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Potential Kidd accused by American promoters of scamming money

Fast-rising Dancehall star, Potential Kidd could soon be facing his own share of legal woes as the deejay stand accused by an American promoter of stealing money.

Dwayne ‘Garry Dreamaz’ Grant, a New Jersey based promoter insists that Potential Kidd, his booking agent and manager scammed multiple event planners in the United States for large sums of money. Reportedly, promoters have substantial evidence of these alleged scams; showing signed contracts and receipts that were sent to members of Potential Kidd’s team despite the fact that the A Yah So Nice deejay could not travel to the United States, while also revealing that the artiste never informed them of his inability to fly to the North American country.

Grant intimated that he had dialogue with Potential Kidd and his team since April when he secured the deejay’s services for shows on July 13 and 14 in New York and New Jersey respectively where they agreed on a sum of US$6,300 for both shows.

In a press release, Grant stated that “Back in April, I was introduced to Theresa Small of Terri Booking Agency by a friend. As to what I was told, she is the booking agency for Dwayne Taylor aka Potential Kid. I spoke to Theresa back in April and she told me nothing is guarantee until a deposit was made.”

“After I sent the money, Theresa introduced me to Angeletta who is Dwayne Taylor’s manager. I spoke to her and she asked me about the deposit, so I told her I sent the money to Theresa… Two months later Jason and I sent another US$600 to put towards airfare. My date [for the show] was July 14, 2012 but five days before I was told he did not have a visa for the USA, I was told he will be going to immigration but to my understanding, he did not go. Even up to the day before the events on Friday and Saturday, Potential Kid had not yet made an appearance at immigration to obtain a visa and work permit.”

According to reports, two other promoters fell victim to this alleged scam; one of them being Ageable Jason of Boomerang Promotions, who intimated that he went through a similar process with Potential Kidd.

Basically, we send the money for Potential Kid for a date on July 13 to perform at a venue in the Bronx named Best Party Place aka Social Gathering Palace. After we sent all the money I was supposed to then wait for a while for a commercial when the artist supposed to be in New York July 6, because he supposed to perform on the 7th in Mount Vernon. So after I found out he wasn’t coming for the 6th, I was informed that he didn’t get his work permit as yet but I was guaranteed by his manager that he will get it for the show on the 13th in New York and the 14th in New Jersey. So as days go by, we keep getting put off. ‘Tomorrow, tomorrow’ we will get the latest news. So finally Wednesday into Thursday, after we spend up all our money to go on the road, to promote on radio stations, paying people to promote, rent club, etc. we found out that he wasn’t coming because he don’t have a visa and etc.” he said.

As a result, Grant insists that he intends to sue Potential Kidd and his team for their alleged actions. Furthermore, he revealed that Potential Kidd’s manager, Angeletta called him on July 17, claiming that she will refund the money but that it will take some time due to the fact that the deejay is broke.

Grant later spoke to Potential Kidd, who vehemently denied the allegations, insisting that his manager lied and that she stole the promoter’s money.

Nevertheless, Grant insists that he’s pursuing legal action against Potential Kidd and his team not just because of money, but due to principle as he feels that it’s unfair for this happen to so many promoters. According to Grant, with the help of Jamaican PR agent, Lesley Hayles who helped parlay his story as well as a prominent entertainment lawyer that’s he’s hired, he will retrieve all that has been stolen from him.




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2CD Set Includes This Year’s Biggest Hits from Sean Paul, Melanie Fiona, Popcaan, Konshens and Busy Signal & Damian Marley
The Series’ Most Crucial Songs from Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Sizzla, Mavado, Bounty Killer, Beres Hammond & Buju Banton
VP Records is set to release the 20th edition of the best-selling annual reggae compilationReggae Gold next week on June 26 with VP Records. This year’s two disc set offers double the hits.  The deluxe package includes a commemorative sticker and 15″ x 10″ fold out poster of the this year’s Reggae Gold cover girls.

The compilation’s first disc carries on the Reggae Gold tradition with the year’s most popularreggae hits. Highlights include Sean Paul’s latest single “She Doesn’t Mind,” Konshens’ chart-topping anthem “Gal A Bubble,” Jamaica’s hottest newcomer Popcaan’s “Only Man She Want” and four newly commissioned songs including Busy Signal’s “Kingston Town Remix” featuring Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley” (listen via Complex ), Tarrus Riley’s “Not Missing You” (listen to premiere on Large Up) Etana’s “Reggae” and Gyptian’s “Overtime.”

