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Mavado files lawsuits in response to stage show, label claims

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall singjay David Brooks, more popularly known as Mavado has fought back vigorously after reports emerged in the last 24 hours regarding his visa status as well as his label situation.

Several reports emerged yesterday that the Alliance artiste had been dropped from a concert scheduled to take place later this month at the Guvernment Entertainment Complex (Kool Haus) in Toronto, Canada after failing to secure a work permit to enter the country.

Additionally, popular entertainment publication, L3 Magazine issued a statement which in part revealed that Mavado was being dropped from the Cash Money Records (YMCMB) umbrella just two weeks after joining the group as a result of his label, We The Best Music Group joining forces with the New Orleans based hip-hop establishment.

The magazine even reported than an international arrest warrant was out for Mavado due to the deejay allegedly assaulting a police officer.

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Mavado reportedly dropped from Canadian stage show

Just over a week after being after a week after being found guilty in a recent assault case, prominent Dancehall singjay, Mavado may be feeling the ramifications of said verdict.

According to several media reports, the Alliance deejay will not be able to perform at a concert scheduled to take place on May 26 at the Guvernment Entertainment Complex (Kool Haus) in Toronto, Canada. This, after Mavado failed in his attempt to secure a valid work permit through the Canadian High Commission in Kingston.

Fellow internationally acclaimed singjay, Mr. Vegas has reportedly been touted as Mavado’s replacement at the event.

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Mavado now part of the Cash Money umbrella following major merger

The international platform for prominent Dancehall singjay, Mavado keeps growing after a major merger within hip-hop circles has made him part of another highly regarded record label.

Last summer, Mavado signed his first international record deal with DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music Group and has since release reputable efforts such as Emergency with label mate, Ace Hood as well as Survivor featuring Senegalese-American hip-hop artiste, Akon and Soulja Girl. Additionally, the Do Road singer has been touring across the United States in recent months in an effort to market himself in the country following the re-issuance of his visa last July.

Earlier this week, Cash Money Records co-founder, Birdman announced that his label has now signed We The Best Music Group under their imprint, making Mavado an affiliate of the Young Money Cash Money Billionaires (YMCMB) as he’s now under the Cash Money umbrella.

According to Mavado’s long-time manager, Julian Jones-Griffiths, he and the Gully Gaad have been aware of this deal for quite some time, even before the singjay signed with We The Best Music Group and believes that the deal will be beneficial for all parties involved.

Additionally, he relayed that the move will be beneficial for all parties involved given the fact that Cash Money Records will now be involved in directly promoting and marketing Mavado’s projects with We The Best. Also, given Mavado’s close relationship with the Young Money Cash Money Billionaires, Jones-Griffiths believes that more collaborations are in store between Mavado and their artistes and even hinted that the public will soon hear them.

For his part, Mavado believes that the merger only adds to his international status while intimating that this will affect him in a positive way given the label that they’re now affiliated with.

The Cash Money Records label features a slew of premiere hip-hop talent who’ve enjoyed countless mainstream success, including Grammy-winning hip-hop megastar, Lil Wayne, Trinidadian-American hip-hop superstar, Nicki Minaj and Canadian singing/rapping sensation, Drake, with whom Mavado has performed alongside on numerous occasions.

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Mavado claims Flexx wants to imitate him, laments Kartel situation

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall singjay, David ‘Mavado’ Brooks has returned to Jamaica after spending the better part of four months touring and recording overseas; seeking to address speculation surrounding him since his departure.

The self-professed Gully Gad became the subject of controversy within the last two weeks following reported tension between him and Gully Squad protégé, Flexx. The tension resulted from a recent interview Mavado gave via IRIE FM addressing rumors of Flexx being on tour with him while named a person of interest. The singjay intimated that Flexx was not on tour with him, leading the Gully Squad artiste to call out Mavado and accuse him of disassociating himself from the situation. Flexx appeared on the November 19 edition of CVM’s OnStage; saying that Mavado got “hype” and failed to appreciate all he did for the Gully camp’s leader.

Speaking with Winford Williams on CVM’s OnStage this past Saturday, Mavado insisted that he has no beef with Flexx; expressing surprise at the Stepping Razor deejay’s anger towards him.

“There’s nothing really wit’ me and Flexx. Mi an’ Flexx nah war, wi nah have nuh beef or nuttin’ like dat. Flexx a mi fren’ an’ mi always tell Jamaica dat. Mi nuh know how it come to dis,” he said.

“I was so surprised when mi hear him come (on TV) and sound so ignorant, like we have beef.”

Mavado revealed that he arranged the documentation that landed Flexx the documentation to travel to the United States and tour with him. Additionally, he stated that he’s always reached out to Flexx; supporting him financially given their strong friendship.

However, Mavado implied that the roots of the tension between himself and Flexx stems from the protégé desiring to mirror his mentor.

“At times a ute deh deh and him a watch your tings..yuh haffi understand seh yuh cyaah wah be like di boss,” Mavado said.

Furthermore, the established deejay stated that during his four-month stay in the U.S, he only saw Flexx two times and didn’t hear back from his protégé for weeks after giving him money to travel.

Regarding their friendship going forward, Mavado hinted that he and Flexx could go their separate ways.

“Him jus’ a do him ting and mi alrite..mi a do mi ting..a man a watch weh me have and wan’ be like me and it reach to anger. Mi wish him di best wid him career,”he said.

Meanwhile, Mavado commented on the ongoing legal drama surrounding former, long-time rival Vybz Kartel, who faces two murder charges and a drug-related charge. Mavado expressed distress regarding Kartel’s situation; claiming that he and Di Teacha were never enemies.

“Mi nuh feel good. Is not like me and him was really enemy that we wan’ get rid a one another. Is all about music,” Mavado said.

