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Romain Virgo Scary Movie

Romain Virgo ventures into Dancehall, to drop new mixtape

Romain Virgo Scary MovieLike many other supremely talented Reggae artists, Romain Virgo has decided to ply his traits within Dancehall as he is promoting a new single, Scary Movie showcasing his versatility as a deejay.

Though he is no stranger to the Dancehall genre, having performed at STING and other Dancehall-themed shows, Virgo has been hesitant to release such material in the past. However, the 23-year-old entertainer feels Scary Movie, which talks of people who dare to challenge God, was a good opportunity for him to prove his range and connect with young people.

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Shane Brown and Busy

Shane Brown says Busy Signal split caused weight loss, denies baby mama affair

Shane Brown and BusyNearly three weeks later, many in the Jamaican music industry are still trying to surmise the reasons why Dancehall/Reggae singer, Busy Signal ditched long-time manager and friend, Shane Brown following a six-year run together. A woman, namely Busy’s baby mother, is not one of them, according to Brown.

The Juke Boxx Productions founder and famed producer spoke candidly on his split during an interview on CVM’s OnStage, aired Saturday. Though Busy insisted the breakup was a move based solely on seeking more career control, speculation mounted that Brown has an affair with the Busy’s baby mother, Tunya Gordon while the singjay served a six-month prison term in the U.S.

However, Brown put those rumors to rest when ask about the alleged relationship.

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Shane Brown

Shane Brown starts anew, teams with Tarrus Riley after split with Busy Signal

Shane BrownIt did not take long for prominent producer, Shane Brown to find another managing gig as he has now joined the team of highly-acclaimed Reggae singer, Tarrus Riley.

Just two weeks after being dropped by long-time friend and prominent singjay, Busy Signal as his manager, Brown will now co-manage Riley alongside fellow manager and renowned saxophonist, Dean Fraser. The arrangement was announced on Wednesday.

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Busy Signal

Busy Signal speaks out on Shane Brown, set for extended tour

Busy SignalProminent Dancehall/Reggae entertainer,Busy Signal has finally broken his silence regarding the stunning split from long-time manager and friend, Shane Brown as he aims to take greater control over his career.

The Jamaican music world was stunned upon hearing Busy’s announcement that he and Shane Brown would no longer have a manager-client relationship as the singjay’s brother will assume managerial duties. Now Busy Signal has come forward to set the record straight about his recent decision and relationship with Brown following the announcement.

In an interview on CVM OnStage aired Saturday night, Busy told Winford Williams“Wi grow ova the years and di ting reach to a level where mi just need dat hands on, 100% overall sommen deh bout my ting…my brothers now, they’re here, they’re ready fi support, ready fi join up the team. It’s the Turf Musik Entertainment and is just unda my owna regime…is not like there’s a bad vibe between [me] and Shane.”

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Busy Signal and Shane Brown

Busy Signal and long-time manager, Shane Brown part ways

Busy Signal and Shane BrownOne of Jamaican music’s most renowned artist-manager partnerships has dissolved as prominent Dancehall/Reggae singer, Busy Signal and long-time manager/producer, Shane Brown have split.

The decision comes six years after they initialized their business relationship and just four months after Busy, whose birth name is Glendale Goshia Gordon was released from a Minnesota state prison in the United States after serving a six month term for absconding bail. The Reggae Music Again singer made the decision to break up their partnership as he seeks more control over his career.

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Busy Signal to tour Europe next year, maintain presence in the U.S.

busy_signalRecently freed Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Busy Signal will return to arguably his most accommodating overseas market as he’s set to tour Europe early next year.

The popular singjay, who recently served a six month sentence for absconding bail in the United States, will embark on a promotional tour next month to highlight his highly successful album, Reggae Music Again. According to Busy’s manager, Shane Brown, the album has thrived despite the singjay’s legal issues and still has a strong shelf life in terms of popularity and appeal.

This is big news for Busy, whose album was recently named as one of BBC Music’s top 10 albums of 2012. Not only was Reggae Music Again the only Reggae project on the list, it was lauded as some plaudits as an authentic representation of the Reggae genre, fitting for the island’s 50th anniversary.

Busy Signal was humbled by this development, stating in a press release, “When I heard, I just went speechless. This is really a great honor and I just want to big up everyone who supports this album and who will continue to support this album.”

