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Hitmaker Musik’s ‘Skin To Skin Riddim’ hits front page of iTunes

Hitmaker Musik iTunesAs, Skin To Skin hit the iTunes stores, the summers most anticipated riddim made it to the iTunes front page on Tuesday.

Jamaica’s Zip Jocks’s; Liquid and Dymond gave the riddim its premiere last week on popular Jamaican radio station; ZipFM. It also had its Canadian premiere on Montreal, Canada’s radio K103FM with DJ, James Bond.

The compilation itself fuses an inspiring and sexy sound while bringing originality to the Dancehall market. Songs on the riddim include: Hitmaker’s own Body CallingGage – Bun Fi BunJah Vinci -Give It To MeKalado – “StimulateMasicka – Come OverNatel – Naah TellRDX – Wurla GlueRutine – Body PartyStylish & Ishawna – Secret LoversStylo G – Come Inna Mi Room, and Tiana – So Sexy.

Toronto fans got together over the past weekend, as they repped “Hitgang – Skin 2 Skin” attire at popular Toronto parties, showing the masses that the anticipation is real.

With radio and media campaigns already underway and Hitmaker Muzik’s street team; “Hitgang” well at work, the riddim is guaranteed to make an impact in the dancehall market.

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Chad Young, IRIE and ZIP FM CEO, dies at 27

Chad Young IRIE FMThe Jamaican media industry has suffered a stunning blow as Chad Young, the CEO and managing director of popular radio stations, IRIE FM and ZIP FM has died at the tender age of 27.

Young was pronounced dead Thursday afternoon at his St. Ann home following a brief illness, though no official cause of death has been given. The two sister stations released a joint statement late Thursday confirming his passing.

“Chad was loved and respected for his happy nature, affableness and down to earth personality,” the statement read, in part. “The family of Mr. Young and the Management and staff of IRIE FM and ZIP 103 FM are grateful for the outpouring of affection and promise to carry that with them as they grow from strength to strength.”

Chad Young took over ownership of Grove Broadcasting Company, the parent company of IRIE FM and ZIP FM in 2010 following the death of his father and long-time owner, Karl Young. Under his stewardship, both stations became the first in Jamaica to have mobile apps and built ZIP into one of the country’s most popular stations with its more new-age brand of thinking.

He was described in the statement as ‘innovative,’ and ‘cutting edge’ with his work.

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ZJ Liquid happy with return to ZIP FM airwaves

The Jamaican airwaves have been given a big boost as one of Dancehall music’s most prominent disc jocks returned to radio on Tuesday.

Internationally acclaimed disc jock turned producer, ZJ Liquid made his long anticipated return to ZIP FM after serving a near four month suspension for an alleged breach of the station’s guidelines. During a set last December, Liquid was deemed to have played material which was deemed not fit for airplay by the Jamaica Broadcasting Commission, marking his fourth suspension for such an offense from the radio outlet.

However, after months of pleading from fans for the popular selector to regain his post on ZIP FM, ZJ Liquid graced the station’s presence, returning to his usual 2-6 p.m. Throwback Tuesdays slot and opening with a pair of gospel songs to help mark his comeback. This development was immediately met with mass positive feedback from fans, friends and industry players on Twitter and Facebook.

On Wednesday, Liquid took to his official Twitter page to thank all his supporters for their encouragement during his most recent ban.

“Big up everyone for their support and tweets and everything trust me. Them give me a reason to do this nuff respect everyone who say Liquid. God Bless,” he tweeted.

Additionally, Team Liquid issued a press release on the zip jock’s behalf, expressing gratitude for all the support while insisting that this experience helped reinforce the fact that Liquid holds social responsibility as a public figure and must uphold the standards that accompany this status.

“Following a long four-month suspension, Liquid is ready to bring back that #goodmusic by providing the unique Jamaican radio experience that he has been renowned for. The multi-winning Zip jock of the year thanks his fans, supporters, Team Liquid, Zip 103 FM and the Broadcasting Commission for giving him another opportunity to showcase his talent. Having been at Zip 103 FM since its inception in 2002, Liquid recognizes his social responsibility as an entertainer, educator and ambassador for Jamaican radio and dancehall music and aspires to maintain the highest standard of professionalism moving forward,” the release read.

