Shorty and Kartel

Vybz Kartel’s baby mother reportedly pregnant

With the ongoing fallout from the cheating scandal involving the baby’s mother of Dancehall superstar, Mr. Vegas continuing to resonate, the common-law wife of another prominent entertainer has reportedly embroiled herself in some controversy of her own.

Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, the baby mother of incarcerated Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel is reportedly pregnant with another man’s child. According to several websites, not only does ‘Shorty’ have a child on the way, the father of said child hails as a former member of Vybz Kartel’s recently defunct, Portmore Empire.

Reports also revealed that ‘Shorty,’ has been keeping herself out of the spotlight in recent weeks due to the fact that she wants privacy regarding her pregnancy and the identity of the baby’s father.

Additionally, it’s being said that a specific line in the opening verse of Vybz Kartel’s chart-topping hit single, Back To Life makes reference to ‘Shorty,’ and her alleged actions while he remains incarcerated on murder and conspiracy charges, saying, ‘A next man have yuh gyal when yuh missing.”

Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson hails as the mother of three of Vybz Kartel’s children and has publicly defended the self-professed ‘Worl’ Boss’ several times against constant rumors and negative press that he’s received since being nabbed by law enforcement in September 2011. She also stated in the press that she had been trying to help herself, her children and Kartel’s mother to cope with the stress of having ‘Di Teacha’ in jail.

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Popcaan still loyal to Kartel despite reported fallout

Despite rampant speculation that Popcaan has fallen out with long-time mentor, Vybz Kartel, the self-professed ‘Fry Yiy’ continues to back the former Portmore Empire leader.

Several reports have emerged in recent months regarding growing tensions between Popcaan and Vybz Kartel, with former Empire members such as Gaza Slim, Lisa Hyper and Tommy Lee speaking out on the matter. With all three artistes admitting that problems exist between Popcaan and his mentor, Kartel himself released a statement publicly chastising him and Tommy Lee for their perceived disloyalty and ‘opportunist’ behavior displayed since he was initially incarcerated last September.

However, Popcaan continues to insist that he and Kartel are cool, telling TVJ’s Entertainment Report on Friday that he’s still loyal to the Worl’ Boss.

“Mi seh dis ova and ova again dawg and mi a tell unnu again, Kartel a mi daddy. Big up Vybz Kartel,” he said.

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Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee

Vybz Kartel questions loyalty of top ‘Gaza’ artistes

As if there wasn’t enough drama resulting from the recent dissolution of the Portmore Empire, now the group’s former leader has thrown more gasoline on the proverbial fire with a stern rebuking of his ex-protégés.

According to several reports, incarcerated Dancehall superstar and former Empire founder, Vybz Kartel released a damning statement against his former group mates on Thursday, insinuating that prominent protégés, Popcaan and Tommy Lee are no longer committed to the ‘Gaza’ cause, labeling both artistes as ‘opportunists.’

The statement was reportedly issued through ex-Empire singer, Vanessa ‘Gaza Slim’ Saddler, who sent said statement to Anthony Miller of TVJ’s Entertainment Report.

The alleged statement reads, “I just want u to let the people know that all a dem runnin’ aroun’ sayin’ ‘Gaza, Gaza’ are not real. Before I came here we were ‘good.’ No animosity, but within a week of my arrest, they started giving other people managerial and booking positions. But where were these people when I was building their careers? When I was investing time and money to transform them from nobody to somebody? They are opportunists and fake. I’m not surprised because this is Dancehall and I have no problem with them making their money. But I jus’ don’t want them to be all over the place exploiting a movement that I built with blood sweat and tears when they and I know they aren’t real. I want them to stop. The only two loyal people are Slim and Sheba (the girls) and maybe it’s because they haven’t fully realized their potential.”

This news comes several weeks after back and forth exchanges between Popcaan and former Empire singjay, Gaza Slim following a statement made by the former deejay address his status within the ‘Gaza’ as well as relationship with Vybz Kartel.

Furthermore, reports suggest that Vybz Kartel wanted a sizeable portion of Tommy Lee’s booking and publishing rights in an effort to exert more control over the Some Bwoy singer’s career while also implying that Popcaan owes ‘Di Teacha’ money in relation to bookings fees.

