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D’Angel, Sizzla speak out against STING ban

Sizzla and D'AngelTwo days following the announcement that Reggae/Dancehall artists, Sizzla and D’Angel were banned from future editions of STING following their controversial performances at the show’s 30th anniversary, both are crying foul following their punishments.

Isaiah Laing, the show’s lead organizer, announced Tuesday that Sizzla was banned from the show for promoting ‘hate music’ during his performance, in which he repeatedly hit out against homosexuality.D’Angel, meanwhile, was banned for at least five years as a patron following her impromptu clash with Ninja Manat the Dec. 26 show, which saw her spread her legs and gyrate while wearing a short dress during her set, before giving a bizarre post-performance interviewlater in the night.

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Wyclef Jean talks Sting, Super Cat, Bounty Killer & The Fugees

Grammy winning rapper, producer, and activist Wyclef Jean has just been added to the 30th anniversary staging of Sting aka The Greatest Reggae Show on Earth. He speaks about the influence of dancehall reggae on his work with the Fugees.

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Video: ER – Sting Highlights – Blak Ryno In Handcuffs – Blak Ryno Explains How He Got Passed Security & Onstage

ER:Sting Highlights [Blak Ryno In Handcuffs]+Blak Ryno Explains How He Got Passed Security & Onstage

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New Artist Spotlight : Snapshot Camp

The Snapshot Camp project bore in the January of 2012 from the mind of four boys(Buzzoman(1989), Cescojam(1988), Reze(1989), Sweetfiyah(1989) and one girl(Lety(1990). Their passion for the world of reggae and dancehall born a long time before, when they they were 14 or 15 fifteen years old, when in their town(Campobasso), there were the first reggae and dancehall events, thanks to some sound system of the town, especially Almighty Squad & Good Vybez. In the beginning it was just a like a game, a hobby, both for the lyrics level and for the recording level. In the 2012 they took the decision to plan a serious project, and the first step was to built a own studio, where they could meet and take care of their tunes properly.

The “Camp” distinguish for his faculty of pass from a reggae rhythm to a dancehall beat, alongside with a hip-hop flavour. The quality of the stuff is the most important thing for all the members of the crew, and they give special attention to the flow and the lyrics of their tracks. The five members of Snapshot Camp sing together or in combination of two-three, but there are single tracks too, because one of basic principels of the Camp is the freedom of every member to take part in all projects that could be made. Their topics range from the party song to the deepest conscious things, passing through the ragga themes.

They already worked with international labels, like Hypeyawdz Prod. (from Brooklyn), Hypemasters Entertainment(Kenya), Machete Records(Jam/England), Locksmith Records(New York), Upper class Records(Jam), La Familia West(Jam), Munshynz Records(Malawi), J’Island Records(Jam)and we voiced on their riddims. Also they made dub-plates for nuff italian and international sounds ( Pushman, Shanty Crew, Sun Empire Sound, Frisco Sound,TnT Sound, Good Vybez, Lsc Gangsta Sound, Raging Dawgs, Southboyz Sound, Irregular Beat Sound, TurboForce Sound(from USA), T-Works Sound(from Japan)) & drops for radios.

CONTACT: DUB & BOOKING: [email protected]
FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK:http://www.facebook.com/SnapshotCamp
FOLLOW US ON YOUTUBE:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQx_GkfO28-1-OynsS0CTzg

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Bounty Killer says no to STING

Any hope that Dancehall superstar, Bounty Killer will perform at STING 2012 seems all but dashed after the ‘War Lord’ confirmed his intention to skip the popular stage show.

The Alliance leader, who initially was on the STING lineup, declared that he would not perform at STING following ‘disrespectful’ comments made by the show’s lead promoter, Isaiah Laing in an interview, implying that ‘Gaza’ deejay and current rival,Tommy Lee Sparta had a good chance of defeating him in a clash.

Though speculation within Dancehall circles was rife that Bounty Killer was bluffing, the ‘Grung Gaad’ confirmed during a radio interview on Wednesday that he was serious. The iconic entertainer stated that his STING deposit was returned a week and half ago and the contract originally signed to do the show is now null and void.

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Ninja Man Talks About Sting 2012 & Gives Advise To Tommy Lee Sparta @876radio

Ninja Man Talks About Sting 2012 & Gives Advise To Tommy Lee Sparta

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Bounty Killer calls out Tommy Lee

Highly regarded Dancehall legend, Bounty Killer doesn’t seem to be one to jumpon the ever-growing Tommy Lee bandwagon after the Alliance leader called out the popular Gaza artiste regarding his persona and lyrical content.

Tommy Lee rose to prominence due to his unique, intimidating sound as well as him self-proclaimed ‘gothic’ type of Dancehall in which he sometimes wears masks in his music videos. However, that ‘dark’ form of Dancehall has rubbed many industry players the wrong way, including Bounty Killer, who tweeted out a link making reference to the ‘Sparta’ persona that Tommy Lee sports.

