internationally acclaimed deejay, Popcaan, Tommy Lee, Gaza Slim, amongst others. Special guest artistes have also been promised for the event, for which female patrons are free before midnight and JA$500 after while male patrons will pay JA$1,000.

Reportedly, all proceeds from this concert will go towards aiding Vybz Kartel’s legal expenses as he currently awaits trial in two separate murder cases, as well as his drug trial, which is scheduled to commence that same day.

Meanwhile, the island of Tobago will also be having a concert in honor of Kartel as Get Rich Records presents Free World Boss aka Vybz Kartel: The Concert on June 30 at Pigeon Point Beach.

This event also featuresPopcaan was well as fellow Kartel protégé, Sheba and highly acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Cham. Free World Boss aka Vybz Kartel: The Concert will be hosted by former Teacher’s Pet contestant Nikita Brown as well as Sky Maxx Sound.

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L.A. Lewis starts ‘Gaza’ group, wants to recruit Popcaan

Just when you figured that Jamaican entertainer, L.A. Lewis was finally out of the public eye, the Seven Star General has returned to the scene in a more reputable light, as a musician.

Lewis, who recently faced allegations of defacing public property with graffiti, has decided to turn his full attention to the music business as the outlandish entertainer has formed a new group dubbed, the Gaza Federation.

Currently incarcerated Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel continues to be recognized as the ‘Gaza Emperor’ ever since leading the Portmore Empire to prominence during its inception in 2007. The group has produced some noteworthy acts including its founder, Deva Bratt and internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Popcaan.

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Versatile calls out Demarco, challenges singjay to lyrical battle

Emerging Dancehall artiste, Versatile has inserted himself into the growing feud between two of Jamaica’s most acclaimed deejays while showing where his allegiance lies in the matter.

The Dancehall world continues to buzz over the recent exchanges of lyrical jabs between internationally acclaimed singjay, Demarco and prominent Dancehall superstar, Popcaan. The two deejays have been beefing ever since Demarco accused the Ravin’ deejay of stealing his style while claiming that the self-proclaimed ‘Gaza Prefect’ is overrated.

How does Versatile fit into this equation you ask? The Romeich Records artiste hails as a long-time friend of Popcaan and after claiming that Demarco has said negative things about him in recent times, the young deejay insists that his recent disses of the Portmore Empire artiste prompted him to get involved.

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Demarco denies seeking attention from Popcaan feud

Prominent Dancehall singjay, Demarco has garnered mass attention across Jamaican music circles after recently calling out breakthrough Portmore Empire deejay, Popcaan. However, the True Friends singer isn’t doing it to raise his profile.

Last week, Demarco claimed in a Jamaica STAR articlethat Popcaan had stolen his style while intimating that the ‘Gaza Prefect’ is overrated and doesn’t have any lyrics. Over the last month, both artistes have traded lyrical jibes; from Demarco’s Kingston City on Rick Ross’ Stay Schemin’ beat to Popcaan’s Fry Yiy.

On Friday’s episode of TVJ’s Entertainment Report, Demarco continued his attack on Popcaan during an interview with Anthony Miller, implying that the Portmore Empire deejay sparks too much controversy with his lyrics while insisting that he’s prepared to return Dancehall music to its heights when Vybz Kartel and Mavado dominated the scene.

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Tad’s Record releases new Dancehall compilation

Due to the overwhelming success of The Phantom Vol. 1, Tad’s Record is pleased to announce that The Phantom Vol. 2 will hit digital outlets and retail stores on Tuesday, April 17th. For the second installment of this new series that focuses on emerging and/or re-emerging talent, Tad’s Record has chosen fast-rising star Popcaan and reenergized lyrical masters Assassin and Aidonia. In addition, I-Octane is back by popular demand on the new Phantom with brand new singles.

Popcaan’s meteoric rise among Jamaica’s new crop of Dancehall deejays is underscored by the international success of his single “Only Man She Want,” which made its Billboard debut earlier this month at #89 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Singles chart. “Only Man She Want,” is one of the featured singles on The Phantom Vol. 2, as well as his summer anthems “Ravin,” and “Party Shot.”