Busy’s European tour will make between 15 and 18 stops in 10 countries, according to Brown. Additionally, Busy Signal will perform a number of Reggae festivals scheduled for next July and August.

Meanwhile, despite being unable to travel to the United States due to his legal issues, Busy Signal maintains a strong presence in the North American country. According to Brown, the highly-revered entertainer will continue to promote himself to his American fans through social media and radio interviews.

Busy Signal recently revealed in a TV interview that while he may not be able to travel to the United States for the next two years, he can apply for a visa at the earliest possible convenience.

The artiste has been very busy on the local scene since returning last month, releasing several Dancehall singles and will continue to do so in the immediate future, according to Brown. Busy will also perform his first stage show in Jamaica for four years when he headlines STING 2012 on December 26 at Jamworld in Portmore, St. Catherine.

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Busy Signal album hailed by BBC Music as one of the best for 2012

The good news keeps on coming for Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Busy Signal since his release from prison as his latest project has copped a top 10 spot on BBC Music’s ‘best of the year’ chart.

Busy Signal’s critically-acclaimed album, Reggae Music Again earned seventh slot on BBC Music’s Welcome to the top 25 albums of 2012 chart. The chart was compiled by BBC Music pundits while fielding votes from a number of disc jocks as well as well as presenters from BBC Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 1Xtra, 6 Music, Ulster and BBC Scotland.

A release issued BBC Music stated that each voter submitted their top five albums of the year, including new releases, mixtapes and DJ compilations. The final positions on the chart were determined by a points system based on the votes that were cast.

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Busy Signal

Busy Signal happy to be home following prison term

Following six months of reflection in a United States prison, prominent Dancehall superstar, Busy Signal is back home and glad to be amongst his loved ones and fans once more after a tenuous ordeal.

Busy Signal returned to Jamaica last week Friday after serving time for absconding bail in regards to a drug case 10 years ago in Minnesota. Speaking for the first time since his ordeal during a press conference on Wednesday evening, Busy insists that prison was a life changing experience for him, intimating that he saw things that gave him a reality check during the prison term.

“Give thanks to the most high God and the support from the media, it’s been a rough six million years for me for the past six months. What I did, came back to haunt me, but my lifestyle free me up,” he said.

“Mi nuh know how fi explain the feeling of being in prison for the six months because it had a negative effect on my health, life and career. It gave me a lot of knowledge. Me see people drop down dead from heart attack, I see a lot of things. I’m here giving thanks to the media and everybody who support me.”

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Busy Signal is back

Back on home turf: Busy Signal returns to Jamaica after release from U.S. prison

Prominent Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Busy Signal has returned to the streets of Jamaica after serving his six month prison term in the United States on a charge of absconding bail.

The popular entertainer, whose real name is Glendale Goshia Gordon arrived at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston on Friday night. Busy Signal was met at the airport by his manager, Shane Brown and fellow Dancehall superstar, Elephant Man, as well as friends and family.

Pictures of Busy’s arrival emerged late Friday night via Busy’s official Twitter account with statuses such as “Guess who is back? God Is GOOD!” and Turf and brothers reunited. Only God.”

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Etana, the Jamaican-born, Miami-raised songstress, returns with her brand new digital-only EP Reggae on November 13th with VP Records. The 3-song preview off her upcoming studio album Better Tomorrow will give fans a taste of what is to come in February 2013. The entire set is produced by Shane Brown with Stanley “Rellee” Hayden co-creating the title track.

The charismatic singer, songwriter and performer incorporates elements of reggae, soul and pop into her captivating postmodern sound that tackles real life experiences. Etana’s unabashed romanticism shines on the soulful sway of “Reggae” and the r&b tinged “4 Play 2 Love (Start Over)” about her torn feelings of two lovers. The spine-chilling single “Better Tomorrow” addresses the atrocities of children in poverty-stricken communities, while instilling optimism for brighter days. Etana’s lyrical depth and revolutionary thought continue to impress and inspire her audience.

