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Lady Saw vs Snoop Lion

Lady Saw calls out Snoop Lion

Lady Saw vs Snoop LionOne of Dancehall’s greats has become wary of the musical path taken by Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Doggas Lady Saw recently took the popular American musician to task for his venturing into Reggae music.

In a recent interview, the ‘Queen of Dancehall’ voiced her disapproval of Snoop’s dabbling into the Reggae market. When speaking following her performance at Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records in late July, Lady Saw spoke about the implications for Jamaican Reggae artists who strive to achieve chart and commercial success internationally with overseas acts such as Snoop Lion infiltrating the market.

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Snoop Lion Reincarnated

Snoop Lion’s ‘Reincarnated’ album tops Billboard Reggae chart

Snoop Lion ReincarnatedGangster-rap legend turned Reggae crooner,Snoop Lion has seen his change of genre merit rewards as his debut Reggae album, Reincarnated has topped Billboard’s Reggae albums chart.

The album, released April 23rd, sold over 21,000 copies during its first week and is currently number 16 on the Billboard Hot 200.

Reincarnated features a number of hits including “Lighters Up,” (feat. Mavado and Popcaan, La La La and his anti-gun anthem “No Guns Allowed,” (feat. Drake and Cori B).

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Snoop Dogg and Snoop Lion

Snoop Lion blasts Bunny Wailer following criticism of new moniker

Snoop Dogg and Snoop LionThough toting a more conscious, positive vibe as Snoop Lion, the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg is barking back at one of his harshest critics in Reggae legend, Bunny Wailer.

The rap legend turned Reggae crooner ripped Wailer during an interview published Thursday in Rolling Stone Magazine after months of accusations by the former Wailing Wailers member that he had been profiting from Rastafarian culture and misrepresenting the faith. In the interview, Snoop retorted to these accusations, holding nothing back.

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Rastas claim Snoop misused ‘Lion’ moniker, illegally shot footage for new film

ReincarnatedProminent members of Jamaica’s Rastafarian community have long been skeptical of Snoop Lion‘s recent conversion from gangster rapper to a melodic Reggae musician. They now have made their reasoning clear as to why they believe his new ‘Lion’ moniker is nothing more than a cheap gimmick.

Iconic Reggae musician, Bunny Wailer has been very vocal regarding Snoop Dogg‘s morphing into a ‘Lion’ in February of last year as he visited Jamaica to film a new documentary, Reincarnated. The film, which premiered across U.S. Theatres last Friday, shows footage of Snoop’s intimate conversation with Wailer while showing the former rapper’s interaction with several high priests at a Nyabinghi temple in Clarendon during his visit.

However, Wailer and members of the Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council claim footage of both encounters were used illegally in Reincarnated and have been reaching out to Snoop for what they claim are breaches of an agreement struck during the American entertainer’s visit.

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Reincarnated movie poster 5.indd

Snoop Lion documentary, ‘Reincarnated’ to hit theatres worldwide this March

Reincarnated movie poster 5.inddReincarnated, the much anticipated documentary by Snoop Lion will finally make its way to theatres March 15th.

New York based magazine/multimedia outlet and producers for Reincarnated, VICE made the announcement regarding the movie’s release date on Thursday. Reincarnated can be viewed across a number of select American theatres, including New York’s Sunshine Cinemas, Laemmle Monica and City Walk (Los Angeles), Opera Plaza (San Francisco), Century (Chicago), Midtown Art Cinema (Atlanta) and O Cinema. The film will also debut across theatres in the United Kingdom on March 22. No announcement was made regarding if and when the movie will make its way to Jamaican theatres.

Snoopadelic Films in collaboration with VICE Films shot the long-awaited feature film last year during Snoop’s trip to Jamaica. It recalls the captivating and somewhat eccentric journey of an artiste who went from a gangster rap icon into a Reggae crooner while trying to understand the nuances of the island’s culture, music and people.

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Snoop Lion

Snoop Dogg credits Bob Marley for ‘Lion’ transformation

Internationally acclaimed rap star, Snoop Dogg has reinvigorated his career by morphing into a full-fledged ‘Lion’ and credits Reggae music’s greatest product for his transformation.

Set to release his first Reggae album entitled Reincarnated, Snoop Lion has remodeled his musical approach in recent months; moving from the hardcore gangster raps he became renowned for into a more peaceful zone through efforts like La La La, the first single off Reincarnated.

In an interview with MTV earlier this week, Snoop Lion credited Reggae icon, Bob Marley as one of the pioneers who helped him change his musical style; also citing Beres Hammond, Peter Tosh. Gregory Isaacs and Bunny Wailer as inspirations that helped guide him towards forming his new persona.

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