Kartel has publicly lashed out against former protégés before, doing so after ex-members like Black Ryno and Lisa Hyper left the Portmore Empire. The once dominant super group has also lost members such as Jahvinci, Kym Hamilton, co-founder, Deva Bratt and former Empire producer, Ainsley ‘Notnice’ Morris.

In a swift response to Kartel’s statement, Lisa Hyper disputed claims made by the self-professed ‘Worl’ Boss,’ intimating during an interview with one876entertainment.com that ‘Di Teacha’ should never take full credit for the growing ‘Gaza’ movement.

“Who is him fi talk bout loyalty? Him not even loyal to him (expletive) self. Him right fi say ah only dem two de, Sheba and Slim ah the most loyal to him because dem ah de two foolest people pon the Gaza, dem not even know what a split sheet is, dem nuh know nothing bout the business. Kartel caan stop nobody from say Gaza, Gaza belong to everybody now, this is a movement, Gaza mean fight for what you believe in and Kartel caan tek Gaza from nobody, Popcaan and Tommy Lee caan siddown and wait pon him fi come out, and further, Gaza belong to everybody, it bigger than Adidja Palmer, it bigga than me, it bigga than everybody who help start it. Mi breathe Gaza, mi bleed Gaza, Gaza for life,” she said.

More details of this ongoing saga will emerge on TVJ’s Entertainment Report this Friday night featuring Kartel’s statement as well as reaction from the aforementioned Tommy Lee, who reportedly expresses his loyalty to the ‘Gaza’ in his interview with ER, despite his mentor’s comments.

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Toi & JahVinci Ignite Reggae Sumfest with Surprise Performance

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Reggae Pop sensation, Toi & top dancehall singjay, JahVinci, took the stage at the Aquasol Theme Park in Montego Bay, to entertain the masses at the 2012 Reggae Sumfest Beach Party. This traditional event marks the start of the 20th Anniversary of Reggae Sumfest.

Toi, who began her performing career two years ago in Miami, Fl, has been making steady strides in the music industry. This latest performance shows that she has grown into a confident artist who knows her way around the Stage. With a wealth of musical styles and a powerful expressive voice, Toi laid down a smashing performance.

“I did my thing and it was great, I loved it”, said Toi. “It’s been an amazing experience so far, and theres a lot more to expect from Toi. I want to thank the fans for supporting me and keeping me reaching for more”.

JahVinci, the former Portmore Empire member & singjay, with his Weaving lyrics and flawless flow had the crowd jumping with energy. Since parting with the Portmore empire, he has captivated many dancehall and reggae music lovers with his cultural outreach. Well known for singles such as “Watch Yuh Friends”, “Money”, and “Remedy”, JahVinci delivered solid entertainment.

As Reggae Sumfest moves forward in its 20th year, attendees can look forward to more action, more good music, and non-stop energy. With several major acts ready to grace the stage, one thing is sure, Reggae Sumfest 2012 is off to a real good start.


Video coverage of performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vjhh4od8VvE

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Vybz Kartel and Gaza Slim

Gaza Slim calls out Popcaan, insists he lied in statement

It’s a literal case of he said-she said as the fallout from the recent disbanding of the Portmore Empire continues with one former member Gaza Slim calling out another in Popcaan following a statement released to the public on Monday.

The Only Man She Want deejay issued a detailed press release addressing several pressing issues, from his relationship with former mentor, Vybz Kartel to the reasoning behind him not being a member of PG13, a new label spearheaded by Kartel which features Tommy Lee and the aforementioned Gaza Slim. In said release, Popcaan insisted that he was not able to visit the self-professed ‘Worl’ Boss’ given that he was advised against making visitations to the jail where Kartel had been held at and that ‘Di Teacha’ himself suggested through letter that he should stay away from the police. Additionally, Popcaan insisted that he remains grateful to Vybz Kartel for providing him with several musical opportunities and that he’s forever loyal to the ‘Gaza.’

A day after Popcaan broke his silence, Gaza Slim, whose also known as Vanessa Bling issued a statement of her own, steadfastly refuting the When We Party deejay’s account of these events while revealing the apparent discord that existed between Popcaan and Vybz Kartel after the latter’s arrest last September.