“All a who a call dem self “SPARTA” Click this Rassc**** http://sexandhistory.blogspot.com/2008/06/sparta-experiment-in-state-fostered.html … !! Tell Mi If Unu A “SPARTA” Again zeen?” Bounty Killer tweeted, showing a link that links the ‘Sparta’ concept to homosexuality.

Bounty Killer then reportedly issued a statement, through Alliance Next Generation manager, Cross Cris, explaining his reservations against Tommy Lee and other artistes who sing similar lyrics.

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Guinness to celebrate 50 of Dancehall’s greatest

One of Jamaica’s most recognized brands will be taking the initiative to honor 50 of Dancehall music’s greatest acts by creating an activity for fans and industry players to determine the genre’s most influential figures.

As a part of the island’s 50th Independence celebrations, Guinness will offer a platform where its consumers can choose who they think are the 50 greatest persons to ever grace Dancehall’s circles. According to Guinness brand manager, Racquel Nevins, the compilation will include several deejays, producers, disc jocks and sound system operators and represents those persons who have been instrumental building the Dancehall culture throughout its existence. The Guinness 50 Greatest Dancehall Icons activity will commence next months and will run up until Independence weekend (August 4-6).

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Video : Iyara vs Deva Bratt at Sting 2011

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Video : Iyara vs Deva Bratt at Sting 2011

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Video: Popcaan Performance At Sting 2011

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Video: Popcaan Performance At Sting 2011

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DENYQUE performance at Red Bull Street Style

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It’s not what you do, but it’s HOW you do it that makes the difference. This is exactly what the Youth View Awards nominated Favourite / Best New Artiste of 2009, rising superstar DENYQUE is proving every time she steps on stage. After tearing up STING 2009 to “PIECES” with her debut performance, 2010 has gone off to a great start for the “Can’t Breathe” singer.

On Saturday January 30, 2010, Red Bull invited DENYQUE to be a celebrity guest and performer at their Football Street Style competition hosted at the Emancipation Park in Kingston, Jamaica. She started her performance with the Don Corleon produced “Pieces” on the Feminine Riddim where she began strutting across the stage with powerful and controlled vocals.

She continued with a debut performance of her new single “Oh So Good” which is produced by Equiknox Music on their Kamera Trick riddim released on January 10, 2010. She closed her performance with her first single “Can’t Breathe” which is still breaking new ground since March 2009. On exiting the stage, the MC, Otis Hamilton stated “From last year, DENYQUE has come a long way and I didn’t know she would be so successful in such a short space of time”.

On Friday January 29, 2010, DENYQUE was HU$TLIN’ for HAITI at Chilitos with her first ever live performance of her latest single “That Place” by Don Corleon, which was done acapella to an astounding applause from her audience. Her performance was all in aid of Earthquake Relief efforts for Haiti by the Jamaica Red Cross, and the show was produced by CHR Productions.

But it won’t stop here, look for DENYQUE to perform as well as present an award at the Youth View Awards on Saturday February 6 where she also hopes to collect the award for Favourite / Best New Artiste in 2009.

Also, in March, DENYQUE will travel to the United States on a month long tour where she is expected to represent, cross over and do extremely well.

For more:http://www.myspace.com/denyque

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Deejay LA Lewis, who in the weeks leading up to Sting, promised dancehall fans a lyrical battle between himself and Mr G, was nowhere to be found on Saturday night and is now being branded a chicken by Mr G.

The two, had dancehall fans amped for a comedic face-off after both agreed to duke it out at Sting in exchange for criminal charges filed against Mr G by LA Lewis to be dropped.

Lewis, who was seemingly very confident in a victory, went as far as to order a coffin in which he would ‘bury’ Mr G. On Saturday night. However, Mr G stood alone backstage.

The deejay said that Lewis chickened out of the clash because he had received a humiliating lyrical beating at Ragashanti’s show, Mix up and Blenda, the previous night. He said, “Mi did kill him a Ragashanti show di night before. Mi a dj a di show, and him see mi a mash up di place, cah mi a gi di people dem some lyrics and a prepare dem fi di ting and him run on pan di stage and start dj. Di people dem clap him, dem boo him, dem put chair pan dem head and him still neva waan come offa di stage.”

Mr G continued, “Di people dem gi him bout five-minute worth a consecutive boo. Is like di bwoy see how serious it be pan him and nuh turn up. A di dead wha him dead di night before, him couldn’t tek dat in front of a Sting crowd.”

The deejay said he was disappointed at Lewis’ no-show, as he was looking forward to the face-off. He said, “I want to find out what he represents whether it is CB chicken or Best Dressed chicken, cause it is obvious that he is a chicken.”

He said, “Dis bredda is in hiding and him a go find bout two million excuse fi why him neva come. But a di killing wha him get a Raga show prime up him heavens and bring him back to a ting called reality.”

next showdown

The deejay said he is willing to meet with Lewis again, if only to satisfy the appetite of dancehall fans. He said, “I think there has to be a next showdown. Di people dem waan see dis, and because it neva materialise, it left a bad taste in their mouths.”

