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New Artist Spotlight : Snapshot Camp

The Snapshot Camp project bore in the January of 2012 from the mind of four boys(Buzzoman(1989), Cescojam(1988), Reze(1989), Sweetfiyah(1989) and one girl(Lety(1990). Their passion for the world of reggae and dancehall born a long time before, when they they were 14 or 15 fifteen years old, when in their town(Campobasso), there were the first reggae and dancehall events, thanks to some sound system of the town, especially Almighty Squad & Good Vybez. In the beginning it was just a like a game, a hobby, both for the lyrics level and for the recording level. In the 2012 they took the decision to plan a serious project, and the first step was to built a own studio, where they could meet and take care of their tunes properly.

The “Camp” distinguish for his faculty of pass from a reggae rhythm to a dancehall beat, alongside with a hip-hop flavour. The quality of the stuff is the most important thing for all the members of the crew, and they give special attention to the flow and the lyrics of their tracks. The five members of Snapshot Camp sing together or in combination of two-three, but there are single tracks too, because one of basic principels of the Camp is the freedom of every member to take part in all projects that could be made. Their topics range from the party song to the deepest conscious things, passing through the ragga themes.

They already worked with international labels, like Hypeyawdz Prod. (from Brooklyn), Hypemasters Entertainment(Kenya), Machete Records(Jam/England), Locksmith Records(New York), Upper class Records(Jam), La Familia West(Jam), Munshynz Records(Malawi), J’Island Records(Jam)and we voiced on their riddims. Also they made dub-plates for nuff italian and international sounds ( Pushman, Shanty Crew, Sun Empire Sound, Frisco Sound,TnT Sound, Good Vybez, Lsc Gangsta Sound, Raging Dawgs, Southboyz Sound, Irregular Beat Sound, TurboForce Sound(from USA), T-Works Sound(from Japan)) & drops for radios.

CONTACT: DUB & BOOKING: [email protected]
FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK:http://www.facebook.com/SnapshotCamp
FOLLOW US ON YOUTUBE:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQx_GkfO28-1-OynsS0CTzg

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Introducing the Largest Dancehall Music Video Collection Online: Riddimtube.com

Riddimtube.com is a brand new Reggae & Dancehall Music Video Website launched earlier this year. The website features the largest collection of Reggae and Dancehall Music Videos including high definition official videos and user made montages of the latest riddims and releases. With a database featuring thousands of reggae, dancehall, dub and live concert videos the website is ideal to run in the background whiles your browsing your favourite Dancehall News website DancehallUSA.com

Primarily made up of user submitted content the website already has a large user base of members browsing and posting new music videos. Users can sign up for free to access extra features like playlists, video commenting, video submission and many more features including the automatic creation of your own personal web page on riddimtube featuring a playlist of your chosen videos. The website hosts a variety of exclusive footage, music and high definition content you will be stretched to find a better music video website for Jamaican music. Gone are the days of rogue music video websites that are rarely updated or feature mostly broken links, Riddimtube.com is highly moderated and hosted on super fast servers in LA and New York City so you can expect a reliable and fast browsing experience. You can embed any of the Riddimtube music videos in any webpage or your favourite social network profile i.e. myspace. The embed code can be copied and pasted within your exisiting html just like a youtube video.

The website hopes to serve as a free platform for new and existing artists to release their music videos and gain exposure online.

Courtesy of Riddimtube.com and TarrusRiley.com please find below the HD version of Tarrus Riley’s Wildfire (Protect the People) on the Major & Minor riddim. As you can see the Riddimtube player is quite attractive and runs like a dream!

Tarrus Riley – Wild Fire (Protect The People)

Visit Riddimtube.com for the latest Dancehall & Reggae Music Videos

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