When asked about being a featured artist on The Phantom Vol. 2, Popcaan replied “yeah man, it’s great. ‘Nuff respect Tad’s.”

Two well respected lyricists that have surfaced from the new millennium crop of Dancehall artists in the mid 2000s, both Assassin and Aidonia have refocused and recharged their energies over the past year, spewing out a series of stinging new tunes. Assassin’s biting “Talk How Me Feel” and Aidonia’s naughty “Caribbean Girl” are just a couple of the fresh singles included on The Phantom Vol. 2.

“Popcaan is one of Jamaica’s brightest new Dancehall artists. He’s doing better than predicted internationally, and  he’s definitely at the forefront of the latest generation of deejays right now,” says Tad’s Record owner and founder Tad Dawkins. “Assassin and Aidonia have really stepped up to the plate over the past year, and are doing incredibly well. I believe we’ve got great songs from great artists on The Phantom Vol. 2, material music fans will love and appreciate.”

I-Octane, one of the featured artists in The Phantom Vol. 1, returns on Vol. 2 by popular demand – largely due to his overwhelming popularity and extensive body of new material. The Phantom Vol. 2 includes I-Octane’s single “Cyaan Do We Nutten” and his brand new single “My Story.”

The Phantom Vol. 2, featuring Popcaan, I-Octane, Assassin and Aidonia will be available digitally and in stores on Tuesday, April 17th. For more information on The Phantom Vol. 2, contact Tad’s Records (Miami) at 305-654-6130 or [email protected] or Tads’ Records (Kingston) at 876-929-2563 or [email protected], or visit www.tadsrecord.com.

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Popcaan featured in New York Times article

Prominent Dancehall superstar, Popcaan continues to assert his dominance on the international scene as he was recently featured in one of the United States’ major publications.

The self-professed ‘Gaza Prefect’ was featured in the music section of the highly regarded U.S. newspaper, the New York Times this past weekend. The piece reviews his chart-topping hit single, Only Man She Want, which copped a top 100 sport on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop charts late last month.

The feature waxed poetic about the growing crossover impact that Only Man She Want has received since its release last August.

“As ever, dancehall songs take several months to crawl up from Jamaica and infiltrate the American consciousness. Popcaan’s Only Man She Want now experiencing its crossover moment, is already months old, but its sweetness hasn’t faded,” the article reads.

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Demarco disses Popcaan, claims deejay stole his style

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae artiste, Demarco has taken aim at one of Jamaican music’s breakthrough superstars in the wake of recent speculation over his latest single, Kingston City.

In Kingston City, Demarco allegedly fires lyrical shots in the direction of Portmore Empire deejay, Popcaan. Demarco deejays,“Nuh mek mi mek forensic white chalk the street, yaaooow! Dem thief mi style and nuh ask mi fi it, mi hear behind mi back some bwoy a beat off dem beak but tell dem wey mi si heart nuh leap.”

Since the video for Kingston City was released late last month, fans have wondered if the single was a diss track aimed at Popcaan. In response to the speculation, Demarco insists that the song was done as a freestyle to feature on his upcoming mixtape, Nuh Dirt. However, the Starkutt Records singjay didn’t deny that some of the lyrics in Kingston City were aimed at Popcaan and even accused the Only Man She Want deejay of stealing his style.

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DJ Fella says ‘That’s Big in Life’ with new mixtape

One of Canada’s top Dancehall disc jocks has unveiled a new compilation signaling the growth of Jamaican music in 2012, featuring some of the genre’s established and emerging acts.

Jamaican born disc jock, DJ Fella recently released his new That’s Big in Life mixtape, featuring some of the biggest Dancehall and Reggae singles to drop so far in 2012 as well as songs and dubs from some of Canada’s premiere Dancehall acts. The name, That’s Big in Life was inspired by Gully Squad artiste, G Starr who also features on the mix.