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Popcaan speaks out regarding ‘Gaza’ status and relationship with Vybz Kartel

After weeks of silence and a plethora of rumors that have infiltrated Dancehall circles, internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Popcaan has finally spoken out; addressing every topic of speculation that his name has been involved in in recent times.

With the Portmore Empire officially disbanding last month and fellow ex-member of the group, Tommy Lee stating during an interview on Friday that Popcaan was not a member of Kartel’s newly formed PG13 stable, the Party Shot deejay has come forward to set the record straight amidst rumors of a falling out between himself and the self-professed Worl’ Boss.

In a statement sent out to the media on Monday, Popcaan talked in detail about various topics, including his thoughts of the Portmore Empire’s dissolution.

“The world already knows that my career was launched from the greatest dancehall school and business entity, The Portmore Empire/Adidjaheim Records led by Vybz Kartel. Since Vybz Kartel’s incarceration in September 2011 I remained a loyal and contributing member of this unit until May 2012 when the Portmore Empire was dissolved,” he said.

“Rumors started as early as September 2011 that I had left the Portmore Empire, this was not so. My actions in October 2011 were to seek booking representation as this very important function was no longer viable for me with the incarceration of the head of my management and booking company. To date I have no formal management or booking agreement and only since June 2012, with the dissolution of the Portmore Empire have I engaged the services of a lawyer to put these agreements in place.”

“From September 2011 to present I have worked hard and stayed focused on my career with my main intention to make sure that the music from the Portmore Empire was being released and the brand remained in the forefront of the dancehall music industry. I feel that I did that to the best of my ability with the release of songs like Party Shot, Fry Yiy, Coolie Gal, Bad Mind, She A Gwaan Good, Nuh Sell Out and Step Like Dead and with performances all over the world.”

Popcaan also talked about the reasoning behind him not being a part of PG13 and even addressed So Unique Records head, Elvis ‘Sounique’ Redwood who he claims has been making several defamatory statements to the press since he declined to voice on one of Redwood’s recent Riddims.

On PG13, “Vybz Kartel has explained that with no negative intentions and with his blessing and the possibilities of working together in the future, he thinks I have shown where I can work with my own career and that he will form a unit named PG13 for upcoming artists and include two former Portmore Empire members.”

Regarding Redwood, Popcaan intimated that, “Elvis Redwood has made it public that he is one of the producers working with PG 13 and he also keeps making defamatory statements about me. I know these are related to his disappointment because I did not voice on his ‘Aurora Skies’ Riddim and it did not pass Half Way Tree. Because of his reaction to this and the way he constantly refers negatively to me throughout the music industry and the media. My statement here is that I will never voice on any Riddim he produces.”

“My main producers remain TJ Records, UIM Records, Young Vibez, ZJ Chrome, Not Nice Records and MixPak Records. I also record any riddims that I like by other producers.”

Perhaps the most pressing issue that Popcaan addressed was his relationship with long time mentor, Vybz Kartel. For months, several Dancehall fans have queried why the Ravin’ deejay has not visited Kartel since his incarceration last September.

Popcaan explained that he made several inquiries to law enforcement officials about visitation but to no avail while also stating that Vybz Kartel himself advised against such communication.

“Since his incarceration I have not visited Vybz Kartel, nor have any members of the Portmore Empire visited him to date. In September 2011 it was explained to us that only family members were allowed to visit at set times once a week. On several occasions when I enquired about visitations I was told that this was not advised. Later Vybz Kartel communicated through letters that I should focus on my career and stay away from the police. All our communication has been focused on updates on my career, my song releases and stage shows and general discussions as one would express in the present situation. Up until May 2012 when the Portmore Empire was dissolved we maintained a business relationship.”

Nevertheless, Popcaan remains grateful to Kartel for creating vast opportuinities that he’s managed to capitalize since joining the Portmore Empire.

“I am grateful and am loyal to Vybz Kartel for the opportunity of working with the Portmore Empire, for everything I learned from him about the music business, life, friendship and family. He is a brother, a father figure, “mi real chargie”. He has influenced and will continue to influence my career as one of my favourite artists and from the day we met at the Chromatic party ‘My Scheme’ in Portmore in 2009 to collaborating on hits like Clarks, Hot Grabba, Never Fear Dem and other songs.”

