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Queen Ifrica 2014

Queen Ifrica axed from New York show after protest by gay rights activists

Queen Ifrica 2014Reggae singer, Queen Ifrica has been axed from a show she was scheduled to perform Saturday night at the Amazura Concert Hall in Queens, NY following protests by a gay rights group objecting her appearance at the show, Invasion of the Queens.

On Friday, a protest including over 100 people was held outside the club calling for organizers of Invasion of the Queens to cancel the show, citing Queen Ifrica’s past lyrics condemning homosexuality, including her 2009 hit, Keep It To Yourself and the lyrics’ contribution to violence against the LGBT community. The rally was led by openly gay NY councilor, Daniel Dromm, who out rightly denounced her presence at the show.

“We don’t need homophobic people like her coming to Queens to spread their message of hate,” Dromm told the New York Daily News.

A Jamaican-born human rights activist, Michael Forbes also spoke out against Ifrica during the protest, saying, “The majority of her music has been very, very homophobic and it rings in the ears of men, women and kids. She uses the stage to burn gays.”

Invasion of the Queens features an all-female lineup that also includes Reggae singer, Etana, Dancehall star, Spice as well as renowned veteran acts, Sister Carol and Sister Nancy.

Amazura’s manager, John Rios confirmed Saturday morning that the show will go on without Ifrica following the protest, insisting that his establishment does not discriminate against gays and are welcome to the club.

Queen Ifrica has had numerous instances of speaking out against homosexuals, including last year’s Grand Gala at theNational Stadium in Kingston on Independence Day (August 6), where she repeatedly denounced homosexual lifestyles during her performance until her microphone was abruptly cut off while she spoke.

Last August, she was pulled from a show in Canada following gay rights protests.

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Mace Dancehall

876-411 Review Show – Episode 6

Mace DancehallThis is the sixth episode of our new, weekly entertainment review show, 876-411, which takes a look at all the hot topics in Jamaican music, entertainment and pop culture.

This edition of the show looks at the issue of Dancehall/Reggae music and homophobia, a focus on Sizzla and Beres Hammond ahead of this month’s Grammy Awards and the Spice picture controversy, as well as another artist deciding to get an eye tattoo. Co-hosted by Jodee ‘Marc Parc’ Brown and Jodiann ‘Jodz’ Perry.

For more about 876-411, check out the official Facebook page for more:https://www.facebook.com/RAYKINGlive for more details.

Check it out!

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Spice and Nicholas Lall

Spice and fiancé split following picture controversy

Spice and Nicholas LallAcclaimed Dancehall artist, Spice has ended her long-time relationship with fiancé, Nicholas Lall following a very public argument over pictures that surfaced from a photo shoot of Spice’s upcoming video for So Mi Like It, according to reports Thursday.

The pictures, which were allegedly taken from Spice’s phone and posted on Instagram by Lall on Monday, caused an uproar on the social media website as they showed Spice and another man hugging intimately. A seemingly angry Lall later made a Facebook post about his feelings on the pictures, saying “I have taken a lot of s*** where your music is concern but this is Too f***ng far now. I wasn’t even inform about this scene and now you claim it’s “So mi like it video”????? KMFT Grace. Like seriously Grace????? Y did I have to find these??? KMFT. You claim it’s from “So mi like it video but dis look bloodc***t serious #kmft.”

Spice later retaliated by reposting the pictures on her Facebook and Instagram sites and lashed out against Lall, “@NicholasLall Since as the pics bun you so much that you Decide to post on your IG and FB pages Let me Help you KMFT. @NicholasLall how dare you take pics from my phone and post them up knowing there pics from my” So mi like it” Video????” she said. “Like seriously then you say you are a MAN? What’s in these pics to be so mad about? The worst thing about it is that we live together, so if you don’t like sum ting you Talk to me and don’t broadcast mi bloodc***t business. Hope you know now that #ITSOVER.”

The deejay later confirmed that the two are indeed broken up, but did not rule out a reconciliation in the future.

The official video for So Mi Like It will debut on CVM’s OnStage program this Saturday.