The 83 track compilation features hits such as Cheating Games by Mavado and Raine Seville, Put It on Hard by Vybz Kartel and Gyal A Bubble by Konshens. Additionally, the mixtape features appearances from other prominent artistes such as Aidonia, Khago, Bounty Killer, Demarco and breakthrough Dancehall superstar, Popcaan while showcasing top Riddims such as the Real Reggae Riddim (Payday Music Group), Riva Stone Riddim (Boardhouse Records) and the Off The Bench Riddim (Fire Links).

The That’s Big in Life mixtape also highlights up-and-coming Dancehall stars currently based in Canada as there are features from emerging acts such as Faze with Stamina Man, and Eyesus with Hate We along with his well acclaimed collaboration with former Portmore Empire singjay, Jahvinci (We Hate Yuh First). Furthermore, promising young Dancehall star, Alty-B asserts his presence on the mixtape with dub versions of his hit singles, Splice and Gun Shot.

That’s Big in Life doesn’t just focus on Jamaican top genres, however, as there are DJ Fella remixes of highly acclaimed hip-hop singles such as Out of My Head by Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz as well as Rack City by Young Money rapper, Tyga. Soca songstress, Destra also features on the compilation with her single, You Give Good Love.

Since the mixtape’s release in mid-March, That’s Big in Life has copped over 1,400 downloads and has received strong acclaim within the Dancehall community in Canada and Jamaica as well. Physical copies of the mixtape will also be made available later this week.

Download DJ Fella’s That’s Big in Life mixtape today, via Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?mq28nqqb63lw508


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Popcaan bemoans lack of effort within Dancehall industry

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Popcaan believes there’s something missing from the Jamaican music industry. But to him, the fact that Dancehall’s biggest superstar languishes behind bars is just part of the problem.

Popcaan gave a recent interview on TVJ’s Entertainment Report which aired on Friday; talking about the state of Dancehall music without currently incarcerated superstar deejay and long-time mentor, Vybz Kartel. According to the Only Man She Want deejay, Dancehall lacks energy without its centerpiece attraction.

“Wid no Worl’ Boss around it a go have a different flavor to it because weh Worl’ Boss name? Vybz Kartel so automatically him bring vibes to di ting,” Popcaan said.

However, the self-professed ‘Gaza Prefect’ insists that a much deeper problem exists within the Dancehall community. According to Popcaan, too many artistes aren’t putting enough effort and dedication into making music as well as ensuring that their songs possess the quality and content required to strongly impact the industry.

“Certain artiste more relaxed now and dem nuh hungry fi di ting like one time so you know yuh a go have less hit songs. Di time weh dem wudda tek fi put into a song dem nuh really do it nowadays, most artistes don’t,” he said.

“Yuh cyaah just put out any song. Even if it no be a big hit it fi be a hit weh people can listen to same way. In order fi dat happen, the artiste dem jus’ haffi put out more work and good music fi di people dem.”

To Popcaan, the decline in quality Dancehall music has created a perception that the genre could soon become extinct and without Vybz Kartel in the picture, it adds substance to that premise.

“It shudn’t reach to a time when people a seh Dancehall music dead because with the history of Dancehall music in the past, the future shudda look more brighter. Without the Worl’ Boss around, yuh done know seh automatically it dim,” he said.

“At the end of the day Reggae music still stand out, old Dancehall still stand out….Sommen wrong with the artistes dem nowadays. Mi jus’ feel like dem nah do enough work. Artiste dem jus’ get comfortable.”

Nevertheless, Popcaan continues to flourish within Dancehall music as he continues to promote his recent hit song, Nuh Sell Out, produced by Fire Links. Additionally, he revealed that a new single produced by Supa Hype will be unveiled this weekend.


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Kartel displeased with Popcaan over lack of contact since arrest

There may finally be some friction developing between the two biggest stars within the Portmore Empire following months of non-communication between them.