Feel free to post MP3 streams:

Busy Signal – Kingston Town ft. Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley

Disc 2 is a commemorative collection of Reggae Gold classic hits spanning the past two decades. The all-star lineup includes Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Bounty Killer, Beres Hammond & Buju Banton, Mr. Vegas, Sean Paul, Sizzla, T.O.K. and many other names that fans of the series have come to know and love.

The Reggae Gold series was launched in 1992 by VP Records and provides a round-up of each year’s most popular dancehall, roots & culture and lover’s rock hits on one go-to summer compilation.  Reggae Gold has consistently earned best seller status and debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Reggae Chart, landed consecutively on the Billboard Top 200 chart and earned a Top 20 spots on the Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop and Independent chart. Reggae Gold serves fans of both reggae and dancehall music by gathering the big names, trends and styles from the specific year into one timeless set.


1.   She Doesn’t Mind – Sean Paul
2.   Only Man She Want – Popcaan
3.   Yah Suh Nice – Potential Kidd
4.   Gal A Bubble – Konshens
5.   Cheater’s Prayer – Christopher Martin
6.   Come Over (Missing You) – Busy Signal
7.   Reggae – Etana
8.   Will I Wait In Vain – Iba Mahr
9.   Kingston Town (Remix) – Busy Signal ft. Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley
10. I Know Better – Romain Virgo
11. Do Sum’n – Konshens
12. Wine – Cham featuring O
13. Overtime – Gyptian
14. Like I Love You – Melanie Fiona
15. Not Missing You – Tarrus Riley
16. In My Arms – Beres Hammond

17. Terry Linen – I Look To You


1.   No Letting Go – Wayne Wonder
2.   Hold You – Gyptian
3.   Temperature – Sean Paul
4.   Romie – Beenie Man
5.   Benz And Bimma – Bounty Killer
6.   When I Hold You Tonight – General Degree
7.   Heads High – Mr. Vegas
8.   So Special – Mavado
9.   Pull It Up – Beres Hammond & Buju Banton
10. Can’t Satisfy Her – I Wayne
11. Just One Of Those Days – Sizzla
12. It’s A Pity – Tanya Stephens
13. Below The Waist – Queen Ifrica
14. Healing – Lady Saw featuring Beenie Man
15. Footprints – T .O.K.
16. Down By The River – Morgan Heritage

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BEFORE LISTENING to the lyrics of Potential Kidd's song Yah So Nice, I assumed from the title that 'yah' meant Jamaica. I figured that the song was an echo of Tony Rebel's big tune, Sweet Jamaica:

LIME in a very sour pickle-Potential Kidd

BEFORE LISTENING to the lyrics of Potential Kidd’s song Yah So Nice, I assumed from the title that ‘yah’ meant Jamaica. I figured that the song was an echo of Tony Rebel’s big tune, Sweet Jamaica:

Help mi big up Jamaica

The land of wood and water

The system might no proper

But wi love the vibes, the food and the culture.

Woh, can’t you see

The beauty of this country?

Mi never know, a serious thing

Until mi reach a foreign.

Seh wat a nice place fi live

Sweet Jamdown

Di only problem is dollars nah run.

As it turns out, Potential Kidd’s ‘yah’ is located in another territory. It’s a land of wood and moist valleys and it lies at the intersection of a woman’s legs. Yah So Nice is actually all about sexual intercourse, particularly the DJ’s fixation on female genitalia. This is not a surprising theme in dancehall lyrics. But there are a few unusual images. Potential Kidd compares his sexual encounter to religious conversion: “A yah so nice, mi tink a God a save me”.

Especially on Easter Sunday, some saintly souls will surely consider those lines sacrilegious. But ecstasy, whether religious or sexual, is at core a form of rapture – being carried away out of the body. In fact, the English word rapture comes from the Latin raptura meaning ‘seizure, rape, kidnapping’. In English, the connotations of the word are not at all rapacious.

