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Twin of Twins @ Dancehall USA

Twin of Twins @ Dancehall USA with “Stir it up” Vol.5

Reggae Music has emerged from the shores of Jamaica it reached all over the world to each & every country. Reggae is an important form of music for Jamaica. The social impact of reggae music has largely impacted on many music fans across the globe. Reggae is a form of voice for the masses for them to be heard & spoken. Reggae delivers spiritual, social, political notions through its lyrics.

Dancehall USA brings you none other than Twin of Twins. The reggae Artists of today.

Twin of Twins are emerging every day with their style delivery & their passion for music, How dedicated to take their voice & their music worldwide. Now you all Reggae music lovers can get their exclusive Albums @ DANCEHALL USA.
In the Summer of 2011, The Twin of Twins album “Stir it Up Volume 9″ Trials and Error made its debut at #2 on the Itunes Reggae Chart. The album would stay on the charts for months, and The Twins be the first Jamaican artistes to have a feature on the Itunes Comedy Page which includes the likes Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Bernie Mac. The new record a local and international sensation, cemented the Twins as Jamaica’s most innovative artistes. The Twins’ tour in Spring 2011 played to
packed audiences across Europe and the U.S. and was extended to go into 2012.

Twin of Twins by making the headline by the sting concert this year. Which was the biggest reggae show in the history. The Twins are on a swing with their current popularity. With a 2009 Linkage DJ of the Year Award, a 2010 EME Nomination for Best DJ or Group, a 2011 M.I.A. Most Outspoken Artiste Honor , 2012 will be a trailblazing year for the Twins.
Twin of Twins latest Music now available @ Dancehall USA

The Twin Of Twins, Patrick ‘Curly Lox’ Gaynor and Paul ‘Tu-Lox’ Gaynor, are attempting to climb out of the underground. The identical twins launched their album Stir It Up Volume 5: Crucifiction of the Ghetto at the Village Liguanea, on Wednesday night.
All you USA Reggae fans can grab have your hands on the latest Reggae music at Dancehall USA.

Visit Dancehall USA for the latest updates on “Stir it Up’s” The popularity clearly comes as a result of the Twin’s ability to relate with ordinary people, at the same time as they demonstrate a complex understanding of the intricate political and social structure of Jamaica. The brothers do all this and still manage to be extremely funny, and at times reflective and poignant.



Twin of Twins Stir It Up Volume 9.5 – Album Cover Release

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Twin of Twins Stir It Up Volume 9.5 – Album Cover Release
Full Album Release  – Dec 1st 2012


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Twin of Twins

Twin of Twins to unveil ‘Stir It Up’ Volume 10 this month, offer prelude to CD

Prominent comedic duo turned deejays, Twin of Twins will aim to satisfy fans ahead of the release of their milestone volume of the Stir It Up series with a prelude to the highly-anticipated CD.

The Twins, Patrick ‘Curly Lox’ Gaynor and Paul ‘Tu-Lox’ Gaynor are planning to unveil volume 10 of their skit-laden series, Stir It Upat the end of this month. However, the duo will release a prelude to Stir It Up Vol. 10 this week, dubbed Stir It Up: Vol. 9 ½.

According to Patrick Gaynor, this mini-version of the series will feature their unique takes on today’s hot topics within Dancehall music and Jamaican pop culture, condensed into 10-15 minutes of comedy. Reports are suggesting that those topics include the cheating scandal involving Mr. Vegas’ baby mother and Captain Barkey’s untimely death in New York.

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