“I look forward to working again with Vybz Kartel and will be checking with producers to see what previously recorded material they may have that I can include on my album which I will start working on soon.”

Popcaan also addressed rumors that Informer, a track done by Kartel and Tommy Lee was in no way aimed towards him.

“The song Informer was recorded by Vybz Kartel in August 2011 and added to by Tommy Lee in May 2012.”


“These lyrics in no way pertain to me. To create friction and controversy, some persons have tried to dissect the song line by line but the fact remains that this song was not recorded about or toward me. Every word sang by Tommy Lee in this song could have been sung by me but this is the time for Tommy Lee to get the exposure and recognition from a collaboration with Vybz Kartel.”

As for his status within the Gaza, Popcaan proclaimed, “I have never said and will never say I am not a part of Gaza. Gaza is my original home and foundation and I will always remain loyal to the Gaza.”

“As I move forward and progress in the music industry I will use my success to bring forward other artistes like Vybz Kartel did for me and like Bounty Killer did for him.”

“Unscrupulous persons have called me and my family members with threats on my life, my family’s lives and threats to bottle my performances. I will not focus on this as I remain committed to my music, my career and my fans. Thanks to everyone for all the messages of support and encouragement that keep coming to me from fans in the streets, the media, the music industry and all the social networks.”

“I can only be myself and bring my own energy and vibes to the music industry, I remain the same fry yiy, hotskull, peppa skull, boil brain, popskull from 3 West Portmore dat Vybz Kartel buss to di world. Wi born unruly wid baay badness pack up all ova dat so…do remember…a di whole place a say fry yiy and the undisputed best mixtape of 2012, ‘Yiy Change,’ is still available for download at www.popcaanmusic.com. Listen for new music and look out for di fry yiy Ravin King coming to a city near you…big up di fans worldwide.”

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Tommy Lee 2012

Popcaan not a part of newly formed crew, says Tommy Lee

Following the recent disbanding of the Portmore Empire by their leader, Vybz Kartel, many fans have speculated whether or not Popcaan remains a part of the ‘Gaza.’ After an interview with fellow ex-Empire deejay, Tommy Lee, that speculation is sure to grow.

Tommy Lee gave an interview on Friday morning with Young Lion on BBC 1Xtra’s Dancehall M1X in which he addressed a few subjects, including the newly formed PG13 label. Tommy Lee and Gaza Slim announced their participation within the new group during a statement that Vybz Kartel issued regarding the Portmore Empire’s disbandment as the self-professed Worl’ Boss insisted that his protégés were more than capable of handling their own careers going forward.

According to Tommy Lee, Vybz Kartel was the brainchild behind PG13 but was encouraged by ‘Di Teacha’ to lead the group until Kartel returns.

When asked by Young Lion about Popcaan’s status within the Gaza camp, Tommy Lee intimated that though he and the Party Shot deejay are on good terms, the self-professed Gaza Prefect isn’t a part of PG13.

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Deva Bratt reportedly cops assault charges

Veteran Dancehall star, Sheldon Smith, more popularly known as Deva Bratt has once again embroiled himself in legal trouble after the renowned deejay reportedly copped assault charges stemming from an incident last week.

According to reports, Deva Bratt was arrested following an encounter with two women at his Portmore home last week, where he allegedly made sexual advances on them. However, after both females refused to engage in such activity with the artiste, an exchange occurred which led to Deva Bratt allegedly assaulting both women.

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Tommy Lee to drop new mixtape this summer

One of the former protégés of incarcerated Dancehall superstar, Tommy Lee seeks to establish himself as a major force in the post Portmore Empire era as he’s set to release his new mixtape this summer.

Tommy Lee has slowly but surely become a household fixture within Dancehall music within the last two years; releasing notable efforts such as Psycho, Warn Dem and Journeys. With his unique and somewhat mischievous sounding voice, the young deejay has become a force to reckon with going forward after perfecting his craft under the tutelage of long time mentor, Vybz Kartel.