In addition to Liquid’s return to ZIP FM, he continues to build his reputation as a deejay, releasing singles such as Beat Skinz and Who a Di Fada during his time off.

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ZJ Liquid disapproves of ‘pay for play’ system, expects return to airwaves

Prominent Dancehall/Reggae disc jock, ZJ Liquid has long been aware of the much speculated politicking that occurs within Jamaican music. However, he refuses to partake in any of it.

The issue of payola or what locally termed ‘money pull up’ has been a major talking point within the Dancehall/Reggae industry in recent years. Groups such as the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JARIA) have questioned the highly unusual play rate of certain songs on radio as well as the regular endorsement of particular artistes by selectors during their sets; citing them as evidence of ‘pay for play’ schemes.

During a recent interview on the Lauren O Lauren show on Flow TV, ZJ Liquid addressed the payola concept; insisting that while such politics does exist within Dancehall/Reggae, he won’t abandon his principles in order to make money within the industry.

“Dat natural enuh, people a go offer you cah everybody wah get dem ting out dere. But is fi you fi jus’ kno seh yow, yuh hafffi stay true to music and at di same time, di whole money ting, a program ting dat same way so yuh still nah be true to the music,” he said.

“Wi know DJs dem a come up and everybody wan get dem food and man wah money and ting but at di same time yuh cah mek money rule yuh ting.”

In the last two years, there have some reported instances of disc jocks being assaulted, allegedly for the playing or non-playing of certain songs, most notably prominent Alliance selector, Boom Boom and Darkcide International selector, ZJ Wahwa last year.

According to Liquid, he determines which songs get airplay based on instinct as well as song quality, regardless of the artiste’s status.

“From yuh meet mi and get fi know Liquid, yuh kno seh mi is neva a pushover. Mi nuh tek talk from nobody at all. Mi nuh care how big yuh is or wah, mi play music off a wah mi feel. So if I feel di song deh, yah go get da love deh…If mi nuh feel di song, mi jus’ nuh feel di song,” he said.

“Mi play music just like how if I was going to the record store and buy the song, a so mi rate it…Remember you’re the DJ, you’re in control.”

Meanwhile, ZJ Liquid continues his lengthy suspension from popular Jamaican radio station, ZIP FM after allegedly playing an expletive in a song during a set late last year. This suspension, which has lasted over two months now, hails as his fourth from the station since 2008.

Though no decision has been made regarding a possible return to ZIP FM, the highly regarded producer and occasional deejay believes he’ll be back on the airwaves soon.

“Mi jus a gwaan hol’ the sentence, whatever it is we a hold it. Wi do ting and whatever u know? A jus’ so di ting go.”

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ZJ Liquid still banned from ZIP FM airwaves, future with radio station uncertain

Internationally renowned disc jock, Michael Brissett, more popularly known as ZJ Liquid remains suspended from ZIP FM airwaves following yet another on-air mishap.

The Zip Jock turned deejay was temporarily removed from the station’s airwaves last December after allegedly violating many station rules by playing material which wasn’t fit for airplay. This marks ZJ Liquid’s fourth suspension in four years for a similar offense.

The popular entertainer took to Twitter recently to address his suspension.

“Me peeps rite. Me get suspend off air from last year. Maybe I go back on maybe not so all who a wonder, that’s the story u see me,” his tweet read.

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I-Octane’s “Informer A Work” shelved by ZIP FM

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae superstar, I-Octane, has attracted many listeners with the release of his new single, Informer A Work. However, one radio station’s set of listeners won’t be hearing the song anytime soon.

Renowned for socially conscious material, I-Octane’s new song paints a controversial illustration; addressing the issue of persons taking money in exchange for spreading rumors and news about others; intimating that they’ll only do what’s right for their own personal gain. The song was released last week, produced by Armzhouze Records.

However, the song’s attracted some controversy given the lyrical context in the song; prompting ZIP FM to officially ban the song from its airwaves on Thursday. In response to the announcement, the song’s producers, via press release, intimated the single was never intended to portray negative connotations; stressing that they kept in compliance with the rules of the Broadcasting Commission.

“This is to inform the public that The Broadcasting Commission has not put a ban on I-Octane newly released song (Informer A Work). It is ZIP FM that does not get the full concept of the song and placed it on hold. The song is not supporting any form of violence and was recorded with the rules and guidelines of the Broadcasting Commission in mind,” the release stated.