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Touchless and Spice

Touchless and Spice ‘Work It’ well in new collaboration

Emerging Dancehall artist, Touchless knows how to make the ladies feel nice, and through his new collaboration with internationally-acclaimed diva, Spice, that feeling is sure to reverberate across the music scene going forward.

The duo have joined forces for a brand new effort, Work It, which proves these two artists are far from lazy when it comes to pleasing their listeners. This sexually-charged single leaves plenty for the imagination to take on as they merge their hardcore natures to create a track sure to heat up street sessions, clubs and bedrooms across the board.

Spice tells the Toronto-based entertainer, “Yuh a mash up mi brain, yuh hot sexy body a drive mi insane,” while Touchless asks the sexy diva, “Tell mi baby girl if yuh like it like dis, when mi gone, mi a go miss and mek yuh start reminisce,” as they ride the hypnotizing instrumentals with no bumps along the way. Work It showcases Touchless’ singing potential while allowing Spice to show off her smooth vocals and delivery meshed with the typically raunchy lyrics that have made her one of Dancehall’s leading ladies.

Work It is undoubtedly Touchless’ biggest accomplishment to date as the song has already gotten positive attention in his native Jamaica across several radio outlets. It’s proof the artist is poised for a breakthrough in 2013 as the exposure of this single, plus interviews throughout Jamaican media are evidence he’s ready to elevate his craft to the next level.

The single features on Touchless’ Universal Linkz label, with raw and edited versions of the song now available. It is a must-listen song that’s sure to be heard by different sections of the Dancehall community.

Check out the radio version of Work It via Soundcloud at: https://soundcloud.com/touchless-universe/touchless-ft-spice-work-it



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Macka Diamond

Rough Start: Macka Diamond loses brother on birthday, involved in car accident

Macka DiamondFor Macka Diamond, 2012 ended with her engaged in lyrical warfare with fellow deejay turned rival, Spice. In 2013, the veteran deejay faces battles of an entirely different kind off-stage.

On January 12, Macka, whose real name is Charmaine Monroe, was preparing to celebrate her birthday in style at her Forty and Fabulous party on Waves Beach in Portmore, St. Catherine when she received a saddening phone call. The prominent deejay received a phone call informing her that he 23-year-old brother, Charles Monroe died of leukemia.

Though this news obviously changed her mood on her special day, Macka Diamond believes her brother has gone to a better place.

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Lady Saw and Tifa

Back and forth: Tifa addresses Lady Saw comments, Macka Diamond disses Spice

During a time in the Jamaican music industry when lyrical battles are typically at the fore, an all-out war seems on the verge of occurring amongst some of Dancehall’s leading divas.

On Tuesday, the Queen of Dancehall, Lady Saw fired the latest salvo in an ongoing war of words between herself and some of Dancehall’s lead female deejays; notably Tifa, Spice and Macka Diamond. The Heels On singer gave a radio interview on Tuesday toHitz 92 FM in which she blasted her deejay compatriots.

When asked about her issues with TifaLady Saw branded the Hold On singer as an ‘uptown Chihuahua.’ Additionally, when pressed about Macka Diamond, Lady Sawcalled her ‘Muma Donkey’ before turning her attention to Spice, saying “When Laing dun pay her a STING, all she can pay for a the suit.”

Later Tuesday afternoon, Tifa tweeted Lady Saw’s comments on her official Twitter page, sparking strong reactions from her fans. This led the Matie Wine singer, who recently fell out withLady Saw after a series of disagreements, to vent her frustrations with the Queen of Dancehall’s actions.

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Video: Why You Mad - Tifa and Spice

Video: Why You Mad – Tifa and Spice

Why You Mad – Tifa and Spice

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Tifa and Lisa Hyper

Lisa Hyper calls out Tifa

Another catfight may be brewing within the Dancehall industry as prominent ‘Gaza’ diva, Lisa Hyper has called out internationally acclaimed deejay, Tifa, branding her an undercover troublemaker.

Lisa Hyper and Tifa have been at odds ever since the former artiste was embroiled in a sex photo scandal in 2009 that made her a subject of ridicule amongst music lovers and industry players alike. For a while it seemed that the bad feelings steadily subsided as time elapsed, that is, until a Blackberry Broadcast Message issued by Lisa Hyper emerged in which she dissed Tifa while making reference to the Hold On deejay’s physical disability.