With a baby on the way, new EP and album in the works, Etana is in a place in her life where she looks forward to a promising future. She expands upon her 2010 sophomore album Free Expressions, which won praise for the being “a rarity: music that sermonizes, yet still sweetly serenades,” according to NPR. The anticipated album Better Tomorrow and EP Reggaeexpress a similar sentiment, while offering new-found wisdom and clarity. These releases also follow her 2008 critical acclaimed debut The Strong One, which featured massive hits “Warrior Love,” “Roots” “I’m Not Afraid,” “Blessings” and “Wrong Address” that topped reggae charts in The Caribbean, England and United States. During this period, Etana was nominated for Best New Reggae Artist at MOBO Awards and awarded Best Female Vocalist at both the Excellence in Music & Entertainment (EME) Awards and IRIE FM Radio Awards as well as the Best Solo Female Reggae Vocalist at the 1st annual Reggae Academy Awards. Vibe Magazine claimed she had already “established herself as a formidable performer and songwriter whose music and reputation precedes her.”

Reggae Track Listing:

  1. Reggae
  2. Better Tomorrow
  3. 4 Play 2 Love (Start Over)

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IrishandChin Inc scored another industry exclusive on Sept 25th when Busy Signal’s manager Shane Brown called in to Sound Chat Radio which aired on Road Block Radio and spoke with host Chin on a number of issues affecting the deejay at present including his sentencing, life in a US prison, his health, the state of his music among other exclusive information concerning their artiste-manager relationship. See more on http://www.irishandchin.com

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Busy Signal and Shane Brown

Busy Signal’s manager speaks out on the deejay’s prison stay, future in music

With embattled Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Busy Signal just under two months away from regaining his freedom, the entertainer’s esteemed manager has illustrated a very thought-provoking picture of his client’s prison experience.

Busy Signal was slapped a six month sentence last week Friday for absconding bail in relation to a 2002 drug case in the American state of Minnesota. However, given that the Reggae Music Again singer had already served time in Jamaica and the United States in relation to the matter, presiding judge, Donovan W. Frank ruled that Busy Signal would be released on November 21 and will subsequently be given 45 days to leave the North American country.

But before Busy can one again return to his musical exploits, the internationally acclaimed singjay will be focused on regaining full health after a rigorous stay at the Sherbourne County Jail in Minnesota. In an interview with Irish and Chin Inc. radio outlet, Sound Chat Radio, Busy’s manager, Shane Brown painted a grim picture of his client’s life behind bars, revealing that the entertainer would only be fed fish once a week, would never see sunlight and has lost considerable weight and energy while in jail.

“Busy has lost quite a bit of weight…closer to 12-15 pounds. He’s very weak and he’s not eating right ‘cause Busy just prefer to hol’ it and eat some crackers and some juice fi all a week straight,” he said.

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Busy Signal

Busy Signal faces November 21 release date, could perform in the United States

The outlook seems to be getting brighter for embattled Dancehall/Reggae megastar, Busy Signal as not only will the singjay secure freedom within a matter of months, he could also perform in the country where’s he’s currently incarcerated.

Busy Signal was sentenced to six months in prison for absconding bail during a hearing in the American state of Minnesota last week Friday. The charge of absconding bail was in relation to a 2002 court case where the prominent entertainer faced a drug charge.

However, with time served considered by the presiding judge, Donovan W. Frank, Busy Signal will only spend an additional two months in the Minnesota-based Sherbourne County Jail and ,as a result, the prominent entertainer faces a November 21 date when he’s scheduled to be released from prison.

According to Busy Signal’s manager, Shane Brown, in an interview with Billboard.biz just minutes after the sentencing, the Nah Go Jail Again singer feels relieved that he’ll be back on the streets very soon.

“Busy felt like he was in prison for the last 10 years; all he could think about when he went to sleep was this situation so today is a milestone for us because now he is mentally free,” Brown said.

Originally, Busy Signal, who pled guilty to a charge of failure to appear in court in July after being extradited from Jamaica, was potentially facing a prison term of anywhere between 12-18 months. However, Brown credits the diligence of Minnesota-based attorney, William Mauzy, who represented the artiste during his legal proceedings.

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Busy Signal gets six months in prison, will be out this November

Fans of embattled Dancehall superstar, Busy Signal won’t have to wait too long before they see the ‘Hot Head’ back on the road as the prominent singjay will be released from jail this November.

Busy Signal copped a six month prison term during a sentencing hearing in a U.S. courtroom on Friday. However, the Step Out singer will only have to serve two more months in prison as time previously served was taken into consideration.

A tweet emerged from Busy Signal’s official Twitter account, currently run by his manager, Shane Brown. The tweet read, “Busy will be out November. Tell the world!”