Now Tommy Lee has set his sights on making his next career step as he’s set to unveil his new mixtape which will be unleashed this summer. Reportedly, the mixtape will feature several songs from different labels as he looks to build his growing repertoire.

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Vybz Kartel and Sheba

Former Portmore Empire artistes weigh in on group’s split

Following yesterday’s announcement that the Portmore Empire has officially disbanded, a few of the group’s former members have reacted to the surprising news.

Early Wednesday morning, incarcerated Dancehall superstar and former Portmore Empire leader, Vybz Kartel issued a statement, via his Adidjahiem Records label in which he announced the dissolution of the ‘Gaza’ crew. According to Kartel, the group’s members were more than capable of managing their own careers while conceding that it would be unfair to hold them to such a cause given the burden of his ongoing legal woes.

While some former members such as Tommy Lee and Gaza Slim have already hitched on to a new label, PG13, others in the camp expressed shock at the move. Tasheba Campbell, more popularly known as Sheba had been a member of Portmore Empire since 2009 when he auditioned for Kartel before being recruited.

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Portmore Empire

Vybz Kartel disbands the Portmore Empire

After five years in existence and stamping their place as one of Dancehall’s most dominant crews, the Portmore Empire has officially disbanded.

The shock announcement was made early Wednesday morning by Portmore Empire leader, Vybz Kartel, who issued a statement from jail confirming the group’s split through his Adidjaheim Records label.

According to Kartel, this hails as the best time for Empire artistes to try and achieve success on their own and that it would be unfair to keep them confined to his group given his ongoing legal situations.

“Dancehall fans worldwide it with great regret that I, Adidja Palmer, have decided to disband the Portmore Empire. These artistes have been under the Adidjahiem leadership for years, where they have honed their craft and made their mark, and as such, are well on their way to becoming major forces in Dancehall. They have reached a level where they are more capable to take on their careers by themselves, and it would be unfair to them, based on the limited resources of Adidjahiem Records, and current legal woes of the Adidjahiem C.E.O. and team members,” the statement reads.

“I wish them the best and I am confident that they will live up to my expectations. In the future, Adidjahiem will continue to bring out new acts and groom them for stardom,”

Already a pair of the Empire’s members, Vanessa ‘Gaza Slim’ Saddler and Leroy ‘Tommy Lee’ Russell have committed to a new project as they’ve joined a newly formed label entitled, PG13.

“Right now, a PG13 di ting deh,” Gaza Slim said.

Tommy Lee added, “Look out for PG13…It soon work in.”

The Portmore Empire became one of Dancehall’s most popular stables since its formation in 2007 by veteran deejay, Deva Bratt and Kartel. Though Deva Bratt left the group after a falling out with the self-proclaimed Worl’ Boss, the group soon flourished as they introduced several acts to the mainstream such as Jahvinci, Black Ryno, Lisa Hyper and most notably, Popcaan.

However, between the end of 2009 and last summer, the Empire soon shrunk as Lisa Hype, Black Ryno, Jahvinci and fellow members, Doza Medicine as well as Kym Hamilton (formerly Gaza Kym) all left the group, citing ill-treatment.

But with the emergence of Popcaan as a megastar with hits such as Ravin and Only Man She Want, the group elevated to seemingly higher heights before Kartel was arrested last September and later slapped with murder, drug and obstruction of justice related charges.  

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Vybz Kartel and Corey Todd explain nature of rift, reunion

Incarcerated Dancehall mega star, Vybz Kartel and prominent American businessman, Corey Todd are apparently back in business and have offered explanations regarding their highly publicized split almost a year ago.

On Monday, reports confirmed that the long-time business partners would reunite after agreeing to a business deal which involves reviving the Street Vybz Rum brand which became a highly popular entity between 2009 and 2011. During their association, Kartel and Todd also created the Vybz Rum brand, Daggering Condoms and later co-owned operations at the Building (now Club Riddim) where they birthed the Street Vybz Thursdays and Inclusive Saturdays party series.

However, Kartel and Todd’s partnership fizzled last May after the American businessman alleged that the Portmore Empire deejay threatened him while alleging that Kartel wasn’t fully committed to their business ventures. Now, nearly nine months after Vybz Kartel was arrested and later charged with murder, drug and obstruction of justice related charges in separate cases, the internationally acclaimed artiste and Todd have settled their differences in order to re-ignite their once successful alliance.