“How Tifa fi waan run the place and she cannot even walk? Just asking peeps”. Bwoy, mi have a handicap cousin so mi no find it amusing, somebody caan talk to her and tell her fi just chill out a little. No man, she ah go too hard,” the message read.

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Lady Saw crowned at Sumfest

Lady Saw, Konshens highlight successful Dancehall night at Sumfest

Featuring one of the most star-studded lineup’s in its 20 year history, Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest lived up to expectation on Thursday night as several of the genre’s shining stars shone brightly during the highly acclaimed stage show.

The Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay witnessed a great turnout as patrons were treated to several energetic performances and a few surprises along the way. Some of those surprises weren’t just musical but also in terms of fashion as artistes such as Tifa, Spice and Elephant Man brought unique senses of style to the Sumfest stage.

All three aforementioned artistes brought their A games to Reggae Sumfest’s 20th showing with reputable sets while Stacious showed her on-stage maturity accompanied by a sexy flare and style to her performance and Potential Kidd also hanging tough on his biggest stage show yet.

Rising Reggae sensation, Romain Virgo validated his growing status as one of the genre’s most promising superstars as he performed some of his smash hits that have resonated well with fans including I Know Better and System. Additionally, Kiprich received mass approval from the music lovers on hand, even holding his own again when a fluffy girl tested his strength and dancing skills on stage while Magnum Kings and Queens alumni, Baby Tash and Specialist looked and sang the part, showing no nerves on Jamaican music’s grandest stage.

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Dancehall acts upset with genre’s exclusion from Jamaica 50 concert

There’s a growing uproar within the Dancehall community following confirmation that no artiste representing the popular Jamaican genre will be represented at an upcoming Jamaica 50 concert in England.

One of the major events to take place in honor of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of events will be the Respect Jamaica 50th concert series, scheduled to take place concurrently with the 2012 Olympics in London. The series, conceptualized via AEG Live, runs from July 25-August 6 at the O2 Arena in London and features 50 Jamaica artistes, dub poets and bands.

However, one notable absence from the lineup is that of Dancehall as no artistes representing the prominent genre will feature on the Respect Jamaica 50th bill. This was confirmed during a recent interview on TVJ’s Entertainment Report by AEG Live president, Rob Hailett, who insisted that Dancehall music doesn’t necessarily work in every environment.

“I’m very pleased to see Reggae coming back with the reaffirmation of Morgan Heritage, young bands like Raging Fyah. I think it’s a good thing for the music globally because Dancehall doesn’t really work everywhere. I, personally, love it, but it’s not the kind of music that is consumer-friendly as a Raging Fyah who, to me, follow in the footsteps of Bob Marley,” Hailett said.

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Lady Saw

Lady Saw distancing herself from fellow female deejays

Legendary Dancehall superstar, Lady Saw has put her female contemporaries on notice as the prominent deejay insists that she’s separating herself from other Dancehall divas following recent controversy.

Several weeks ago, Lady Saw gave an interview on TVJ’s Entertainment Report (ER) in which she allegedly stated that no current female Dancehall artiste could spend a day in her shoes. However, the artiste whose real name is Marion Hall vehemently denied that she said such a thing, insisting that producers of ER edited the interview in a way which made it seem like she was dissing her female compatriots, namely Spice and Tifa.

Following that interview, speculation arose regarding a possible beef between Lady Saw and Tifa which both denied. Spice later commented on the matter via TVJ’s Intense, saying that she was surprised by the alleged feud.

Now reflecting on recent events and surprised by the response by other female artistes regarding the interview, Lady Saw insists that she refuses to build personal relationships with fellow divas within the Dancehall industry.

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Lady Saw and Tifa not at odds

Two of Dancehall’s leading ladies have rubbished speculation of a developing feud between each other following a recent interview that sparked some controversy.