The internationally-acclaimed entertainer has spent time in a Minnesota federal penitentiary since June after being extradited to the United States on a charge of absconding bail. The charge stemmed from a 2002 incident in which Busy allegedly skipped a court appearance and subsequently fled the U.S. while facing drug charges in Minnesota.

Busy Signal was initially arrested by United Kingdom based law enforcement officials on the suspicion that he was using false documents. Busy, whose real name is Glendale Goshia Gordon had been going under the name, Reanno Gordon.

Busy Signal was then deported to Jamaica, where members of the Fugitive Apprehension Team took him into custody. A few days later, Busy waived his rights to challenge the United States Government’s extradition request during a court appearance in Kingston and was subsequently extradited to the North American country nearly a month late, accompanied by U.S. Marshals.

Once Busy Signal’s prison term has been completed, he will be given a 45-day window to leave the United States or else drug charges, which still exist from his 2002 case, could be slapped on him. Currently, the United States government doesn’t have the authority to prosecute Busy Signal, given that the extradition request for the entertainer pertained to absconding bail only.



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Busy Signal speaks out, promises good music while in custody

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae megastar, Busy Signal has addressed the public for the first time since his extradition case began, promising that his fans and admirers will continue to hear his quality sound while incarcerated.

The prominent singjay was arrested on an extradition warrant by members of the Fugitive Apprehension Team at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston on Monday. Three days later, he was denied bail during a hearing at the Half Way Tree Resident Magistrates Court in Kingston. However, Busy Signal exercised the option to waive his extradition rights, meaning that he will surrender to United States authorities next month.

Addressing his family, friends and fans for the first time since his arrest, Busy Signal released a statement on Saturday explaining his situation while insisting that those close to him have been instrumental in upholding his spirits during this most difficult period. Additionally, he intimated that fans will definitely be hearing material from him while away.

“In this a time of reflection, I would like to thank my fans who have supported me through this difficult situation and who will continue to support me. Your messages and prayers via social networks and via members of my team are what have brought light to the darkness of my cell.”

“I have never admitted that I was involved in any drug deal or drug arrangement. I waived my rights to an extradition trial here in Jamaica, so that I can return to the US to face a charge of absconding bail ONLY. This incident took place ten (10) years ago before I even considered becoming an artiste.”

“As you can understand, this is a difficult time for me, however during my time away, my fans will not be left with a void – there are several unreleased tracks that will definitely keep you “busy” until my return. I recently released my album Reggae Music Again, which debuted at number 5 on the Billboard Reggae charts. On my recent tour of Amsterdam and Paris, we shot elements for the video to the title track of the album. It features cameos from Marcia Griffiths, Queen Ifrica and Anthony B and that will be released in a couple of weeks.”

“For my fans overseas, my management team has been in dialogue with promoters who have all shown their support for me and my situation and for that I thank them.”

“For my family, you have stood by me through thick and thin and I know you will continue to do so. In my time away, I have made the necessary arrangements with my management team to have you taken care of until my return.”

“To my band, Hi-Voltage, you have toured the world with me and have been a tower of strength. Continue to make good music until I return, ‘cause the mission will continue.”

“I know that my Facebook page has been inactive for a while, but, starting this week, Shane Brown, head of Juke Boxx management team, will assume direct control of my twitter account – @busysignal_turf and my Facebook page – www.facebook.com/OneBusySignal. I will be kept updated so please continue to send your love, support and prayers through these channels, as they keep me going.”

“To my legal team, KD Knight, Bert Samuels and Roxanne Mars, your positive words and unfailing belief and support in me and my case have made this situation a little easier to bear. Thank you very much.”

Finally my friends, my fans and my family, thank you again from the depths of my heart. Please keep me in your prayers. ‘We not going down, cause God alone controls my destiny.’”

Busy Signal is reportedly wanted on several drug charges in the United States. However, his attorney, K.D. Knight explained on Thursday that he cannot be tried on any of those charges given that they were not the subject matter of this particular case. Additionally, Knight insisted should the U.S. attempt to try him on those charges, it would violate a treaty agreement and could result in very serious consequences.

Busy Signal, whose real name is Glendale Gordon remains renowned for classics such as These Are The Days, Nah Go Jail Again, Step Out, Night Shift and Up In Her Belly.

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