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Best Of The Best Weekend 2012 proudly returns to South Florida this May 25th – 27th. Celebrating it’s 6th year, the Memorial weekend extravaganza, produced by XO ManagementRockers Island and Massive B, will consist of back-to-back blockbuster parties and community events all anchored by the country’s largest, family-oriented, all-ages multicultural love fest showcasing music, arts & crafts, food and people from all over the globe.

The blazing lineup for the Best Of The Best Concert on Sunday May 27th at Bicentennial Park(1075 Biscayne Blvd.) features the Top 25 acts in Reggae, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Soca and Kompa:ShaggyMavadoDJ KhaledMarcia GriffithsFat JoeAdmiral BaileyFabolousIwer George,Mr. VegasFrench Montana,Frankie PaulT-ViceI-OctaneAce HoodGhostBriannaTony MatterhornMeek MillDemarco2 ChainzWayne MarshallLaza MorganSeraniKhago,Christopher Martin. The concert will be hosted by Funkmaster Flex alongside Jabba.

Best Of The Best Weekend consistently draws people from urban centers across the United States, including New York, D.C., Atlanta, Houston, as well as from the Caribbean, South America and Europe. Greater Miami and Broward County encourage visitors to partake in the beautiful weather, sandy beaches, and countless cultural landmarks and activities. The City of Miami Beach, home to South Beach and the historic Art Deco District, also welcomes visitors to enjoy an eclectic mix of street cafes and restaurants, shopping on Lincoln Road, and an array nightlife choices.

Best Of The Best 2012 is presented by luxury French vodka brand CIROC (www.ciroc.com). Additional sponsors include Bartenura and Swiftkick Sneaker Wipes(www.swiftkickproducts.com) now available at all Walgreens.

FOR TICKETS: Log on to www.bestofthebestconcert.com

FOR BOOTH/VENDOR INFO: Call 305.438.9488. Space Is Limited!





Best Of The Best 2012
Media Relations Department
Phone: 305.438.9488


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Milk reflects on fallout from sex tape controversy

Four years removed from the most controversial moment in her career, one of Jamaica’s most prominent media figures insists that she’s stronger in spite of the public fallout.

Amelia ‘Milk’ Sewell became one of Jamaica’s most regarded television hosts during her stint as the host of CVM Television’s E-Strip (The Hit List) as she instantly connected with fans of all sectors of Jamaica while becoming a face of Dancehall & Reggae music. However, Sewell’s career and life was forever altered while at its peak after a sex tape of her went viral in 2008, in which she was seen performing oral sex on her long-time boyfriend and prominent disc jockey turned deejay, Michael ‘ZJ Liquid’ Brissett. 

Milk spoke out publicly about the fallout from said tape during a recent interview on the Lauren O Lauren (LOL) show, stating that originally found out about the tape leaking through her hairdresser who discovered the tape on a customer’s phone. Once she found out, Sewell first thought about her family and how she would explain such a thing to them, particularly her son.

“My son is old enough to understand. I just equipped him with the response to anything that anyone could ever say about the tape. He goes to Wolmer’s…believe u me, no one said anything to him, no teacher asked him about it…They saved him from going to school every day and being jeered.”

Shortly after the tape emerged, Sewell was axed by CVM and received public backlash as a result of the controversy. To this day, the prominent media personality believes that she didn’t receive a fair shake in the wake of the sex tape from the network; intimating that she never got the support that she hoped for from them at the time.

“I really, really wished and hoped that they stood behind me and made something of it…They didn’t work with me and I was very, very disappointed in how they reacted and how they treated the situation. They wanted me to stay out of the public eye when it happened…I didn’t feel like I didn’t need to hide away from the public because I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Now four years removed from the sex tape controversy, Milk says that she’s still being looked on negatively as a result and all that the fallout has affected her ability to rebound and make strong income.

“The way how Jamaica looks on it is very double standard. Four years later, it’s still affecting me. It affects my income and my earning, it affects the way I take care of my son. I have to be finding and inventing all different kinds of things to get by and make it,” she said.

Meanwhile, Milk conceded that she did lose friends following the controversy as they could not accept appearing with her in public given that she was caught in such a compromising position. However, she credits her dedicated fans for sticking by her while also revealing that internationally renowned disc jock turned deejay, Tony Matterhorn helped her get through the public scrutiny.

“I big up Tony Matterhorn every single time I tell this story because he made it ok for me to come into the dance and nobody don’t say anything to me. Every place I went, Matterhorn was there and he just made it ok,” she said.

Sewell also credited former Miss Jamaica World and Jamaica’s current Minister of Youth and Culture as one of many female public figures who supported and encouraged her during her toughest time.

As for her future prospects, Milk continues to work on the set of Dancehall megastar, Vybz Kartel’s reality show, Teacher’s Pet and also has been recording in recent times as she looks to score a major, mainstream hit as she tries to add to her already verse repertoire. Additionally, she says that she has advised young girls who’ve been through similar plights so that they can overcome such an experience, using the experience iconic media personality, Fae Ellington as a source of inspiration after Ellington overcame being raped over 30 years ago towards becoming one of the island’s most successful media figures.