Breakthrough Dancehall star, Popcaan recently re-iterated during a radio that he has yet to contact his currently incarcerated mentor, Vybz Kartel since the Empire leader was arrested last September and subsequently slapped with murder, drug and obstruction of justice charges. Popcaan gave no reason for his inability to visit Kartel but has continued to pledge his loyalty to the ‘Worl’ Boss’ and the Portmore Empire.

Now, reports have emerged that Vybz Kartel isn’t impressed with Popcaan’s consistentno-shows to the Horizon Remand Centre, where the self-proclaimed “Dancehall Hero” currently calls home.

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Popcaan collaborates with Snoop Dogg

Breakthrough Dancehall superstar, Popcaan continues to add to his international resume as he’s reportedly landed another collaboration with a prominent American rapper.

On February 17, Popcaan released the official remix of his number one hit, Only Man She Want, which featured internationally acclaimed Jamaican-American rapper, Busta Rhymes. The song, which was unveiled via iTunes, has also earned over 50,000 YouTube views since its debut nearly two weeks ago; earning the Portmore Empire deejay strong acclaim locally and overseas.

Now, media reports have confirmed that Popcaan has joined forces with veteran hip-hop superstar, Snoop Dogg, who’s currently in Jamaica recording material for his upcoming studio album, Reincarnated as well as filming a documentary about the Rastafari Movement in Jamaica.

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Popcaan no longer booked by Shocking Vibes, still no contact with Kartel

Emerging Dancehall superstar, Popcaan has switched booking agents just four months after enlisting the services of a prominent label to control his appointments.

The breakthrough Portmore Empire deejay initially joined forces with Patrick Roberts, owner of the Shocking Vibes record label last October; confirming that the prominent imprint was Popcaan’s official booking agency. The arrangement took place after initial talks involving Popcaan and Roberts’ son, Jamie Roberts, more popularly known as Young Vibez. There were even reports that Shocking Vibes were looking to manage Popcaan outright going forward

However, Popcaan now claims that a different entity will take bookings on his behalf going forward. In a radio interview on Wednesday night, the Ravin’ singer intimated that internationally-acclaimed communications company, Creative Source Inc. will take full charge of his bookings.

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Black Ryno accuses Popcaan of stealing image

A prominent ex-member of the Portmore Empire believes that emerging Dancehall superstar, Popcaan has been copying his style.

Established Dancehall singjay, Black Ryno insists that Popcaan has emulated his image, lyrical flow and swagger during his recent run to fame. This following several issued lyrical challenges to the Only Man She Want singer; challenges that Popcaan has yet to accept.

In one of Black Ryno’s latest singles, Follow Mi Up, the singjay fires lyrical shots at Popcaan; claiming that the Ravin’ singer hails asan overhyped imitation of what he was during his Portmore Empire days.

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Popcaan lands rotation on Hot 97, to unveil new video this weekend

Emerging Dancehall superstar, Popcaan has continued his meteoric rise to fame in 2012 as one of his biggest songs in 2011 has garnered him strong international exposure.

The Portmore Empire deejay’s number one hit, Only Man She Want recently copped a spot on American radio; earning regular rotation on the playlist of HOT 97 in New York City. Popcaan joins the likes of Beenie Man, Khago and long-time mentor, Vybz Kartel who have been added to the prominent radio station’s playlist.

Johnny Wonder, vice president of digital distribution company, 21st-Hapilos, which helps push some of Popcaan’s material, believes that the Ravin’ deejay has the potential to both launch himself on the international market as well as Dancehall in general.

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Mp3: Sean Paul Ft Rihanna Kartel Popcaan Mavado – She Doesn’t Mind Remix (Jaman Worl’Boss Prod)

Mp3: Sean Paul Ft Rihanna Kartel Popcaan Mavado – She Doesn’t Mind Remix (Jaman Worl’Boss Prod)
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?mfmlx9yxm5fpiks / http://hulkshare.com/ae9y4ries0ri
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Follow Me On Twitter: @Gazajaman
Check Out My Website : www.jamanworldboss.com

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Broadcasting Commission bans Popcaan song from Jamaican airwaves

A recent single from emerging Dancehall superstar, Popcaan has drawn the eyre of Jamaica’s Broadcasting Commission; resulting in its removal from local airwaves.