The Queen of Dancehall, Lady Saw was the subject of an interview on TVJ’s Entertainment Report which aired last Friday in which she was asked about which current female artiste could be next in line to take over the Dancehall scene. When asked if prominent divas, Tifa and Spice were the artistes best fit to succeed her, Lady Saw was claimed to have said, ‘Never in my league, my shoes can never be filled.’

However, the iconic deejay categorically denied saying that in response to the question of her successor; insisting that she was displeased with the Entertainment Report cut her interview.

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Bounty Killer, fellow artistes to pay tribute to “Miss Ivy”

Internationally regarded Dancehall superstar, Bounty Killer and his industry peers look to honor the life of the Alliance leader’s late mother while continuing to mourn her sudden death.

Ivy Williams, more popularly known as Miss Ivy died at hospital on Sunday after suffering from an illness. Bounty Killer announced his mother’s passing, via Twitter on Sunday morning and on Tuesday, spoke publicly about his handling of this tragedy since it first happened. Additionally, several industry compatriots, including long-time rival Beenie Man and Dancehall diva, Spice publicly reached out to the “War Lord” to publicly offer their condolences.

Now, Bounty Killer has re-released a song originally recorded in 2005 in honor of his mother entitled, Mama’s Love.

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Artistes, fans reach out to Bounty Killer in wake of mother’s death

The Jamaican music industry collectively mourns a day after Ivy Williams, the mother of Dancehall superstar, Bounty Killer passed away.

Williams, more affectionately known as Miss Ivy died in her sleep early Sunday morning following an illness. It had been reported that Williams was battling cancer for some time prior to her passing. She was 71 years old.

Bounty Killer announced his mother’s death, via Twitter on Sunday morning; shocking the Dancehall/Reggae fraternity.  Though the Alliance leader has yet to speak publicly about his mother’s death since that announcement, Alliance Next Generation manager and long-time business partner, Cross Cris intimates that the deejay remains distraught since hearing the news.

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Spice to feature on new Mya album

Prominent Dancehall diva, Spice has once again joined forces with American R&B sensation, Mya for a collaborative single set to appear on the latter artiste’s upcoming album.

The two internationally-acclaimed artistes recently recorded the single, Take Him Out, which will feature on Mya’s sixth studio album, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple & Sexy), set for a worldwide release on Valentine’s Day (February 14). Additionally, a video for the single will be unveiled within the next month or two.

According to Mya, who previously appeared on stage with Spice at last year’s staging of Reggae Sumfest, she likes the Jim Screechie deejay’s no-holds-barred lyrical style; making her a perfect fit for her new single.

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Spice Celebrates New Single with R&B Superstar Mya

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Mya ft Spice – Take Him Out – PRESS PLAY

It’s a New Year and dancehall sensation, Spice is on a brand new page as she releases three fresh tracks to jump start 2012. An international collaboration tops the list as Spice adds a dancehall reggae flavor to the track Take Him Out.

Take Him Out, is a featured single on Grammy winning recording artiste, M`ya’s new album, KISS. The R&B sweetheart is as equally excited about the song as her guest performer, Spice. The anticipated club banger tells the tale of a relationship falling apart, a story females can definitely relate to say’s Spice. The music video is currently in post production and will be launched in both Jamaica and the United States next month. The American singer has always been a fan and supporter of reggae music evidenced in the Billboard hit, Girls Dem Sugarwith Beenie Man.

Spice has started off the year on a high, with nominations from the Jamaica Star and Youth View Awards, a total of five nods. She dominated last year with her mega hit, Jim Screechie that scorched the airwaves for weeks on end. The summer song, Fun that features, music hit maker, Missy Elliot was also in high rotation. Spice is now on to a Brand New Page as the title of her new, one drop release suggests. The deeply conscious and soul searching ballad shows her versatility; a far cry from Ramping Shop. Ramping Shop was a monster hit, this single made its way on to the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Charts.

Catering to a broad cross section of fans, she is prepared to deliver for all tiers. Her third release, Gyal a Chat is expected to be an overnight sensation on the hardcore dancehall scene. This track is clean yet exciting, full of life and colorful, reminiscent of the early nineties where fun poking songs rocked the out door sessions on the pepper-seed among other rhythms.

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