“I really helped a lot of people, gave a lot of people advice on how to deal with it…The strongest woman I know is Fae Ellington who went through what she went through and is still ok. I drew from Fae Ellington’s experience and give what I go through and what I know what keeps me together to the young girls.”

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Matterhorn open to Twins rematch, wants clashes with bigger artistes

Prominent selector turned deejay, Tony Matterhorn continues to receive praise for his dominant effort at STING 2011 against comedic duo, Twin of Twins. However, the entertainer maintains that his victory on Boxing Day was no fluke.

Matterhorn and the Twins attempted to settle their long-standing feud via a lyrical clash at the 28th edition of STING in the early hours of Tuesday morning at Jamworld in Portmore, St. Catherine. After a sluggish start by both participants, Matterhorn stamped his authority on their lyrical battle with an array of freestyles as well as a snippet of his upcoming Dancehall Duppy 4 single.

Following the clash, Twin of Twins member, Patrick Gaynor aka Curly Lox intimated that he fell ill due to a nasal congestion received as a result of excess touring during the holiday season. Gaynor explained that after having a drink of Magnum following the consumption of medication, he felt funny, thus, leading to a sub-standard performance by the comedic duo. As a result, the Twins denied that a clash took place; issuing a rematch invitation to Matterhorn to settle their differences once and for all.

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Tony Matterhorn wants Twin of Twins clash at STING 2011

Internationally acclaimed selector turned deejay, Tony Matterhorn has expressed his desire to clash Dancehall comedic duo, Twin of Twins at this year’s edition of STING.

Matterhorn & the Twins have been at odds ever since July when the comedians/deejays gave a radio interview in Atlanta; implying that the “Dutty Wine” deejay was biased against them due to the fact he wasn’t playing their songs. The Twins later released the hard-hitting single, “Cigarette Murder,” that accused Matterhorn of picking sides before Matterhorn retorted with the song, “The Sin of Twins.” Over the last three months, the feud between the two has grown more intense following a slew of diss tracks along with media interviews denouncing each other.

Now, Matterhorn insists he would like to settle his lyrical differences with the Twins at STING 2011; meeting the growing demands of fans wishing to see them clash.

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Tony Matterhorn questions Blackberry Broadcast craze with new single

Polarizing Dancehall selector turned deejay, Tony Matterhorn has once again grasped everyone’s attention with his latest single, taking shots at the highly popular, BlackBerry Broadcast Message craze sweeping Jamaica.

Matterhorn’s new single, “Purple Messages” addresses the BBM trend that’s become embedded within Jamaican culture in recent times. The song was produced on the newly released, Menke Riddim; co-produced by Darkcide International & emerging producer, Sanjay “Freeze” Pennant of Freeze Productions.

In “Purple Messages,” Matterhorn claims that, “Blackberry is not for every little fool who a try act like dem big.” Additionally, Matterhorn stresses that the BB craze has become an annoyance given that too many people use the service for either self-promotion or to spread rumors about others.

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Beenie Man issues counteraction aimed at Bounty Killer, Tony Matterhorn

The lyrical war involving legendary Dancehall deejays, Beenie Man & Bounty Killer has been turned up a notch following a stark counteraction issued by Beenie called, “Da Idiot Song Deh.”

The new song is a direct response to Bounty Killer’s most recent effort, “Who Tell Him Dweet,” that said in part, “Mi nuh wah nutten fi kill him mi do dat fi free, By now Betweenie shoulda know how mi dweet, So any day again we buck again down a stage show, Him a dead around one a mi murder round three.” Bounty’s single came on the heels of comments he made regarding Beenie Man’s recent divorce from D’Angel; claiming that D’Angel never loved him and was using him during their marriage. Beenie suggested that D’Angel’s decision to attend Bounty’s birthday party and not his was the final straw in his marriage to the “Stronger” singjay.

In “Idiot Song Deh,” Beenie calls out Bounty; suggesting that he’s still upset over D’Angel, who was the “Grung Gaad’s” ex-girlfriend prior to Beenie’s marriage. The “King of Dancehall” deejays, “Bout pass back mi Hennessey, but who pan you? Yuh start drink dat when mi ex did a mad you, step up inna QUAD bout yuh nuh wan talk to Blue, yuh ugly like! Mi nuh wan no friend from you.” He continue by saying, “Yuh write inna STAR bout Angel rate you, call mi Betweenie but what to call you? General Gal Clown, Sir I salute you, a one more ting mi tell you.”

Prior to his lyrical taunts aimed at Bounty Killer, Beenie took shots at Tony Matterhorn who recently did, “Porky’s Demise (Dancehall Duppy 3)” that called out the “Doctor.” and several other big names within the industry. Beenie says, “Dutty Mattherhorn ah me sing Dancehall Queen, star di movie Dancehall Queen and breed di Dancehall Queen mi dun wid yuh.”