Lewis, however, had a different story. He said that he did not chicken out of the clash, but rather felt disrespected by the event’s promoters and chose not to attend. He said as the main act of the show, he was not treated how he should have been. “The demands I made were not met,” he said, “They were supposed to deal with some

funding for my tour bus and at the end of the day, they didn’t deal with it. They were to send part of the money for costumes for my entourage , they didn’t send that.” He said he also did not receive tickets for his entourage and said he attempted to contact the show’s promoters, but had no luck. “Everybody lock off them phone,” he said.

He said he felt disrespected as he “did not receive a copy of the running order” like all major acts should. He said, “LA Lewis may take things light, but not the Seven Star General. I respect Mr Laing, but promoters need to treat artistes right. You’re not going to treat me bad and then I run on your show like I’m ‘Gladys Knight and the Pips’.”

As for the claims that he was ‘killed’ the previous night, he dismissed those saying he did not plan to clash and he didn’t. He admitted to having difficulties however. He said, “It was like I was deejaying off-key, cause I was signalling to the band to mix me, but I didn’t know it was a blind band.”

Isaiah Laing, promoter of the event, said that Lewis’ claims were false. He said the deejay received all he asked for and said Supreme Promotions even went beyond what it would normally have done for him. “Whatever he asked for, I gave it to him. I did all that I was suppose to do for him. I think we even went overboard, cause normally we wouldn’t give him anything. I wouldn’t have built up people’s hopes and not delivered. I didn’t even know he wasn’t coming until about 11 p.m.,” he said.

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Sponsorship woes hit Sting 2K9

Layout1_1_PZDMRStingPicAMWhile die-hard Sting fans do all the possible permutations and combinations for a clash between Vybz Kartel and Bounty Killer and its outcome on December 26, Isaiah Laing is juggling figures as feverishly as a deejay preparing for the big night.

Laing, head of Sting organisers, Supreme Promotions, has said there is a $10 million shortfall in the budget

, which he is trying to constrain under last year’s production figure of about $30 million. With no major sponsor on board this year, he was hoping for the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) to inject some cash.

The sponsorship hoped for has not found substance and, with less than a month to go to Sting 2K9, Laing looks back to earlier days of putting on the show, saying “I have lost so many houses to the banks, but the half has never been told”. He said that has happened more than four times.

Major costs

Among the major costs for putting on Sting, which Laing said pulled in over 25,000 people to Jam World, St Catherine, last year, is security. “The stage Sting is at you have to run big bucks to do it properly. Last year security cost us almost $2 million. That is nothing to ensure the security of our patrons,” he said. Apart from a stampede at about 3 a.m., which Laing said was due to pickpockets, the concert was peaceful, even with a highly charged clash between Vybz Kartel and Mavado.

There is also a heavy advertising cost of between $4 million to $5 million and Laing said although the event is established he leaves nothing to chance and is always looking for new markets.

Annual crowd

It is not the first time Sting has sought sponsorship from the JTB, the first submission made in about 1992, and last previous attempt about five years ago. “I can tell them that Sting brings more visitors than any other show,” Laing said, pointing to a number of Jamaicans abroad actually booking their holidays around the concert. There is also an annual charter flight from Bermuda, which will carry in about 280 persons this year, and persons from as far as Australia, Europe and Japan.

Even at this late stage, he said, he is not giving up, saying “I would love to get even US$100,000 from them”.

There is, of course, the matter of Sting’s gritty image, and Laing said “the image can be changed”.

However, “every time we do clash we get a nice turnout and we see a profit”. When The Sunday Gleaner asked if he would put on Sting without a clash, if that was a sponsorship condition, Laing said “if they are giving me the kind of money they are giving to the other festivals, fine”.

This year’s Jamaica Jazz and Blues got US$500,000 in sponsorship from the JTB, but was turned down for similar support in its 2010 staging.

The supporters

“I would go into the show making a profit,” Laing said, adding that he could then do things that he knows would bring out the crowd. “Right now it’s the only viable way,” he said of the clashing or ‘face-off’. “It gets intense sometimes but I don’t believe people have to take it literally.”

He puts his sponsorship plight in the wider social context. Laing said “these are the things, when I look at it, that help to make the crime rate so high. We have two Jamaicas. We have Jamaica up the top and Jamaica down the bottom. How I’m seeing it, it’s either you’re rich or you are poor”.

“I would put myself in the poor category. This show is coming from way back when it is poor people who supported it. I can’t put it out of their reach,” Laing said, adding that by and large they cannot afford to go out of Kingston

for major music events and he tries to keep the price affordable.

He is reluctant, though, to add a sponsor’s name to the show’s title again. “I don’t want to give up my title again. When you have a title sponsor and they leave it is like a vacuum. Magnum came and left, Guinness came and left,” Laing said.

“It is going to be just Sting.”

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