Potential Kidd seems to be caught in a state of perpetual amazement. Apparently, the inexperienced DJ is not accustomed to having intercourse – whether verbal or sexual – with women who are both physically attractive and literate:

Baby skin clean a dat amaze me

Wat a girl body right

A dat amaze me

She can read and write

A dat amaze me

Clean and dirty versions

Out of the blue come the truly amazing lyrics that have put LIME in a pickle for promoting ‘Yah So Nice': “Before mi turn a b—-y man/Mi prefer turn a raper”. Did no one at LIME listen to these lyrics before selecting Potential Kidd and ‘Yah So Nice’ for an advertising campaign targeting high-school students? It is true that these offensive lines are edited out of the ‘clean’ version. But since the ‘dirty’ version is easily accessible on the Internet, the distinction between the two is purely academic.

To be fair to Potential Kidd, his statement shouldn’t be taken out of context as a straightforward promotion of rape. It is a hypothetical situation he imagines in which rape is conceived as the lesser of two evils. Socialised in Jamaica, he has been brought up to believe that homosexuality is the worst possible fate that could befall him. Even worse than becoming a ‘raper’. And we all know where that fear of homosexuality comes from: straight from the Old Testament. Potential Kidd’s choice of the word ‘turn’ suggests another kind of conversion, definitely not salvation by God. This ‘turn’ seems to be the possibility that a heterosexual man could be forced to take a turn to homosexuality in rapacious circumstances beyond his control.

Backward rape law

At a time when the rape of women and girls is such a grievous issue in Jamaica, Potential Kidd’s lyrics cannot be taken lightly. Any suggestion that rape is an option must be condemned. But we cannot forget that men are also potential victims. The World Health Organisation defines rape as “physically forced or otherwise coerced penetration – even if slight – of the vulva or anus, using a penis, other body parts or an object”.

Not surprisingly, Jamaican law does not acknowledge this all-inclusive definition of rape. Our rather backward position is that rape is frontal abuse. The Joint Select Committee that was established to consider amendments to the Offences Against the Person Act decided that the definition of rape should not be changed.

This is how the chairman of the committee, A. J. Nicholson, put it in an RJR report on February 14, 2007, posted on the UNIFEM website: “Leave rape as it is, leave it as is. Man and woman and only in a certain way. The penalty or penalties for the other offences are all going to be severe, so it wouldn’t matter of (sic) you call it fish and chips or bread and butter, whatever name you give to it”.

A.J. Nicholson’s use of innocuous food imagery to describe offences against the person is just as surprising as Potential Kidd’s disturbing language of rape.

Stuck with another monopoly

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Cable and Wireless enjoyed a monopoly in the Jamaican telecommunications market. The company didn’t need to resort to dancehall culture to sell its products. Potential customers were forced to beg and beseech to get telephone service. Then came the brave new world of cellphones. That market was also monopolised by Cable and Wireless. Customers had to pay an arm and a leg for cellphone service. Finally, the monopoly was broken with the arrival of Digicel.

Cable and Wireless, now rebranded as LIME, is holding on to less and less market share. And so, the company is desperately grabbing on to any wire to save itself. It tried to hitch on to Mr Clifton Brown’s fleeting notoriety, but still ‘canna cross it’. And now Potential Kidd’s lyrics have turned out to be not so nice.

LIME’s best dancehall bet is Damian Marley, the company’s newest ambassador. The only potential issue with ‘Junior Gong’ is a chronic Rastafari preoccupation: in the words of his father, ‘Got to have kaya now’. That’s a small price to pay in the telecommunications war. And LIME really does need to win back some of the market. Or we’ll be stuck with another monopoly. And we’ll be right back to where we started: ‘hold dung an tek weh’.

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Potential Kidd dropped by LIME

Emerging Dancehall star, Potential Kidd has lost his first major endorsement deal just as quickly as he won it.

The popular deejay, who shot to prominence with the release of his debut single, Yah So Nice earlier this year, has been dropped from an endorsement deal with Jamaican telecommunications outlet, LIME. This, ironically took place following concerns from brand officials over lyrical content in the raw version of Yah So Nice.

In a press release issued by LIME late Tuesday night, LIME explained that they organized talks between Potential Kidd and persons who were unimpressed with his lyrics in the song, which allegedly promotes violence against women and condemns homosexuality.

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