Beenie & Bounty Killer have been on and off adversaries for almost two decades & this recent war of words has already launched rumors of another STING clash. The two made peace earlier this year & performed at several stage shows together including Fully Loaded 2011 & the Independence Day Grand Gala at the National Stadium. However, Beenie implied that the harmony between himself and Bounty is over. “Killa after we sign peace yuh go cross it, now the war start again,” Beenie stated in a recent interview.

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Tony Matterhorn rubbishes death rumors

Internationally acclaimed selector turned deejay, Dufton Taylor, more popularly known as Tony Matterhorn is alive & well; rubbishing incessant rumors on Monday night that he had been shot & killed.

Fans & members of the Dancehall fraternity expressed shock and concern after news began spreading that Matterhorn was shot & killed along Barbican Road in St. Andrew. The news ran wild across Facebook, Twitter & Blackberry Messenger. For hours fans had yet to hear from Matterhorn; fearing the rumors might be true. However, Matterhorn took to his Twitter page on Monday evening to quell the rumors; angered that such a thing would even be brought up.

“Why the blood c***t they spreading rumors bout mi dead! u f****rs are gonna die b4 me so that’s not gonna stop me! what the f***.im alive,” Matterhorn tweeted.

Tony Matterhorn is alive- Watch Video

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Twin of Twins take aim at Matterhorn with new single

Popular Dancehall comedic duo, Twin of Twins have launched a scathing lyrical attack on controversial selector turned deejay, Tony Matterhorn with their latest single, “Cancer Free World.” “Cancer Free World” creatively uses Matterhorn’s name to defame his character; including a lyric from the song that states: “Yuh expose yuself wid di name wey yu find, cause Matterhorn a mountain wey bare man a climb.” A full version of the single will be released very soon.

The single was a direct response to recent comments Matterhorn made about them when the “Dutty Wine” singer claimed that he would diss the Twins anywhere he saw them after they alleged that he refused to play their songs during an interview last month in Atlanta. Matterhorn responded to those claims by tweeting, “How y’all never told me Twin of Twins was dissing me today on a radio station in Atl! Now I have to diss those 2 … it’s on … Those … twins! DUMB and DUMBER … it looks like Dancehall Duppy 3 is gonna be here sooner than I think! Lol,”

One of the Twins, Patrick “Curly Lox” Gaynor intimated that Matterhorn crossed the line with his response. “Matterhorn is the one that started the disrespect. He just became disrespectful and stupid,” Gaynor implied. Furthermore, the Twins suggested that they were the originators of calling up artistes’ names in songs long before Tony Matterhorn released his controversial single, “Dancehall Duppy,” that encourages deejays engaged in lyrical conflicts to call up each other’s names in songs. “We inspired him to make that song, we have the copyrights to call people’s name so Matterhorn naah duh nutting new,” Gaynor claimed.

Furthermore, The Twins called Matterhorn a hypocrite for calling out artistes such as Bounty Killer, Assassin & many others in the song before bigging them up in the last part of the song. They suggested that Matterhorn did so because he’s a coward & that one of the reasons they fell out with the selector is because Matterhorn wanted them to engage in “the politics of Dancehall,” by aligning with certain groups. “We refuse to shut up and join a side,” Patrick implied. Additionally, Patrick pointed out that they Matterhorn is using other artistes’ songs to diss them. “Him diss wi with him mouth and then him play people song as defense. Him fi know seh a nuh him a get the forward, is the artiste tune a get the forward. A fi him own song him fi try use, wi a nuh selector suh wi naah trace wid nuh man,” Gaynor intimated.

The Twins maintain they aren’t seeking any attention with “Cancer Free World,” but insisted that their “Stir It Up: Volume 9” CD is an international success; even suggesting Matterhorn hasn’t had a hit single since “Dutty Wine” back in 2006. The Twins’ new movie, Ching Pow Kickers is expected to debut this November.

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Riddim: Gyal Pharm Riddim – Keepleft Records – Sean Paul, Tony Matterhorn, Bugle and more

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Supa Swag Riddim – Gyptian, Tony Matterhorn, Munga

DOWNLOAD:Supa-Swag-Riddim (383)

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Tony Matterhorn – Wah Come Fu*k

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DOWNLOAD:Tony Matterhorn - Wah Come Fuck (605)

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Mp3: Tony Matterhorn-Walk And Wine

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DOWNLOAD:Tony Matterhorn-Walk And Wine (168)

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First Born Riddim:Bugle|Charly Blacks|Laden|Flippa Mafia|Serani|Matterhorn


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Stone Love 37th Anniversary

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Stone Love, Tony Matterhorn, Supa Twitch, Black Chiney, Innocent, &Undaground. Wednesday November 26, 2009 at Opium at The Hard Rock Casino in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Call 954.687.3214 For More Info

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Tony Matterhorn – Twitter


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Click to download – Tony Matterhorn - Twitter Me (22)

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