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ZJ Wah Wa to stand trial in September in lottery scam case

ZJ Wah Wa 2014Popular Jamaican disc jock, Deon-ville O’Hara, more popularly known as ZJ Wah Wa will go on trial in his ongoing lottery scam case on September 15 following a hearing inside a North Dakota courtroom on Thursday.

Reports Saturday say the ZIP FM disc jock, who was transferred in late May to a North Dakota jail from Florida, pled not guilty to three charges, including money laundering, conspiracy in connection with telemarketing and wire and mail fraud. The 24-year old selector is one of 26 people held in connection with the alleged scam. He will be in the custody of U.S. Marshals until the beginning of the trial.

Allegations are that O’Hara assisted in running a lottery scam in Jamaica that conned American nationals into sending money in exchange for promised lottery winnings. It is further alleged that O’Hara would then fly to the U.S. to collect said money from victims.

Alleged victims in the scam include an 83-year-old North Dakota woman who sent cheques amounting to US$158,000 after being promised nearly US$19 million in lottery winnings as well as a South Dakota man who sent a cashier’s cheque totaling US$14,000 after being promised US$3.5 million in winnings and a 2012 Mercedes Benz, according to the Associated Press.

O’Hara was arrested in early May after visiting Florida. Four months earlier, he had been stopped by customs officials at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay after US$105,000 was found in his possession, money investigators believe was copped through the alleged scam.

After news of O’Hara’s charges broke, ZIP FM’s station manager released a statement saying that the radio station would, “allow the due process of the law to take place, where persons are given the benefit of the doubt and presumed innocent until proven guilty, our employees will be extended the same courtesy.”

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ZJ Wah Wa leaves Darkcide International

Prominent Jamaican selector, ZJ Wah Wa has split from highly acclaimed sound system, Darkcide International after a four year association with the group.

The disc jock, whose real name is Deon-Ville O’Hara has worked for the sound system on several shows and productions in recent times, including his Man of Interest and Deception mixtapes. However, ZJ Wah Wa announced on Tuesday that he will no longer be managed by Darkcide International in a press release.

ZJ Wah Wa states, “I am no longer a part of Darkcide International. They will no longer take care of my affairs as it relates to bookings, public relations and management. I am treading new pastures.”

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ZJ Wah Wa denies Corey Todd, Aidonia offered financial aid following altercation

Prominent American businessman, Corey Todd & veteran Dancehall deejay, Sheldon “Aidonia” Lawrence have been called liars & frauds by ZJ Wah Wa’s management team following several claims the duo made during an interview on IRIE FM Wednesday night.

Aidonia explained during the interview that the recent issues between himself & ZJ Wah Wa can be traced back to when the ZIP FM disc jock’s manager, Raymond “Shadow” Small wanted to manage the “Summer Sun” deejay but he refused Small’s offer. On the other hand, Aidonia re-affirmed his stance that he had no involvement in the altercation involving Wah Wa & members of the deejay’s entourage in the parking lot outside the QUAD nightclub two weeks ago.

Small offered a quick response to Aidonia’s claims via press release on Thursday; vehemently denying the deejay’s claims. “Firstly, Aidonia seems to have a very vivid imagination or selective memory loss. I, Raymond “Shadow” Small and Aidonia never once had any conversation about managing his wilting career. What is factual is that he did ask me to render assistance to him and the members of his camp in a Public Relations capacity for which he has never paid me a dime because he could not afford it. Nonetheless it was done out of the respect and professional friendship we shared,” Small implored.

Aidonia also revealed that the recent truce between himself & former Empire deejay, Black Ryno was a publicity stunt; never discussing future song collaborations. Said Small, “Secondly, if there is no truth to the truce between himself and Black Ryno why were they at his home in Upper St. Andrew and the recording studio conversing, smoking, drinking for hours since the friendship was a façade.  They even had talks about a possible collaboration. Most importantly is the fact that Black Ryno has since distanced himself from Aidonia after discovering his mendacious ways.”