Nuh Box Pon Jaw, a song recorded last October on the UIM Records produced Nymphomaniac Riddim will no longer play on Jamaican radio and television following the Commission’s decision that the track’s content promoted violence. The Broadcasting Commission advised Popcaan regarding his violation; announcing on Friday their reasoning for the ban.

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Promoter seeks compensation from I-Octane following holiday show

The wallet of internationally-acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae singjay, I-Octane could soon be lighter after a promoter claims he wrecked an event he performed at during the holiday season.

I-Octane performed at the Western Kite Festival at the Mannings School in Westmoreland on New Year’s Day (Sunday). The event also featured Reggae singer, Romain Virgo and Dancehall star, Popcaan.

In a radio interview on Tuesday, the festival’s lead promoter, Tia Reinford intimated that patrons began littering the stage with bottles after I-Octane abruptly ended his set. Reportedly, I-Octane asked event organizers to dim the lights during his performance but couldn’t meet his demand. At that point, I-Octane walked off stage in disgust; prompting the bottle throwing incident.

According to an angry Reinford, “It is his fault because yuh cyaah come to an event and talk about ‘bottle a selector…you can’t do that.”

Additionally, Reinford explained that a camera man recorded footage of the incident. Reinford said that the organizer in charge of the light told I-Octane to keep performing while they fixed the lighting issue. Following that exchange, the Badmind Fi The Year singer threw his mic down on the stage and walked off, leading fans to throw bottles on the stage in anger. Law enforcement officials then escorted the singjay out of the venue.

As a result, Reinford seeks compensation from I-Octane and his manager, Ray Alexander for damages caused. The promoter revealed that she paid Octane JA$500,000 to book the artiste for the festival but deserves her money back given that he did not fulfill his performance requirements. Reinford also claims that she paid I-Octane US$900 for a hotel room which he never stayed at prior to performing at the show.

Responding to the promoter’s claims, I-Octane vehemently denied destroying the New Year’s Day event; insisting that Reinford apologized for issues that occurred during the show but criticized the promoter for a sub-standard organization of the event. Furthermore, he said that fans threw bottles once they realized that hewould not return to the stage; blaming the organizers for not allowing the set to conclude properly while questioning their professionalism.

The artiste, whose real name is Byiome Muir, stated that fans were waiting for him to perform since 5 p.m.; slated to hit the stage after Popcaan’s set. However, I-Octane ended up working with Romain Virgo for a short while until technical issues were resolved.

As for compensation, I-Octane relented that he and his management team could work out a settlement. However, she called out the promoter for blaming organizers for the mishaps during his set, yet changing her tone following the show’s ending.

“She was blaming the people dem at the stage show, she a blame dem mek everybody hear. Dats why di people dem are so upset,” he said.

This wasn’t the first grouse I-Octane had regarding a performance or potential appearance at an event during the holidays. Billed as one of the main acts for STING 2011, the singjay was one of many notable absences from the major Dancehall stage show on December 26, 2011.

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Video: Popcaan Performance At Sting 2011

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Video: Popcaan Performance At Sting 2011

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Video: Popcaan: ‘The STAR in Studio’

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Popcaan gives unexpected performance at Club Riddim

Emerging Dancehall superstar, Andre ‘Popcaan’ Sutherland reportedly caused a stir at the popular Club Riddim nightclub following a surprise appearance there.

According to one876entertainment.com, the Raving deejay appeared at the event, STING Wednesdays, a weekly, promotional concert series leading to the upcoming STING 2011 stage show in St. Catherine on December 26.  Popcaan, scheduled to perform at this year’s edition of STING, made his presence felt inside the club to the amazement of patrons.

The caveat regarding this news plays up the fact that Club Riddim is currently owned by Corey Todd, the former business partner and friend of Popcaan’s mentor, Vybz Kartel. This marked the first time publicly that any member of the Portmore Empire made an appearance at the club formerly co-owned by Kartel since the business partnership between he and Todd dissolved in May.