Though he admitted that their three-year rivalry helped build his status as a Dancehall superstar, Mavado insisted that Kartel’s current situation will affect his career but believes it will leave a void within Dancehall music.

“That can’t affect my career in no way. Deep within, I would feel very down fi know seh mi rival over the years is gone,” he said.

Pertaining to his music, Mavado revealed that the official video for his collaborative, chart-topping single, One By One alongside Laza Morgan will debut next week. Additionally, the Alliance-affiliated deejay intimated that a video for his single, Emergency featuring fellow We The Best Music Group artiste, Ace Hood will be shot next week while a video for his most recent track featuring hip-hop super star, Akon, entitled Survivor will debut during the holidays.

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Mavado to unveil single featuring Akon this Christmas

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall singjay, Mavado, plans to unveil a musical treat for his fans this Christmas ahead of his upcoming album.

The self-proclaimed “Gully Gaad” expects to release a combination single featuring Senegalese-American hip-hop superstar, Akon, as well as his new label mate, DJ Khaled. The single, entitled, On Top Of The Mountain, will be unmasked close to Christmas Day, according to Mavado. On Top Of The Mountain is the debut single off Mavado’s upcoming album; featuring 14 tracks and reportedly including several collaborations with prominent hip-hop artistes.

In an interview with IRIE FM on Wednesday, Mavado revealed that a joint effort with hip-hop star, Flo-Rida will also be recorded and released in the near future.

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vado drake

Mavado and Drake to unveil joint album?

After working as well as performing together within the last year, prominent Dancehall singjay, Mavado and Canadian hip-hop superstar, Drake are set to put their chemistry to the ultimate test.

According to reports, the self-professed “Gully Gaad” and the Young Money rapper will soon be releasing a joint album; combining Dancehall and hip-hop styles. The collaborative album bares similarities to Distant Relatives, the joint effort by Reggae superstar, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley and American hip-hop veteran, Nas that was released in May 2010.

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Mavado working on new album, to shoot video with Ne-Yo

Prominent Dancehall singjay, David “Mavado” Brooks, continues to elevate his international status as he’s set to unveil two new collaborative projects with American, superstar artistes.

Mavado was recently in the West African nation of Ghana as he gave his first African performance inside the Accra Sports Stadium in the country’s capital city. Reportedly, there was pandemonium amongst the 10,000 fans in attendance once he graced the stage; performing a slew of hit singles such as “So Special,” amongst countless others. Afterwards, Mavado was quoted by Ghanaian media as suggesting that it was one of his best performances and that he’d like to perform in other African countries very soon

Now Mavado, who recently was on a promotional tour in the United States, is looking to build on the momentum he has gained on the worldwide stage as he’s set to unveil his debut album with DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music Group. Last month, the Alliance-affiliated singjay signed a record deal with the American hip-hop disc jock turned artiste’s label and later recorded the hit single, “Emergency” alongside label mate, Ace Hood.

Meanwhile, internationally acclaimed producer, Troyton Hinds has confirmed that Mavado is preparing to shoot a video alongside American R&B superstar, Ne-Yo for the Troyton Music produced, “I Know You Want Me” remix. The single has amassed hundreds of thousands of YouTube views since its release in August, was released via iTunes a few weeks ago and has been playing on major radio networks worldwide such as New York’s Hot 97 and Power 105, Miami’s 99 Jams and UK’s BBC Radio1Extra.

The music video will likely be shot in New York and according to Hinds, it will help raise the profile of the self-proclaimed “Gully Gaad” as well as Dancehall music on an international scale.

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Internationally renowned Dancehall singjay, David “Mavado” Brooks has taken a big step in his career; signing with hip-hop artiste/disc jock, DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music Group.

Mavado’s deal with DJ Khaled opens doors for future collaborations, says manager

Internationally renowned Dancehall singjay, David “Mavado” Brooks has taken a big step in his career; signing with hip-hop artiste/disc jock, DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music Group.

Mavado & Khaled made the official announcement yesterday afternoon during an interview with Angie Martinez on the New York based radio outlet, HOT 97. “Mavado’s part of the family; part of the brand. It’s about to be an expansion to the movement. It’s going to be a movie, you feel me? I’m really excited about this because my roots and where I come from, I’ve known Mavado since before he was Mavado. Mavado always puts great music out, and I just want to add more to it, add some steroids to it,” Khaled intimated. Following the announcement, many industry players commented the move including Jamaican born hip-hop superstar, Busta Rhymes via Twitter. “Congrats to my brother DJ Khaled and WTB (We The Best) for signing Mavado! Brap!” Rhymes tweeted.

Meanwhile, Mavado’s manager, Julian Jones-Griffiths insisted that a plethora of offers were thrown the singjay’s way but claimed signing with DJ Khaled was the most logical option. “I listened to everyone, but to us partnering with Khaled and We The Best Music just made the most sense.

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Internationally acclaimed Dancehall artiste, David Brooks, more popularly known as Mavado has landed a major, overseas record deal. The popular singjay announced during an interview with HOT 97’s Angie Martinez that he’s signed a record deal with DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music Group.

Mavado signs with DJ Khaled’s record label

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall artiste, David Brooks, more popularly known as Mavado has landed a major, overseas record deal. The popular singjay announced during an interview with HOT 97’s Angie Martinez that he’s signed a record deal with DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music Group.

Mavado took to the airwaves of the New York City based radio station to break the big news; prior to DJ Khaled’s confirmation of said announcement. manchester united schedule “That’s right, New York City! Mavado is officially signed to We The Best Music Group,” said an excited Khaled. The Miami born hip-hop superstar & disc jock further elaborated on the new deal with the “Gully Gaad.”

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