Meanwhile, Aidonia’s manager & former business partner of Vybz Kartel, Corey Todd insisted during the interview that he paid ZJ Wah Wa’s medical bills following the assault at the QUAD; resulting in 12 stitches to the disc jock’s head as a result of a glass bottle used by one of his attackers. Aidonia backed up those claims; intimating that he also offered financial assistance to Wah Wa in recent times. Small vehemently denied those claims. “Corey Todd did not pay for ZJ Wah Wa’s medical expenses which totaled JA$40,000. After the incident I Raymond ‘Shadow’ Small did and personally contacted Todd, who instructed a member of staff at the QUAD night club to reimburse me JA$30,000 while begging me and Wah Wa not to go public with the incident as it would shed a bad light on him, his club and Aidonia, especially in the wake of another melee involving a Stone Love selector days earlier. I silently disagreed.”

The statement continued, “In closing Aidonia and Corey Todd claims of rendering assistance to ZJ Wah Wa are ludicrous as the zip jock is financially stable via employment at Zip FM, Darkcide International and also as one of the promoters of the very successful “Hamma Fridaze” series. Which ironically Todd begged us to relocate to Club Riddim and we refused his offer. Lest, Aidonia forgets there have been numerous occasions in the past where myself and Zj Wah Wa had to give money to members of his J.O.P camp for assistance with food/transportation and other miscellaneous expenses.”

Since the QUAD incident, J.O.P affiliated artiste, Chedda has since disassociated himself from Aidonia’s group following allegations that he also was involved in the infamous altercation.

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Chedda claims no affiliation with J.O.P following incident

Up-and-coming Dancehall artiste, Chedda has distanced himself from Aidonia’s J.O.P crew, who he’s been associated with since his emergence on the Dancehall scene. This stance comes in the wake of a recent incident involving members of Aidonia’s entourage & ZIP FM zip jock, ZJ Wah Wa; resulting in Wah Wa being assaulted & receiving 12 stitches to the head after being beaten with a glass bottle.

Chedda has received mass criticism from fans; even accusing him of being a part of the altercation that took place this past Friday night at the QUAD nightclub in New Kingston. Chedda retorted regarding the claims & rumors; claiming no affiliation with Aidonia’s crew. “I am not a member of J.O.P, though I have a mutual respect for them. I am my own individual artiste and have been operating in that context since officially signing with my label Darkcide International. It’s very unfortunate what occurred and hope that there can be an amicable resolve to the matter,” Chedda intimated in a press release.

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Aidonia condemns altercation, claims ZJ Wah Wa started incident

Well renowned Dancehall deejay, Sheldon “Aidonia” Lawrence has vehemently denied any involvement in an altercation that took place on Friday night between ZIP FM disc jock, ZJ Wah Wa & members of Aidonia’s entourage.

The incident took place in the VIP parking lot at the popular QUAD nightclub in New Kingston following ZJ Wah Wa’s set inside the club. Reportedly, an argument ensued between Wah Wa and the entourage members that later spilled into the parking lot. The men then, allegedly blocked off the disc jock’s car as he attempted to leave the parking that escalated the argument ; leading to two of the men emerging from their cars & assaulting Wah Wa; busting his head open with a bottle. Wah Wa was later taken to the St. Andrew’s Memorial Hospital where he received 2 stitches to his head.

Following Wah Wa’s account of the events that he explained on Monday night, Aidonia has told his side of the story; suggesting that the Darkcide International sound system disc jock is the one who instigated the ensuing events by cursing out the men. Aidonia claims that Wah Wa then started a fight with the men & once he realized the fight was too big for him to take on, he looked to Aidonia for help but the deejay didn’t want to get involved.

Aidonia speaks about incident involving ZJ Wah Wa

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ZIP FM disc jock attacked at the QUAD nightclub

Popular ZIP FM disc jock, ZJ Wah Wa was the subject of an assault at the popular QUAD nightclub in New Kingston this past Friday night; allegedly at the hands of the entourage of well-renowned deejay, Aidonia.

Wah Wa, known for being a regular player of Aidonia & J.O.P songs had just completed his set inside of the club. According to one eyewitness, members of Aidonia’s entourage stepped to Wah Wa & an argument ensued. The entourage followed Wah Wa to his vehicle at QUAD’s VIP parking lot; blocking his car purposefully. Words were again exchanged & two members from Aidonia’s entourage emerged from their vehicles; attacking Wah Wa and beating him in the head with a bottle. According to reports, two passers-by, who saw Wahwa being attacked rushed to the disc jock’s aid; helping Wah Wa to go back in the club to recover.

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