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Video: Beyond the Scenes – Popcaan – Only Man She Want – Juss Buss Tv

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Bounty Killer, Mavado confirmed for STING 2011

Prominent Dancehall stalwarts and Alliance affiliates, Bounty Killer and Mavado, headline a star-studded list for the upcoming STING 2011 stage show on December 26.

The internationally-acclaimed artistes return to the STING stage after being notable absentees from a disappointing show last year; joining Aidonia, Gyptian, Elephant Man and Spice for the “Generals” section of the program. The 28th anniversary of the Dancehall super show, dubbed with the theme, Rumours of War, was officially launched on Wednesday at the Wyndham Hotel in Kingston.

During the launch, it was announced that four lyrical clashes have been set up for the event. Reigning Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall winner, Hurricane will face runner-up, Specialist as they renew hostilities from the popular talent show.

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Mp3: Popcaan – Party Shot – Smudge Riddim

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DOWNLOAD: Popcaan - Party Shot - Smudge Riddim (288)

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Popcaan happy with career progress, yet to visit Kartel in jail

Emerging Dancehall superstar, Andre Sutherland, more popularly known as Popcaan, insists he’ll become the proverbial flag bearer for the Portmore Empire despite his mentor’s incarceration on murder and drug-related charges.

Since his arrest on September 29 in New Kingston, Portmore Empire leader, Vybz Kartel has been slapped with two murder charges stemming from incidents occurring this past summer. Additionally, Assistance Commissioner of Police, Ealan Powell, intimated that more murder charges could be issued against Kartel; darkening an already large cloud over Kartel’s career and the future of the Portmore Empire.

With fellow Empire member, Shawn Storm also behind bars on a murder charge, Popcaan and fellow members of Gaza group are disheartened regarding the startling allegations. However, the Ravin deejay, who’s been hailed by some Dancehall observers as the most improved artiste in 2011, told TVJ’s Entertainment Reports that he’ll bear the responsibility of leading the Empire while lifting sulking Gaza fans.

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Video: Popcaan Clean Video Shoot Infront The Scenes

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Black Ryno hints at possible STING clash with Popcaan

Former Portmore Empire singjay, Romain Anderson, more popularly known as Black Ryno, has challenged former colleague, Popcaan to a lyrical battle; possibly at this year’s staging of STING.

The Sick deejay and Popcaan have been at odds since Ryno left the Portmore Empire in February 2010 following a disagreement with the group’s leader, Vybz Kartel. The next month, Ryno issued the diss track, Mi Lef; explaining his reasoning for departing the Gaza group. Popcaan quickly retaliated with the single, Dem Sell Wi Out; calling out Ryno regarding his decision. Both artistes remained silent on the issue since the singles were released.

However, Ryno spoke out regarding his issues with the Ravin deejay; intimating that it was a song Popcaan recorded entitled, Nuh Box Pon Jaw that re-ignited their conflict.

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Kartel insists Portmore Empire proteges won’t be booked via outside agencies

Controversial Dancehall entertainer, Adidja “Vybz Kartel” Palmer may be behind bars awaiting his hearing on murder charges, but he continues to assert his dominance over his Portmore Empire stable.

The self-professed “Worl’ Boss” issued a response, through his lawyer, Micheal Deans, regarding recent reports confirming that Shocking Vibes was the new booking agency for emerging Empire artiste, Popcaan. Despite languishing in a Kingston jail for the last three weeks, Kartel insisted that his artistes would conform to their musical obligations for him and his label, Adidjaheim Records.

In the press release issued by “Di Teacha,” he intimated that, “Portmore Empire artistes Vanessa Bling (Gaza Slim), Sheba, Tommy Lee, and Shawn Storm are still booked and managed by Adidjahiem Records. As such, any bookings or commitments coming through any other channels will not be honored.”