In a statement, Todd revealed that he and Kartel started talking back to each other shortly after the deejay’s incarceration.

“We started communicating shortly after his incarceration; it was our intention not to make this public knowledge until his release however we can no longer patiently wait for that day. I wish be a voice that will help bring forth his freedom because I can attest his only guilt is association,” he said.

With regards to why he and Kartel split, Todd insists that this came down to the people around the self-proclaimed ‘Worl’ Boss,’ but also relents that their strong personalities clashed as time elapsed.

“The associates that led to his incarceration are the same associates that cause our partnership to end at the time, but I must add that our egos also clashed. His arrest had a humbling effect on me and caused me to reflect on my own actions. I then lost interest in my present projects and made artistes involved aware that I wish discontinue, this around November,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a statement said to be from Kartel, he echoed Todd’s sentiment, stating that the rift between them was based on miscommunication while admitting that the American entrepreneur was one of his closest friends.

“What happened between me and Corey was just a misunderstanding. Truth be told I really had some negative elements around me, that bad mind me and Corey partnership because of its success. At the time I was too caught up being world boss to realize I was destroying one of realest friendships I ever had. Being in here made me realize that we did achieve greatness together… after all if a neva fi Corey and Kartel STREET VYBZ woulda never buss in people head and Building would a never Buck pon a Saturday,” he said.

In a letter to his fans sent through his common-law wife, Tanesha ‘shorty’ Johnson, Kartel assured them that he and Todd’s reunion will reap several benefits.

“Gaza fans just get ready fi start clubbing it and rummin it. Right now, this reunion bigga than the north and south after the civil war…The business mogul and the dancehall star…Awoh!”

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LA Lewis

L.A. Lewis starts ‘Gaza’ group, wants to recruit Popcaan

Just when you figured that Jamaican entertainer, L.A. Lewis was finally out of the public eye, the Seven Star General has returned to the scene in a more reputable light, as a musician.

Lewis, who recently faced allegations of defacing public property with graffiti, has decided to turn his full attention to the music business as the outlandish entertainer has formed a new group dubbed, the Gaza Federation.

Currently incarcerated Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel continues to be recognized as the ‘Gaza Emperor’ ever since leading the Portmore Empire to prominence during its inception in 2007. The group has produced some noteworthy acts including its founder, Deva Bratt and internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Popcaan.

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Vybz Kartel’s common law wife reportedly targeted by thieves

The bad news keeps piling up for prominent Dancehall entertainer, Vybz Kartel  as his common law wife nearly became the subject of a robbery on Friday.

Tanesha Johnson aka Shorty has been coping in recent months since Kartel was arrested and later charged with murder, drug and obstruction of justice related charges late last year as she tries to garner strength for their family the deejay will be exonerated. However, Johnson reportedly suffered a scare late Friday night as two men trespassed on her residence in Norbrook, St. Andrew.

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Kartel remanded again, booked for June court date

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Adidja Palmer, more popularly known as Vybz Kartel faces a longer wait regarding a decision on bail as he has been remanded once more in one of his murder cases.

Appearing in the Home Circuit Court on Friday, a bail application was expected to be made on the Portmore Empire deejay’s behalf in the Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams murder case. However, the application was delayed, forcing the judge to hand down a June 8 court date for Kartel as well as the co-accused in that matter: Shawn Campbell aka Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones, Shane Williams, Andre St. John and Calvin ‘Moonie’ Haye, who’s been on bail since January.

Each of the men stands accused of participating in the killing of Williams during an incident at a Havendale, St. Andrew residence last August.

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Vybz Kartel’s ganja trial to begin next month

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Adidja Palmer, more popularly known as Vybz Kartel will report to court next month for the beginning of his ganja trial.

The prominent deejay faces a May 22 court date in the matter, which will be resumed after a three month delay. The new trial date was scheduled earlier this week in the absence of Kartel, who was not brought to the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on the day of the hearing.

Presiding resident magistrate, Maxine Ellis ruled that a writ must be issued for Kartel’s release from a Spanish Town based jail where he’s currently being kept in order to ensure that he makes the May court date.

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