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New Artist Music: Vision – “We Jammin”


Music’s importance lies in the feelings it evokes in listeners, such is Vision’s aim with the hit bound reggae single “We Jammin”. Produced by Jon “fx” Crawford and Dubloise for Keynote Records, the feel good vibe of “We Jammin” brings nostalgic memories.

“We Jammin is a song that reflects the most memorable and happy  times of my life in Jamaica. Jammin means to kick back and relax, instead of saying Chillin or vibing, in Jamaica we just say Jam short for Jammin. The song tells you a lot about who I am and where I’m from. Living in America isn’t a bed of roses for most Jamaicans. Leaving our families behind and starting all over has its obstacles. So to past the time we jam reminisce on the good times back home in Jamaica. Thats what the song is about, its about we Jamaicans, even we immigrant. We all like Jammin in our own way.” stated Jamaican born singer/song writer Vision.

Proudly Jamaica has given reggae music to the world, iconic artists, legendary entertainers and music that stands the test of time. Vison’s “We Jammin” is sure to fall right into place with such distinctions as it boasts melodic hooks and authentic reggae vibe.

The single will be available for purchase on February 21st, 2014 on itunes.

For more information, and/or to request “We Jammin”, please e-mail [email protected]

Meet Jamaican born, singer-songwriter, Simon Mitchell, most infamously referred to by his stage name “Vision”. The name was inspired by Mitchell’s influential upbringing during his childhood stint as a member of his mother’s church choir. It was here that Vision decided that in all things life, he would be lead by faith and not by sight. Because of this mantra, following his musical transition to dance-hall, the international artist set out to create a promising new sound that he would later deem as “Roots Pop Reggae.”

But before there was Vision, there was Simon Alexander Mitchell. Born November 5 to a Jamaican mother and British-Jamaican father, Mitchell resided in England as a child while his father played professional soccer before later changing careers and moving Simon and his mother to Jamaica. It was here that the influence of the island’s strong musical culture would engulf Mitchell’s life and inspire him to become an artist. At the age of 12, the young boy was introduced to the piano, which he took to very well and would learn songs at a gifted pace. He’d soon realize his melodic knack for composing music. Fast-forward years later in which a football injury and a twist of fate would lead the former college athlete to a life of music. Read more..

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New Artist Spotlight : Mia Stoosh

Graceful, creative and talented are just a few words that describe singing sensation Mia
Stoosh, with her R&B, Pop and Rock style of singing mixed with clever dancehall lyrics
Stoosh has created her own distinct and dynamic flow. Her Pop melodies combined with
raw Dancehall lyrics is a perfect combination which produces an incredible cross-genre
style of music that defiantly separates her from her female counterparts in Reggae and
Dancehall music.
Stoosh is a force to be reckoned with not only in the Dancehall arena but in the music
industry as a whole. Everyone that has gotten the opportunity to listen to what she has
to offer have the same opinion, Stoosh is undeniably ‘hit bound”.
Born Lisa Morrison on January 4th in Kingston Jamaica, Stoosh was drawn to music at
the early age of three with the guidance of her performing arts teacher Mrs. Evans. She
won multiple awards and trophies for her school Windward Road Primary. A few years
after leaving Jamaica she later grew interest in poetry, songwriting and harmonizing with
her sister. This later became handy in her vocal performances and whenever she
graced the stage and shows off her powerful and dynamic vocal ability. The talented
Stoosh has also appeared on the television hit series American Idol and received an
incredible unanimous “Yes” from all three judges and a guest judge to move to
Hollywood. Yes! even Simon could not deny the talent he saw before him, all three
loved Stoosh’s energy, vocal ability and personality. One of the executive producers of
the show commented that Stoosh was a natural star and had what it takes to become
successful in the music industry. He went on to encourage her not to give up to which
Stoosh replied, “quitting is not an option, this is what I was born to do”.
“the talented Stoosh has also appeared on the television hit series American Idol”
The self reliant and determined Stoosh has the potential to be a successful song writer
and singer and will beyond a doubt make her mark in music history. Mia Stoosh will
bring genuine talent and reintroduce us to the feminine side of Reggae Dancehall music
that has far too few voices. Stoosh is raising the bar for her fellow female Jamaican
artists with her diverse vocal range and “rootsy” down to earth personality blended with
uncultivated chatting, this will surely take her far in her career. Mia is truly a star in the
making, she has even taken the time to arrange record and produce her own songs
leaving very little for anyone else to do. Stoosh is currently recording her new album
while doing shows in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut, so be on the look out
she’ll soon be in a city or town near you.

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