However, the statement made no mention of Popcaan himself, who stated less than two weeks ago that Shocking Vibes and its owner, Patrick Roberts were now taking bookings on his behalf. The deal was reached following meetings between the “Ravin” deejay and Roberts’ son and Shocking Vibes producer, Jamie “Young Vibez” Roberts. Additionally, Patrick Roberts told IRIE FM recently that management talks with Popcaan were preliminary but that nothing concrete was on the table. Popcaan went on to deny that any management deal was on the table.

Popcaan has been a member of the Empire since 2008; releasing several hit singles under Kartel’s tutelage such as “Ordinary Girl,” “Dream,” “Gangster City” and the aforementioned “Ravin.”

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Shawn Storm held by police after being named a person of interest

The Portmore Empire once again faces more drama as Dancehall singjay, Shawn Campbell, more popularly known as Shawn Storm, is currently in police custody.

This news comes a week after Shawn’s mentor & Empire leader, Vybz Kartel was slapped with murder charges relating to the shooting death of St. Catherine based businessman/promoter, Barrington “Bossie” Burton. Additionally, it was rumored last Thursday that fellow Kartel protégé’, Popcaan was leaving the Gaza group after it was announced that the Shocking Vibes label would take bookings on his behalf.

Now, news has emerged that Shawn Storm has been taken in by law enforcement after being named as a person of interest.

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Popcaan says he’s sticking with Empire, denies being managed by Shocking Vibes

Portmore Empire deejay & Vybz Kartel’s protégé, Andre “Popcaan” Sutherland has vehemently denied that he’s leaving the “Gaza” group 48 hours after rumors surfaced that he would sign with Shocking Vibes.

News broke on Thursday that the Shocking Vibes label, led by Patrick Roberts, is now the official & exclusive booking agency for Popcaan. In a radio interview, Roberts confirmed that Shocking Vibes & Popcaan talked about bookings arrangements days prior to Portmore Empire leader, Vybz Kartel’s arrest & subsequent murder charges. The deal was arranged a week following meetings between Popcaan and Shocking Vibes producer, Jamie “Young Vibes” Roberts. Additionally, there was speculation regarding Shocking Vibes possibly managing Popcaan, however, Roberts said that situation had yet to be settled.

Popcaan, speaking for the first time publicly regarding the matter, admitted that Shocking Vibes is currently taking booking for him but insisted that doesn’t mean he’s leaving the Portmore Empire.

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Popcaan leaving Portmore Empire? Shocking Vibes taking bookings for deejay

Is Portmore Empire deejay, Andre “Popcaan” Sutherland parting ways with long-time mentor Vybz Kartel? Reportedly, the “Raving” deejay is now being booked under the Shocking Vibes label.

The news comes days after his Kartel was charged with murder, conspiracy to murder & illegal possession of a firearm in relation to the shooting death of a St. Catherine based businessman/promoter in July. The charges have put the futures of Kartel’s reality show as well as the Portmore Empire in serious doubt.

IRIE FM is reporting that Shocking Vibes is now the official & exclusive booking agency for Popcaan; aiding in the emerging Dancehall artiste landing future shows. Additionally, Popcaan is in talks with the Shocking Vibes label about a possible management deal.

Shocking Vibes’ CEO, Patrick Roberts explained in an interview that they engaged in talks about doing bookings for Popcaan days before Kartel’s charges were handed out. Additionally, the Shocking Vibes front man revealed that Popcaan has maintained a friendship with his son & one of the label’s producer, Jamie Roberts. A week later, Popcaan approached Shocking Vibes about the label possibly doing bookings on his behalf; a proposal they agreed to. As for as possible management deal is concerned, Roberts said that talks are ongoing but nothing has been confirmed as yet.

Popcaan joined the Portmore Empire staple in 2008 & has been one of Vybz Kartel’s most promising protégés. The 21 year old deejay has recorded hit singles with the Empire such as “Ordinary Girl,” “Clarks” & “Hot Grabba” alongside Kartel as well as the internationally acclaimed “Raving” single on the Summer Time Riddim.

Popcaan has yet to comment regarding the matter.

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