ZIP FM has yet to comment publicly regarding their decision to remove the song from their airwaves.

In the song, I-Octane deejays, “So if yuh kno wah good fi yuh health bwoy, betta keep di chattings to yuh self bwoy, cause u nah carry mi business go tell bwoy, wah yuh wan mi do? Sleep inna cell bwoy?”

Additionally, the singjay says, “Dem seh a money dem wah and dem mouth go pan speed dial, 119, dat deh pon redial, all now yuh trap inna cage, yuh a pree fi a re-trial.”

Despite its removal from ZIP’s airwaves, the song’s already being hailed as one of I-Octane’s biggest songs for 2011 by the Dancehall/Reggae community. Its buzz in the streets has already garnered close to 10,000 YouTube views in its first full week. Building off its early momentum, the video for Informer A Work was shot this past weekend and will soon be unveiled.

Meanwhile, I-Octane is preparing to unveil his new EP, Straight From The Heart; a warm-up compilation ahead of his soon to be released debut album. The album will be released digitally on December 6.


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Chedda claims no affiliation with J.O.P following incident

Up-and-coming Dancehall artiste, Chedda has distanced himself from Aidonia’s J.O.P crew, who he’s been associated with since his emergence on the Dancehall scene. This stance comes in the wake of a recent incident involving members of Aidonia’s entourage & ZIP FM zip jock, ZJ Wah Wa; resulting in Wah Wa being assaulted & receiving 12 stitches to the head after being beaten with a glass bottle.

Chedda has received mass criticism from fans; even accusing him of being a part of the altercation that took place this past Friday night at the QUAD nightclub in New Kingston. Chedda retorted regarding the claims & rumors; claiming no affiliation with Aidonia’s crew. “I am not a member of J.O.P, though I have a mutual respect for them. I am my own individual artiste and have been operating in that context since officially signing with my label Darkcide International. It’s very unfortunate what occurred and hope that there can be an amicable resolve to the matter,” Chedda intimated in a press release.

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Aidonia condemns altercation, claims ZJ Wah Wa started incident

Well renowned Dancehall deejay, Sheldon “Aidonia” Lawrence has vehemently denied any involvement in an altercation that took place on Friday night between ZIP FM disc jock, ZJ Wah Wa & members of Aidonia’s entourage.

The incident took place in the VIP parking lot at the popular QUAD nightclub in New Kingston following ZJ Wah Wa’s set inside the club. Reportedly, an argument ensued between Wah Wa and the entourage members that later spilled into the parking lot. The men then, allegedly blocked off the disc jock’s car as he attempted to leave the parking that escalated the argument ; leading to two of the men emerging from their cars & assaulting Wah Wa; busting his head open with a bottle. Wah Wa was later taken to the St. Andrew’s Memorial Hospital where he received 2 stitches to his head.

Following Wah Wa’s account of the events that he explained on Monday night, Aidonia has told his side of the story; suggesting that the Darkcide International sound system disc jock is the one who instigated the ensuing events by cursing out the men. Aidonia claims that Wah Wa then started a fight with the men & once he realized the fight was too big for him to take on, he looked to Aidonia for help but the deejay didn’t want to get involved.

Aidonia speaks about incident involving ZJ Wah Wa

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ZIP FM disc jock attacked at the QUAD nightclub

Popular ZIP FM disc jock, ZJ Wah Wa was the subject of an assault at the popular QUAD nightclub in New Kingston this past Friday night; allegedly at the hands of the entourage of well-renowned deejay, Aidonia.

Wah Wa, known for being a regular player of Aidonia & J.O.P songs had just completed his set inside of the club. According to one eyewitness, members of Aidonia’s entourage stepped to Wah Wa & an argument ensued. The entourage followed Wah Wa to his vehicle at QUAD’s VIP parking lot; blocking his car purposefully. Words were again exchanged & two members from Aidonia’s entourage emerged from their vehicles; attacking Wah Wa and beating him in the head with a bottle. According to reports, two passers-by, who saw Wahwa being attacked rushed to the disc jock’s aid; helping Wah Wa to go back in the club to recover.

Click to listen to ZJ Wah Wa talks about QUAD incident & Aidonia

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